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The 25 Best No-Code Platforms To Help You Get Started



No-Code Platform

No-code platform speeds up application development and meets the demand for workflow automation and custom software development more quickly than traditional coding methods. They allow any employee to become a citizen developer without ever learning how to code.

This, in turn, aids organizations in accelerating operations, swiftly adapting processes to change, better meeting the demands of customers and employees, and expanding.

With no-code platforms, companies today can build and launch without writing any code. No-code platforms help startups build and launch their businesses seamlessly.

Below are such no-code platforms that help startups, freelancers, and small businesses without writing code. 

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1. Webflow

Here are some features you should know about Webflow. Their passion is to give everyone the opportunity to develop websites professionally. One of the ways they achieve this is by providing numerous tools that allow people without programming skills to create SaaS websites or e-commerce stores. But do not worry if coding is not your thing, because Webflow offers programming skills if needed.

Whether you want to use a responsive template and start building your website or create it from scratch with the drag-and-drop interface, this no-code platform makes everything easy. You can fully customize any design and take a look at the code behind it if you have coding experience. 

Regardless of how much experience you have with designing websites, before using Webflow as a no-code platform, you can turn your ideas into reality with the help of the visual coding steps. 

Webflow is an affordable web design service that will let you create a high-quality website without having to invest a lot of time or money.

2. Scapic

Online shopping is not always ideal because you can not see the product in person, but it’s still convenient. When looking at products on an e-commerce website, you want to know all the details you can get about each item. Photos are helpful for this – even if they do not accurately reflect them.

Scapic is an augmented reality service that makes it easy to get more views of your products without doing any programming. When you use this no-code platform, your customers get a 360-degree view of what’s in your store, which helps them make better buying decisions. 

With Scapic no-code platform, you can easily integrate this attention-grabbing technology into your design to stand out from the competition.

3. Mailchimp

This no-code platform contains everything you need to collect customer information and understand them. Plus, you can send them customized messages or newsletters directly from the Mailchimp dashboard.

Mailchimp is a no-code platform with features that allow you to run surveys, launch social media campaigns, and categorize your customer databases. Besides, Mailchimp offers several no-code integrations with software such as Square and LiveChat to simplify marketing for various people who would benefit from automation.

It’s important to communicate with your customers as quickly as possible, especially in the early stages. Mailchimp’s website can help you do just that more efficiently and intelligently.

4. Parabola

Parabola is a software solution for easily automating data-related tasks. As an API, external database, or e-commerce integrator, the process of connecting and automating these tasks has never been easier.

This no-code platform has drag-and-drop tools that allow you to automate a process or create a workflow. Whether your data comes from Salesforce, Mailchimp, Shopify, or one of the many other supported platforms, Parabola is an indispensable management tool for you and your business.

5. Voiceflow

It was hard to imagine where voice-driven technologies would go a few years ago. A few years ago, Siri and Alexa were just named, and now they are the main voice-controlled assistants in our lives. Now we can not imagine life without them.

Anyone can use voice-controlled apps, even those who do not know how to program. With Voiceflow, you do not have to type a single line of code to create your custom voice app.

Creating a voice app is not that complex for building logic and structure. The visual interface that takes all this complexity away from you is called Voiceflow – it’s user-friendly. You can use it to create apps for Google, Alexa, in-car assistants, chatbots, and more.

If you have always wanted to create a voice assistant app but do not know how (code), Voiceflow lets you do just that. This no-code platform embeds the tools for speech recognition and natural language understanding.

6. Bubble

With Bubble, you do not need any programming skills to create a program. You can become a developer without the hassle of programming languages.

Bubble provides budding developers with a set of components to assemble and launch fully functional applications. The wealth of customization options makes Bubble a powerful tool for building software or developing an app.

The no-code offers anyone with an idea the opportunity to develop it and bring it to the world. This No-Code platform means that even those who do not have programming skills can make their dreams come true, no matter their abilities.

7. Makerpad

Makerpad is a great resource to learn more about No-Code platforms. Maybe you want to create something but do not know what tools to help you. Makerpad offers tutorials, apps, and other resources that can be used for anything you want to create.

In addition to these resources, this no-code platform also offers paid services that provide education, implementation, and support to startups and entrepreneurs. They also have an extensive collection of no-code products.

8. Airtable

Airtable combines the power of spreadsheets and databases into one program. You get all the features of Excel or Google Sheets, plus the ability to edit data without having to type a single code.

Business applications are usually limited to one specific function. Airtable, on the other hand, offers versatility and customization options that can be tailored to any business requirement.

The no-code platform makes it easy for you to organize any information you have. You’ll have a system that lets you compile lists and achievements in customizable tables, without the limitations found in simple spreadsheet programs such as Excel and Google Sheets.

9. Coda

What if we had one central place for all of our work and did not have to use so many different apps or spreadsheets? Coda is the solution. Instead of an unconnected web, it brings all your data together in one document – “a Coda document.”

Coda is a tool that connects different document formats like Slack, Google Calendar, and Jira. With Coda’s building block system, you can easily create your unique documents with a range of graphical embellishments. It also simplifies cross-team communication by compiling the best apps for communicating with others on your team. 

10. Gumroad

When it comes to the typical entrepreneur, they are most likely in the tech field. However, that’s not always true for people who want to become entrepreneurs themselves. Many people want to have their business based on their creativity.

If you want to create a podcast, do illustrations, or produce beats and offer an online course, you can sell your creations with Gumroad. This app is designed for artists who want to be their own bosses by selling their creativity on this platform.

11. Landbot

Chatbots are a useful tool for businesses and helpful resources for customers. The chatbot can greet website visitors, help them find the information they are looking for, and collect solid leads for a person to follow up on. But you can not impress your customers with pre-made chatbot answers – personalized bots are necessary.

