are entrepreneurs born or made

Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made? The Answer May Surprise You

Elena Hudgens
By Elena Hudgens 5 Min Read

The debate of whether entrepreneurs are born or made is one that has been debated for centuries. The question, ‘are entrepreneurs born or made?’ is one that will likely never be answered conclusively. However, there are some theories and thoughts about this question that can help us to understand and give advice to people who want to start their own business.


Inherent personality traits

First of all, let’s start by acknowledging that, like many other traits, there are some things that have nothing to do with personal preferences, talent or skills that are there because they are inherent traits. For example, those who are naturally talkative, with a limited attention span or a highly imaginative nature have certain characteristics that are pretty much there because they are inherent traits. For this reason, the answer to the question ‘are entrepreneurs born or made?’ cannot be 100% determined by one’s personal preferences, abilities or skills. However, it can be determined if a person’s personal traits, interests and ideas can make them successful in some business ventures. So, the answer to the question should not be, ‘are entrepreneurs born or made?

Learned personality traits

At an early age, children are generally known for their personalities and interests, which can heavily influence their future successes. As a child, your preferences for certain activities, toys, and schools can be driven by your personality traits and interests. This does not mean you cannot change or adapt as an adult, but it does mean that your personality will likely influence your success as a businessman or entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are not just born with drive, they need to be taught how to focus on their businesses. These are traits that you can develop over time and even though some may consider it to be innate, it is not. It may be a personality trait, but to go on to successfully run and work a business, you can use these traits to a certain extent.

Motivation for entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are generally very motivated. They either enjoy doing it or get hooked on it. They know that starting a business can be very rewarding, even if it does not work out as well as they expected it. There are those that do not enjoy it and think that the cost of starting a business is too high. The most important factor that can determine whether or not entrepreneurs are born or made is the motivation that is at the heart of their passion for starting a business. Others have their careers cut short. There are those who have their dreams and passions cut short. They may want to start their own business and realise it is just not for them.

What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

One of the more popular and more frequently debated opinions that can help to tell you whether or not you are a natural born entrepreneur is the simple observation that most entrepreneurs started small and began by selling something to other people. They usually had nothing to lose, and therefore, they didn’t care what anyone else thought. And, in many cases, they didn’t have to. This story helps to illustrate the need for risk taking, courage, passion and tenacity. It also shows you that being an entrepreneur is not something that you can buy, or learned in a book. It must be worked at and done on a daily basis. The definition of an entrepreneur. To better illustrate the word entrepreneur, let’s consider what the word actually means.


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