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15 CRM Tools For Small Business that Will Make Your Life Easier

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Small businesses are always in need of better customer service, easier marketing, and more efficient accounting. Unless you’re a genius at math and data entry, likely, you don’t have the time or resources to set up a comprehensive CRM system. That’s where the 15 best CRM tools for small business come in. From online CRM systems that integrate with your email account to CRM tools that make sales and marketing more accessible, these tools will make your life as a small business more accessible than ever.

What are CRM tools? 

CRM tools are software applications that allow a company to manage its business processes, including customer relations. It is used for marketing purposes as well by providing analytics and reporting on the success of campaigns or sales. CRMs offer customers an easy way to reach out with questions about products or services they have purchased from a firm, which can help maintain good customer relationships overall.

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The Top 15 CRM Tools for Small Businesses

The most important thing to remember when selecting software is that you need one with all the functions and features your business needs. It should have easy-to-understand reports, be user-friendly, and provide excellent customer service support.

Some small businesses may not require advanced reporting options or complex customization settings but instead just want something simple that can help them manage their clients from start to finish without any hassle. Here are our top picks for this year’s CRM tools for small business:

1. Salesforce

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If you’re looking for an essential CRM software among many CRM tools for small business, then SalesForce is a great choice. It comes with an advanced contact manager that includes email integration and follow-up reminders. Plus, there are plenty of options to add to it! 

You’ll also find the ability to create custom reports to make more informed decisions about your company’s sales numbers and the opportunity for companies. Those who use this system often enough or have large budgets (or both) will receive their dedicated account managers from Salesforce via their Customer Success team members. With these features and many others included within its interface, you won’t want anything else when it comes time for managing your customer relationships.

Price: $25/month/user for Lightning Basics, $75/month/user for Lightning Professional. 

2. Hubspot

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The HubSpot CRM software is a popular free version used by small businesses. It includes all of the basic features provided by CRM software, allowing you to keep track of your company’s activities, including contacts and company profiles, assigning & tracking deals, and managing all of that data in a detailed dashboard (visible to all team members).

Pricing: Free with optional subscription (starting at 41 EUR/month).

3. Salesmate CRM

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When it comes to CRM tools for small business, there are many to choose from. But Salesmate CRM, you can speed up the sales processes and offer customers a personalized experience. Manage your contacts effectively and keep track of all related sales activities. This tool is also perfect for sending out email campaigns, and you’ll know what happens to your emails once you hit send. As a Small Business owner, you appreciate flexibility and scalability- two essential qualities for success as a small businesswoman! 

Some unique features within this CRM software include Prospect & Lead Engagement, Sales Pipeline & Activity Tracking, Sales Automation & Sequences- making it easier than ever to be successful in the marketing world!

Pricing: Starting at $12/user/month.

4. Zoho

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Though we’ve included Zoho in our enterprise-grade software list, small businesses can also employ this software – thanks to the variety of editions offered. In addition to its features for business, Zoho offers a lot of options for users, such as website visitor tracking and lead scoring. However, keep in mind that some of the most advanced features are only available on professional and enterprise editions.

Pricing: There is a free version as well as a standard ($12/month), professional ($20/month), enterprise ($35/month), and enterprise ($50/month).

5. Salesflare

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Salesflare is an excellent choice for people who want an automated CRM that helps them sell in between many CRM tools for small business. It pulls all the necessary information and keeps itself up to date so you can focus on selling.

Salesflare is built specifically for small and medium-sized businesses that sell B2B. It has the power to send personal email sequences at scale, making it perfect for smaller companies and individual entrepreneurs.

Pricing: US$30/user/month.

6. Agile CRM

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Agile CRM is a popular CRM software with extensive business features. It offers custom appointments, drag-and-drop marketing automation, and reports via email. In addition, it supports widgets and an extensive library of plugins. The free version of the software is limited in terms of its features.

Pricing: For users up to 10, or use the Starter package ($14.99/user/month).

7. Freshworks CRM

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Freshworks CRM is a powerful sales automation tool among  many CRM tools for business, that lets you capture website visitors as leads and group them based on their engagement with your website. You can assign them to the right salespeople on your team, reach out to each piece of information with full context, track deals by personalized pipelines, and more!

Pricing: Dedicated package for growing teams ($25/user/month).