Landbot is an app that lets you create your own chatbots guided by conversational prompts. With a straightforward workflow, you can link the different parts of the conversations together. And with WhatsApp integration, people who like your brand can find it in those chats where they already are.

12. Zapier

Zapier is a service that connects multiple applications. It allows you to automate and speed up your workflows by combining app data in an automated process.

Zapier is a fan-favorite no-code app that helps you meet business needs by tying many services into automated workflows. Zapier lists Twitter, Dropbox, and Shopify among its popular tools. The automation also extends to various other platforms like Slack or Google Drive, allowing your business to stay in touch with its customers remotely while effortlessly taking care of corporate tasks.

13. Thunkable

With a no-code platform like Thunkable, you can build and launch your digital creations. This is a great alternative to programming apps from scratch.

With Thunkable, you can create functional components and flows with drag-and-drop functionality. Your final app creation will work on both iOS and Android without you having to change anything yourself! Thunkable offers a wide range of free open source projects, so you can create native apps without having to start from scratch. 

14. Typeform

If you want to create sign-up forms or surveys or find ways to generate leads, Typeform is a great no-code solution. Typeform makes data collection easy and provides a great user experience that can be fully customized to your brand.

Typeforms are so easy to create, and we have many tutorials on Webflow College that show you how to integrate them into your no-code stack. Typeform offers a variety of form types – quizzes, surveys, tests – that can be used in many different situations, such as collecting feedback or generating leads. 

With Typeform Professional, you can create personalized question paths and logic jumps so you can build tailored experiences for different personas and customers. These experiences are more important than ever, and Typeforms lets us do just that.

15. Glide

Glide lets you turn your Excel file or Google Sheet into a powerful progressive web application without programming knowledge. This is an accessible no-code platform for beginners and experts alike using templates and pre-built components.

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The no-code platform allows you to easily create applications for specific business processes. For example, an app that monitors your sales pipeline or manages your inventory. 

16. Hubspot CMS

Hubspot is popularly known for its Sales Hub or CRM features. But an often overlooked feature is the CMS. 

It provides business owners with an easy way to build websites, landing pages, blogs, and any content they need. It has various templates to choose from, they are fully customizable, they have a responsive design, they fit right into the existing workflows, and have unlimited possibilities.

17. Code2

Code2 is a no-code platform that helps you build custom responsive web apps without coding. Code2’s advanced visual editor and drag-and-drop interface make it possible to create scalable web apps with pixel-perfect designs and powerful workflows, and setup hosting scaling.

It has an all-in-one no-code platform that lets you build and launch customer-facing web applications without having to worry about deployment, hosting, or limits on the number of users or data storage.

18. Carrd

Carrd is a no-code tool for simpler web projects. But don’t be fooled by its simplicity, Carrd is as powerful as the other tools, but with different aims.

Carrd lets you build one-page websites that can be customized using templates or custom-made from scratch thanks to their simplicity and price point. Carrd has found a spot on this list due to these qualities.

19. Quixy

Quixy is a cloud-based software development platform for business users. 

It removes the need to burden IT with applications, and lets business users build their own apps without coding skills. With Quixy you can automate workflows for business evaluation and processes in 10x less time than it would take using traditional methods of application building.

20. Bravo Studio

Bravo Studio gets it right by prioritizing design. We know that building the app is important but Bravo Studio does more than just build apps (which we are grateful for). 

With any third-party API integration, this no-code tool lets you build complex apps and helps with testing and publishing.

21. Memberstack

You need to ensure that users come back after signing up, which is why we need a login/sign-in function. 

However, if you’re entrusting this responsibility to an in-house developer then it can be hard as they may not know how to build it and there are many tools that could do the same job. One such tool is Memberstack, which offers many features like secure login and integrations with Zapier or Integromat; additionally, they have secured a perfect match with Webflow.

22. UserGuiding

You’ve now developed your website or web app using a no-code tool, but what are you going to do about onboarding new users? Well, there is a way to create the best user onboarding experiences without coding even that would be worth talking about. 

UserGuiding is an onboarding tool that will help design and execute the perfect user experience for your product.


There’s something really fascinating about voice technologies. We still don’t fully understand what it can do, but with every new thing companies like come up with something we never thought would be possible.

With features like live transcription, automatic meeting note summaries, and easy recording options there is an interactive experience to consider that we never thought would happen.

24. Notion

Notion is a workplace tool that facilitates collaboration. As the team behind Notion claims, it really can be all-inclusive. With this app, your company’s teams and departments can work together to create tasks, track processes, and do more. 

The whole idea of Notion is that they give you flexibility when needed in an out-of-office environment. They succeed at doing what they set out to do quite well.

25. Workiom

Workiom is a tool that integrates all aspects of your business. Workiom has been designed to help you get the best out of every process without any coding. With all the features you need to create a space for your team and the whole business.


It’s exciting to see so many no-code development platforms allowing non-programmers to create. No-code platforms do not mean anti-code. There’s always a place for developers and their expertise, but there should be no reason people can not get into entrepreneurship or business without knowing how to code.

Elena Hudgens is an entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience. She started her journey by building her own e-commerce website on Shopify and turned her $1000 savings to millions in just 2 years. Soon she started different ventures in which she failed and succeeded. And now, she's on a mission to help other entrepreneurs with her life and business lessons.

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7 Most Useful PDF Annotation/Review Tools



pdf annotation/review tool

Our habits of printing documents and writing by hand at work are excellent instances of this. However, these habits are significant roadblocks to productivity in a company-wide content review process. We’ll go over all of the pdf annotation/review tools in this article, which can help you with your pdfs. 

Adding any additional text, pictures, or objects to a PDF document is PDF annotation.

