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A Comprehensive Comparison of the Top Business Intelligence Tools

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There are many different business intelligence tools available today. Which one is the best for your company? This blog post compares the top business intelligence tools in use today, emphasizing how they compare to one another and what their strengths are. This article gives an overview of business intelligence tools comparison.

The term “Business Intelligence” is often used interchangeably with the terms “data analytics,” “big data,” and “analytics.” However, these three things can mean different things to different people. 

To simplify the process of choosing which BI tool would be best for your business, this article will discuss what each term means, then show a comparison of the leading business intelligence tools on the market and briefly explain why they are popular. This is the list of the top Shark Tank products we’ve ever seen.

What IS Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) is a set of software tools and data analysis techniques used to extract meaningful information from large amounts of raw business data. The goal is to make better decisions based on the insight gained into customers, market trends, competitors’ moves, etc., which helps companies compete more effectively with their peers. BI encompasses tactical and strategic intelligence-gathering activities within an organization or across multiple organizations.

A Comparison of the Top 24 Business Intelligence Tools 

This blog post compares all the primary business intelligence tools and software based on 1000+ selection criteria. Our research is 100% vendor-independent; we have no ties with any of the vendors in the market. What’s more, our research is regularly updated at least four times a year! 

Suppose you want to make a quick comparison of Business Intelligence tools or perform an exhaustive study on how they compete against each other in their respective industries. In that case, this guide will provide you with all information you need to know about these different types of software packages.

The list below shows which Business Intelligence software vendors we researched. You can use some business intelligence tools comparison, such as a Tableau vs. OBIEE comparison, a SAP BI tools evaluation, or generate a Power BI vs. Tableau matrix. It doesn’t end there!

Alteryx vs. Board

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Alteryx helps businesses make sense of their data by turning it into actionable insights and visualizations, so they can make smarter decisions that drive growth. The platform’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for users to design sophisticated analytics without learning complicated code or programming languages like R or Python. With more than 3 million installations worldwide, our customers are transforming how business intelligence (BI) works across every industry from aerospace & defense to retail marketing and healthcare IT.


Board is the Top Business Intelligence Tool that helps you manage your business with various tools. The Board has many customizable features to fit your needs, including reports and graphs, dashboards and scorecards, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), alerts & notifications, and sharing capabilities. One thing that makes us different from other BI software is our easy-to-use interface which allows users to quickly dig into their data without any training or knowledge about how analytics work in general.

BI Tools Comparison: Alteryx and Board 

Business intelligence tools comparison between Alteryx and Board will help us to understand how these two are different and extraordinary. Alteryx is a business intelligence software tool that allows users to create interactive visualizations, reports, and dashboards with data from various sources such as SQL databases or spreadsheets. It provides many other capabilities beyond just visualization, potent including predictive analytics, statistical modeling, and machine learning, among others, making it one of the most potent tools for BI in terms of flexibility. Board is an easy-to-use platform designed for marketers who want to make sense of their marketing data by providing them insights into what’s working now so they can adjust future efforts accordingly. Below are 12 tips for raising money for your startup.

Datapine vs. Domo

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Datapine’s software provides a wealth of data and analytics for businesses, giving them an edge over their competitors in the marketplace. The tool has been designed to be easy-to-use with intuitive graphics that make it simple for anyone from beginners to experts alike to use this powerful business intelligence software.


Using Domo as a business intelligence tool, companies can make more informed decisions. It provides real-time data analytics in one place and at a glance to help you identify business opportunities, reduce risk and increase productivity. Domo’s visual interface on your desktop or mobile device makes it easy for anyone in your company to understand what’s happening with their business.

BI Tools Comparison: Datapine and Domo

Datapine is a business intelligence tool that uses data to create meaningful reports and analyses. It allows users to slice and dice their data with ease, allowing them to make decisions based on accurate insights rather than just gut feelings. Domo Business Intelligence Tool will allow you to access all of your company’s critical information in one place so that you can get answers quickly when needed most–whether it be for sales forecasting or analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs). Therefore, Datapine and Domo’s business intelligence tools comparison presented us with a better understanding of how these two are different.

