10 Best Note Taking Apps To Streamline Your Productivity

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Note taking apps are online tools that improve productivity. They have numerous functions and functionalities to cater to extraordinary wishes and preferences. In today’s article, you’ll explore the best note taking app.

These apps offer easy and intuitive layouts to superior organization options. They permit customers to create and prepare notes in diverse formats, which include text, audio, images, and checklists. In this article, you will learn about the best note taking app.

Best Note Taking App: Overview

Note taking applications are digital resources that enable you to document and arrange data on your electronic devices, eliminating the necessity for conventional pen and paper. These applications have gained significant popularity, mainly due to the widespread use of mobile devices.

Note taking apps simplify organizing and sorting your notes, guaranteeing swift information retrieval. Utilizing such apps allows you to effortlessly access your notes anytime, as long as you have your device. This feature is convenient for jotting down and referencing information while moving.

Most note taking apps don’t just let you type text. You may be able to add pictures, audio, scanned documents, or checklists to your notes. This versatility allows you to capture various types of information simultaneously.

On the other hand, some note taking apps also allow you to collaborate. This means you can share and collaborate on your notes with other users. This is especially helpful when working on a group project or meeting.

Most note taking apps let you save and update your notes on all your devices, so you never have to worry about running out of paper or notebooks. Plus, they’re usually free or have a low subscription fee, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for a good note taking app, check out the customization options. You can customize how you take notes, like different types of notes, additional themes, and ways to organize them.

Most note taking apps have search features that make it easy to find what you’re looking for in your notes. That way, you save time searching through your physical notebooks.

Things That Contribute In The Best Note Taking App

best note taking app

The notes of users may include sensitive personal information. An excellent application for taking notes ensures synchronization with end-to-end encryption, enabling you to utilize a password that remains confidential and is never transmitted to the app. When using such applications, it is crucial to ensure the absolute security of the stored information.

An excellent note taking application provides excellent value for the money you invest in it. Additionally, they often offer a free version, allowing users to familiarize themselves with its functionalities. Paid versions typically provide a wide range of features at a reasonable price, making them cost-effective.

Utilizing an outstanding note taking app allows you to organize various note types into folders and subfolders easily. This app enables you to safeguard your privacy, seamlessly attach files, enhance collaboration efficiency, and centralize all your notes conveniently using notebooks.

Additionally, you can add comments, attach files, and conveniently download notes in PDF format.

Irrespective of whether you are taking notes in the comfort of your home, at your workplace, or while on the move, a reliable note-taking app seamlessly operates on both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring a glitch-free experience.

It allows you to access all the shared information within your notes, including webpages, images, quotes, and more, across multiple devices. Even if you initially saved the information on a single device, it remains accessible across all your devices.

Top-notch note taking tools support various formats beyond just text, such as images, audio recordings, scanned documents, clipped web pages, and checklists. This versatility allows you to capture and organize information in multiple forms.

Furthermore, these tools offer advanced search functionality, enabling you to locate specific content within your notes quickly. By utilizing relevant keywords and phrases, you can easily find what you’re looking for, streamlining your note retrieval process.

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Note Taking App

Here are the factors to consider while choosing the best note taking app:

  • Confirm that the app is available and compatible with your specific platform. This enables seamless synchronization across your devices.
  • Evaluate the app’s organization features, such as folders, tags, or notebooks. It should offer a flexible system that allows for effective categorization and management of your notes.
  • Look for an app with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that aligns with your preferences. It should facilitate easy creation, organization, and access to your notes.
  • Assess whether the app supports note formats beyond plain text, such as images, audio recordings, attachments, or web clippings. This ensures you can capture and store diverse types of content.
  • Consider features like real-time editing, shared notebooks, and commenting capabilities to collaborate with others. These features promote efficient teamwork and collaboration.
  • Check if the app offers seamless synchronization and reliable cloud backup capabilities across multiple devices. This ensures your notes are securely accessible and backed up.
  • Consider whether the app integrates with frequently used tools and services, such as calendar apps, task managers, or cloud storage platforms. Integration enhances productivity and streamlines workflows.
  • Verify the app’s security measures, such as encryption and passcode protection, to safeguard sensitive information. Prioritize apps that prioritize user privacy and data protection.