Annotating a PDF with specialized software allows users to change the document. During the document review and approval process, this is typically used to leave proposed changes on a PDF.

Adding a text box to the PDF and a sticky note to detail a comment about the asset are all options. Allowing a group of reviewers to annotate the file using the software are all options for contributing feedback. Users can flag an error, suggest revisions, and leave comments inside the same document.

We’ve listed the best 7 PDF annotation software for Windows in this post. These programs are free to use and equipped with features and annotation tools like highlights, notes, text boxes, underlines, shapes, stamps, and signatures. 

Some of these PDF annotators also offer annotations like sticky notes and other PDF annotators. You can also use these programs to share your annotated PDFs via email, Evernote, Dropbox, and Facebook.

Features For PDF Annotation

The text, graphics, and content arrangement are all fixed in a PDF. This makes it even more challenging to change the text or add anything new (as you would, for example, within a Word Document).

Specific PDF annotation software is necessary for users to offer input on a PDF document. Using this program, users can add a comment or an annotation and collaborate with others on the same file.

There are a plethora of PDF annotation/review tools software suppliers on the market. These solutions give users various annotation options to fit a wide range of business needs.

The following are some of the most common PDF annotation/review tools features:

These are some features very common features which you will need in annotating your PDFs:

  • a tool for highlighting
  • A tool for leaving comments
  • Tools for making annotations
  • Users can debate annotations in real-time via real-time collaboration.
  • A text copy-and-paste tool
  • The option to create virtual sticky notes is a great feature.
  • A text strikethrough feature
  • An open-source drawing programs

For example, a collection of shapes, such as arrows, lines, and circles which you can use to clarify which area of the PDF your comment refers to.

PDF annotation/review tools software allows users to leave explicit, well-organized comments in one easy-to-find location. Rather than delivering your PDF through a series of convoluted emails, send it as a single document, where proposed changes can easily get lost, misread, or misapplied. 

Here are the best 7 PDF annotation/review tools.

1. ZipBoard 

zipBoard is a web-based pdf annotation/review tool and assessment solution for documents. It provides a simple method for reviewing various file types, including PDFs, images, videos, URLs, SCORM, and more. 


Collaborating on documents for internal and external stakeholders is faster and simpler with zipBoard‘s centralized proof platform. It also allows you to comment on them. You may even send PDFs to clients without them registering, eliminating the need for time-consuming screen-sharing meetings.

Key features of Zipboard

The following are some features of Zipboard that will help you annotate the PDFs. 

  • ZipBoard offers seamless integration with your ERP system and custom APIs and features. With online visual proofing, you can gain in-context feedback from your collaborators. 
  • Reviewers can directly annotate on their screen, providing contextual feedback with multiple review tools at their disposal.
  •  You can get your files reviewed by your stakeholders and gain feedback based on your needs. You can choose to receive feedback from guest reviewers who do not need to log in. 
  • zipBoard’s straightforward interface is simple to use, particularly for non-IT employees. You can view Kanban and table views and the usual Kanban view. 
  • zipBoard helps ensure confusion-free collaboration by keeping all versions and alterations clear and assigning clear roles to individuals.
  • zipBoard provides its users with unlimited projects and collaborators from the starter plan onwards.
  •  Out-of-the-box integrations include Slack, Jira, Microsoft Teams, Lambda Test, and Wrike.

With zipBoard’s centralized proof platform, collaborating on documents for internal and external stakeholders is faster and simpler. You may even send PDFs to clients without them registering.

2. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Among all PDF viewers, Adobe Acrobat Reader is a pioneer. You may use this free PDF reader to view and annotate PDF documents. This PDF reader provides various annotation tools, such as sticky notes, highlighters, underliners, strike-throughs, text boxes, free-form drawings, stamps, multimedia attachments, and geometric shapes.

You can also add signatures as text, drawing signatures, or pictures of your signature. Check out the comments for a comprehensive list of annotations. You may also filter or search for a specific annotation. After you add annotations, save the PDF on your PC. You may also directly print or distribute it via this application.


Important features of this application 

Here are some Adobe Acrobat Reader features that will assist you in annotating PDFs.

  • It is fast and has simple functions, but it also has a search function and a terrific zooming function that makes working on small devices painless. 
  • You can use sticky notes or drawing tools to insert comments on PDFs and highlight or underline text.

This free PDF reader provides various annotation tools, such as sticky notes, highlighters, and underliners. In addition, you can use this application to view and annotate PDF files.

3. iSkySoft PDF Editor

iSkySoft PDF Editor (starts at $69/year) is a good PDF editor for people, and it also caters to enterprises. It offers affordable pricing for small enterprises, starting at $109 per user per year, including team management. 

The enterprise tier of iSkySoft includes dedicated tech support, user licensing management, on-demand development, and flexible deployment for groups of more than 20 people.

The PDF editor is available for Windows and Mac (but not for mobile), supporting nine languages. It has a rich interface that mimics Microsoft Word for easy pdf annotation/review tools and editing. 

It allows you to convert PDFs to and from various formats, build forms, alter the layout and text of your PDF, add, remove, and manipulate images, insert, remove, or flip pages, and secure them with passwords, redaction tools, and permissions.

If you wish to annotate a PDF, you may do so with ease using drawing tools, sticky notes, stamps, and comments, and iSkySoft also allows for multi-user collaboration. Optical character recognition technology, which recognizes scanned text from another document and converts it into an editable and searchable image-based PDF, is one of iSkySoft’s most amazing capabilities.


Main features include:

iSky soft PDF editor can help you annotate PDFs using the following features.

