14 Best App That Pays You To Walk (Yes, Really!)

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Are you tired of feeling like you’re just walking in circles without any real benefits? Well, let me introduce you to an exciting concept – an app that pays you to walk!

Yes, you read that right! In a world where we’re constantly glued to our screens, this app is here to motivate you to get up, get moving, and earn a little extra cash while you’re at it. 

It’s like having a friendly cheerleader in your pocket, urging you to take those steps and rewarding you for your efforts.

We’re going to uncover how these clever apps work, share some tips on making the most of them, and, of course, spill the beans on which app that pays you to walk might be your new favorite sidekick.

Key Takeaways

  • An App that pays you to walk counts the number of steps you take and rewards you with monetary or other incentives for participating in physical activities, mainly walking.
  • As users gather steps, they accumulate points that can be traded for tangible rewards like cash, gift cards, discounts, or charity donations.
  • You usually have access to a clear display of their accumulated points and rewards available within the app. They can then freely select the desired rewards and follow the app’s instructions to claim them.
  • The app facilitates the adoption of a healthier and more active lifestyle, leading to lasting health benefits.
  • The app empowers users to set walking goals and track their progress by providing a sense of accomplishment as they reach their targets.
  • My favorite apps that pay for walking are Evidation, FitPotato, Higi, Runtopia, and Charity Miles.

How Do App That Pays You To Walk Function?

The app that pays you to walk uses the smartphone’s built-in pedometer or data from synced wearable devices to monitor your daily step count accurately.

With each step, the app grants you points, directly correlating the number of steps taken and the points earned.

app that pays you to walk

After earning points, you can exchange them for tangible rewards, which can come in a diverse range. These rewards may consist of cash payouts, gift cards for well-known retailers, discounts on products or services, or even the option to make charitable donations.

The software uses gamification aspects to ensure your interest and motivation. These elements involve earning achievement badges upon reaching specific milestones, participating in exciting challenges or competitions, and encouraging connections with other users through interactive social features.

You usually have access to a clear display of their accumulated points and rewards in the app. They can then freely select the desired rewards and follow the app’s instructions to claim them.

Now, it’s time to disclose the top app that pays you to walk in the next section.

14 Best App That Pays You To Walk 

Here is a collection of the best app that pays you to walk:

1. Evidation

app that pays you to walk

One of my favorite walking apps is Evidation. I have seen a lot of people who have earned from Evidation, and I love it!

Evidation is a digital health company that uses data and technology to enhance health outcomes & drive scientific exploration.

Their mobile application is known as Achievement. It allows you to share your health data and participate in research studies.

The Achievement app monitors physical activities such as walking, biking, running, swimming, etc. It rewards you with points for each activity, up to 6 points for five activities.

You can receive diverse health-related data that includes activity and exercise details, sleep patterns, and other relevant metrics. One of the best things I like about the app is that it synchronizes seamlessly with popular health & fitness apps or wearable devices.

Once you complete 10,000 points, you can redeem them for a $10 reward or donate them to charity.

+ Rewards users with points for sharing their health data

+ Gain valuable insights into your health and fitness

+ Has a user-friendly interface
– Lack of participation


2. FitPotato

app that pays you to walk

The FitPotato app is a treat if you enjoy challenges with friends and other users. You can earn money based on their step count.

Once you accept challenges and complete all three sessions within a week, you can receive a portion of the weekly prize. If only one person accomplishes this feat, they will claim the entire prize amount.

You must complete three-step sessions within 7 days to qualify for the weekly prize. These sessions can involve walking, running, or walking with their dogs.

FitPotato uses data from Apple Health Steps and leverages GPS tracking during exercise sessions to ensure accurate and reliable monitoring.

+ Engage in friendly challenges

+ Earn money on step count

+ Leverages GPS tracking during exercise sessions
– Need to complete 3-step sessions within 7 days


3. PK Rewards

app that pays you to walk

PK Rewards is another walking app that offers a coin-earning system for various workouts, such as walking, running, biking, swimming, and more. Each workout is assigned a score based on your effort.

The app encourages you to engage in moderate to high-level physical activity. Higher effort levels allow you to grab coins faster.

You can easily link your Apple Watch or compatible heart rate monitor to the app for more precise effort estimation. You can also connect with other workout apps and your workout data.

As a reward, you can redeem your earned coins for various rewards, including gift cards and merchandise.

+ Provides a coin-earning system for various workouts

+ Users engage in physical activity

+ Connect with other workout apps
– Sometimes have app glitches


4. Higi

app that pays you to walk

If you want to track your health and get valuable insights & healthcare resources, then I have an app for you that is called Higi app.