Best Note Taking App In The Market

Here is the best note taking app in the market:

1. Apple Notes

best note taking app

+ Offers effortless integration across all Apple devices
+ Has a user-friendly interface
+ Prioritizes user privacy & security
– Limited customization options

Apple Notes is a flexible note-taking app developed by Apple Inc. It is installed on Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac, offering a seamless and integrated note-taking experience within the Apple ecosystem.

Featuring a clean and user-friendly interface, Apple Notes provides a straightforward and intuitive platform for creating, organizing, and accessing notes. Users can effortlessly compose text-based notes and enhance them by adding images, sketches, or handwritten input using the Apple Pencil on compatible devices.

Apple Notes enables users to apply rich text formatting, allowing them to personalize their notes’ appearance. Users can customize their notes to suit their preferences with font styles, sizes, colors, and highlighting options.

Additionally, Apple Notes offers convenient checklists and bullet point features, making creating organized to-do lists or structured outlines effortlessly.

Apple Notes impresses with its seamless synchronization across devices through iCloud, guaranteeing that your notes remain up-to-date and accessible on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, regardless of your device. The app lets you quickly drag and drop content, such as photos, into your notes.

Moreover, with the introduction of iPadOS 13 and iOS, Apple Notes introduces a range of exciting new features. These include a Gallery View for visually browsing notes, checklist options for easy task management, subfolders for enhanced organization, shared folders for collaborative note-taking, and more.

2. Ulysses

best note taking app

+ Offers seamless synchronization between multiple devices
+ Provides robust document management features
+ Clean & intuitive Interface
– This application isn’t free

Ulysses is a robust and adaptable writing and note-taking app specifically crafted for macOS and iOS devices. It caters to writers, authors, and individuals seeking to optimize their writing process in a focused, uninterrupted environment.

Boasting a polished and minimalist interface, Ulysses provides users with a pristine workspace for creating and organizing written content. The app integrates with Markdown, a user-friendly markup language, facilitating effortless text formatting and structuring with simple syntax.

Ulysses shines with its robust organization system, allowing users to create and manage writing projects effortlessly. Users can efficiently categorize and navigate their content by utilizing folders, groups, and tags, ensuring a seamless writing experience.

Ulysses’s flexible and customizable organization options make it a convenient tool for managing extensive collections of notes and large-scale writing projects.

Ulysses ensures seamless synchronization through iCloud, enabling users to access their writing from any Mac or iOS device. This feature guarantees that their work remains up-to-date and readily accessible, regardless of location.

Additionally, Ulysses provides a sidebar for displaying images, word count, mini notes, and other pertinent information, allowing users to access essential details at a glance quickly.

The app leverages iCloud to save and sync documents, enabling hassle-free data preservation. Users can also export their documents to various formats, such as Word, ebooks, PDF, doc, and HTML, that offer versatility in sharing and further editing their work.

3. Notion

best note taking app

+ Stands out for its exceptional collaboration capabilities
+ Task management for effective teamwork
+ Supports the integration of multimedia content
– Lack of offline access

The Notion is a potent all-in-one workspace and note-taking app, empowering users to generate, arrange, and collaborate on diverse forms of content. It presents a flexible and customizable platform that caters to individuals, teams, and businesses seeking efficient management of projects, tasks, documents, and more.

At its essence, Notion provides users with a blank canvas to craft and organize their notes, documents, and databases, employing a block-based system.

These blocks encompass various elements, including text, images, tables, to-do lists, code snippets, and more, enabling a versatile and dynamic approach to capturing and organizing information.

Notion excels in its organizational capabilities, empowering users to establish hierarchical structures comprising pages, subpages, and nested folders. This feature fosters a well-organized and interconnected system of notes, facilitating efficient navigation and seamless connectivity.

Furthermore, Notion supports tags, properties, and robust filters, enabling users to effortlessly categorize and swiftly locate specific information within extensive note collections.

Notion presents an impressive array of features combined with real-time collaboration capabilities. It empowers teams to share information seamlessly, exchange comments, assign tasks, and set reminders within the platform.

