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A Review of Rytr: The Best Free AI Writing Tool

Eshita Pathak
By Eshita Pathak 19 Min Read

Ever wonder where to create the perfect content for your clients and customers without much difficulty or spending much time on it? Sometimes we come across that dreaded writers’ block. That’s when we look for ways out to generate good content through these newly developed AI copywriting tools. One of the fastest-growing AI writing tools in the market is Rytr. With this tool, you can generate blog posts such as story plots and youtube descriptions and songs like songwriting! Isn’t that great? And if I tell you that all of this is free, has a trial period, and then at a discounted rate if purchased?! Pretty cool, right?!

Suppose you are a Digital Marketing solution provider or content writer who is either working as an Affiliate marketer or Freelancer. In that case, Rytr offers AI-powered writing tools that will save your time and cost on writing. This tool has GPT3 AI Content Creation software with an excellent UX and UI, so take advantage of it! 

What is Rytr?

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Rytr is a free AI tool that can automate generating content for marketing-based networking sites, blog posts, creative pieces, and more. With built-in templates available on Rytr’s platform and other tools to assist with your project, you’ll be able to get high-quality content in just a few seconds. You also have the option of choosing from many different layouts and outlines, so you’re sure not to miss out on any possibilities! 

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As an AI writing assistant, Rytr simplifies the entire process of writing. It can complete pieces in seconds that would have taken hours to write by hand, and it costs less than what you would pay for a freelance writer or marketing agency. Another critical thing to note is that the content generated by this software has been modeled after creative GPT-3 technology which takes care of all your copywriting needs with its numerous features and a guarantee against plagiarism.

How Does Rytr Work?

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To use Rytr first, sign up for the free trial and choose a language you prefer. From there, it gets even more accessible. 

  • Choose Your Use Case – This is where Rytr’s creative abilities come into play to help you create an article with ease! This AI offers many use cases, like blog ideas and product descriptions, among others. You should navigate what type of article you want to create and click on it to continue building your work.
  • Add Input For Context – You can add a few lines of context to help the AI understand what you are trying to convey. Adding context is very important as it lets Rytr know the message you could want to pass across. It should be three or four sentences worth of description, which is enough for Rytr to see the story behind your article’s content and how that affects your audience’s perspective on this topic.
  • Let Rytr Do Its Magic – After completing the given content, Rytr Magically Writes for You, you are taken back and watch Rytr do its magic. Rytr does this so fast that you may not realize it because Rytra generates quality content in seconds. Once you have your landing page or blog post, you can go through the content, edit it, but this is not usually necessary as Rytr generates grammar-correct articles.

Pros and Cons of using Rytr

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  • Rytr is a highly intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • It also supports more than twenty tones, making it perfect for users who prefer an interactive and hands-on experience.
  • Rytr also has a chrome extension that allows you to be creative and communicate better with your audience in more languages than any other search engine!
  • Rytr’s GPT-3 language model was specifically advanced and finely tuned to create interesting articles.
  • They have a free package that includes essential tools like an SEO analyzer.
  • Rytr’s plagiarism-checking service is better than other services because it compares the copied content against sources to ensure accuracy.


  • The free package has a shallow character generation limit. This means you will have to find and use some more obscure tools early on to get good results. 
  • The UI is intuitive but can be challenging to learn for new users.

What can you do with Rytr?

Rytr is an AI writing tool that can generate a lot of scope for you. It has a wide range of capabilities, including writing authentic, unique, and feature-rich content. Rytr also can’t create many types of content, but it is genuine and unique. Here is a list of things Rytr can write for you:

  • Blog idea and outline
  • Writing of the blog content
  • Business idea
  • Copywriting: AIDA and PAS
  • Email
  • Ads content for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn
  • Interview questions
  • Landing page and website copies
  • Ideas for posts and captions
  • Product description
  • Bio Profile
  • SEO title and meta description
  • Story plot
  • Motto and title
  • Testimony and review
  • Video idea and channel description
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Best Features of Rytr

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1-Ease of use – Rytr is a well-thought-out AI writing assistant that is easy to use. The UI looks appealing, and it’s straightforward to navigate. Even for someone who has never operated an AI writing assistant before, you can be assured of a seamless experience with this particular one. All features and tools of Rytr are strategically placed on the dashboard to create content that is even more accessible. Rytr also comes with its own set of premium templates, making your work more efficient than ever before!

2-Multiple Languages and Tones – Rytr is an AI writing tool that has a global reach. You can use it to write content for a variety of businesses. The language support includes English and multiple languages, so even if your company specializes in one language, you can produce articles in other languages as well. Additionally, the tone supported ranges from persuasive, joyful, passionate, inspirational, energetic (for those who want to communicate their product or services), funny- lighthearted and worrisome. In contrast, humble tones are perfect for sharing with clients. 

The languages supported by Rytr include;

  • English,
  • French,
  • Arabic,
  • Hindi,
  • Hebrew,
  • German,
  • Italian,
  • Chinese,
  • Korean,
  • Polish,
  • Norwegian,
  • Indonesian amongst others.

3-Choose Multiple Output Variants – Rytr AI comes with creating multiple text variants for your content. This feature is excellent if you often need to produce several versions of the same content for different purposes, like your website or blog. The free plan will give you just one text variant per topic and context, while premium plans offer up to five. These can be used in conjunction with Rytr’s features, such as smart-replacement tags, which automatically replace certain words in an article based on their synonyms. They are grammatically correct and SEO-friendly.

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4-Team Management – Rytr is a top software platform that integrates team collaboration. It allows you to manage team members and their billing through one account, making it convenient for businesses of all sizes. Plus, your agency can be at the forefront of content creation by giving your team access to its powerful features! You can work on multiple projects simultaneously- assigning every member their tasks- which will make you even more productive!

