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What It Takes To Be Successful: Tips From Sally Brown Real Estate Entrepreneur



sally brown real estate entrepreneur

Sally Brown is an entrepreneur that has succeeded in real estate. With over 11 years of experience, she knows what it takes to be successful. How can you attain her level of success? Read on for tips from Sally Brown on the keys to success. Whether you are looking to make a change or are an aspiring entrepreneur, these are the steps to take to attain your goals.

Believing in Yourself

Sally Brown real estate entrepreneur says that the first step to getting a business started or growing a business is to believe in yourself. This goes hand in hand with taking an objective look at your skills and experience. Many people start a business thinking that they are the only person who can execute their vision, when in reality, there are many talented people that can help them achieve their business goals. You may even have some of the skills or know-how that you need already in your possession. Asking for help from people with the same mindset as yours is critical to getting your business going and growing. Having a set of goals is also important. When you are setting goals, remember that you should set long-term and short-term goals.

“Start by not listening to others,” says Brown. “As an entrepreneur, you are ultimately responsible for your success. If your colleagues see you as less capable than the next person, they will undermine your progress. So be kind to yourself, avoid negative people and help others without expecting anything in return.” Meeting Goals When setting goals, be specific and don’t try to get everything done in one day. “Pick one or two goals to complete today and then turn your attention to the one thing that can’t wait.” Sally Brown, Founder and CEO, Sally Brown Real Estate Dedicating Time and Energy “When time permits, try to balance business and personal life,” advises Brown. “I invest in my clients, my personal time and my business all at the same time.

Taking Responsibility for Your Own Success

First, take responsibility for your success. Sally Brown real estate entrepreneur says that if you want to succeed, and you should try to make it happen. “The first thing to do is get to the point where you are not sitting around wishing you were in the position you want to be,” Brown said. “You can work for it or you can have it; you make it or you wait for it.” You can be successful even if you don’t work for it. “I used to think that I had to work for what I wanted or I couldn’t be successful,” Brown said. “It’s all about attitude. If you have a positive attitude, it’s going to make your life a lot better.” She gives the example of when she was just starting out. She was not always an entrepreneur. “I thought I had to wait until I got married to have a baby,” Brown said.

Sometimes, we try to convince ourselves that someone else is going to be the reason we make it or they’re going to be the reason we fail. This is the most dangerous and downright untrue philosophy you can have. Don’t live with the mindset that someone else is going to make or break your success. However, it’s good to know the skills that will make you the best seller or the best investor or the best talent-finder. If you don’t have these skills, pick up some books from the library or look up a video on YouTube and watch it. It’s one thing to know the potential within you, but it’s a completely different ball game to put the pieces together. Everything starts with a simple task. So get to work. You Can Do It. Don’t Panic.

Having a Positive Attitude

People can take negative energy and find the lowest thing in their life. Not only will you not be able to see the opportunities that are in front of you, but you will be a person that you do not want to be around. Be positive! Every day, I remind myself that I am where I am today because I am a positive person. If you’re focused on the negative, you will lose focus on what you want. Make a positive mantra, and embrace it every day. Positive energy attracts positive people. When you feel positive, people will want to hang out with you. Have a positive attitude so you can attract the right people and build relationships. Own Your Voice When you step into an interview or pitch, own your voice and do not say, “I’ll let you know if I’m able to speak to that.

In order to achieve your goals, you need to be positive. “I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad attitude to have,” Sally Brown real estate entrepreneur says. “However, that doesn’t mean you can’t change your attitude to become even more successful.” Brown admits that for some time in her career, she had a negative attitude about some situations. “But I came to realize that just because something isn’t going my way today, doesn’t mean that I won’t achieve my goals tomorrow.” Follow Your Gut Sally Brown says she’s found her “true north” — the path for her that always works. So, when something doesn’t feel right or feels like it is in her “sweet spot,” she feels uneasy and will stop it and look for another way.

Having Integrity

You’re going to have to stand up for yourself, because not everyone is going to be on the same page. You’re going to need to have the courage to stand your ground, make your arguments, and put in a lot of hard work. Most importantly, you’re going to have to keep an open mind. For some people, this is the hardest part of the process. Sally advises, “You don’t have to be someone else to be successful. If you set realistic expectations and make sure you have the proper amount of money for your needs, you will be much more likely to achieve success. If you truly believe in yourself, you are going to go farther than you ever imagined you could.” Having enough experience is always helpful, but even more so in real estate, says Sally Brown real estate entrepreneur.

