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5 Social Media Analytics Tools You Need To Check Out

Elena Hudgens
By Elena Hudgens 8 Min Read

Are you struggling to understand all the social media activity surrounding your business? Are you struggling to keep up with the latest trends and what changes are happening on the web? If so, you’re not alone. Many businesses don’t understand how social media works and how to use it to their advantage. That’s where the social media analytics tools comes in. 

What are Social Media Analytics Tools?

A social media analytics tool is a tool that allows businesses to track and study social media activity to understand their customers and their business better. By doing this, companies can better understand their Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and other online relationships. By using social media analytics, businesses can also better understand how to improve their marketing efforts and increase customer loyalty.

Which Social Media Analytics Tools are the Best?

1. Mentionlytics 

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Mentionlytics is a powerful and easy-to-use web and social media analytics tool that can help businesses identify marketing leads business opportunities in their niche market or even prevent an upcoming crisis. 

You can use it to manage or even avoid a forthcoming situation by reacting to harmful conversations on time or engaging brand enthusiasts and engaging them. Mentionlytics’ interface offers reports, infographics, the share of voice, top mentioners (including leaders for the mentioned field), top keywords etc.


Mentionlytics offers five standard pricing plans, with the flexibility to create tailor-made options to fit any need.

  1. Basic: $49/month
  1. Essential: $99/month
  1. Advanced: $199/month
  1. Pro: $299/month
  1. Agency: $450+/month

2. HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot Marketing Hub is a social media analytics tool that is an all-in-one marketing platform. It can carry out, track and measure all online marketing activities such as blogging, email marketing, and social media marketing. It also has several features to make it easier for users to use, including the Smart Content tool. It personalises website content for each visitor, SEO tips as they type, and adjusted SEO advice on how best to optimise website content. 

Additionally, HubSpot Marketing Hub can act as a content management system allowing users to update their website’s content manually or through the Smart Content tool.


HubSpot Marketing Hub offers four pricing plans to create custom options to fit any need.

  1. Free: $0
  1. Starter: $45 per month
  1. Professional: Starting at $800 per month (billed annually)
  1. Enterprise: Starting at $3200 per month (billed annually)

3. Hootsuite

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Hootsuite is one of the leading social media analytics tool software around. With Hootsuite, business leaders can confidently schedule posts across multiple social networks. You can even manage organic and paid social content together and easily keep track of customer conversations. 

They can also break down silos in collaborating with their organisation using the Hootsuite Insights platform to get real-time insights from social media. It allows them to make critical business decisions based on readily available data!


Hootsuite offers five pricing plans to create options according to your requirements.

  1. Free – 1 user / 2 social accounts
  1. Professional @ $49/month – 1 user / 10 social accounts
  1. Team – $129/month – 3 users / 20 social accounts
  1. Business – starting @ $599/month – 5, up to 10 users / 35 social accounts
  1. Enterprise – contact for pricing, unlimited users / 50 social accounts

4. Zoho Social

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Zoho Social provides marketers with pre-publishing insights about the engagement level of past posts and activity in their audience. This social media analytics tool also offers a real-time monitoring dashboard that helps marketing teams listen to what’s being said about their brand, track keywords and respond when they need to. 

Instant notifications ensure quick reactions and guarantee no relevant conversations are missed; within Zoho Social, numbers are included as a value add around publishing features. A dedicated reports tab provides social-network specific statistics and detailed analytics enabling users to understand more about their audience or how people engage with content.


Zoho Social offers five pricing plans to create options according to your requirements.

  1. Free: includes one team member, one brand, default Zoho Social URL shortener, and zShare browser plugin.
  1. Standard: $15/month (or $10/month when billed annually) for two team members, one brand (7 channels), six social media (1 Twitter profile, 1 Instagram profile, 1 Facebook page, 1 LinkedIn company page, 1 LinkedIn profile, and 1 Google My Business listing.), and standard features.
  1. Professional: $35/month (or $25/month when billed annually) for three team members, one brand (7 channels), eight social media, Standard features + publishing calendar, custom audience targeting, bulk scheduler, and more.
  1. Agency: $275/month (or $200/month when billed annually) for ten brands (60 channels), five team members, Professional features + agency name, logo, favicon, and custom domain, personalised client invite emails, agency-branded reports, and more.
  1. Agency Plus: $400/month (or $300/month when billed annually) for 20 brands (120 channels)

5. ContentStudio

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The ContentStudio is another handy social media analytics tool. And using ContentStudio, businesses can discover and track trending content, monitor competitor content, manage social media networks. 

They can publish content on blogs, collaborate within teams, recycle evergreen posts, analyse performance data, including analytics for growth or decay in critical metrics such as likes/views and engagement rates across different platforms. Brands can also find relevant topics to discuss based on this data online or create custom content tailored specifically for them.


The ContentStudio offers four pricing plans to create options according to your requirements.

  1. Pro: $49/month (or $39/month when billed annually) for ten social accounts, one blog and unlimited social posts/month
  1. Small: $99/month (or $79/month when billed annually) for 25 social accounts, ten blogs and unlimited social posts/month
  1. Medium: $199/month (or $159/month when billed annually) for 50 social accounts, 20 blogs and unlimited social posts/month
  1. Large: $299/month (or $239/month when billed annually) for 150 social accounts, 50 blogs and unlimited social posts/month


Social media is one of the most important ways to connect with your customers and build relationships in today’s world. However, it can also be a powerful tool for marketing and selling your business. By understanding how social media affects your business, you can better use it to drive traffic, grow your customer base, and increase conversions. This guide will teach you how to use social media analytics tools to improve your business performance.

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