An Inside look into Flowrite: Your Personal Email Writing Assistant

Khyati Hooda
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Are you struggling to write professional emails? If so, Flowrite is just what you need.

In this article,  I’ll tell you more about the startup that makes writing easier with AI. 

Flowrite streamlines your daily communications by turning short instructions into ready-to-send emails in your personal style. You can use the productivity tool to generate better emails for different purposes, from sales to hiring.

How did it start?

Flowrite was founded in 2020 when Aaro Isosaari, the CEO and co-founder of Flowrite, and Karolus Sariola – CTO and co-founder of Flowrite – decided to pursue their common interest in productivity and AI. 

A few years ago, Kiuas, the leading startup accelerator in Finland, then led by Aaro, organised a program that Karolus attended with his former startup. The two hit it off right away and met again in 2020, when they were both in the perfect position to start something together.

They began working on a project that, within a few weeks, evolved into Flowrite and a $550,000 pre-seed round. Now, months later, Flowrite is an international team of 9 and looking to grow even further this year.

What was the idea behind it?

Being a productivity enthusiast, Isosaari found writing emails, messages, and content a repetitive and not so efficient task. He then started thinking of ways to optimize this daily work. And when he and Sariola got together, they soon realised that there hasn’t been much innovation in writing tools over the past few years; aside from predictive text and grammar checking tools, the craft of writing has remained fundamentally the same. 

Isosaari says that “The recent advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP), particularly language models, inspired us to start building a product in this space based on that new technology”.

The idea for Flowrite came when the duo discovered the capabilities of OpenAI’s generative language model GPT-3, which enabled them to start to build a writing tool that they had always wanted for themselves. One that would generate a complete email, message, or post instead of just helping make your own writing better.

He further mentions that “Building a product like Flowrite before powerful language models existed would have been extremely time- and resource-intensive. When GPT-3 was launched, we felt that we could use it as the backbone of the product while also building our proprietary technology on top of it. We can turn short bullet points into coherent and comprehensive texts such as emails which is the use case that we’ve started with. We are already working on bringing flowriting available across the web and extending to other use cases such as messaging, posts, and content.”

How will it help you?

A few months ago, I tried to write that perfect outreach email that would help me get some backlinks. 

And I wished there was a tool that would help me do that.

Not long after that, I stumbled across Flowrite.

After requesting access, I was soon on board.

And my work life has changed since then.

I used to put so much thought into crafting the perfect emails, but now all I have to do is write short instructions and click a button. And I get a finished email within seconds.

If you would like to create a new template to use, all you need to do is provide a brief description of the recipient and a short overview of your email. 

Set the tone according to the nature of your email.

Save and close.

Flowrite Link building outreach custom template
An Inside look into Flowrite: Your Personal Email Writing Assistant 4

Now go to Gmail. Write the instructions, hover over the Flowrite button, and choose your new custom template.

And Voila!

You’ll get a freshly created email in seconds.

No more hours of writing repetitive and boring emails that no one really reads.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the ready-made templates you can use.

Flowrite Template gallery
An Inside look into Flowrite: Your Personal Email Writing Assistant 5

The templateless way of Flowriting

One of the coolest and most useful features I came across was the possibility to generate emails without selecting a specific template.

All you have to do is write the instruction and select the Flowrite option.

And it will automatically detect your tone, intent, and recipient.

This way, you can save even more time, and you don’t always have to have a template ready at hand in order to use Flowrite to write an email. This feature comes especially handy when replying to emails in ad-hoc situations.

Who is it for?

Flowrite was created for those whose work depends on effective communication. 

Some of the early adopters you may find are entrepreneurs, investors, executives, managers, and specialists in all industries and business functions, from sales and marketing to HR. 

You can use their beta product for writing any email, so no matter what your role is or what industry you work in, you can use Flowrite to supercharge your daily communications.

The beta product is currently available as a web app and Chrome extension that supports Gmail. The company says they are expanding the capabilities of the extension to other email services soon.

Final thoughts

Writing can be a very repetitive task, and most of us spend a lot of our work time writing. A study by Adobe found people in the workplace spend on average 3.1 hours per day sending and checking their emails alone.   

Flowrite is an AI-driven productivity tool that will help you cut back on time spent on this daily communication. 

With Flowrite, you’ll be able to turn short bullet points into ready-to-send emails and messages, as well as other types of text like messages. 

Essentially, Flowrite lets you save time every day and focus on what’s important to you.

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