5-SEO Analyser – It’s no wonder that professional digital content creators and marketing gurus rely so heavily on SEO writing apps, grammar tools, plagiarism checkers, and more. Rytr provides all the tools you could ever need to keep your life as a content creator saner. By bringing everything together into one software application, you can forget about juggling articles from different sources. The main features of Rytr are the SEO analyzer, which helps you analyze how posts will affect your website’s SEO, and articles publishing, which is where everything falls into place for you!

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6-Rytr Chrome Extension – Rytr AI is a chrome extension that you can add to your browser. This software has many features, like being super easy and fast to use, that is impossible with other writing tools. Rytr also allows you to access their AI writing tool 24/7- which is great for content creators who need an AI writing assistant that is always around!


7-History – Rytr provides a history option that allows you to store the content of your histories in a safe place. However, as you keep generating more and more content, your records will grow, and you may find an unpleasant experience when looking for any specific result from the history. Keeping that in mind, there is a feature to remove the particular history result from the account.

Rytr Pricing Plans

Free PlanSaver PlanPaid Plan

Rytr’s AI writing tool is quite affordable, with three main options: the free package, the saver package and the premium option. The free package gives you access to Rytr’s features, while the premium option offers more features and tools. 

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  • Free Plan($0): If you want to explore the world of Rytr’s powerful AI for free, it is a good idea. However, if you want features such as team collaboration or generating more than 5,000 characters in a month, then this plan isn’t for you.
  • Saver Plan($9): Rytr offers a Saver Plan for those who don’t want to spend extra on premium. The saver plan offers 50k characters per month and access to all the features and tools of Rytr. Saver plan also lets you create a custom use case. Rytr’s saver plan is an absolute bargain!
  • Premium Plan($29): Premium members of Rytr have access to all the features and tools in the basic package for a price as low as $29. However, they get this package for only two months free! If you take it annually, you have to pay $290. This means that even if you only use part of the features offered during your subscription, it will still be cheaper than using other platforms!

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Rytr’s premium plan comes with unlimited characters. You can thus generate as much content as you may want! This plan includes writing in more than twenty languages, having the freedom to choose from more than twenty tonnes, and having priority support.

Customer Support

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Rytr offers live chat support and email support to its users. Its Live Chat support works pretty quickly, with an answer rate of more than 95%. The Onboarding process comprises an 8-minute explainer video tutorial for beginners as soon as they create an account. Rytr also has a growing Community tab with over 165 members and 45+ posts; its blog has engaging content on copywriting, content writing, marketing, etc.; and resources are available to help users learn more about the company.

Live Chat SupportAvailable at Rytr

Who can use Rytr?


When it comes to small businesses, everyone understands the importance of content. Content is what can help your business stand out and sell more products. Many people believe that training high-quality content writers is crucial for a successful blog or website, but this can be expensive or difficult to purchase. Rytr allows you to create high-quality content with trial periods and even after you’ve used all of their free trials (given once a day). The website pricing is exceptionally reasonable and affordable for just starting businesses!

Rytr is useful for:

  • Bloggers – A successful blog requires consistent posting. If you don’t regularly update your blog, it can quickly become unreadable for your readers. For bloggers, this often means struggling to find new content and feeling emotionally drained after putting in a lot of effort (and sometimes luck).
  • Rytr helps by providing quality article generation abilities so that you can create fresh content in seconds – no more struggling with writer’s block!
  • Digital Marketers – Rytr is the perfect platform for digital marketers who want quality content consistently. You don’t have to outsource writing services because Rytr is always available 24/7! It’s affordable, so you can focus on your business instead of spending money on printing and postage costs every time you write something new. It gives you more control over the type of content you want to write – choose from various topics or types of writing (blogging, articles, e-books).
  • eCommerce Brands – Not only do big eCommerce stores such as Amazon rely on market reviews to make sales, but small businesses should also note this. Running an eCommerce store can be hectic if you do it by yourself. An article generator such as Rytr can be of immense assistance when struggling with creating content for your store. And other than blog posts, Rytr can help you create product descriptions, social media ads, and even landing pages- all of which will increase your brand presence.
  • Ads Agencies – It might be challenging to create as many ad copies as you would like at a small ads agency. Rytr can help with that by coming up with powerful and captivating copy for your clients. Thousands of online entrepreneurs rely on this AI writing software that appreciates its capabilities.

Rytr Alternatives

Here is a comparison table of Rytr and its alternatives. You can peek through to see which AI writing platform suits you the best.

                              Rytr vs. CopyAI vs. Copysmith vs. Jarvis vs. Writesonic

AI TechGPT-3+ ProprietaryGPT-3GPT-3GPT-3GPT-3
Output Quality9.5/108/108.5/108/108.5/10
Supported use cases3270+3240+21
SEOYes-nativeNoNoSurfer SEOBasic
Customer Support9.5/109/108.5/109/108/10
Browser ExtensionYesYesYesNoNo
Supported languages301211124
Mobile friendlyYesNoNoNoNo
Free trialYesYes-7 daysYes-3 daysYes-7 days60% off on all of their plans, Free Trial (10 credits)
Workflow managementYesNoNoNoNo
Plagiarism checkerYesNo20/month (Starter), 100/month (Professional), unlimited (Enterprise)NoNo


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Rytr is a website that makes it easy to write high-quality content. You can choose from a range of free trials, and even after running out of them, the pricing is very affordable. This website also has an open policy towards small businesses, which means they are always willing to help you with your writing needs.

Rytr is an AI copywriting tool that is versatile and efficient. It has its limitations, but it can create unique and unique content if used to its full potential. This website is helpful for a free trial, so you don’t have to waste your money on something that won’t help you achieve the goals you set for yourself.

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