It delivers personalized insights and feedback with the data collection. It also helps you understand your health status & make informed decisions about your overall well-being.

Higi is a health and wellness app that allows you to control your well-being. You can also monitor various health metrics.

Higi provides a platform where you can connect, share your health accomplishments, and support one another in achieving their health objectives.

The app calculates a health score for each user by analyzing the provided data. It is a simple measure of overall health and motivates users to enhance their lifestyle choices.

+ Simplifies health data tracking by allowing users to monitor various health metrics

+ Provides personalized insights and feedback

+ Acts as a motivator for users to improve their lifestyle choices
– Most rewards are discounts and promos, not cash


5. Runtopia

app that pays you to walk

If you’re a runner or fitness enthusiast, I would suggest Runtopia. Runtopia provides features to inspire, monitor, & enhance your running performance.

It uses GPS technology to track and map your running routes accurately. The app delivers real-time data on distance, pace, speed, calories burned, & other vital metrics during each run.

You’ll be happy to learn that Runtopia offers personalized training plans and coaching that enable you to pursue your fitness objectives effectively.

You can tailor workouts according to your specific goals with various training programs, including 5K, 10K, half marathon, or marathon training.

Moreover, you’ll be excited to know that Runtopia offers various challenges. Virtual races allow you to earn achievements and rewards as you conquer new running milestones.

Runtopia provides audio feedback and encouragement to keep you motivated and informed during workouts. It ensures you remain focused on their targets and stay on course with their running goals.

+ Offers personalized training plans and coaching

+ Provides real-time audio feedback during runs

+ Offers accurate GPS tracking
– Limited offline use


6. MapMyFitness

app that pays you to walk

If you’re involved in various physical exercises, I would suggest MapMyFitness. It is an acclaimed health and fitness application developed by Under Armour as part of the MapMy series. 

MapMy Fitness helps you monitor and enhance your physical activities. It is renowned for its GPS-based tracking capabilities and user-friendly interface.

MapMyFitness uses GPS technology to accurately track and map various fitness activities such as running, walking, cycling, hiking, and more. You’ll get real-time data on distance, pace, speed, elevation, and other crucial metrics.

The best part of MapMyFitness is that you can create & personalize workouts according to your fitness objectives and preferences. You can also set distance, duration, or calorie burn targets to tailor your exercise routines.

With the added feature of planning outdoor routes, MapMyFitness allows you to explore new areas while ensuring users remain aligned with their fitness goals.

+ Utilizes GPS technology to track and map various fitness activities accurately

+ Allows users to create and customize workouts

+ Has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface
– Advanced features and training plans may require a premium subscription


7. Charity Miles

app that pays you to walk

If you want to do charity with your efforts, I would suggest Charity Miles.

Charity Miles is an excellent mobile app that combines fitness and philanthropy. It encourages you to maintain an active lifestyle while supporting various charitable organizations and causes.

The app transforms everyday physical activities into opportunities for raising funds for charity.

Using the phone’s built-in GPS or motion sensors, Charity Miles tracks various physical activities, such as walking, running, and biking. You can start and stop tracking as you engage in these activities.

You can see the real-time progress to know the distance covered and the funds raised for the chosen charity. This feature keeps you motivated and informed about the difference you are making through your efforts.

Charity Miles has partnered with various charitable organizations, including well-known nonprofits and causes. You are presented with a list of participating charities that allow you to select and support the cause they feel most passionate about.

Charity Miles encourages individuals to unite to contribute to meaningful causes by encouraging a sense of community and purpose.

+ Support various charitable organizations

+ Motivation for users to maintain an active lifestyle

+ Tracks different types of physical activities
– Limited to specific activities


8. HealthyWage

app that pays you to walk

HealthyWage is a mobile app and website that motivates you to achieve your weight loss & fitness objectives. It encourages you to adopt healthier habits and shed unwanted pounds using financial rewards.

You can engage in individual weight loss or team-based challenges. You can also customize your experience based on personal preferences & the need for social support.

The app sets weight loss targets and adjusts the bet amounts accordingly. By entering this information, you can receive an estimate of potential winnings, which depends on the bet amount, the chosen goal, and the type of challenge.

You receive a cash reward once you reach your weight loss goals within the designated time frame. This reward can be withdrawn or used for future challenges by offering an extra incentive to maintain progress.

HealthyWage offers a variety of educational resources, including articles, tips, and tools to support users throughout their weight loss journey and encourage healthy lifestyle changes.