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8. Capsule CRM

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Capsule CRM is a very easy-to-use CRM software that allows users to track both relationships and sales pipelines. It can be used on both desktops and mobile devices. The user interface is broken down into five groups: dashboard, people and organizations, sales pipeline, calendars and tasks, and, lastly, cases. One downside to Capsule CRM is that it offers less functionality in terms of campaigns and reporting than other products in the market.

Pricing: There are two packages available, a Free package (for up to 2 users) and a Professional package (£12/user/month).

9. Microsoft Dynamics 365

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If you are a Microsoft user, you likely know about the all-in-one platform called Microsoft Dynamics 365. This platform is used for sales and marketing and integration with other products from Microsoft. One downside to this tool is that it can be challenging to navigate at first, especially for new users who may not have had previous experience interacting with CRM software. However, overall this tool has a lot of features and functionality!

Pricing: There are different modules and licenses available. The Sales Insight module (€ 42.20/user/month)

10. Zendesk Sell

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Zendesk sell is a great CRM software for companies customizing their sales pipelines. The software includes sales email intelligence, a native dialer, various integrations and APIs, sales prospecting, and much more.

Pricing: Subscriptions start at 19 EUR per month per user.

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11. Streak

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Streak is a great CRM software for Gmail enthusiasts. It’s technically a browser plugin, so smaller teams can use it as they work directly from their Gmail inbox. This makes it very easy to track views and schedule emails- even while on the go! Additionally, Streak offers separate email threads that cater to different teams (e.g., sales, HR, support, etc.).

Pricing: Starting at $15/user/month.

12. SugarCRM

Streak is an excellent SugarCRM software for Gmail enthusiasts. It’s technically a browser plugin, so it works on any device (smartphones, tablets, laptops) and can be used to track views and schedule emails as well as send mass emails. Additionally, separate email threads have been created that cater to different teams (e.g., sales team emails, HR teammates, support teammates).

Pricing: From £41.60/user/month, minimum ten users, up to £800/month, Sugar Professional.

13. ConvergeHub

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ConvergeHub is a cloud-based CRM software that’s great among many CRM tools for small business. It includes built-in SalesForce automation and marketing automation modules, making it easier for your business to manage sales activities and track customer data. Additionally, ConvergeHub is easy to use and can be used by owners of all levels of expertise.

Pricing: Starts at $9.99/user/month (Starter package) and goes up to $59/user/month (Premium package).

14. vTiger CRM


vTiger is a great CRM software in between many CRM tools for small business. It offers a lot of sales automation, email marketing, and project/inventory management features. They also provide web-to-CRM forms to help users capture relevant contact info and prioritize that info. Plus, all parts have been improved based on the feedback of their customer base.

Pricing: Prices vary depending on which package you choose (Sales CRM, Help Desk, or All-In-One) but can range from free to $30/user/month.

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15. Nimble

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Nimble CRM is a great contact management software for those looking to combine social media interactions (works great with Twitter) and contacts in one place. The interface is also straightforward to use, making it easy to keep track of all your interactions. It has a rules engine that helps predict relevant contacts and activities based on user behavior. You can set reminders for specific users and mark communications as essential to stay ahead of the game- keeping you ahead of any competition!

Pricing: From $9 per user per month to $19 per month.

Utilizing CRM software has the following main benefits:

1. Organize your contact information

First and foremost, your contact information is the most important thing you have in your CRM (or customer relationship management). You will want to have a system for organizing that data to work to your benefit. This overview of your contacts will also help you run sales processes more smoothly!

2. Keeps track of your sales

Small business CRM Software helps you track and visualize sales performance metrics through customer relationship profiles. These profiles help distinguish prospects at every stage of the funnel while building a pipeline and helping your client base grow with your business. Tracking outreach and booking progress also helps your organization better manage its revenue.

3. Segmenting your customers

In today’s environment, digital marketers and sales teams are all about customer segmentation. This is useful for personalization efforts and breaking down prospects into different groups such as deal size, location, and more. This segmentation, therefore, gives your sales team a bit more focus.

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It’s essential to assess the different options CRM software has to offer before deciding. One thing you may want to consider is the setup regarding implementation and technical assistance required, user minimums, usability, costs, and of course, GDPR security features. Additionally, integration options are essential. You can combine your CRM software with all of the tools in your present toolkit rather than having to import data manually – this saves time and energy.

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