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Bombas Sock Company: The Winners Of Shark Tank

Elena Hudgens
By Elena Hudgens 9 Min Read

Shark Tank is a TV show where entrepreneurs and investors sell their products or services to other businesses. The show has been on the air for over 20 years, and it’s currently in its 8th season. 

The Bombas Sock company made an appearance in season 6 of the show in 2014. The product was straightforward: a great athletic sock for a good cause. The company also promised to donate a pair of socks for every pair of socks sold, with claims to be both cheaper and more comfortable than competing brands.

They were given a chance to undergo an evaluation process, which included meeting with different team members and testing their product against several competitor brands. After doing this test, they came up with a perfect solution- an Athletic sock made from 100% recycled materials that are cheaper than any competing brand and more comfortable than those offered by competitors! 

About the company

The company was founded in 2004 by two entrepreneurs, Randy Goldberg and David Heath. The pair worked on a project to develop an algorithm that could predict stock prices. They pitched their idea to Daymond John, who invested $200,000 into the company and agreed to sell his share back at a higher value should the algorithm prove successful. 

While some of the other sharks were skeptical of the plan (specifically the idea of donating as much stuff as you sell), John ended up having the final laugh, owing to the company’s success. They’d made over $100 million in profit by 2018, meaning they’d multiplied more than 500 times their initial investment in just four years.

The business quickly grew, and within three years, they had secured more than $1 million in venture capital from various investors. It includes Fidelity Investments, Andreessen Horowitz, Ribbit Capital Management (a portfolio of early-stage investments), and First Round Capital (an early-stage investment firm). 

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After discussing it with Randy, the two became inspired to create a sock company that donates to charity. They had seen other companies gain traction with buy one, give one away campaigns. 

Instead of struggling on their own, they decided to take their project and manage it full-time while also working on other projects as well – this way, they didn’t have any stress or worry about how things were going at home. David was invested in the project initially, and he has sensitivities because of them. The entrepreneurs quit their jobs in 2013 and raised more than $1 million over two years through crowdfunding and financing from family and friends.

The motivation behind

They realized that many people were going without socks in the early days because there was no easy way to provide them. So, they decided to start making socks for people who needed them and also help those in need as much as possible. They have since expanded their product line to include other items like hats and gloves, to help individuals warm up or keep cool during winter weather.

After seeing a Facebook post indicating that socks were the most requested item of clothing at homeless shelters in 2011, Randy and David conceived of their sock business to give back to the community by helping people with less opportunity. 

They raised more than $140,000 on Indiegogo – more than any other sock company in history! In addition to superior customer service, they also promise not only 100% satisfaction but even free shipping on all orders over $75! The company’s humanitarian component was an important selling point for investors who shared the same philanthropy goal. 

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The founders

In 2013, Bombas Sock company was founded by two friends who met while working for the same media start-up company. Randy Goldberg and David Heath worked in a media start-up before coming up with and implementing the Bombas firm. They claim to have spent two years researching and developing Bombas socks, designed for the public in a flawlessly constructed way.

They continue to be a successful part of the board, and the company has achieved immense success under their tenacious leadership. Bombas generated revenue of more than $100 million in 2018. While working, they quickly realized that socks were one of the most in-demand items for homeless individuals.

David Heath and Randy Goldberg based their socks business on this Salvation Army remark. Inspired by Tom’s Shoes, they came up with this idea. They hired former Gold Toe Socks president Steve Lowenthal to help develop and test their product. They refined the design to a long-established, proven tradition in the sock manufacturing sector.

The product

Bombas Sock company sells sports socks that have been re-engineered. They also donate another pair to charity for each pair they sell. The phrase “bee better” is sewn into every sock as a reminder of the company’s humanitarian aim.

Socks are a popular clothing item for homeless shelters and community organizations in need because they’re stylish, practical, and easy to wear. They can help people feel warm and comfortable while also providing the necessary infrastructure to survive during cold weather or when it’s raining outside. Socks are an essential part of any homeless person’s wardrobe, so they must be available at all times so that people can access them without having to worry about getting wet or cold. 

Athletic socks are designed to keep you warm and dry, whether you’re running or just walking around. In addition to keeping your feet warm, they also have several features that can help improve your performance. Stay up socks use technology to stay put even when there’s some wind or rain on the ground; these socks also feature reinforcement in the footbeds for extra support while you walk or run.

Where are they today?

Daymond has declared that his deal with Bombas is one of his top three investments in Shark Tank. He has continued working with Randy and David to polish their brand and raise their awareness through high-profile engagements, such as a visit to the Today Show, which resulted in a significant rise in sales and an annual income of $1.1 million.

Their dedication to customer service has resulted in zero negative internet evaluations and an endless stream of positive comments regarding the company and goods.

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In addition, the company has donated over 42 million pairs of socks to homeless people throughout the world through its humanitarian initiatives; it also sells children’s t-shirts and innerwear.


Bombas sock company successfully won ABC’s Shark Tank in September 2014, raising over $100 million in finance. This victory allowed them to expand their business and reach new heights. 

The Bombas sock factory has donated more than 35 million socks to these groups! They have also begun producing and contributing underwear and t-shirts – checking off another item on this list that is needed very much by individuals/groups who suffer from homelessness.

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