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12 Best Fundraising Sites to Help You Raise Money

Elena Hudgens
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People frequently ask me what the best fundraising sites are. So I decided to cover the top 12 fundraising sites to help you to raise money. I understand it is difficult to find the top websites. This article deals with the 12 best fundraising sites to help you raise money. So let’s see. 

What exactly is fundraising?

Fundraising is the practice of collecting money from individuals and corporations as donations for a cause. A fundraiser is someone who collects money from them.

It was originally used to raise funds for non-profit groups, but fundraising has developed significantly over the years and is now used to finance a variety of important causes.

These reasons might range from assisting the impoverished to generating funding for one’s own schooling. Traditional fundraising takes place offline, whereas modern-day crowdfunding takes place online.

Why is an online charity fundraising the way to go?

It should come as no surprise that one of the most effective methods to generate funds for charity these days is through crowdfunding. An online fundraiser has no overhead and allows you to share your cause with anybody with a few mouse clicks. We’ll go through what makes online fundraising effective in the section below.

What distinguishes a decent online fundraising platform from a terrific one?

A good charity contribution website will provide all of the essentials, such as simple setup and cheap costs. The top donation sites, on the other hand, will blow you away with perks like 24/7 customer service.

12 Best Fundraising Websites 

We’ve compiled a list of the finest fundraising websites for any cause to assist you in finding the best fundraising sites for you and your needs. Check out our top 12 best fundraising sites list below!

  1. T-shirt fundraiser bonfire
  2. Facebook Fundraising
  3. Classy for non-profits
  4. Kickstarter
  5. Fundly
  6. GoFundMe
  7. Edco 
  8. 360Match Pro
  9. Double the Donation
  10. Kindful
  11. Kiva
  12. Fundable

Are you new to fundraising or unsure what you should be searching for? Let’s go through what you should look for on these sites to ensure you get the ideal one for your task.

Website for T-Shirt Fundraising: Bonfire

Bonfire is the best fundraising website. Bonfire is a market leader in a bespoke t-shirt and garment fundraising. Their free fundraising website provides individuals and groups with a simple and risk-free option to gather funds online. The best part is that you retain 100% of the money, and they handle all of the logistics, such as printing and delivering all of the clothes you sell.

There are no start-up charges with Bonfire’s fundraising platform. They handle everything from payment processing to order fulfilment and customer support, allowing you to concentrate on interacting with your community. Easily create your design and publish your fundraiser, and Bonfire will take care of the rest. After your event, Bonfire distributes 100% of the proceeds to the fundraiser’s organizer or directly to their selected cause.

In addition, by verifying your organisation on Bonfire, you will have access to a suite of exclusive fundraising tools and services built particularly for non-profit. These benefits include lower donation fees (from 8% to 3.5%), access to their Classy Integration, customisable organization profile sites, chapter-based fundraising, and downloadable supporter lists that have the contact information of all your campaign backers.

Fundraising on Facebook

Facebook fundraising is the best fundraising website. Non-profit groups that register with Facebook and present documentation of nonprofit status may fundraise and request that others fundraise on their behalf.

Nonprofits may leverage Facebook to accelerate campaign success by using fundraising tools such as contribution buttons, page fundraisers, fundraiser stickers on Facebook Stories, and Facebook Live video contributing. Your supporters can also encourage their friends to make donations on your behalf in honor of their birthday or another special event.

Classy for non-profits

Classy for non-profits is the best fundraising website. Classy is a prominent fundraising platform that enables NGOs to collect more money and have a heavy impact online by providing world-class fundraising tools. The platform’s creators are working to modernize the donating experience and expedite social impact for deserving organizations.

Their sophisticated fundraising platform includes everything your organization needs to participate in social campaigns, online events, foreign fundraising, and much more.

Classy also supports cross-currency international fundraising, allowing you to reach a global audience of potential donors. Eliminate restrictions and expand your movement across all campaigns by allowing supporters to fundraise and give their native currency.

Classy Manager can help you strengthen donor connections. This tool allows you to view all donor information and fundraising performance metrics in one place. Gain a 360-degree perspective of your supporters’ backgrounds to better understand what motivates them to donate. To provide tailored fundraising appeals, easily search, filter, and segment supporters based on gift kind, amount, and frequency.


Kickstarter is the best fundraising website. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for artists who wish to fund a new project in the following categories: art, comics, crafts, dance, design, fashion, film & video, food, gaming, journalism, music, photography, publishing, technology, and theater. Kickstarter’s purpose is to enable creators to raise funds without compromising their idea for their project. In other words, it’s a terrific method to receive cash to accomplish something innovative without being constrained by the limits of a grant or another type of investment organization.

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Kickstarter will host your project on their website, making it available to anybody who visits. Project pages provide information on the projects and the individuals behind them, FAQs about the project, updates, and an area for your supporters to post comments. To promote contributing, you may specify different degrees of support as incentives.

Fundly: The Best Crowdfunding Site

Fundly is the best fundraising website. Fundly’s low-cost fundraising platform has a plethora of useful features. Make your fundraiser page stand out by putting stunning photographs and videos in the spotlight, then personalize the caption to tell your story. Your fans will then be able to see why you’re seeking funds, which will motivate them to contribute.

There is no minimum amount you must raise to maintain your funds with Fundly. Payments are handled swiftly, and funds can be withdrawn within seven days after the initial gift. Stripe’s payment processing platform powers this fundraising site, which instantly processes and transfers donations to your bank account.