+ Powerful financial motivation for users to achieve their weight loss & fitness goals

+ Set your weight loss targets and adjust their bet amounts accordingly

+ Offers both individual and team-based challenges
– Short-term approach


9. Walgreens Balance Rewards

app that pays you to walk

A renowned pharmacy chain in the United States offers the Walgreens Balance Rewards app.

It allows you to accumulate Balance Reward points that can be redeemed at Walgreens stores. You can earn points through the Balance Rewards program by monitoring walks and other fitness activities.

Using compatible health apps, You can earn points by tracking various health metrics like weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, sleep, and oximeter readings. This presents an added benefit for those who already track their sleep with Fitbit or MyFitnessPal.

You can easily view your activity data in terms of steps and minutes. Moreover, on the Walgreens website, you can access a graph displaying the totals of your tracked activities.

+ Accumulate balance reward points

+ Earn points by tracking various health metrics

+ You can easily view their activity data
– Minimum redemption threshold


10. Sweatcoin

app that pays you to walk

If you’re more involved in outdoor activities, I would suggest you go with Sweatcoin.

It is a mobile application that encourages you to maintain a healthy lifestyle by converting your outdoor steps into sweatcoins.

Sweatcoin app uses GPS technology to track your steps as you participate in outdoor activities like walking, running, or other physical exercises. Through continuous step tracking, it rewards you with a certain number of Sweatcoins for every 1,000 verified steps.

The app sets daily goals and challenges to motivate you to boost step counts & increase the number of earned Sweatcoins.

Additionally, Sweatcoin offers an in-app marketplace that showcases various products and services from partner companies. You can use your accumulated sweatcoins to redeem various rewards from this marketplace.

+ Accumulate balance reward points

+ Earn points by tracking various health metrics

+ You can easily view their activity data
– Minimum redemption threshold


11. BetterPoints

app that pays you to walk

Now comes the BetterPoints app. I just love this app! It motivates you to adopt healthy behaviors, engage in physical activities, & make sustainable lifestyle choices.

BetterPoints has a virtual currency system called BetterPoints that offers users incentives for their positive actions. These earned BetterPoints can be redeemed for various rewards and incentives.

BetterPoints uses the phone’s GPS and motion sensors to track various physical activities, including walking, running, cycling, and other exercises that allow users to earn BetterPoints for their active efforts.

You can participate in challenges within the app & set personal goals to maintain enthusiasm and commitment to your health and fitness journey.

Accumulated BetterPoints hold value as they can be exchanged for various rewards, such as discounts, vouchers, gift cards, or even donations to charitable causes.

+ Incentivizes individuals to adopt healthier habits

+ Encourages users to make sustainable lifestyle choices

+ Users can redeem earned BetterPoints for a wide range of rewards
– Some privacy concerns


12. Lympo

app that pays you to walk

Lympo is a mobile application with fitness & blockchain technology to motivate you to lead active and healthy lives. You are rewarded with LYM tokens by completing various fitness challenges and activities.

The app utilizes the phone’s GPS and motion sensors to track users’ physical activities, such as walking, running, cycling, and other exercises. You earn LYM tokens as you engage in these active pursuits.

Lympo offers diverse fitness challenges for participants to earn additional LYM tokens. These challenges may involve achieving a specific number of steps, reaching predetermined distance goals, or attaining exercise milestones.

In addition to the rewards system, Lympo provides you with health and wellness content by composing articles, tips, and advice to encourage you to adopt healthy lifestyle choices.

+ Rewards you with LYM tokens

+ Offers a range of fitness challenges

+ Provides health and wellness content
– Some users may experience occasional bugs


13. StepBet

app that pays you to walk

If you’re someone who loves challenges, I would suggest StepBet. The mobile application uses crowdfunding to design individualized step challenges for participants.

StepBet utilizes the phone’s built-in motion sensors to accurately track your daily steps or sync with popular fitness trackers.

First, you’re grouped into step challenges based on your activity level, historical step data, and personal fitness aspirations. Then, you must meet or surpass their daily step targets to remain eligible for the prize pool.

You will divide the prize money after the challenge if you successfully achieve their step goals.

StepBet has advanced algorithms and verification processes to uphold the integrity and fairness of the challenges. Moreover, the app offers various options, including short-term and long-term challenges, each with distinct step goals and prize amounts.

+ Provides strong motivation for users to stay active and consistent

+ Employs algorithms and verification processes to ensure the integrity of the challenges

+ You get the opportunity to win a share of the prize pool
– Participating in challenges needs placing a monetary bet


14. Carrot

app that pays you to walk

Carrot is a mobile application that enhances your health and well-being through personalized coaching and gamification.