Dundas vs. GoodData

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Dundas is one of the best business intelligence tools, offering a simple interface and easy-to-use features. Dundas helps you get up-to-date reports on your business, sales figures, marketing campaigns, and more in seconds. This software allows for quick analysis of data without any programming knowledge needed!


GoodData helps you get insights from your data, increase productivity and efficiency, drive better business decisions and make more money with less risk. The tool manages all of your digital marketing activities on one platform – including social media management, content creation & distribution across channels such as search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing automation & CRM integration in a single dashboard.

BI Tools Comparison: Dundas and GoodData

Dundas is a business intelligence tool that can understand data and make decisions based on it. At the same time, GoodData provides tools for creating reports, dashboards, and visualizations to share insights with stakeholders. Dundas offers an interactive dashboard where you can explore your data visually and create custom queries through its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Using our Dundas and GoodData business intelligence tools comparison, we learned more about it. Here are 12 successful crowdfund examples to inspire you.

Hitachi vs. IBM

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Hitachi is the leading business intelligence provider. Hitachi has provided business intelligence solutions to companies for more than 50 years. They have also constantly innovated their products to provide a competitive advantage over other companies. They are one of the world’s most trusted brands, with millions of customers across all industries using their software every day.


According to a recent Gartner report, IBM is the Top Business Intelligence Tool. It was also ranked among the top 10 most innovative companies in 2017 and has been listed as one of Fortune’s Most Admired Companies for 17 consecutive years. IBM offers software, hardware, services, and consulting solutions that help organizations make better decisions through data-driven insights from big data analytics or advanced business intelligence tools such as Watson.

BI Tools Comparison: Hitachi and IBM

Hitachi software offers advanced analytics capabilities, such as predictive analysis and data visualization tools, to help companies make better decisions and improve business performance. At the same time, IBM Watson Studio is an AI tool for developing conversational applications in chatbots, which can be deployed on Facebook Messenger or through APIs with other messaging apps like Slack. This is what we learned about from the Hitachi and IBM business intelligence tools comparison.

InetSoft vs. Infor



InetSoft is the Top Business Intelligence Tool for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. InetSoft provides a range of BI tools that enable users to create, analyze and share reports with their team members in an easy way. It offers a wide array of powerful features, including built-in analytics capabilities that allow you to track your key performance indicators (KPIs) on one dashboard. Furthermore, it also has dashboards that can be used by managers or directors and determine valuable third parties who work closely with your company’s data.


The Infor business intelligence tool can help you create customized reports and dashboards, analyze data in multiple dimensions, and share insights with your team in real-time. Infor helps companies increase their competitive advantage by giving them a 360-degree view of their customers’ buying behavior. With its powerful analytics capabilities and flexible workflows, Infor empowers organizations to make more informed business decisions for increased profitability.

BI Tools Comparison: InetSoft and Infor

Infor is a software company that offers an advanced business intelligence tool for companies in need of data analytics and reporting solutions, while InetSoft provides essential BI tools to small businesses with limited resources. The two are similar because they offer the same type of product: business intelligence software designed specifically for organizations operating within a specific industry or niche market. Based on our business intelligence tool comparison between InetSoft and Infor, we found this. You can read more about What Percentage Does Kickstarter Take?

Information Builders vs. Logi Analytics

Information Builders

Business Intelligence tool Information Builders is the best. Information Builders offers various services, including data visualization and analysis tools, to help organizations formulate their strategy for success. With its innovative approach to business intelligence, Information Builders provides solutions that are easy to use without compromising quality or capability.

Logi Analytics

Logi Analytics provides a suite of business intelligence tools that empower organizations to make better decisions and gain more value from their data. It offers an integrated platform with predictive analytics capabilities for all significant BI vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP and powerful visualization options like Tableau or PowerBI.

BI Tools Comparison: Information Builders and Logi Analytics

Information Builders is a company that offers software and services for the construction of business intelligence systems. At the same time, Logi Analytics is an analytics platform that helps companies improve their sales performance by analyzing customer data to identify market trends and make more informed decisions. Based on our business intelligence tool comparison between Information Builders and Logi Analytics, this is what we found.