This sleek and sophisticated note-taking app effectively merges everyday work apps into a unified and cohesive solution, streamlining productivity and teamwork.

4. Simplenote

best note taking app

+ Excels in seamless synchronization and backup capabilities
+ Incredibly easy to create & manage notes
+ Offers cross-platform support
– Limited to text

Simplenote is a note-taking app that prioritizes simplicity and user-friendly design. With a focus on ease of use, Simplenote offers a straightforward and minimalist approach to note-taking. Its primary objective is to create a clean and uncluttered environment where users can effortlessly capture, organize, and manage their thoughts and ideas.

Simplenote features a minimalist interface that centers around a plain text editor, designed to prioritize simplicity and efficient note-taking.

By embracing this streamlined approach, the app enables users to create and edit text-based notes effortlessly, free from the distractions of unnecessary formatting options. It allows for a straightforward and focused note-taking experience.

Simplenote places a strong emphasis on synchronization and accessibility across multiple devices. It offers seamless notes syncing across various platforms, such as web browsers, desktops, and mobile.

This ensures that your notes are consistently up to date and readily accessible, regardless of the specific device you use. Simplenote provides a seamless note-taking experience across all your devices.

Simplenote allows for effortless organization of your notes by utilizing tags, making it a breeze to categorize and locate them at a later time. This cross-platform note-taking tool offers users a straightforward method for creating notes, to-do lists, capturing ideas, and more. Furthermore, it provides free synchronization across all your devices.

5. Joplin

best note taking app

+ Open-source note-taking app
+ Provides strong security measures
+ Available on multiple platforms
– Limited integration options

Joplin is an open-source note-taking app renowned for its extensive features and customizable options. It presents users with a robust platform for capturing, organizing, and managing notes, catering to the preferences of those who prioritize privacy and flexibility.

Joplin’s synchronization capabilities truly set it apart. The app supports seamless synchronization across multiple devices and platforms, guaranteeing that your notes are constantly updated and easily accessible no matter where you are.

Joplin offers versatile syncing options, allowing you to choose from various methods such as local storage, cloud services like Dropbox and OneDrive, or self-hosted alternatives like WebDAV. With Joplin, your notes remain in perfect harmony across all your devices.

Joplin’s note-taking interface boasts a clean and intuitive design that facilitates the effortless creation and editing of notes. It embraces Markdown, a lightweight markup language, enabling easy formatting and structuring of notes with headings, lists, bold/italic text, and more. 

Additionally, Joplin caters to users who prefer a more visual editing experience by offering a rich text editor. Whether you lean towards simplicity or a visual approach, Joplin accommodates your preferred note-taking style.

Although Joplin is available completely free of charge, you must utilize a sync service to synchronize your notes across all devices.

Options include file-sharing services like Dropbox or OneDrive, as well as the official Joplin Cloud, which enables you to publish your notes online and collaborate with others. Whichever route you choose, rest assured that Joplin encrypts your notes with end-to-end encryption, ensuring their utmost security and privacy.

Joplin offers an entirely free-to-use experience; however, to synchronize your notes across multiple devices, you will require the assistance of a sync service.

6. Dropbox Paper

best note taking app

+ Offers seamless integration with other widely-used Dropbox services
+ Allows for the embedding of diverse media types
+ Available for free
– Lack of advanced organization features

Dropbox Paper, developed by Dropbox, is a collaborative note-taking and document management tool that provides teams with a streamlined workspace for creating, editing, and organizing documents. Whether for personal or professional use, Dropbox Paper offers a comprehensive solution.

The interface of Dropbox Paper is designed to be clean, intuitive, and conducive to seamless collaboration. Users can easily create new documents or import existing files, allowing smooth integration into their workflow.

Real-time collaboration is a key feature, enabling team members to collaborate simultaneously by editing, commenting, and assigning tasks. This fosters efficient teamwork and promotes streamlined communication within the app.

Dropbox Paper stands out for its seamless integration with other Dropbox services, enhancing the user experience. Users can effortlessly access and attach files from their Dropbox storage, facilitating the inclusion of relevant content into their documents. 

This integration also enables automatic syncing, ensuring that any changes in Dropbox Paper are immediately reflected across devices and platforms. This smooth integration streamlines workflow & promotes efficient collaboration within the app.

