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Well, SEO marketing is one of the most effective and proper from of dagitial marketing, which, if done properly can direct a lot of clients to your web page. This form of marketing is worth learning if you are a marketer exploring different marketing techniques. In this article, you will learn what SEO is, how to make it work, and what the things that make a good SEO strategy are. In simpler words this will be your guide on understanding the basics of SEO. 

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The aim of SEO is to expand organic reach and be visible in search results on search engines such as google. By achieving a good rank on the search engine, you can be visible to more potential clients and drive more traffic to the website, which will eventually result in more revenue. A successful SEO optimized content will show up on the search results if someone uses google to search something. 

Different SEO Methods 

SEO analysts and marketers use different methods to make their websites visible such as internal link structure, keywords, title tags, image tags, and inbound links (also known as backlinks). Besides the content being top notch, a few other screening elements are your site’s design and structure, visitor behavior, and other external quality related factors. All these factors decide your ranking and visibility on a Search engine

How SEO Works

To make SEO work you have to optimize a website’s content, conduct good keyword research, and earn inbound links which will then help increase the website’s visibility as well as ranking. In this case, your two goals to make SEO work will be the ranking and visibility. You will generally see the results on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) once the website is crawled and indexed by a search engine. However, it might still take months in order to completely materialize. 

When it comes to ranking, it completely depends on how long a webpage has been on the web. Based on the ranking, the search engine decides where to put a particular web page on the SERP. Ranking starts from position number zero initially through the results, and a single web page can rank for one position at a time. Besides that, with time, a page’s ranking can always change when algorithm of a search engine change or due to the usual competition in SERP. 

Visibility means your domain being super prominent on the search engine results. When a relevant query is made on the search engine and your domain does not pop up and is not visible in the top results that means you have failed at SEO. The main SEO objectives are subject to traffic or domain authority

Importance of SEO

SEO ensures that you are using an up to date digital marketing method and your product/service is not limited to social media only. By using SEO you can make your web page visible on a popular search engine such as google which can bring you potential audience. Consumer behaviors have changed over time, and you will likely find a lot of people doing their own research on google on certain things they need. As a marketer, it is your job to optimize content and become visible to such people who are frequently searching for stuff online.

When people inquire about possible solutions to their problems on Google, you must have a strong SEO strategy so that when a person makes a relevant query, they find your webpage and be redirected to their relevant domain. All you need to do is keep your content relevant because Google ranks by relevancy and authority. 

How to Have a Strong Strategy 

There are two main SEO strategies, one is On-page strategy and the other is off-page strategy. Well, for both the strategies to be strong you need to have a strong technical setup, strong link building strategy, and great quality content. For a strong content, your topic should be relevant and up to date with current trends; the keywords should be well researched and must align with the content. 

Besides, when it comes to technical setup, your webpage must be scan-able for the search engine. Apart from these two, links play a huge role in your SEO strategy and in that matter. The backlinks are links that direct the reader to the website that you are marketing. In this case, the backlink also must be of an authentic website, and when linking the website you must make sure that you have linked the correct and most relevant page.

Final Words 

Well, we hope this information was useful for you to understand the basics of SEO. If you are also a marketer but you haven’t tried SEO yet, you must give it a try because when done the right way, SEO can take you a long way. 

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