Being Honest With Yourself

Are you happy with your life and what you are doing? Do you feel that you have succeeded in life and are proud of your accomplishments? What’s holding you back? The truth is we are only as successful as our attitudes are. Are you happy and fulfilled? In order to achieve success, you must first learn to be grateful. In addition, you have to be able to identify what you are truly passionate about. There are many times when people look to make a change in their lives, but they are too afraid to change. They are unwilling to put in the hard work it takes to achieve their goals. This type of thinking is holding them back. Rely on others as you cannot go it alone.

Working Hard

First of all, you need to work hard. You need to be committed to your craft and need to be in the game. When I was starting out, I couldn’t pay for a mortgage. I had to earn a living somehow. I was also working full time, so I couldn’t afford to work 60 hours a week. When you’re starting out, it’s difficult to find a job. Many entrepreneurs are asked, “Why didn’t you get a job after college?” I’m not sure I had a choice in that matter. However, once I found a job, I had to pay taxes. Therefore, I could only work part time. Working Part Time It was hard. I remember working 50 hours a week. It didn’t feel like enough. I spent every second I could at my job. You have to treat real estate as a full-time job.

It Takes Time to be Successful

There is no fast track to success. Sally Brown learned this lesson while working in the mortgage industry. “There was a lot of rush, rush, rush,” Brown said. “Everyone was in a hurry to close loans, make a commission or climb the ladder.” But Brown knew that she wanted to do something different. She wanted to start her own business and actually do something good for the world. “I quit that mortgage company and pursued the goal of becoming an entrepreneur.” With a determination like that, there is no doubt that you too can achieve your dreams. Have a moral compass every business has an ethical side. Even if you have a non-profit, at the end of the day you are selling a product or service.

Persistence Pays Off

I spent a great deal of time meeting with potential clients and failed to close on a single one until I was willing to make that first call and not take no for an answer. I will do this for anything, but when I was starting out, it was particularly necessary. The industry is full of people with their own agendas and who are continually looking for the next stepping stone. These people are actively trying to discourage you from going further, and most of them will stop at nothing to prove a point or discredit your ability. The key to closing the deal is persistence and patience. I will do my best to remain neutral and to be professional and understanding, but I will be persistent in pursuing each and every customer and believe me, it’s worth it!

Putting in the Work

The key to success is staying dedicated to achieving your goals. That’s a must, because without it, it is just not possible. “There’s always someone else who’s more successful than you,” said Brown. After working for 15 years as an agent, Brown decided to become a real estate broker in 2012. She is a founder of Sally Brown Real Estate, LLC. For the past four years, Brown has sold over $40 million in real estate with more than 500 transactions. She’s a “walk the talk” success story and is active on social media sharing her story and encouraging others to believe in their dreams. Relationships are also critical when it comes to success. You have to get to know people and share your knowledge and expertise.


By the end of the day, this book is your go-to guide for achieving your dreams. Here are some tips on becoming a successful entrepreneur. If you’re serious about becoming an entrepreneur, you need to realize failure is the biggest learning experience. Failure is where most entrepreneurs find out what they really enjoy doing. This only takes place after you’ve hit the ground running. If you don’t fail, you’re not trying. Failing is one of the most effective ways to improve your skill set. You will stumble and get rejected by others in the beginning. But, after a while, this will become a part of your routine.

Elena Hudgens is an entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience. She started her journey by building her own e-commerce website on Shopify and turned her $1000 savings to millions in just 2 years. Soon she started different ventures in which she failed and succeeded. And now, she's on a mission to help other entrepreneurs with her life and business lessons.



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Why are Many Entrepreneurs Uncomfortable on a Relaxing Vacation?



Why are Many Entrepreneurs Uncomfortable on a Relaxing Vacation

The idea of taking a vacation is to have some well-deserved time off to relax and recharge. But then why are many entrepreneurs uncomfortable on a relaxing vacation? As an entrepreneur, you work hard. You’re constantly looking for new opportunities, seeking out the best deals, and trying to figure out how to get that next big break. You always feel like you need to be working or you’re not doing enough. Why take a vacation when there’s so much more work to be done? It’s important for entrepreneurs (and everyone) to take time off.