Collaboration with others and accessing your documents from any location is made effortless for users. With the ability to drag and drop various file types, including images, PDFs, videos, audio files, spreadsheets, and over 175 other file formats, directly into your documents, you can seamlessly incorporate diverse multimedia content into your work.

7. Microsoft OneNote

best note taking app

+ Provides users with a flexible and adaptable platform for note-taking
+ Promotes collaboration by enabling users to share quickly and co-edit notes
+ Offers a great free plan that is widely accessible on all major platforms
– Occasional glitches with the mobile app versions

Microsoft OneNote is a highly adaptable tool for note-taking and organization, empowering users to capture and organize their ideas, notes, and information in a digital format. As an integral part of the Microsoft Office suite, it spans multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

OneNote provides a versatile and customizable platform for note-taking. Users can enrich text-based notes with images, sketches, or audio recordings.

The app supports rich text formatting, allowing users to personalize their notes’ appearance with various font styles, sizes, colors, and highlighting options. This versatility enables users to create appealing, expressive notes that suit their preferences.

OneNote excels in its organizational capabilities, allowing users to create notebooks, sections, and pages to structure and categorize their notes effectively. This hierarchical organization system facilitates seamless navigation and ensures easy retrieval of information.

Furthermore, OneNote includes a tagging feature that enables users to label and organize notes based on specific categories or themes, enhancing the overall organization and making it effortless to find relevant content.

OneNote seamlessly operates on all devices, allowing you to revise your notes using various methods, such as typing, highlighting, or annotating ink. It facilitates sharing your brilliant ideas, fostering collaboration among team members.

Furthermore, OneNote enables efficient organization by categorizing your notes into separate notebooks, which can be further divided into sections and pages.

8. Google Keep

best note taking app

+ Provides users with a simple interface
+ Integrates smoothly with various Google services
+ Supports collaborative note-taking
– Limited formatting options

Google Keep is a note-taking app developed by Google that offers a user-friendly and adaptable experience. It presents a straightforward and efficient platform for capturing and organizing your thoughts, ideas, and to-do lists.

The interface of Google Keep is designed to be clean, intuitive, and optimized for simplicity and ease of use. Creating a new note is as straightforward as typing or using voice input within the app. Additionally, users can add images or create checklists, making Google Keep well-suited for various note-taking purposes.

Google Keep offers a flexible and customizable organizational system. Users can create color-coded labels, add tags, and utilize various categories to sort and categorize their notes effectively. This level of customization enables easy retrieval and efficient organization of information.

Google Keep stands out with its seamless integration into other Google services. Users can effortlessly access and attach files from Google Drive, allowing for the convenient inclusion of relevant documents or images in their notes.

Moreover, Google Keep is synchronized across devices, ensuring that your notes remain accessible and up to date on all your connected devices.

Google Keep is compatible with various devices, including phones, tablets, and computers. It ensures that everything you add to Google Keep seamlessly syncs across all your devices.

9. Quip

best note taking app

+ Excels in enabling extensive collaboration
+ Seamlessly integrates with Salesforce
+ Offers robust mobile apps for both iOS & Android devices
– Costly

Quip, developed by Salesforce, is a collaborative productivity platform that seamlessly blends note-taking, document editing, and team collaboration functionalities. It presents teams with a unified workspace to collaborate, communicate, and manage projects efficiently.

With a sleek and user-friendly interface, Quip ensures users a seamless and intuitive experience. Users can effortlessly create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and task lists within the app.

The real-time collaboration feature enables multiple team members to work on the same document simultaneously, promoting efficient teamwork and fostering streamlined communication. Quip is a comprehensive solution for enhanced productivity and seamless collaboration within teams.

Quip shines with its remarkable integration with Salesforce, bringing forth many benefits.

This integration empowers teams to harness the capabilities of Salesforce’s robust customer relationship management platform and seamlessly incorporate customer data, tasks, and other pertinent information into their Quip workspace.

The Quip app presents a clean and organized interface, ensuring effortless navigation for users. Its comprehensive feature set is particularly noteworthy, offering extensive formatting options for note content, seamless sharing capabilities with other users, and an intuitive tool for creating spreadsheets.

