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15 Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries

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The basic industries are the foundation of any country’s economy. These industries produce raw materials essential for the growth of other sectors, such as manufacturing, services, and even agriculture. Basic industries not only provide jobs to a large section of the population but also create employment opportunities for those who graduate from another field or profession and wish to switch careers. But what are the best paying jobs in basic industries?

The demand for workers in basic industries is expected to increase over the coming years due to rapid growth in emerging economies and the increasing adoption of technology in these fields. 

Basic industries might be your best bet if you are looking for a job with flexible hours, days off, and stable paychecks. So, what are some of the best paying jobs in basic industries? Today we decided to create a list of the 15 best paying jobs in basic industries:

What Are Basic Industries Jobs?

When you think of what jobs are available in the basic industry, you probably think of things like carpenters, tailors, welders, and machinery operators. These are all incredibly important roles in the manufacturing process. 


However, there are also other less-explored job opportunities in the manufacturing world. Some jobs don’t get as much attention but have just as much importance in keeping production moving forward efficiently.

But what exactly are basic industries jobs? And what are the best paying jobs in basic industries? From what we know, they seem to be more niche roles that support other workers directly rather than taking on more hands-on tasks yourself. 

But we’ll explain what these jobs entail and how you can become one of them below. Keep reading for more information on basic industry jobs and why they are important to manufacturers.

What Do Basic Industry Jobs Pay?

A basic industry job can be the ideal career path for people who prefer using their hands and equipment. 

Basic industries include manufacturing, mining, agriculture, construction, and related services. Consider what industrial jobs pay if you’re ready to dive into this exciting field.

The following are some of the most common jobs in basic industries

  • Carpenter,
  • Electrician; 
  • Millwright; 
  • Metalworker; 
  • Welder; pipefitter,
  • Sprinkler fitting, painter,
  • Sprayer operator, 
  • Cement mason, and 
  • Production operator – paper mill. 

These roles involve working with raw materials to create finished products that people use or sell. You’ll need to be physically strong enough to lift heavy objects and have good hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity. 

Read on to learn more about what these roles pay in basic industries if any of them sound interesting.

What Are The Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries In 2022?

If you want a job in the basic industries sector, as well as if you want to know the best paying jobs in basic industries. Here’s what you need to know about the best-paying jobs in basic industries in 2022:

1. Petroleum Engineer 


Petroleum engineers are involved in locating, drilling, extracting, and removing oil and other important minerals. 

Petroleum engineers investigate oil and other important minerals. If they are onshore, they can be extracted directly from the ground. If they are offshore, they are transported by ship or pipeline to a refinery.

Petroleum engineers plan oil extraction and production structures, operate equipment, and extract and produce crude oil following their framework designs.


According to Payscale, Petroleum Engineers earn an average yearly salary of $101,107 in the United States, while Glassdoor indicates an annual average wage of $118,428.

So. If you ask, what are the best-paying jobs in basic industries and someone says this job, you can undoubtedly choose this.

2. Drilling  Engineer 

The drilling profession is one of the best-paying jobs in basic industries because it assists petroleum geologists in managing and supervising natural gas and oil production.

Drilling engineers also work in alternative energy, such as wind and solar, to install and maintain the equipment that converts these energy sources into usable electricity. 

These engineers must thoroughly understand the physics involved in these energy conversions. Additional duties of drilling engineers may include designing and implementing drilling and production systems, maintaining these systems, and supervising personnel.


Depending on the firm’s size, a drilling engineer may earn between $47306 and $118267; starting pay is around $29566 to $53220.

3. Synthetic Chemists


You must have a background in chemistry, physics, and engineering to be successful as a synthetic chemist. You will create synthetic materials, chemicals, and fuels using your knowledge in those fields.

Chemical synthesis involves complex industrial processes, and mathematic models are often needed to describe chemical reactions.


ZipRecruiter reports that annual salaries range from $52,500 to $113,000.

4. Agriculture Chemists

An Agricultural Chemist works to preserve and enhance soil quality. They study the development of fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, and other pesticides.

Agricultural Chemist is the highest paid profession in industries because they discover and create new methods to improve plant development and reduce crop loss.


The profession of Food or Agricultural Chemist can pay $77,860 annually, or $37 per hour, based on the latest jobs data nationwide.

5. Mining Engineer


Mining and geological engineering are part of the primary industries sector and an excellent career in the best paying jobs in basic industries. Mining engineers work in public and private sectors, such as company operations, government agencies, and architectural firms.

Oil and gas extraction, as well as other secondary services that support mining, are included.


A mining engineer typically earns $97,283 annually in the United States.

