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12 Crowdsourcing Websites that Could Help You With Your Business

Elena Hudgens
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Are you looking for ways to seek information, services, or financial assistance? Then you should check out how these crowdsourcing websites can help you.

You might be wondering what crowdsourcing websites are?

Let me give you an example to understand how it can help your business.

Suppose you are in the business of content creation. And you need a graphic designer for your website, but you don’t want to hire someone full-time. In such a case, you can crowdsource your work with the help of the crowdsourcing websites mentioned below.

While crowdsourcing is frequently used to break up a large project, firms can also use it to evaluate how several people perform simultaneously. For example, if a corporation wants a new logo, it can pay a minimal amount to have dozens of graphic artists put together prototypes. The business can choose a favorite and purchase a more comprehensive logo package.

Advantages of Crowdsourcing Websites

The advantages of crowdsourcing include cost savings, speed, and the ability to work with people who have skills that an in-house team may not have. If a task typically takes one employee a week to perform, you can break up the job into many smaller parts and give those segments out for cooperation from members of a crowd of workers.

Many types of jobs can be crowdsourced, including website creation or transcription. Companies often turn to the crowd for feedback on new products rather than rely on small groups to gain insight into their design decisions. 

How To Start Crowdsourcing Websites?

 To create successful crowdsourcing Websites, it is important to have the following features:

– A clear scope – respondents must understand what you expect in terms of an idea or solution. 

– Detailed background information for replies may want technical data before submitting a response. 

– A preferred submission format. You also need to decide whether you want your project to reach out broadly (through massive public social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter) or specifically (with specific groups with extensive knowledge and experience).

Top 12 Crowdsourcing Websites:

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1. Designhill (Logo Design)

Designhill is a crowdsourcing website, which has established itself as a reputable marketplace for providing cost-effective design solutions across a wide range of categories.

This platform is popular among small firms and startups who use design crowdsourcing sites to save money on design.

When looking for customized design solutions, organizations can benefit from a variety of services offered by Designhill, which is regarded as the greatest alternative to 99designs.

At Designhill, you can find dozens of new design ideas from a large pool of bright and skillful designers from all over the world, both professionals and amateurs. And you may get unique design concepts for a very modest cost.

But it’s not just logos; there are over 40 other design categories to pick from, including business cards, stationery, leaflets, and websites. Every component of designing in accordance with your design brief with the site is so seamless that you will want to return to it again.

So, if you’re seeking a unique logo design, all you have to do is create a contest on the site and specify your needs. You will soon begin receiving dozens of design concepts in response to your design brief.

2. Software and usability test

So, every business is dependent on usability testing. But unfortunately, not everyone has the time to do it themselves. This is where uTest comes to your rescue! They give you a community of “18 thousand QA professionals from 150 geographical locations” who can help with almost any project you have in mind and make sure it’s tested professionally. It even works for websites, games, mobile apps, etc., so be sure this site will get the job done right!

3. Chaordic (Brand Innovation)

Chaordic is one of the more recent Crowdsourcing websites that provide solutions for big and small businesses. Businesses can rely on Chaordic to find out where they should be concentrating their efforts, what type of professionals they need to engage in making a good business decision, or how people respond positively towards their products or services.

4. Data Cleansing & Entry/Content Creation – Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is the site for you if you believe that humans are still superior performers to computers. For freelancers looking for work, this platform has over 50,000 ‘Human Intelligence Tasks’ available.

So, whether you want to write a review, film a video, or create a merchandise design, you can post the task on the site. More than 100,000 freelancers are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to do the grunt work for you on the site.

5. Quri

Quri pays special attention to what customers see in a store. The analytics are then instantly notified, and any problems discovered can be corrected. The portal provides retailers with information on how their products are performing in stores.

The website also offers some recommendations for significant in-store merchandising criteria. Retailers can optimize their merchandise planning based on the data provided by Quri in this way. You might even try a new sign design to help customers notice your store’s merchandise.