10. Obsidian

best note taking app

+ Create & manage a network of interconnected notes
+ Offers a wide range of customization options
+ Create an interlinked digital database
– Doesn’t have an official mobile application

Obsidian is an impressive and highly customizable app for note-taking and knowledge management, tailored for individuals seeking to establish interconnected digital information databases.

It emphasizes the relationships and connections between ideas, catering to users who appreciate a comprehensive and interconnected knowledge base.

Obsidian is built on the foundation of Markdown, allowing users to create and format their notes using plain text. This approach provides a clean and focused writing environment, free from distractions.

Users can structure and organize their notes effectively with support for essential Markdown features such as headings, lists, tables, code blocks, and more. Markdown ensures that notes are presented in a readable and portable format, enhancing accessibility and flexibility across different platforms and devices.

Obsidian stands out in its ability to create and manage a network of interconnected notes. The app empowers users to establish links between notes, forming a web-like structure that fosters the exploration and connection of ideas and concepts. With its backlinking feature, users can navigate their notes more efficiently and uncover new connections between related topics.

Obsidian allows users to organize their notes into folders and subfolders using the familiar sidebar interface in traditional note-taking apps. However, what sets Obsidian apart is its remarkable feature that allows for linking between notes using internal hyperlinks.

Best Note Taking App: Who Should Choose?

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A diverse range of individuals and professionals can benefit greatly from the best note taking app. These apps effectively organize class notes, research materials, and study resources for students, facilitating an efficient learning process.

Similarly, professionals in various fields, including business, finance, medicine, law, and more, can leverage note-taking apps to capture vital information from meetings, conferences, and client interactions. This helps professionals stay organized and ensures that crucial details are easily accessible when needed.

Note taking apps offer authors, journalists, and researchers valuable advantages in capturing and arranging their ideas, research findings, references, and drafts. These apps facilitate effective organization and easy retrieval of important information, supporting creative and analytical processes.

Similarly, note taking apps benefit artists, designers, and other creative individuals. They can utilize these apps to sketch ideas, capture visual inspirations, and maintain a comprehensive record of project details. Such apps streamline the creative process and provide a centralized space for storing and revisiting creative concepts.

Entrepreneurs and freelancers can depend on note-taking apps to quickly jot down ideas, organize project plans, monitor expenses, and securely store essential documents. These apps are valuable tools for managing various business operations or working independently.

Furthermore, the best note taking app is equally useful for personal purposes. They allow individuals to effectively organize personal goals, maintain recipe collections, manage travel plans, or even engage in journaling. Such apps provide a versatile platform for capturing and structuring personal information and aspirations.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On Best Note Taking App

1. Which is the best app to get notes?

Here is the best app to get notes:

  • Apple Notes
  • Notion
  • Miro
  • Joplin
  • Microsoft
  • Google Keep
  • Obsidian
  • Ulysses

2. Is Evernote still relevant?

Evernote has earned a strong reputation among students and professionals, making it a go-to choice for personal and professional note-taking requirements.

Thanks to its intuitive interface and extensive features, it’s no surprise that Evernote continues to maintain its popularity as one of the most widely used note-taking apps.

3. Is there a better note app than Evernote?

If you prefer to remain within the Microsoft ecosystem, Microsoft’s OneNote is a noteworthy alternative to Evernote. With OneNote, you can access a comprehensive digital notebook to effortlessly write, insert images, and organize content into pages and sections. It provides a vast canvas for capturing and structuring your ideas.

Conclusion: Best Note Taking App

Note taking apps have become indispensable tools for individuals and professionals. They bring numerous advantages, such as streamlined organization, effortless access, and seamless synchronization of notes across multiple devices.

Best note taking app accommodates a wide range of note formats, including text, images, audio, and attachments, facilitating a comprehensive and multimedia note-taking experience.

Moreover, they offer collaboration features that promote teamwork and effortless sharing of notes among individuals.

The choice of the optimal note-taking app ultimately relies on individual requirements, preferences, and compatibility with specific platforms and ecosystems.

I hope today’s article on the best note taking app sounds helpful!

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