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Business Resource Group: How to Find This and What it Allows You To Do

Elena Hudgens
By Elena Hudgens 5 Min Read

You just started a business and now you want to grow it. You’ve heard about Business Resource Group and think that they might be the answer. 

But what are these groups, and how do they help? 

Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are networks of small businesses who share advice, best practices, and ideas with each other to make their companies more successful. 

The advantages of belonging to a BRG can range from networking opportunities to improved technology to increased sales. If you’re looking for ways to improve your company’s success rate, then you should join a BRG right away!


What Is A Business Resource Group?

A BRG is not just a group of like-minded small businesses. Although they share similar business values and goals, BRGs are designed to be a support network for their members. They offer a variety of opportunities for members to connect, share resources, and network. Meetings generally take place once or twice a month, and usually last between two and three hours. Meetings are dedicated to a particular area of the company and include a mix of marketing and financial instruction.

Why Join A Business Resource Group?

BRGs give small businesses access to trusted advice, relevant advice, and you get to know other like-minded business owners. They provide the feedback that you need to improve your business. 

There are so many options when it comes to Business Resource Groups. Some of the BRGs you may want to consider are: Members of a BRG are generally located in your area. They are usually run by a business owner with experience running a similar type of business. In a BRG, you get advice from other business owners, access to the website for their community, and the ability to share your own advice and experience. There are a lot of benefits to joining a BRG. But first things first, you need to make sure you want to join a BRG in the first place.

Finding The Right BRG

There are several different types of BRGs, but there are many common themes among them. It is vital to have BRGs that align with your industry’s current trends and hot topics so that you can keep up with the industry as it moves. If your industry is changing, then you need to stay ahead of the curve so you can meet your customers’ needs. Being a member of a BRG gives you access to these trends and ideas. If your BRG is all about the companies within the organization, then it’s definitely not going to help you find small business ideas. But, if it’s a group of entrepreneurs who have formed BRGs to help each other in their business, you can find plenty of ideas to help you grow.

Benefits Of Joining A BRG

1. Learn new best practices. As you go from company to company, you can take what you’ve learned in one business to another. 

2. Get a more diverse network of businesses. Most BRGs are centered around a certain industry. This gives you more access to other kinds of businesses who are running similar types of businesses. 

3. Gain new customers. Once you’ve established a good reputation, you can use this to increase your sales from new companies who want to buy from you. 

4. Get better access to new technology. If you’re a technology consultant, there are probably businesses that have partnered with you already and are willing to let you into their network. 

5. Network with others.


The fact is, you’re never too old to make a dream come true. What started out as a dream, can turn into a reality, if you give yourself the opportunity. But you have to take the first step to achieve that dream. Do so, and your career can soar to heights that even you can only dream of.

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