  • Text – modify text using easy paragraphs and single-line styles, and change font type, style, and size as needed.
  • Manipulate photos by adding, rotating, removing, cropping, pasting, replacing, copying, and replacing them quickly.
  • Pages: seamlessly remove, cut, replace, insert, and spit pages while changing page boxes and adding page labels from your document.

Using this application, you can convert PDFs to and from various formats, alter the PDF’s layout and text, add, remove, and manipulate images, insert, remove, or flip pages, and password-protect and redact them.

4. Xodo

Xodo is an excellent choice for individuals who need to edit a PDF but don’t have the funds (or desire) to pay for a professional PDF editor. 

Despite being free, Xodo has a lot to offer in terms of features and a gorgeous, modern UI (available online and iOS and Android apps). Rather than hiding your manuscript in a convoluted and crowded interface, as many other editors do, Xodo concentrates on giving you a primary, straightforward interface.


Xodo is an excellent app for signing documents because it allows you to generate a signature with a stylus or your finger and save it for future use on other documents. 

Do you want to annotate a PDF document? Filling out forms is similarly straightforward—all you have to do is tap the field and fill in your data. You can highlight and strike out parts, add sticky notes, underline for emphasis, and draw freehand with Xodo‘s many tools. 

It even generates a summary list of annotations that you can access by pressing on any of them.

It also offers a real-time, collaborative workspace, allowing anyone with access to jump right into work and even chat. After creating it, you may sync your document with Dropbox or Google Drive to ensure you’re always working with the most recent version. 

5. Nitro Reader for Windows & Mac

Nitro Reader for Mac and Windows may not have a lot of complex features, but it is still a highly handy PDF annotator. The number of tools offered is limited, excluding more powerful annotation tools. 

However, bookmarks previously added notes and social media sharing are allowed, as is standard annotation, ensuring that the PDF looks clean and professional. In addition, this program can convert PDF files to text and vice versa.


The important features to consider 

Here are some of the important features of this application:

  • You can personalize the top toolbar to provide easy access to the most features you use.
  • The download is relatively minimal.

It is a highly convenient PDF annotator and can convert PDF files to text and back again.

6. PDFelement Pro – create PDF documents (Windows & Mac)


A top-of-the-line PDF editor can also be used as an exceptional PDF annotator. It has a similar look and feels to Microsoft Word, making it even more accessible to individuals familiar with Microsoft Office tools. 

To leave comments on a PDF to work with your colleagues, you can use various devices such as highlighting, underlining, strikethrough, wave line, shapes, sticky notes, text fields, and hand drawings.

Important features:

Here are some ways that PDFelement Pro can assist you in annotating PDFs.

  • Use sticky notes, text boxes, and freehand drawing tools to annotate PDF files.
  • Using the several pdf annotation/review tools available, add highlights, underline text, or strikethrough text.
  • Text, links, photos, and PDF pages can all be changed.
  • Convert PDF files to Word files, Excel Sheets, PowerPoint, EPUB, and images.
  • Supports password protection to prevent unauthorized changes to the document.
  • Combine, divide, and compress PDF files using OCR technology.

It is an exceptional PDF annotator. It has a similar look and feels to Microsoft Word, making it even more accessible to individuals already familiar with Microsoft Office tools.

7. ClickUp

The pdf annotation/review tools in ClickUp allows you to annotate PDF files and images (.png, .gif, .jpeg, .webp).


In four easy steps, you can add comments to task attachments:

  • Within a task, open the desired folder.
  • In the preview window’s upper right corner, click “Add comments.”
  • Wherever you wish to add a comment, click on the attachment preview.
  • If you want someone to act right away, add comments and assign them to them.

You can even utilize ClickUp’s Chrome Extension to annotate and prove documents for more versatility.

You may use the Chrome extension to annotate photos, post them as task attachments, and add comments to them – everything is available with ClickUp.

Key Docs are a feature of ClickUp

PDFs can be annotated in several ways, here are the exceptional features of ClickUp.

  • Text: Create, share, and store project- or company-related documents easily with your virtual or in-house team.
  • Comments: Each ClickUp task has its comment box where you can discuss and exchange any relevant files or links. You may even tag people on your team to guarantee that your suggestions are not forgotten.
  • Collaboration Detection: see if your teammates are concurrently adding a comment or viewing a task in real-time. This can be quite helpful in overcoming some of the most typical virtual team issues you’ll encounter when managing distant projects.
  • A notepad is a blank spot where you may rapidly jot down your thoughts and ideas.
  • Mind Maps: To arrange and organize your project-related ideas, make free-form mind maps.

This app allows you to add notes and add comments, signatures, and designs.


One of the simplest ways to add value to your work is to include a well-placed, thorough remark. It’s what can turn a mundane bit of information into something as fascinating as this.

Check over the seven annotation tools we discussed here to get a head start.

While each of these tools is excellent, Zipboard takes the cake with its robust capabilities that make it simple to proof your documents.

This versatile annotation program hits the home run with picture and PDF proofing and a feature-rich Forever Free plan.

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Paraphrasing Tools: The Ultimate Guide For 2022




Paraphrasing Tool

When you’re writing an essay, analysis, or any other type of academic document, you will often be asked to give your take on something. In other words, you need to paraphrase what someone else has said. So, you also need the best paraphrasing tool to do this quickly and appropriately.

The ability to do this effectively is a must-have skill for any student who wants to succeed in academia. After all, if you can’t express other people’s ideas in your own words, how will you ever get through college without failing every class? 

Good news! You can learn how to use the Paraphrase tool in Word with ease. Find out how this helpful tool works. Here we’ve mentioned the best of 10 paraphrasing tools and why the paraphrasing tool is ideal for using when blogging:

What is a Paraphrase Tool?

Software or websites that paraphrase content automatically is called paraphrasing tools. The main aim of the paraphrasing tool is to enable you to reword content without manually rewriting it, thereby saving time and effort. You can also use paraphrasing to avoid plagiarism.