Looker vs. Microsoft

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Looker is the leading business intelligence tool. Looker’s data visualization and analytics software can be used to create interactive dashboards, reports, and predictive models for any industry or business function. The platform includes a powerful search engine that allows users to look up information across multiple sources in seconds without exporting raw data from different systems first.


In terms of Business Intelligence, Microsoft is number one. Microsoft Excel has been used for years to manage and analyze data. Still, relying on interactive reports and dashboards can be difficult to work with large amounts of information in a single spreadsheet without error or frustration. This is where business intelligence tools come into play; they provide more advanced analytics that makes working with complex data more accessible and faster than traditional spreadsheets. More on MicroVentures: What Is It and How Can You Get Started?

BI Tools Comparison: Looker and Microsoft Business 

These are the findings from our business intelligence tool comparison of Looker and Microsoft Business. Business Intelligence Tool Looker is a business intelligence tool developed by data visualization company Looker. It allows users to create interactive reports and dashboards, giving the user complete control of their data without relying on IT or other departments for support. Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) tools provide various options for analyzing information from many different sources into one format to help make better decisions about your organization’s future growth and development. 

MicroStrategy vs. Oracle

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MicroStrategy is the premier business intelligence tool in the world. MicroStrategy provides a business intelligence platform for management, analytics, and decision-making. It’s specifically designed to help businesses make better decisions by providing actionable insights from data stored in multiple systems across an enterprise or cloud environment.


Oracle is widely regarded as the best business intelligence tool. Oracle’s enterprise software solutions are designed to help organizations of all sizes transform their business through real-time data analytics, faster and more accurate decision making, and enhanced customer engagement. With a variety of tools that support every stage in an organization’s digital transformation journey—from pre-analytic to post–data discovery—Oracle offers unparalleled flexibility for any size company or industry sector with a focus on delivering transformative results at scale.

BI Tools Comparison: MicroStrategy and Oracle

We made MicroStrategy and Oracle business intelligence tools comparison, and here are the results. MicroStrategy is a business intelligence software tool that has been specifically designed to provide the user with an overall view of their company’s data. Oracle Intelligence Tool provides users with access to all industry-specific market information and reports.

Qlik vs. SAP

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Qlik is the number one business intelligence tool in the world. Qlik’s unique approach to business intelligence enables users to visualize and explore their data in a way that makes sense for them without requiring any programming knowledge or IT skills. The company also offers an integrated suite of tools designed specifically for analyzing customer behavior on digital channels such as social media, email marketing, website analytics, and more.


SAP (an acronym for Systeme-Anwendungs-Prozess) is a German multinational software corporation that provides enterprise resource planning software, data management, and analytics solutions to corporate customers in more than 100 countries. It was founded as Software Application Products GmbH by Hasso Plattner, Dieter Pohlmann, and Wolfgang Schmitz on 1 April 1972 in Walldorf near Heidelberg with $10 million from Ford Motor Company.

BI Tools Comparison: Qlik and SAP

Qlik is a business intelligence tool that provides data visualization, reports, and dashboards. It also offers predictive analytics with machine learning to help organizations make better decisions about their products, services, and workforce for improved performance. SAP Business Intelligence Tool, on the other hand, can be used by businesses of all sizes to improve decision-making processes through strategic planning, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, or supply chain analysis. This is the ultimate overview of business intelligence tools comparison of Qlik and SAP’s business intelligence tools.

SAS vs. Sisense


SAS is the Top Business Intelligence Tool according to Gartner, which rates it as a tier 1 tool. SAS has been used by companies like Google and Facebook for their analytics needs. SAS software offers more than 100 statistical functions that help users make sense of data to find patterns and trends quickly without writing complicated code or using other tools such as Excel or R programming language. 


This tool simplifies data collection and analysis. Sisense has features such as real-time dashboards, an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for creating reports, interactive charts with advanced visualization options like 3D scatter plots and trend lines on them. It also provides a library of pre-built templates to get started right away in your business intelligence project without any coding experience required.

