Eshita Pathak

Eshita is an innovator, entrepreneur, and relentless optimist. She's passionate about leveraging her experience and knowledge to create valuable businesses. Her expertise lies in business formation, operation, finance, and management. With a strong command of business and management principles, she has a proven track record of leading others. She believes there is no failure, only feedback, and she's always looking for ways to grow and improve.
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30+ Best Paying Jobs For 11 Year Olds

Does your child want to earn some additional money during the summer break? If so, looking for jobs for 11

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26 Best Jobs For 13-Year-Olds That Are Fun And Rewarding

Are you searching for a job that is both interesting and exciting? If so, you're lucky! This article will discuss

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30 Frugal Living Tips To Save Money And Get Frugally Fit

Need some frugal living tips to help you get by on your budget? Whether you need essential or extremely frugal

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What Jobs Pay 18 Dollars An Hour + How Much Is It A Year?

Maybe you're thinking, "How much is 18 dollars an hour, and is 18 dollars an hour enough to live on?"

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Find A Scrap Yard Near Me: Locator, Prices and Guide [2023]

If you're wondering, "how do I find a scrap yard near me" read our scrap yard near me locator guide

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How To Take Feet Pics In 2023: The Ultimate Guide

Do you love photography and wondering how to take feet pics? Or you may be interested in becoming a foot

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How To Sell Feet Pics For Extra Money: Complete Guide 2023

Have you ever wondered how to sell feet pics online to earn extra money? We'll tell you how.  It may

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How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make In 2022? Complete Guide

If you want to become a real estate agent but don't know how much do real estate agents make, you

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The Complete Guide To IncFile 2022: Services, Pricing & More

IncFile has become one of the most popular LLC formations since 2004, when it opened its doors, forming over 500,000

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ShortlyAI: Is It The Best AI Writing Assistant in 2022?

There are many AI writing assistants, and one of the most recent is ShortlyAI. With ShortlyAI, you can create blogs,

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Top 55 Ultimate Fintech Companies & Startups In 2023

Investors especially want to know about fintech, a fast-growing sector. Despite a significant decline in funding for the industry in

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Wix vs WordPress Comparison 2023: Which Is Best For You?

Creating a website has never been a simple affair. Even the most straightforward website takes time, money, and know-how to

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