Paraphrasing tools are frequently used for the following reasons – improving readability, reducing the length of your content, making sure that your content doesn’t violate any copyright laws, and finally, making sure that your content has a consistent voice. 

As a paraphrasing tool that is relatively easy to use, it is widely used by students and professionals.

Why Are Paraphrasing Tools Useful?

The purpose of paraphrasing is to avoid plagiarism. Students are advised to paraphrase their content instead of copying directly from the books. Users of paraphrasing tools do so for several reasons. 

Business people use paraphrasing to convey their ideas more compellingly. People with communication disorders like stuttering can use paraphrasing to practice their talk.

Improved Readability – Paraphrasing is a great way to enhance the readability of any piece of content. Paraphrasing tools can help you structure your sentences to make your post more reader-friendly. By choosing your own words and sentences instead of lifting an entire chunk of text from a source, you can make your writing much easier on the eyes.

There are quite a few paraphrasing tools out there. They are all designed to make your life easier. You can use these tools to select the content you want to paraphrase and choose between several options to create your version.

If you are unsure how to paraphrase something, several websites offer tips on doing it.

Save Time– Paraphrasing is a great way to save time. Many students struggle with it and find it difficult to paraphrase correctly. Students must pay attention and concentrate on paraphrasing correctly.

Stay original – Paraphrasing is copying and pasting a piece of text but changing some of the words to make it your own. It is a great way to avoid plagiarism and to show that you did some research on a topic.

While it is a great way to build your paper, it can get you in trouble if you don’t do it correctly. You need to do a few things to ensure you are not plagiarizing your work.

At the top of your paper, you want to put a citation for the piece you are paraphrasing. You also want to ensure that you aren’t copying and pasting the same sentence repeatedly in the same paragraph.

Uniqueness – Paraphrasing is a great way to ensure your content is unique and not plagiarised. Many tools let you select a piece of content and rewrite it. There are many ways to reword a sentence. Another benefit of paraphrasing is that it trains your brain to think creatively.

Helpful for SEO- Paraphrasing is helpful for SEO because search engines like Google give more weight to the original content. Rewriting your blog posts or other people’s content makes it easier for search engines to understand. Paraphrasing is a great way to train your creativity, especially if you struggle with coming up with topics.

To paraphrase effectively, you should use a tool you can find online. You won’t have to worry about using the right words or structure. Many people use paraphrasing tools like rewriters or paraphrasing tools, but others are not.

10 Best Tools for Paraphrasing Texts

There is nothing wrong with rewriting something that you have already written. However, it is better if you can paraphrase the text. This will make your work original and avoid plagiarism. Many people may use synonymy to translate.  There may be a time when a synonym simply isn’t appropriate. In this case, you can use grammar to rewrite the text. Here are some examples:

CopyAI – Features, and Pricing


CopyAI is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool that offers the best AI-based solutions to businesses. It is the best tool to automate your content marketing process and generate high-quality, human-sounding, keyword-rich content in minutes. It lets you use pre-written content and curate it according to your business requirements. 

CopyAI provides a wide range of options for creating engaging and SEO-friendly content. It lets you create multiple versions of the same content for different audiences. You can also build your content on a topic of your choice by choosing from different templates. 

The CopyAI paraphrasing tool offers a variety of options for summarizing your product. You can select from headlines, blog introductions, product descriptions, etc. Enter the name of your company and a couple of sentences describing your business. You’ll then receive results and can edit them, and you’ll receive 10 summaries at once.


  • Free Trial (No Credit Card Required, 10 credits per month, 40 bonus credits for the first month, 25+ languages, 90+ copywriting tools) – Forever free, 
  • Pro (Perfect for small businesses, Unlimited credits, Unlimited projects, 25+ languages, 90+ copywriting tools, Priority support, Access to our newest features, Premium community) – $35/month and $420 Billed Yearly,
  • Enterprise ( Perfect for larger teams, Unlimited credits, Unlimited projects, 25+ languages, 90+ copywriting tools, Priority support, Access to our newest features, Premium community, Collaboration Features) – Custom and Billed Yearly.



Writesonic is a content marketing platform that provides businesses with AI-enabled writing tools to produce better marketing copy. The platform offers content in various formats, including Facebook and Google Ads, landing pages, blog posts, product descriptions, and more.

This online tool can paraphrase any content in any language as it has a multilingual interface. You can use this paraphrasing tool for your blog posts, articles, and any other type of content. The best part about this tool is that it allows you to rewrite content without losing its essence and the original message. 

Once you have copied the content you want to rewrite, you can start the process by clicking on the “ Content Rephrase” option on the page. Clicking on the “Content Rephrase” button will lead you to an empty box where you must place your copied content. Next, under that box, you can select the language of your content. Then click on the “Rephrase Content Again” button; once you click on “Rephrase Content Again,” the tool will automate and present you with 10 cpoies.

Moreover, Writesonic has five unique characteristics of Writesonic that make it stand out from the crowd. They are Sentence Formatting, Plagiarism Check, Grammar Check, Tone Check, Content Generation, Instagram Captions Generator, Google AD Description and many more. If you want to know more, you can read more about Writesonic by reading the detailed Writesonic review.