6. Soil Conservationist 

A Soil Conservationist must have practical knowledge of soil, water, and environmental conservation. You must also assist landowners with soil, water, plant, and animal resource management problems.


A Soil Conservationist can make as much as 64K US dollars annually, making this job a well-paid position in basic industry.

7. Geologist

The study of geology focuses on the Earth’s history, structure, and other physical aspects. Their knowledge of rocks and minerals helps them locate sources of energy such as coal, oil, and natural gas.

Studying tectonic forces that push up mountains and volcanoes or cause earthquakes helps geologists understand how Earth’s land masses move.

Metalliferous minerals are sought out by geologists, who use their knowledge of the subject to locate them.

Then, is a Geologist career considerable in the best paying jobs in basic industries? The answer is yes. This field doesn’t seem like a basic industry job, but according to some research, now Geologist is a basic industry job also included in the best paying jobs in basic industries.


A Geologist earns $68129 annually on average in the United States.

8. Health and Safety officer

The purpose of health and safety officers in industries aim to ensure that everything operates smoothly and safely. They provide operators have the necessary skills to operate forklifts and cranes by enforcing equipment use regulations.

Employees are protected by health and safety officers, who provide the necessary information to work safely. In addition, these officers look for hazards as they occur so that these issues can be addressed before someone is injured or becomes ill.


The average annual salary for a Health & Safety Officer in the United States is $63,937.

9. Pipefitter


Pipefitters assemble pipes and fittings in industrial and commercial settings to provide water and industrial gases. To win over your clients, you must produce a high-quality product every time; you will need physical strength and endurance. 

Furthermore, Pipefitters learn to install, maintain, and repair boilers, tanks, pumps, and other water and industrial gas equipment.


Pipefitters earn $28.79 per hour in the United States and $10,107 in overtime annually.

10. Metallurgists

You oversee the development and testing of metal extraction processes as a Metallurgist, specializing in extracting metals from their ores.

Since metallurgy includes alloying and casting materials to produce commercial metal items, it is one of the highest-paying occupations in basic industries.


The annual salary for a metallurgist in the United States is $86,139.

11. Horticulturist

A horticulturist is a career that maybe you didn’t think of before. A horticulturist is knowledgeable about growing plants, vegetables, fruits, flowers, ornamental trees, and landscape design for parks.

So how does this fit into the basic industry job description? And what are the best paying jobs in basic industries? We would like to clarify that horticulturists are in a high-paying basic industry job. 

Some horticulturists work in greenhouses or other indoor farms, researching the best conditions for the crop or plants. Other horticulturists research ways to improve the yield and quality of fruits and vegetables or study the nutritional content of these food sources. 

Horticulturists may advise farmers to increase crop yield or maintain and preserve endangered species. 


A horticulturist earns an average of $73060 annually in the United States.

12. Steel Fabricator

Fabricating is a hands-on job that requires a lot of focus and attention to detail. Fabricators use CNC (Computer Numeric Control) to create various steel parts and shapes. They use programming to create the required steel shapes and then cut and bend the steel to the desired shape. 

Fabricators must have excellent problem-solving skills, as they constantly encounter new challenges on the job. The work environment is noisy and often hot, which can be stressful. And the hours are long, as fabricating is often a production-line job.


The median wage for a metal fabricator in the United States is $19.60 per hour.

13. Projector Manager


The Project Manager is also the functional owner of risk management and, therefore, responsible for monitoring, assessing, and controlling project risks. In terms of personnel, they have management responsibility for their project team. 

Project Managers are accountable for the project’s performance and must therefore have a thorough understanding of the business case for the project.


A Project Manager earns $77181 annually on average in the United States.

14. Electrician

An electrician is a qualified craftsperson specializing in wiring structures, transmission lines, stationary machines, and other electrical equipment. Electrical components are either installed or maintained and repaired for existing electrical infrastructure.


In the United States, electricians earn an average of $25.95 per hour and $9,438 in overtime annually.

15. Truck Driver

Well, the first question that comes to your mind is when you see a truck driver job under the basic industries; as you were here, what are the best paying jobs in basic industries? Can a truck driver make so much money? Yes, they can. Read more for the details: 

The function of a Truck Driver is crucial in basic industries, where goods must be transported from one location to another. Truck Drivers don’t just drive cars; they also sort, catalog, and deliver goods.


Truck drivers earn an average income of $77814 per year in the United States.


As you can see, these are some of the most important jobs in basic industries as you were here for the best paying jobs in basic industries. So, it is important to research what it will take to succeed in these fields if you are interested in a career. 

Talking to potential employers is the best way to learn what opportunities are available in basic industries. You can also study the requirements for these careers online. Once you know the best-paying jobs in basic industries, you can use these as ammunition when looking for a new job.


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