6. Trendwatching 

Business owners always want to know about the changing needs of their consumers. They rely on surveys or expert advice to know about the new trends in a certain market and industry. Trendwatching is one such site that lets them learn about any changes that take place across markets and industries, so they can use these insights for marketing purposes by branding accordingly as well as creating an identity based around this change, with many experts also sharing their thoughts on how best these changes can be implemented into business strategy.

7. Openideo

Best for coming up with bold, novel solutions to complicated challenges.

OpenIDEO is a platform that allows individuals worldwide to collaborate and share innovative ideas about how to solve complicated problems in their communities. Anyone with an Internet connection can use this platform to utilize tools like IDEO’s Toolkit or collaborate on challenges from anywhere in the world.

We all know that design thinking can be used to solve a variety of problems, but learning and practicing it is not easy for everyone.

There are a lot of ways to go wrong in design thinking, which means there are a lot of locations where things can go wrong. This is especially true when attempting to implement the system outside of your own organization.

8. Upwork

 Upwork is a freelance platform.

Best for locating qualified freelancers to accomplish projects.

You may hire thousands of freelancers to complete a task on Upwork, whether it’s writing an article or coding some software.

Their user interface makes it simple for anyone unfamiliar with crowdsourcing platforms to use them and complete tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible – you can even use templates to speed up the process.

You specify what kind of work is needed, and a list of freelancers will be offered to you when you submit your assignment or crowdsourced project online, either by mobile app or desktop browser window.

Once you’ve been chosen, you can communicate with them and arrange a pay rate through the platform.

Upwork has saved thousands of hours that would have otherwise been spent looking for and hiring.

9. Innocentive

Best for addressing the world’s most pressing issues

By allowing anybody to become involved and transform lives, InnoCentive has helped global enterprises, governments, the public sector and organizations, and charities harness the power of a crowd.

Governments and companies are striving to tackle critical problems as a result of so much innovation coming from challenges, and this is where collective human intelligence and all the bright minds come together to find solutions to challenging tasks.

InnoCentive has become the market-leading organization for placing difficulties online and letting others access expertise from across the world, with over 500,000 problem-solvers throughout the world.

• Organizations can focus on other business areas instead of obstacles by putting challenges online.

• By distributing difficulties to multiple people, many more minds are available to assist with problem-solving.

• Make direct contact with people who are familiar with the difficulties that your company is dealing with.

10. CAD Crowd

CAD Crowd offers a wide range of freelancers with different levels of experience and expertise in various fields; you simply post your project and wait for responses. You also have no long-term commitment required when using their services. This is the best place to find new creative ideas on making your products come alive.

Cad Crowd is a creative community of 3D modelers and designers who use various CAD tools to work on actual creative projects for clients worldwide.

They’re not simply another graphic design marketplace; they’re a location where you can identify and develop the next big ideas. For your ideas, 3D printing, or any product project, their website connects you with hundreds of CAD modelers, designers, and drafting contractors.

In this, you get competent help for all of your 3D modeling needs on demand so you can focus on the big-picture projects. All of your projects will be completed by individuals with considerable CAD design, construction, and architecture experience. For further flexibility and convenience, projects are completed remotely, at your leisure, to fit your schedule. It saves money by employing freelancers on-demand rather than recruiting full-time employees, so you only pay for the design, drafting, and 3D modeling work when you need it.

11. Ponoko

Ponoko is an online design community that lets you upload a picture and ask for suggestions from the designer community. It costs less than hiring in-house designers to create your product designs. It also offers other perks like generating new ideas without even needing to hire any expert designers.

12. Flickr

Flickr is a crowdsourcing website with millions of high-quality images available for you to use. With your permission, it’s easy to find pictures of celebrities, historical figures, places, and symbols on Flickr. However – as copyright protection does exist with these images – ensure the appropriate rights are given for them not to be protected by any intellectual property laws before using them!


Crowdsourcing websites are a way for businesses, organizations of all kinds to find valuable ideas and solutions. Putting their minds together with many other people lets them leverage a wide and diverse pool of creative talent.

Whether this is in finding product range suggestions or breaking down complex projects into microtasks, crowdsourcing can effectively find ideas quickly. It’s not always suitable for every project; however, you might just come up with the next million-dollar idea

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