Tableau vs. ThoughtSpot

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Tableaur business intelligence tool for visualizing and exploring data. It’s a software application that allows users to create interactive dashboards, reports, and other graphics to view their data in different ways. Tableau has free versions of its products and paid versions with more advanced features such as self-service BI on-demand or predictive analytics capabilities like machine learning algorithms. With over 4 million downloads globally since 2012, it was named one of Forbes’ “10 Best Web Software” of 2014.


ThoughtSpot provides users with various tools and reports to help their business grow, including competitive intelligence, market trends analysis, and social media monitoring. It also has an active blog that publishes customer service best practices or data visualization techniques for visualizing data sets in Excel spreadsheets.

BI Tools Comparison: Tableau and ThoughtSpot

Tableau is an analytics tool that allows users to make visualizations of data. Both business analysts and non-technical individuals can use it. At the same time, ThoughtSpot is a Business Intelligence Tool for technical professionals who want to build dashboards from custom code or use the prebuilt dashboard templates in their workflows. This is the ultimate overview of business intelligence tools comparison of Tableau and ThoughtSpot’s business intelligence tools.

TIBCO vs. Yellowfin

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TIBCO is a software company that provides business intelligence and analytics solutions. It’s headquartered in Palo Alto, California, with offices worldwide. The company has been recognized for its innovation by being named to Forbes’ list of America’s Most Promising Companies four times since 2007 and Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies To Work For thirteen years running from 2004-2017.


Yellowfin helps you identify your customers, analyze their behavior, and understand what they value most to provide them with more relevant offers. Yellowfin gives insight into customer demographics, buying habits, and social media trends and helps businesses improve sales performance across channels by using data-driven insights from predictive analytics technology in its cloud environment.

BI Tools Comparison: TIBCO and Yellowfin

TIBCO is a company that provides software for enterprise-scale business intelligence. Yellowfin Business Intelligence Tool, on the other hand, is an open-source tool designed to make it easy for companies of any size to build and use their visual analytics solutions. The two tools are similar in how businesses can use them but differ significantly in price and features offered. Therefore, TIBCO and Yellowfin’s business intelligence tools comparison presented us with a better understanding of how these two are different.

How Leading Business Intelligence Tools Compare?

The Business Intelligence tools comparison will help you determine which BI tool is best for your needs. It provides a valuable framework to compare different options and decide what’s best for your company based on the approach it takes to delivering analytics.

BI vendor comparison:

 BI software vendors comparison is a trendy topic in BI. In the self-service analytics module, you can compare only those vendors you want for your own Business Intelligence vendor comparison. Our analysis choices are not biased, and we offer results of our analysis at any time so users can check them out themselves.

Platform-centric perspective: 

We live in a platform economy, and scale is everything. Business Intelligence vendors try to apply the principles of platforms by using them to their BI products. According to our Business Intelligence & Analytics Guide, some tools are more successful than others at this task. In our comparison of the powerful business intelligence platforms, you will find an in-depth comparison with essential features such as pricing models, usability factors, and performance metrics. 

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The guide has a special section for Business Intelligence products, including all relevant vendors’ products. It also contains information about small vendors and Microsoft’s BI product range. The guide will offer you 100 different options from the other BI vendors.

From a functional perspective: 

BI & Analytics Guide compares analytics capabilities between the different vendors like desktop analytics, advanced analytics, etc. Furthermore, you can specify which features are relevant to your analysis by selecting them from our tool comparison. You can also make an open-source BI tools comparison by turning on the “open source” switch in addition to other selection criteria.


Business intelligence tools comparison is essential to growing your business. Business intelligence is a broad term that refers to any information about an organization’s performance and its future, including data analysis. Companies offer many different types of business intelligence tools such as IBM Cognos, SAP Hana Cloud Platform, Microsoft Power BI, or Oracle Data Visualization Solutions. These tools provide businesses with valuable insights into how their operations work to improve them further. 

We reviewed the top 24 business intelligence software solutions in this article.  These 24 tools are among the most popular alternatives for small-to-medium-sized companies. Those are looking for powerful analytics capabilities without investing heavily in IT infrastructure and training. 

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