Why are many entrepreneurs uncomfortable on a relaxing vacation?

Fear of Losing Focus Research shows that vacationing can actually help business owners be better at their job. For some, the mere thought of taking a vacation means they won’t be able to stay on track. But if they take a vacation, they can turn off the noise and relax. When they do, they can go back to work refreshed and ready to accomplish more. The main reason most entrepreneurs aren’t taking vacations is they don’t know where to go. If you don’t know where to go, you don’t know where to stay or what activities are available. This makes it difficult to plan the trip. And it’s really hard to know what you’ll like when you haven’t even visited the location. Many business owners know they need to take vacations.

The Paradox of Entrepreneurial Work

But why do so many entrepreneurs end up being miserable while taking vacations? Why do they tend to feel like there’s too much to be done when they get back? It’s important to know why entrepreneurs are so obsessed with their work. The answer lies in the problem of what the world calls workaholism. This problem comes about when individuals get so consumed with working that they can’t enjoy the finer things in life and experience the joy of having time for themselves. While many individuals are able to overcome the temptation of their workaholic tendencies, this is much more difficult for those who struggle with workaholism.

Understanding the Workaholic Nature of Entrepreneurs

Research conducted by the University of Essex and Strathclyde Business School showed that just over 2% of employees have actually taken two weeks off work at the same time. Of course, there are times when you need to work hard – and there are times when you need to recharge. But it doesn’t have to mean going on a trip. If you work long hours, or you’re overly motivated, taking a vacation can be even harder. Why do you think that most entrepreneurs who use vacation time don’t return with a refreshed mind? Instead, they come back realizing just how much work they need to do. Entrepreneurs aren’t the only ones who struggle with leaving work at the office. Even the most productive and organized employees have struggles with vacation time.

How to Take Time Off Without Feeling Guilty

The desire to work hard and make sure you’re always keeping busy is built into the very nature of most entrepreneurs. They need to work hard so they can earn the income they need to pay the bills. However, that doesn’t mean they need to work hard every single day. On occasion, they can take some time off to recharge their batteries and allow their bodies and minds to rejuvenate. To take time off, make sure you’re only working when you need to work. Check in with your clients and ensure you’re meeting all of their needs. If your employees need help or support, be there for them. You’re a leader and if you want to be successful, you need to take time off to recharge your batteries. And if you need to hire someone to cover your work, do it. Take time off to refresh and recharge.

Taking time off is good for you

Taking time off can make you feel more relaxed and refreshed. If you get a chance to relax, you’ll start to focus more on the people around you and your health. You’ll also learn more about yourself and what makes you happy. By spending time on your own you’ll find what works for you and what doesn’t. It helps you think creatively. Taking time off helps you think creatively. It gives you a chance to relax and reflect on the past year and what you’ve done right and what you need to improve. And it can also give you some valuable new perspectives. It helps you save If you’re constantly running around and trying to get things done, it can be hard to save money. Taking a vacation will help you relax and spend more time with your family and friends.

It gives you more energy and focus

It gives you time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished over the past year It helps you to prioritize where you can focus your attention It encourages creative thinking and rejuvenates your body and mind to get back to your business after a relaxing weekend away. Taking a vacation can boost your creativity and productivity and help you start your new year on a creative note. Start planning your next vacation today with the help of Entrepreneur’s top experts.

You can recharge before starting another project

While it might be hard to remember while you’re trying to figure out a way to avoid going on a vacation, resting is a sign of a healthy mind and body. Taking time to rest can help you recover from the stress you’re under and start fresh with new energy. You’ll have more energy to accomplish your goals and get back to work. You’re too busy to relax. Sure, you might be having the best time ever on your dream vacation, but you’re also paying for that vacation. And that’s not counting the cost of getting to and from your vacation destination. Even if you don’t feel like you can afford it, take a look at your income and expenses. You may be surprised to learn that you can afford a few days of vacation. In fact, it can actually help you save money on your long-term goals.


There are so many reasons why taking a vacation can be good for your business. Sowhy are many entrepreneurs uncomfortable on a relaxing vacation?

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How To Be a Homemade Entrepreneur: A Step-by-Step Guide



homemade entrepreneur

Becoming a business owner is no easy feat. But if you want to do it without taking on any financial risk, you may want to consider the path of the homemade entrepreneur. You’ll get to reap all the rewards of your success without having to put in any money upfront. If you’ve got something unique and valuable to offer, then this might just be your ticket to an entrepreneurial future. Here, are some ways that you can be a successful homemade entrepreneur.