The app uses artificial intelligence, behavioral science, and game mechanics to create a motivating experience.

Carrot offers coaching plans to align with your unique health objectives and preferences. It provides valuable insights, tips, and guidance to facilitate positive lifestyle changes within these plans.

Carrot seamlessly integrates with popular fitness trackers and health apps by monitoring your activity levels, nutrition, sleep patterns, & other health metrics. Using this data, the app generates customized recommendations & facilitates progress tracking.

Carrot deeply analyzes user data to furnish personalized insights and recommendations by using artificial intelligence. It ultimately contributes to enhanced health outcomes.

Carrot rewards active engagement with the app and positive lifestyle modifications to incentivize users. You can earn rewards through gift cards or discounts.

+ Provides personalized coaching plans tailored to each user’s specific health goals & preferences

+ Enhances the app’s ability to influence positive lifestyle changes

+ Seamlessly integrates with popular fitness trackers and health apps
– Data privacy concerns


15. Million Steps

app that pays you to walk

Participate in the ‘1 Million Step Challenge’ with the Million Steps app and earn $10 upon reaching the impressive milestone of walking or running 1,000,000 steps! Yes, it’s true, and it is possible through Million Steps.

You can also accrue additional steps by completing surveys, sharing your achievements on social media, and inviting your friends to join the challenge.

Keep in mind that the step count halts once you reach 1,000 steps each day. If you want to increase your daily step count, you can watch advertisements within the app.

Each advertisement you view will increment your base count by 200 steps. You must watch 45 ads daily to achieve the full 10,000 steps.

When you achieve one million steps, you can redeem your earnings in the form of either cash or gift cards.

+ You can earn $10 after completing 1 million steps

+ Positive effect on your health
– Step count stops after reaching 1,000 steps each day


16. Optimity

app that pays you to walk

Redeem various gift cards by using Optimity. Optimity represents a micro-learning application that enhances people’s health, wealth, and longevity.

The app monitors your physical activity and rewards you for your effort.

Furthermore, the Optimity app enhances your journey by providing daily health tips that support your fitness objectives.

The steps you complete convert into points, which, in turn, can be used to redeem various gift cards.

You can also challenge a friend to hit your step goals together.

+ You can earn 10 gems daily for reaching your step goal

+ Encourages a lot of holistic health behaviors
– Only available for Canada & US residents


17. LifeCoin

app that pays you to walk

LifeCoin offers rewards for your walking efforts and inspires you to maintain an active lifestyle through its enticing incentives.

When you install the app on your mobile device, activate your device’s GPS to monitor your location and tally the steps you complete. You’ll have to carry your mobile device during your walks.

LifeCoin exclusively registers steps that GPS confirms. As you walk, you’ll accumulate several LifeCoins, which serve as the app’s currency.

You should remember that the exact exchange rate for LifeCoins earned per step isn’t extensively detailed within the app.

+ Offers payment with PayPal– Low rewards


18. Yodo

app that pays you to walk

Yodo operates as a Get-Paid-To (GPT) application that offers rewards for engaging in physical activities, such as walking and running. You can earn rewards by monitoring the number of steps you take.

First, log in to the app, and you’ll instantly view the cash rewards for walking and running. Next, explore the opportunities for cash rewards to understand the specific requirements for earning rewards.

Yodo has a built-in pedometer capable of tracking your step count and the distance you’ve covered. This feature makes you aware of how much more walking is needed to meet the reward criteria.

When you successfully meet the requirements, simply press the “Claim” button associated with the respective cash rewards offer, and you’ll receive reward points credited to your account balance.

Keep in mind to enable your mobile device’s location to track your progress accurately.

+ Available all around the world

+ Effective built-in pedometer
– Low rewards


19. Rover

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Rover is quite a different application. It offers you the opportunity to earn money by walking other people’s dogs.

As a dog walker, you have full freedom to establish your own pricing. On average, a single dog walk can fetch you around $20, typically lasting less than an hour.

Rover also allows you to apply for pet-sitting positions. You can earn money by caring for a furry friend and for an overnight stay with a dog. By doing this, you can potentially earn up to $60.

+ Allows you to fix your own rates

+ Multiple sources to earn money
– You need knowledge of dog care


20. Winwalk

app that pays you to walk

Earn one coin for every 100 steps with Winwalk. Winwalk distinguishes between indoor and outdoor steps and tracks them separately.

When you earn coins, you can later exchange them for gifts from various brands, with 100 coins equivalent to one gift exchange.

You can accumulate coins for each step you take, with a daily limit of up to 10,000 coins. One of the best parts of Winwalk is that it credits you for indoor steps.