GoFundMe is the best fundraising website. GoFundMe is suitable for both people with personal costs such as medical bills or college tuition and charities seeking to support a specific goal.

GoFundMe allows you to start your fundraising, which is then hosted on their website. You create your fundraiser, share it with your friends, and then handle the funds that come in. Medical, emergency, memorial, education, charitable, and coronavirus fundraising are all options. GoFundMe charges a 0% platform cost, however, users must still pay 2.9 percent + thirty cents for each gift in payment processing fees.

EdCo: The Most Effective Team and School Fundraising Website

EdCo is one of the best fundraising sites. EdCo views fundraising as a team sport! This is especially true for K-12 schools or clubs, where a single person is frequently in charge of instilling team spirit in preparation for a large fundraising initiative. With EdCo’s simple digital tools, it’s simpler than ever to get everyone engaged, allowing you to divide tasks and reduce the stress of fundraising through a peer-to-peer method.

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In just 5 minutes, you can create a fundraising page for your school, club, or team and begin advertising your campaign. Students and parents may participate in the fun by using simple social media sharing tools.

Because this fundraising platform is expandable, it is appropriate for any size group. To publicize your cause and increase donations, utilize EdCo’s email and SMS text capabilities to strengthen your campaign efforts.


360MatchPro is ideal for NGOs and individuals looking to increase their matching donations. However, because most firms with matching gift programmes need the beneficiary to be a well-established nonprofit, this may not work as well for individuals.

360MatchPro automates the process of contacting contributors to discover and confirm if their employers provide gift matching as a bonus. When donors donate using your online contribution platform, they have the option of starting the process on their own. 360MatchPro may also check for eligibility based on users’ email addresses, and it will follow the gift matching until the additional contribution is finished. If donors do not commence the process on their own, 360MatchPro can contact them to guarantee there is no matching gift option available for that specific contributor.

Matching Gift Fundraising Platform that Doubles Your Donation

Double the Donation enables nonprofit organizations to increase fundraising efforts by using the power of corporate generosity. They are the premier supplier of corporate giving information, backed by the world’s largest and most up-to-date matching gift database. Their platform makes it simple to find match-eligible donations by performing all of the legwork for you.

While Double the Donation is not a stand-alone fundraising platform, it simply interacts with many prominent suppliers, making it simple to increase donations. Their embed code allows you to easily add a searchable database to any page on your website, such as your “Contribution Page” or “Ways to Give” page.

Kindful: The Most Effective Donor Management Platform

Kindful provides a suite of fundraising and donor management solutions to assist NGOs in strengthening relationships with their communities, improving contribution procedures, and generating awareness for important causes. Furthermore, Kindful was recently bought by the well-known donor database supplier Bloomerang, which will only strengthen and expand its fundraising platform.

Their platform is well equipped with a variety of features to help you maximize your fundraising efforts. Use popular features such as limitless fundraising pages, embeddable contribution buttons, recurring giving, event registration, crowdfunding, and text-to-give. The donor information you collect using these fundraising tools will be sent straight into their powerful donor management system.


Kiva was founded in 2005 to increase financial access to help underprivileged people better their lives. Friends, relatives, and others halfway around the world may all contribute to your tale by using micro-lending fundraising services like Kiva.

The fundraising platform of Kiva is based on a lending system for microfinance organizations. When people give to your cause or purpose, they are essentially giving you a debt that you will repay over time, which is a major incentive and promotes donating.

Fundable: The Most Effective Business Fundraising Website

While the majority of huge crowdfunding platforms focus on altruistic causes, Fundable is all about business. Fundable is a robust fundraising website that helps companies through the fundraising process and connect with a wide network of sponsors. They’ll be there to support you every step of the way during your fundraising effort, from profile development to promotion.

They allow customers to establish either a regular rewards-based campaign or an equity-based campaign. Here’s a short rundown of your options:

  • Funders finance the firm to obtain a non-monetary reward in return (like goods and services).
  • Equity-based crowdfunding: Backers receive a share of the company’s equity, but they must be accredited investors with Fundable.

How much does it cost to get started with the fundraising platform?

The fees charged by the fundraising platform you use might make or break your efforts. High fees will reduce the amount of money you get in donations, resulting in less money for your cause. You must evaluate platform costs and choose a low-cost or risk-free alternative. If you’re looking for the fundraising sites with the lowest platform charges and payment processing fees, this article will walk you through all of your alternatives.

The Impact of Crowdfunding on the New Economy

Crowdfunding has resurrected the arts at a time when public programmes that support them are rapidly dwindling.

It is expanding the market for impact investment in social businesses, bridging the worlds of entrepreneurship and charity and enabling a larger base of investors to support companies for profit and purpose.

Crowdfunding is hastening angel investing and establishing an altogether new industry for business investment crowdfunding.

So get engaged and become a member of a crowdfunding community now. You will make a difference for a project or company owner while also contributing to the creation of a new and more collaborative economy.


Nowadays, fundraising has become a lot more accessible. These sites are designed to help you raise the funds you need to start your business or expand your business.

The best way to find the right one for you is to compare the site’s functionality and ease of use. What type of fundraisers can they help you with? What donations can this site accept? How easy is it to find information on the site? The more you learn about the site and how it functions, the easier it will be to decide which is the best site for you.

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