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Creative Business Resources: How you can take advantage?

Elena Hudgens
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Outsourcing refers to a business operation in which a third party is employed to perform required job functions.

It received its first recognition in 1989, but there were disputations based on the loss of domestic jobs. 

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With rise of Outsourcing, companies and businesses got an alternative for regular services. 

So, outsourcing received an open welcome from the business professionals.

Creative Business Resources was founded in 1998 to provide customizable HR services to small businesses.

It had a clear objective of offering equal customizable HR services to small businesses as available to big businesses.

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Creative Business Resources provides two types of HR Outsourcing platforms:

  1. Professional Employer Organization(PEO)
  2. Administrative Services Organization(ASO)

CBR has an overwhelming experience of more than 20 years. 

It has been able to occupy its image as an HR Outsourcing industry leader.

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It has become so successful because of quality, value, and personalized customer service deliverance. 

The vision of CBR is to improve regularly and comprehensively.

CBR provides broad HR, benefits, and payroll services for helping the companies to improve their focus and reduce costs. 


The mission of creative business resources is to become the Southwest leading provider of customized outsourced human resources, risk management, and payroll services.

All the functions and processes of CBR are based on a comfortable internal culture including values and rewards subject matter expertise.

Following are the points that make CBR a successful organization:

  • Transparency in a communication system(Internal & External)
  • Supportive team members
  • Planned strategy, and
  • Quality results

All these attributes make Creative business resources a successful organization. 

Despite heavy competition in the market, it has been able to grab the public attention. 

This is because of its reliable working culture and customer-friendly approach. 

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The vision of CBR is to reassert its values by working on quality deliverance and maintaining the efficiency of its services.


Following a strict working schedule, CBR core values rely on the following factors:


It uses innovative techniques in its product and services, with special attention to its customer relationships.


CBR has a special proactive focus on troubleshooting HR concerns and any potential pitfalls.


It offers excellent and quality services.


Integrity exists in every decision taken, whatever cost comes out will be paid by CBR itself.


CBR is accountable to all its clients, sources, and employees.


Michael Tope

He is the founder and CEO of Creative Business resources which he founded in 1997.

Michael came to know about the rising demand of outsource non-core administrative activities and started CBR with a definite strategy.

And he has played a crucial role in making CBR the leading company in the HR outsourcing industry. 

Under him, CBR has achieved awards like BBB Torch Award for Ethics. 

He is a graduate of Arizona State University and also holds a master’s in International Business. 

Also, he owns and operates several other businesses and other commercial construction units. 

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Mark Gorchoff 

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He is the chief accountant of CBR.

Mark Gorchoff holds a quality experience of more than 35 years as a senior financial executive.

He has worked with the companies in manufacturing, distribution, Internet, and service industries. 

So, this makes him the ablest and highly experienced individual in the outsourcing business.

Before joining CBR, he has worked as CFO of Inertia Dynamics Corporation, which is a NASDAQ-listed lawn and garden manufacturer.

He developed the first registered Internet venture and capital offering in Inertia. 

Mark Gorchoff is a degree holder in Masters of Business Administration from Ohio State University. 

He received the “Cheif Financial Officer of the Year Award” in 2007 by the Financial Executives Institute. 

Noemi Barraza

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Noemi Barazza is the current COO of CBR. 

She plays a crucial role in achieving the required goal by using business development initiatives.

Her work is subjected to the sales and new client implementation teams. 

She also coordinates the CBR’s marketing efforts. 

So, mainly her work is related with developing new business strategies.

Noemi Barraza is responsible for ensuring a thorough understanding of CBR’s services among clients and employees.

She holds an amazing experience of 19 years in the HR industry.

In 2006, she received her PHR certification and also served as CBR’s Human Resources Director for a definite time. 

Becky Volz

She works as a Payroll Manager for CBR since her joining in 2004.

Becky Volz holds an experience of more than 19 years in payroll management. 

Because of her amazin experience and professional approach, she is the most respected employee of CBR.

Her responsibilities are:

1. To handle all the payroll-related tasks including payroll processing          

2. Compliance

3. W2 processing

4. Working with time and attendance systems.

Also, she is engaged in solving the problems in the organization and with the clients. 

Kym Varner

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She is the Risk Manager of CBR. 

Kym Varner holds quality experience in underwriting, policy management, and problem-solving.

She joined as an assistant to CBR’s in-house counsel in 2001.

After receiving her certification in Risk Management Department in 2003, she received a top position in the department. 

She is responsible for:

1. Helping the clients in achieving success.

2. Managing the worker’s compensation costs by using strong loss control, policy management, and claims management.

Creative business resources are determined in providing quality and customer-oriented Human Resource Services

They are assisted by professional guidance and a comfortable working environment.

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Following are the services offered by CBR

Human Resources

CBR offers services related to Human Resources where it operated and handles your HR processes while ensuring all the laws and regulations.

HR Training

It also provides HR training by using effective strategies and ideas to increase the working potential of the employees.

Recruitment Strategies

CBR offers advanced and improved recruitment strategies which rises your company’s “Return on Employee”


It also offers services related to the management of the E-Verify program for Arizona and other applicable states.


CBR offers its clients to outsource their payroll services for producing more profits.

Time & Attendance

Services related to the improvement of work-time efficiency are also offered by CBR with precise time-tracking solutions.

Workers’ Compensation

It offers Worker’s Compensation services by using safety training, aggressive claims management, and the help of a quality workers’ compensation program.

Employee Benefits

Providing health care plans to retain the top talented employees and other officials to maintain the decorum of excellence.

401K Plans

It includes best-in-class 401(k)plans to fulfill the requirements of employees. To read more, click here.

With quality and efficiency in its services, CBR has become one of the leading HR services provider in the market.

So, this makes it has one of the most successfully growing organization in the outsourcing world.

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