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The Top 10 Best Paying Jobs In Commercial Banks

Khyati Hooda
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You might think that a bank teller’s job would be one of the best paying jobs in commercial banks because they have direct contact with customers. However, financial institutions have many different roles; some offer better pay than others. 

The primary role of a commercial bank is to lend money to individuals or businesses so that they can invest in capital ventures. In addition to providing savings accounts and credit cards, they also offer other services. The more advanced and technical positions generally pay better.

Additionally, as technology continues to advance and AI becomes more prevalent, there are fewer opportunities for human interaction – putting even more emphasis on high-paying roles like those listed below.

Best Paying Jobs In Commercial Banks

If you’re interested in exploring opportunities in commercial banking and want to know the  best-paying jobs in a commercial bank, read on to learn about the different roles and responsibilities that such jobs entail:


Loan Officer

A loan officer’s job is to interview potential borrowers and gather their financial information to decide whether to grant loans. It pays the most in terms of the best paying jobs in commercial banks.


They assess whether prospective borrowers are financially able to repay business, credit, personal, or real estate loans by collecting their financial information. They may either accept or turn down loan applications based on the applicant’s financial eligibility and provide proper justification. 

They strive to quicken the loan-making method, draft loan agreements, establish debt repayment plans, and maintain active loan records.

Average Salary: $215,825 per year.

Financial Manager

Financial analysts examine financial statements to determine a company’s value, whether it is a takeover target, for example, or if it plans to go public. Financial analysts study and evaluate financial data to make investment decisions. 

To be a Chartered Financial Analyst, you must pass several exams and have the proper experience level. You can get a bachelor’s degree in business or a master’s degree. 

Additionally, when it comes to the best paying jobs in commercial banks, it ranks second.

Average Salary: $134,180 per year.



An auditor inspects a bank’s financial statements and records for accuracy and legal compliance. 

They examine whether the bank’s risk management procedures are effective, whether regular banking operations are efficient, and whether the banking system is free of fraud. If fraud is identified, they report it to higher authorities and assist in the investigation. 

They identify the risks and difficulties of financial operations and suggest methods to reduce expenses and boost profits. When compiling and submitting audit reports, they follow auditing standards.

Aside from that, it ranks third regarding the best paying jobs in commercial banks.

Average Salary: $93,307 per year.

Investment Banker

Investment bankers work for large financial institutions that assist significant corporations or organizations with financing. An investment bank sets the price and manages the process for an Initial Public Offering, or IPO, when a company goes public for the first time. 

These deals are negotiated and handled by investment bankers.

Average Salary:  $80,540 per year.

Financial Examiner


Financial examiners examine the financial records of banks and other financial institutions to assess their financial health. They may also produce reports on the institution’s financial stability. Risk assessment (institution financial health) or consumer compliance (fair treatment of borrowers) are two of their areas of expertise.

Average Salary:  $69,086 per year.

Credit Analyst

A credit analyst examines applicants’ financial data for bank credit to determine whether they are creditworthy. 

They assess whether applicants will live up to their financial obligations and repay the credit the bank gives them by looking at their credit history and economic well-being. 

If the credit analyst thinks the bank will not profit from loaning money to the applicant, they will advise against it. The bank decides whether to give out money based on the reports prepared by the analyst.

Average Salary: $55,000 per year.



An accountant at a financial institution oversees and maintains records of the firm’s daily financial transactions. Accountants post to general and subsidiary ledgers, reconcile ledger accounts and ensure that the firm has sufficient cash to take care of customers. 

They audit accounting entries, check for mistakes and correct them according to established procedures. If they spot suspicious activities, unusual account activity, or illegal actions such as money laundering, they report them to higher banking officials according to established standards. 

They observe accounting standards and government regulations. They assist clients in preparing for tax season and compiling financial reports for customers and shareholders.

Average Salary:  $53,516 per year.

Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative for a commercial bank must familiarize themselves with the bank’s products and services immediately. 

Their job is to guide customers toward beneficial financial options for their customers and the bank. They might also process payments, refunds, exchanges, etc.

Average Salary: $45,400 per year.

Personal Banker


Personal bankers assist clients in acquiring a bank account, using it correctly, getting credit cards, obtaining loans, and using safe deposit boxes, among other services. 

They monitor transactions, advise clients on how to manage their finances better, and assist them in picking appropriate investments. 

They consult with clients about their bank account issues and refer them to financial specialists if necessary. When clients want to shut down their accounts, the personal banker assists them in filling out and signing the required documents.

Average Salary: $40,455 per year.

Bank Clark

Bank clerks perform daily banking activities, such as accepting cash deposits, withdrawals, fund transfers, and cheques or money orders. They interact with customers, answer their questions, and resolve financial issues. 

To maintain financial records and customer data, they must comply with KYC requirements and provide support for specialized banking departments if needed.

Furthermore, it is the lowest paying job among best paying jobs in commercial banks.

Average Salary: $29,250 per year.


The list of best paying jobs in commercial banks is extensive. It includes accountants, financial managers, loan officers, customer service representatives, and more, but these are just the main jobs in banks

There are many more that involve a combination of duties and pay accordingly. The best paying jobs in commercial banks apply a solid understanding of the industry, skills in demand, and the correct position to ensure that you can excel at your job. 

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