Understand the benefits of being a homemade entrepreneur

Creating a business is a big risk. But doing it on your own is a great way to protect yourself. Besides, what better way to ensure that you have total control over your profits? That’s why you should consider getting a trademark and a trademark search for your business name. After all, you want to be sure that nobody else can get your business name. When you do that, you can then focus your efforts on marketing and doing the work of growing your business. If you’re still unsure if you want to take the plunge, you can always consider learning more about it from a course like the one I covered here. Related: 10 Ways to Use Your Hobby as a Entrepreneur.

Work on your business plan

Most of us have an idea for a business. It may have already been sketched out in a business plan and has received some feedback from potential customers. However, for those who haven’t done any research into their idea, it may not be the most valuable business plan you’ve ever read. This is because you haven’t invested any time into seeing how you can turn it into a viable business. Make your plan as detailed as you can to make sure you’re fully aware of all the risks involved with starting your business. Also, include what you intend to achieve and how long it will take to accomplish that, along with how much income you can expect to generate, and who it will benefit.

Pick something unique and valuable to offer

For instance, you can be a personalized trainer, an engineer, a marketer, a photographer, or a screenwriter. No matter what it is, you can offer a unique service or product. In fact, you can even specialize in a skill that will set you apart from others and allow you to carve out a unique market for yourself. Identify your target audience Your target audience will determine what kind of services you should provide, and where. If you want to start a business as a personal trainer, then focus on the current fitness trends and what new people need in order to stay fit. If you want to create a fitness blog, then you need to focus on the trends in the fitness blog niche.

What are you passionate about?

Sometimes the most impactful decision we can make is where to invest our time, energy, and money. There are many things that we could accomplish with the resources we already have, but choosing what to work on and dedicate our energy to is the key to creating a solid business plan. It’s easy to fall into the trap of working on our “competition.” But as a home-based business owner, we are in direct competition with only ourselves. Working on our “competition” will only put us in a poor position to succeed. If you’re looking to start a home-based business that will drive profitable results, then you need to be clear about what you are passionate about. What are you passionate about and is it something you could dedicate the next five years of your life to?

What do you know well?

When starting your own business, you’ll want to think about exactly what you do best. What can you do best that will allow you to become a skilled entrepreneur? For many people, this is the simplest answer to your entrepreneurial questions. If you don’t know how to use social media to market your business, then you’re not going to succeed. And if you don’t know how to cook, then don’t go into food service. You have to be passionate about what you’re doing, otherwise, it will all be too much. If you can only do one thing really well, that would be the area in which you should focus. Choose the right industry When starting your own business, you have to choose the right industry. No matter what industry you choose, there will be demand for your services.

Who is your target audience?

At first, you might be tempted to go big. You might be inspired by stories of 50 million people that have bought from a few entrepreneurs to realize that you can start your own successful business too. But you might be mistaken. Most people start businesses by targeting people who are already able to afford their products or services. These customers are easy to find and aren’t as much of a challenge to engage with as potential newcomers are. Instead of targeting random people, consider what is special about your product or service that could help you target a niche market. If your product or service is exceptional, then you can easily create a product that will only be sold through a certain channel.

Create a clear path to profitability

It sounds easier than it actually is. That’s because launching a business that’s entirely self-sustaining can seem almost impossible. But if you start off small, you can gradually build up your revenue to the point where you can operate entirely on your own without any outside funding. As you move toward that goal, consider launching one of the following strategies. 1. Conduct your own personal networking This one may sound cliche, but it’s true. Knowing people and cultivating relationships is an incredibly valuable skill. People are always willing to share their wisdom and talents with those they know. Just make sure to take your relationship-building efforts seriously. Because your ability to inspire and empower others will help set your business up for success.

Create your brand identity

Your brand is your best advertisement. And you’ll be spending a lot of time and effort building that brand. So don’t forget to identify who your target customers are and create a story about why your service is different and better than what everyone else has to offer. Get some great photographs of your home to go along with it. Then, use your social media channels to connect with customers and drive sales. Take action Always begin your business journey by taking action. Make it your mission to make something happen. What do you want to achieve? What problems do you want to solve? Once you’ve identified your goals, it’s time to go and get them. While you can’t do much about the world around you, you can make your business different to the competition and make it stand out from the crowd.