You can earn gift cards from famous stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks.

+ Credit you for indoor steps

+ Earn gifts from different brands
– Only works for Android devices


21. Fit For Bucks

app that pays you to walk

Earn points and enjoy your rewards with Fit For Bucks. Fit For Bucks is an application that compensates you for engaging in various physical activities like walking, running, dancing, or biking.

Once you download the application, you can link it to an activity tracker and allow it to monitor your physical activities indoors & outdoors.

Every activity you undertake earns you points, which can be redeemed for enticing rewards. These rewards include a free cup of coffee at your neighborhood cafe, a free smoothie, or even a relaxing massage.

+ Earn exciting rewards like grabbing a cup of coffee, smoothie, or relaxing massage– Doesn’t offer coins


22. Fitfetti

app that pays you to walk

Earn Amazon Credits with Fitfetti. FitFetti is a unique app that compensates you for your physical activity, but it operates on a different principle.

In this app, your steps are sponsored by friends, family, or employers that allow you to earn. You can also sponsor someone else’s steps by encouraging them to become more active.

Once you achieve your weekly activity goal, your sponsor can make a monetary pledge, and the funds pledged can be received in the form of Amazon Credits.

+ Allows you to earn Amazon credits– Need sponsors


23. Gigwalk

app that pays you to walk

Last but not least, Gigwalk is one of the top apps for earning money through walking. It is another application that assists you in earning some additional income simply by walking.

Your earnings are based on various tasks, and they vary based on the type of task you select. You’ll be happy to know that the payouts can range from $10 to $100.

Remember that Gigwalk rewards you only after finishing a task, often requiring photographic evidence.

+ High payouts

+ Top app for earning money while walking
– Needs evidence


Now, let us look at the benefits of an app that pays you while walking.

Benefits Of App That Pays You To Walk

There are many benefits of an app that pays you to walk. Here are they:

app that pays you to walk
  • The app inspires and motivates users to increase their physical activity, with a particular focus on walking.
  • By encouraging regular walking, the app facilitates the adoption of a healthier & more active lifestyle, leading to lasting health benefits.
  • The app’s reward system serves as an added incentive for users to stick to their walking routine and remain dedicated to their fitness objectives.
  • You can earn tangible rewards, such as cash or gift cards, simply by walking, providing extra motivation to stay active.
  • By integrating gamification elements like achievement badges and challenges, the app makes walking an enjoyable and engaging experience.
  • Many apps offer social features that encourage a sense of community and support. They allow you to connect with others, join walking groups, and participate in challenges together.
  • Regular physical activity, including walking, has been scientifically linked to reduced stress, anxiety, and depression, enhancing overall mental well-being.
  • The app empowers users to set walking goals and track their progress by providing a sense of accomplishment as they reach their targets.
  • Certain apps enable users to donate their earned rewards to selected charities, allowing them to make meaningful contributions to worthy causes.

Real-life Examples Of App Users

Here are the real-life examples of app users:

A Reddit user uses Evidation, and he earns 2000 points a month.

app that pays you to walk

Another Redditt user uses Sweatcoin, halfway to his 1000-dollar visa card.

app that pays you to walk

One Redditt user uses Charity Miles as a daily routine.

app that pays you to walk

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On App That Pays You To Walk

1. What app pays the most for walking?

Here are the app pays the most for walking:

  • HealthyWage
  • DoorDash
  • Charity Miles
  • Sweatcoin
  • LifeCoin
  • Lympo
  • Rover
  • MapMyFitness
  • StepBet

2. Does Sweatcoin really pay?

Sweatcoin is a valid app that provides rewards for walking. The app monitors your physical activity by utilizing the phone’s GPS, converting your steps into Sweatcoins that can be traded for diverse rewards, products, or services in the app’s marketplace.

3. Is the app that pays you to walk real?

Winwalk is an alternative app that compensates you for walking. If you seek a straightforward pedometer, Winwalk will monitor your steps and grant you gift cards upon achieving your objectives.

Final Thoughts On App That Pays You To Walk

An app that pays you to walk and rewards you for walking encourages and inspires you to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle.

You just need to download this app, sign up, and monitor your daily steps using the smartphone’s integrated sensors or linked wearable fitness devices. 

By completing the required steps, you can earn redeemable points for tangible rewards, including cash, gift cards, discounts, or charitable donations.

The app integrates gamification elements such as achievement badges and challenges to enhance user engagement & motivation. It encourages physical activity, cultivates a sense of community, and offers tangible incentives to support a healthier lifestyle.

I hope this article on an app that pays you to walk sounds helpful!

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