  • Free Trial (For new users, 10 Credits, All basic features, 25 languages, 1 user seat)- $0
  • Basic (For personal use, 100 Credits [up to 50,000 words], All basic features, 25 languages, 1 user seat, Long-Form Writing Assistant, SEMrush integration, Browser Extensions [Coming Soon])- $15/month
  • Economy (For low usage, 750 Credits [up to 375,000 words], All basic features, 25 languages, 1 user seat, Long-Form Writing Assistant, SEMrush integration, Browser Extensions [Coming Soon])- $25/month
  • Professional ( For freelancers., Unlimited Credits[* FUP], All basic features, 25 languages, 1 user seat, Long-Form Writing Assistant, SEMrush integration, Browser Extensions [Coming Soon])- $45/month
  • Startup (For startups and small businesses, Unlimited Credits[* FUP], All basic features, 25 languages, 2 user seats, Higher quality generations, Long-Form Writing Assistant, SEMrush integration, Browser Extensions [Coming Soon], Priority support)- $95/month



Jasper AI creates fresh content without plagiarism, so you can take any keyword and get new content. With the content improver in Jasper AI, you can rephrase or rewrite specific content that needs a little touch-up or minor changes.

Jasper’s website provides information about Jasper BootCamp training to assist new users in understanding how the software works. Jasper BootCamp describes the AI model as being trained to understand how people write by reading 10% of the internet. 

Jasper has read millions of blog posts, Reddit threads, websites, newspapers, and more, resulting in an unparalleled ability to imitate the human language and create content. offers tools to generate content, alter the tone of voice, check for plagiarism, rewrite sentences, integrate Grammarly, employ Jasper templates, and develop content. Content Lookback and SEO keywords are also offered. Voice commands are also available. Moreover, it has more facilities. To know more, you can go through the detailed reviews.


  • Starter (50+ AI Templates, Support For 20+ Languages, Up To 5 Users, Chat Support, 20,000 words/mon) – Starts at $29/month
  • Boss Mode (Google Docs Style Editor, Compose & Command Features, Maximum Content Lookback, Increased limits on templates, Grows with your team, Priority Chat Support, 50,000 words/mo) –  Starts at $59/month.

Trianka AI


Trinka AI is a useful artificial intelligence tool that can easily generate quality content for your website. It is an advanced content generation software that lets you create original blog posts, ebooks, whitepapers, and other types of content with ease. 

Trinka AI is a very intuitive and easy-to-use artificial intelligence tool that anyone can use. It is very helpful for generating large amounts of content. It is also a helpful tool for bloggers, writers, marketers, and others who want to improve their productivity.

Trinka AI offers 3000+ grammar checks, tone and style enhancements, and advanced writing pointers, all applicable to any subject matter.


Basic ( Access to all features, Up to 10,000 words/month, 2 credits for Auto File Edit and Publication Readiness Checks per month) – Free

Premium ( Everything in Basic, Unlimited monthly usage*, 5 credits for Auto File Edit,  Publication Readiness Checks per month, Early Access to new features) – US $6.67/month and $80 billed yearly



Spinbot is a free online paraphrasing tool that allows you to paraphrase text using the website quickly. It has a simple, easy-to-use interface, but it also has advertisements. You are forced to go through the promotions before you can paraphrase text on the website, but they are simple to bypass once you’ve done so. 

The system automatically overwrites your text as you enter it, but you can use the Ignore Any tab to select the words to be ignored. Spinbot does not rephrase words in capital letters by default to maintain proper nouns and first words, allowing you to check the spin capitalized words box to change this setting and have all of the words in your text paraphrased and assessed. 

However, paraphrase and assesses up to 10,000 characters for free with advertisements and a captcha editor. You must pay for the service to remove the advertisements and captcha editor from the premium version.


  • Free Trial- Forever free, 
  • Premium- Starts at $10/month.

Paraphrase Online


Paraphrase Online is the best paraphrase tool online. Paraphrase Online’s free reword generator automatically and accurately rephrases text when you rewrite an essay or news article. You may use Paraphrase Online for free. 

However, it comes with advertisements and doesn’t have additional performance benefits. It may also be necessary to check that the rewritten text has no grammatical errors or has not changed in meaning.

You would be pleased to know that this software strictly adheres to context-based rephrasing. In other words, your paraphrased material will retain its original meaning and have human-like written quality.


  • Free Trial- Forever free, 
  • Premium- Forever free.



Duplichecker‘s plagiarism and grammar checking services are popular. You can copy and paste your text or upload a file and select the Rewrite Article button to paraphrase an article. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), large amounts of text and articles are processed quickly and efficiently to get your results instantly. 

The free paraphrasing tool offers a large number of synonyms and words, as well as a grammar checker and plagiarism checker. The downside of Duplichecker is that you are limited to paraphrasing up to 2,000 characters, and you must run the rewritten content through a thorough grammar check before using it.


  • Free Trial- Forever free, 
  • Premium- Forever free.



QuillBot is a cutting-edge tool that can rewrite an entire article or a portion thereof. After entering a sentence or paragraph and clicking the paraphrase button, QuillBot will change your content while maintaining its original meaning. 

QuillBot uses machine learning to generate intelligently, rewrite, and improve paraphrases, among its many advantages. In addition to reducing your writing time, QuillBot includes a built-in thesaurus to assist you in finding the perfect word every time. Consequently, QuillBot is one of the most popular solutions for individuals, educational institutions, and businesses. 

The free version can paraphrase up to 700 words, but the premium account can paraphrase up to 10,000. The premium account paraphrases text more rapidly, has a broader range of writing styles, and allows you to compare results in multiple types.


  • Free Trial- Forever free, 
  • Premium- Starts at $39.95/year (or $7.95/mo).



Wordtune was developed by AI21 Labs, an AI firm founded in 2018. They want to revolutionize how we write and read. They develop advanced AI technology and language models that understand the context and meaning of the written text.

Wordtune is the world’s first AI-powered writing partner due to these models. The Wordtune Chrome extension uses artificial intelligence to help educational institutions, businesses, non-profit organizations, and other professionals improve their written communications by rewriting and rephrasing sentences.