Get creative with marketing strategies

As any good marketer can tell you, you can’t just enter any kind of competition. There’s a lot of competition out there, and if you’re hoping to stand out, you’ll have to think outside the box. Rather than simply entering any and every competition you can, think of what truly sets your business apart from the rest. There are several things you can do to stand out, and they’re easy to set up. Create a website One of the first steps in branding yourself as a homemade entrepreneur is creating your own website. It needs to be a unique domain name, and you’ll need to name it accordingly. Website hosting can be an expensive, and oftentimes, unreliable endeavor. If you’re interested in giving it a shot, then get a referral to try their special promo code “DIGITALBUZZ” for 30% off!


There are many different types of businesses you can set up as a homemade entrepreneur. In many cases, you will be able to set up your business without needing to sign up for a loan or sign any sort of long-term contracts. If you have an idea that you can execute without having to use outside funding, then consider becoming a homemade entrepreneur. Do you have an idea for a business? Consider becoming a homemade entrepreneur.

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What An Entrepreneur Might Be Interested In: A Guide To Entrepreneurship



an entrepreneur would most likely be interested in

Entrepreneurship is a popular topic these days. The word has a lot of different meanings and it can be difficult to make sense of what the term means. The entrepreneur is an enigmatic figure, one who ventures out into the unknown, takes risks, and creates something new. This blog will break down what entrepreneurship is and how it might fit for you personally. From understanding the different types of enterprise to designing your entrepreneurial mindset, this blog post will give you all the necessary information to take on entrepreneurship with confidence! Let’s find out what an entrepreneur would most likely be interested in?

Defining Entrepreneurship

We’ll start off by going over the broadest definition of the term entrepreneurship. The first thing you might notice about this definition is that it leaves the door open to different ideas. This leaves room for lots of variety, and it offers a wide range of answers. Does entrepreneurship include running your own business? Does it involve running your own shop? Maybe it means starting your own business. To figure out what entrepreneurship is for you, you’ll need to dig into the different definitions and see what fits for you. Dictionary Definition: An act of creating something new from nothing by use of someone else’s ideas, techniques, etc.

How Entrepreneurial are you?

As an entrepreneur, you have to have a few different things to thrive. You must have a dream to pursue, a vision to create, and an idea to test. So many people have a lot of good skills and talents. So do not feel discouraged about giving up on your idea. Ideas and dreams are renewable resources, so don’t give up on them. Especially just because you feel like you don’t have the ability to pursue it. Many people give up on the idea of starting a business before they even begin. Why? They are not certain of what it will take to execute a business. Or they think that it will require a lot of money. This is never the case. What it will take is actually very small, such as setting up a social media page or creating a web site. Once you have the resources in place, then everything else becomes easy.

The types of entrepreneurship

There are three major types of entrepreneurship. The first is one that people in their early twenties seem to gravitate towards “Self-employed.” There are three major benefits to starting this type of business: Your own employer, you are able to set your own working hours. You set your own wages, work from home, and the company gives you a lot of freedom. The second major type of entrepreneurship is one that is more common among professional industries. This type is called “corporate entrepreneurship.” You work for a business, have access to marketing and legal departments, and are given a lot of support by your employer. However, you also have to be able to understand what your employer wants and must work on maintaining relationships with existing clients and other companies.

The entrepreneurial mindset

Entrepreneurship is not about competing against other companies. But rather taking the opportunities given to you, creating something innovative and unique. And then looking for more opportunities to create more. This is not to say that you have to take on an entrepreneur role, either. Maybe you work in a corporation, which makes you wonder if you are ever going to be able to take a risk and create something of your own. What you can do is look for opportunities where the risk is minimised, and the rewards enormous. However, this is something that must be proven before you should do anything with your risk. To explore this, you should make a list of opportunities that you see. Whether that be a conference, a grant, or just a question that you’re interested in exploring. This will also let you find out what an entrepreneur would most likely be interested in.


Are you interested in taking the entrepreneurial plunge? As with most things in life, we recommend taking time to explore the different options. And see what fits you best. It’s also important to take risks and trust your instincts. So if you decide that entrepreneurship is a right fit, get started and learn to see the light. And also find out what an entrepreneur would most likely be interested in.

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