Wordtune is a free Google Chrome extension that can help you rephrase or rewrite sentences to improve written communication. It is also possible to add various words, improve clarity, and include new terms. If someone’s second language is English, then Wordtune has been a big help! WordTune can give up to 20/Day credits for free users and unlimited credits for paid users.


  • Free Trial- 20 Credits/Day, 
  • Premium (Unlimited Credits/Day) $9.99/ month, Billed as $119.88 / year [Yearly(save 60%) Monthly]

Spin Rewriter 


Spin Rewriter has been around for ages, so it is the most professional online paraphrasing tool available to users. It is the only tool with sophisticated Emulated Natural Learning (ENL) technology. The 11th version of the program, which is the latest one, has even better features and paraphrasing performance than previous versions. 

Furthermore, the 12th version will soon be released with even more features and improvements.

Some improvements have been made to Spin Rewriter version 12 after being updated from version 11. The mobile version of Spin Rewriter now offers similar functionality to the desktop version. Your paraphrased articles will now be enriched with better stock images and videos.

The active-to-passive voice converter has been improved to a much better degree.


  • Free Trial- 5 days free trial, 
  • Premium- Starts at $77/year (or $47/mo).


Paraphrasing is a great way to improve your writing and, in the process, improve it too. You can learn how to do it with these ten free and paid tools, which are easy to use. However, you will need to know a few more things to paraphrase text effectively.

Use your paraphrasing as inspiration to come up with new ideas. You can always rewrite your content, but you will also increase your chances of success if you are doing something different than you have in the past.

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The 10 Best Business Plan Software For 2022



Business Plan Software

Business plan software makes it simple to organize your company’s finances and present them to banks or investors.

The fundamental objective of a business plan is to allow you to critically examine your strengths and shortcomings, your Unique Selling Point (USP), and compare your product or service to the competition.

Of course, even the best business plan is based on estimations and guesstimates, as it is impossible to anticipate market changes, advancements, and future performance under such circumstances.

Finally, a business plan will demonstrate why your company is a sound enough investment to risk investing in and show that you have extensively researched your industry and detailed the genuine possibilities of new business opportunities.

We’ll break down ten of the best business plan software solutions in this guide so you have all the insight you need to choose the best option for your company.

1. nTask 

nTask goes above and beyond traditional business planning in various ways.

Yes, you can plan your business or any project you’re working on, but the best part is that nTask’s powerful planning capabilities arrive in bursts.

It would be an understatement to claim that nTask is only a business planning program. The tool was created to assist project managers, home users, contractors, and multinational corporations with their everyday routines.


In nTask, you can create numerous workspaces to streamline multiple projects simultaneously. The cherry on top is the affordable pricing and a visual Gantt Chart feature that you can use to manage timelines and define task relationships. 

Features of the nTask:

  • Multitasking by using one app to manage many workspaces, projects, and teams
  • Collaboration on a Project: Real-time team communication and multi-user management
  • The nTask software allows users to create, organize, allocate, and manage an unlimited number of tasks.
  • Tracking and managing issues
  • Implementation of a risk assessment matrix
  • Timesheets and other time-tracking software
  • Billing systems (billable and non-billable projects), budget management, and financial summary are all part of the budget tracking process.
  • Ability to use interactive Gantt charts to show business and project progress

3rd party software connectors like Zapier, Zoom, Slack, Google Calendar, and Outlook Calendar allow you to invite stakeholders to view your projects/businesses.

2. Enloop

Enloop is a business plan software that runs in the cloud with nearly 300,000 users. It is a beautiful alternative to consider if you want software that can help you design a strategy tailored to a bank or an investor quickly. 

Enloop is a tool that can help create a clear plan by providing a slew of useful features.


  • AutoWrite and TextSync features provide introductory personalized text for your business plan, including ten essential components for any grand strategy.
  • Enloop’s Forecast Modules allow you to develop a business strategy using one of two forecast modules. 
  • Financial forecasts in Enloop allow you to include how your business will perform financially in your business plan. You may pick between an annual or 36-month option, including a profit and loss forecast, balance sheet, and cash flow forecast.

The tool collects personal financial information as well as industry financial data. According to studies, such elements aid in creating financial reports and ratios that can be studied and used in your Plan.

3. ProofHub 

ProofHub is a powerful, award-winning business plan software that includes project management and communication tools.


Over 85,000 teams use ProofHub and enterprises from all over the world to plan and track their projects. ProofHub also includes fantastic team collaboration capabilities in addition to project planning. It connects all of your teams, projects, and communications to keep everything in one place and secure.

ProofHub Features

  • You have the option of using pre-existing project templates or creating new ones.
  • With features such as project timeframes, task dependencies, and more, Gantt charts may help you plan your projects more effectively.
  • With its sophisticated work management tools, you can effectively manage teams. Kanban boards can construct bespoke workflows, while task lists can manage simple chores.
  • A built-in chat facility for team communication and a dedicated location for real-time conversations.
  • It has a reporting tool that generates project and resource reports to help you manage your resources and plan your projects more successfully.
  • Integrates with third-party apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Freshbooks, and others to provide one location where you can access all of your favorite tools.

4. Bizplan

Bizplan can assist you with your business plan. The program includes functionality and enhanced graphics to make your plans more memorable.

Bizplan assists you in developing business plan software that are tailored to attract investors and allow you to obtain funding for your company.


Features of the Bizplan:

  • Financial projections enable you to include and provide a solid economic case for your business concept.
  • Bizplan takes your financial data and gives you a choice to build various reports that you may review by month, quarter, or year and then download to use in your presentation. 
  • The Step-by-Step Builder function in Bizplan guides you through generating a business plan in an easy-to-follow manner.
  • The progress tracker feature lets you see how much of your business plan has been completed, ensuring that you keep on track and don’t miss anything vital.
  • Bizplan’s templates allow you to include features such as market size and charts, content, benefits, team, reports, and difficulties.

5. LivePlan 

LivePlan from Palo Alto Software has been around for a long, and there’s a reason why so many people still consider it the most excellent option available.

The software is a comprehensive company planning tool with various customizable features, learning resources, and online assistance.


Features of LivePlan include:

  • LivePlan’s financial forecasting tools include a walkthrough of each piece of economic data, allowing you to integrate all relevant facts into your estimate. This tool will enable you to construct annual and monthly budgets.
  • You may turn your financial data into more appealing visual aids using LivePlan’s Charts and graphs feature.
  • PlanGuru provides in-built video tutorials to help you navigate the software and create your business plan.
  • PlanGuru provides you with the ability to export reports to Excel, Word, and PDF.
  • LivePlan has over 500 templates, making it one of the best in this category. Templates can be used as a starting point for creating your material, or they can be utilized as is, with the language already included.
  • LivePlan compares your financial estimates to industry benchmarks, applying them to your business plan.

6. PlanGuru

PlanGuru is one of the most popular forecasting and budgeting programs. As a result, it’s more of a financial reporting tool than a business plan software.

PlanGuru, on the other hand, has earned a spot among our top recommendations because of its features.


PlanGuru has the following features:

  • PlanGuru offers financial tools, predictions, and computations, allowing you to create various analytical reports for your business.
  • PlanGuru includes video training to guide you through the program and the process of writing your business plan.
  • PlanGuru allows you to export reports to Excel, Word, and PDF formats.

7. GoSmallBiz 

GoSmallBiz is a user-friendly business planning program with built-in advice modules and step-by-step templates. GoSmallBiz, which Fran Tarkenton founded, allows you to create the exact documentation you require as a business owner.


Features of GoSmallBiz include:

  • The step-by-step wizard on GoSmallBiz will help you through each step of generating an excellent business plan.
  • GoSmallBiz provides everything you need to prepare financial statements through financial projection.
  • Create various reports based on the financial data you provide for your business plan, providing you with a visually appealing tool to help you draw attention to your strategy.
  • Templates provide you with a starting point while constructing a business plan.

8. IdeaBuddy 

IdeaBuddy is a cutting-edge business planning program that guides you through the whole planning process, from basic concept to investor-ready company plan.


Aspiring entrepreneurs can use IdeaBuddy to develop their ideas, build a business model, validate a business concept, and generate an effective business plan. It comes with a business handbook that helps them better comprehend the planning process and ensures they have covered all bases.

Features of IdeaBuddy include:

  • Idea Plan assists you in swiftly sketching out your business. Their business canvas guides you through creating a business model by allowing you to submit concept notes until you’ve covered all of your business’s features.
  • The Business Guide is a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the five stages of business planning. 
  • A financial plan makes it feasible to acquire accurate financials without doing the tedious arithmetic yourself.
  • As you complete each stage of your business plan, a business plan is automatically generated. You’ll have an excellent, customized business plan without having to do it twice this way.
  • LivePlan’s financial forecasting tools include a walkthrough of each piece of economic data, allowing you to integrate all relevant information in your forecast.
  • This tool allows you to construct annual and monthly budgets.
  • IdeaBuddy has templates for many types of businesses that can help you get your business off the ground faster.

9. BizPlanBuilder

BizPlanBuilder was previously known as JIAN for over 30 years. They later changed their name to something else.

Regardless, the tool is helpful whether you’re working on a growth strategy or a fundraising approach.

Features of BizPlanBuilder include:

  • BizPlanBuilder gives an explanation tab and video for your education and advice whenever you start a new business plan section.
  • BizPlanBuilder offers a class to assist you in learning what investors are looking for in a business plan.
  • There are dozens of templates to pick from to help you get started with your business plan.
  • You can make a pitch deck with this feature.
  • Ability to construct a financial model for the next five or ten years.

10. Upmetrics

Upmetrics is a well-rounded business planning program that can assist you with every aspect of producing a business plan, from sketching out your main idea to financial forecasts and creating pitch decks to pitching your idea to investors and team members.


Over 50,000+ entrepreneurs use Upmetrics to plan their businesses, connect with remote teams, and build visually appealing pitch decks that can capture anyone’s attention. Additionally, the program makes it easier to keep track of your tasks and tailor your plans to meet your specific demands.

It also includes helpful business model canvases to assist you in brainstorming ideas and developing effective and efficient business models.

  1. From anywhere and at any time, plan and collaborate.
  2. You no longer need to bounce from one software to the next; instead, you can locate all of the tools you require in one spot.
  3. Get helpful hints to aid you in the planning process.
  4. Your team can provide real-time comments and suggestions.
  5. It is affordably priced with a straightforward pricing structure.

Upmetrics Features:- 

  • Upmetrics has 200+ industry-specific sample business plans to help you with your planning.
  • Assign tasks and monitor their progress. It enables you to delegate portions to team members who are best suited to write the section.
  • Get instant feedback, collaborate on projects with your team, and share your business plan with banks, investors, or anybody else via a fast link. Additionally, the software makes exporting your Plan to Doc and PDF formats a breeze.
  • Our financial forecasting program provides a detailed projection based on your data in minutes, making financial planning less time-consuming and overwhelming.
  • If a typical business plan isn’t for you, several business model canvas options might help you plan more quickly.
  • It aids in creating impressive business pitches that will help in the effective communication of your ideas.
  • And, if you get stuck someplace, each part includes helpful hints to get you through.


Choosing the right business plan software is vital to your success. With the right software, you can create a professional-looking plan that will keep your investors happy. We have talked about the ten best business plan software to use in 2022. 

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