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Entrepreneur vs Businessman: Which One Are You?

Elena Hudgens
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Business modules include many aspects like financing, accounting, profit-making, business valuations, etc.

Likewise, in a business setup, there are many professionals involved. These professionals have different duties to perform.

If we go by the words, then entrepreneur vs businessman would mean less or no differences. 

But, in reality, it’s not like that.

Entrepreneur vs Businessman

But, there are some key differences between both of them.

A businessman is an individual who follows the strategies developed by any business expert or consultant.

On the other hand, an entrepreneur follows his ideas and vision along with a strategy developed by him/her. 

With changing situations in the business market, an entrepreneur can become a businessman.


The term “Entrepreneur” refers to a person who follows his/her idea and strategy to launch a venture or a startup. 

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He/she uses unique and effective ideas to form a startup venture. 

So, the vision of an entrepreneur is to provide a different quality service to the people.

Because an entrepreneur is the owner of any startup developed by his/her ideas and strategies.

Being the owner and operator of a startup, an entrepreneur manages all the operations to make everything work properly.

Entrepreneur vs Businessman : Entrepreneur

The deployment of the factors of production is held by the entrepreneur himself/herself. In the later years, an entrepreneur becomes a businessman.

Following are the examples of one the successful entrepreneurs :

1. Steve Jobs(co-founder of Apple)

2. Mark Zuckerberg(co-founder of Facebook)

3. Larry Page(co-founder of Google)

All these entrepreneurs had similar visions to provide the world with the best social media platforms.

An entrepreneur is a person who is responsible for organizing, managing, and risk-taking factors.


“Businessman” is the term used for the person who is involved in any business activities or commercial transactions.

Entrepreneur vs Businessman : Businessman

He/she owns the business and is responsible for operating or starting any further foundations.

A particular business style is adopted to secure high-level profits.

The quality and reliability factor is important for any business to include in its vision and market approach. 

There can exist hard competition in the market due to the high availability and popularity of the same product manufacturers.

A businessman hires professional consultants and business advisors to develop an effective business strategy for them.

Basis Businessman      Entrepreneur 
Risk-factorBusinessman follows an existing business idea set up, so the risk factor is low.Risk-factor for an entrepreneur is high as compared to other business individuals. 
Business-approachInnovative and CreativeAs of the existing business module
Level of competitionHigh level of competition due to existing competitors in the market with the same business strategies.High level of competition due to innovative ideas and a new approach.

A businessman establishes his/her business in a commercial market to make a profit.

But, the entrepreneur develops an effective strategy along with an innovative idea to launch a startup.

This is the main difference between an entrepreneur vs businessman.


Entrepreneurship is the process of setting up a business and commercial enterprise on financial risk to make a profit.

Now, we will discuss the types of entrepreneurship. 

There are 5 types of entrepreneurship:

1.) Social entrepreneurship

2.) Innovation entrepreneurship

3.) Big Business entrepreneurship

4.) Small business entrepreneurship

5.) Scalable start-up business entrepreneurship

All these entrepreneurship are the base factor of any particular start-up.

So, we can say that it’s the ultimate choice and idea of the entrepreneur to offer any kind of service.

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Entrepreneur’s passion

Passion is the ique difference between entrepreneur vs businessman.

It is the key reason behind any startup launch.

So, developing efficient strategies is quite important for the success of any startup.

An entrepreneur designs the whole strategy and manages every factor of production to carry out an effective production.

He/she tries to provide unique services in the market which would satisfy the extra-curricular wants of the people.

Like, start-ups and businesses related to physical fitness and nutrition help people by delivering professional advice and support.

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Entrepreneur vs Businessman

Business and its aspects

Generally, the business includes two aspects within it and they are:

1. The First aspect is the one in which any commercial or industrial professional activity takes place.

2. The next aspect is the one in which any purchase and sale of goods and services exist.

There are four types of businesses :

1. Limited Liability companies(LLCs)

This is the latest business type among all the other business structures. 

It was first available in 1977 and by the 1990s, it was present in other states also.

Limited Liability companies offer services regarding protection from the liabilities and debts in any business operations. 

2. Partnerships

A partnership is a business and commercial relationship between two or more people.

All the partners are involved in the business transaction and evaluations including profit and losses respectively. 

In easy terms, a partnership is a formal business arrangement involving two or more parties. 

Profit-making and business operating is the main task for any partnership.

3. Corporations

Corporation refers to a single firm that works together to make a profit out of any business.

Owners of a corporation are known as shareholders. 

They work for exchanging the corporation’s own common stock.

4. Sole proprietorships

Sole proprietorships refer to the business in which a single owner is involved. 

He/She is responsible for all the arrangements and resources which are required to run a healthy business.

The sole proprietors are of the vision to work and operate on their own shoulders. 

Sometimes, they don’t believe in the capability of other people and use their strategies.

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Business- In terms of size

Business is also divided in terms of sizes and there are three types of business sizes.

1. Small businesses

These kinds of businesses are owned by small owners and are operated by a person or a group of people. 

Family restaurants, small folding corners, and cloth shops are examples of small businesses.

2. Mid-sized businesses

These kinds of businesses are those that have an earning between $50 million to $1 billion during a financial year. 

The companies have more resources capability and employee population than small businesses. 

A company like Fair Isaac which is also listed in Fair Isaac is one of the examples of Mid-sized businesses. 

Mid-sized Businesses

3. Larger businesses

There are corporations in larger businesses that have a financial turnover of $1 billion and more.

They have the capability of providing corporate stock for financing the operations.

Companies like General Electric and Walmart are examples of Larger businesses or corporations.

But, you cannot find these business types according to size in the entrepreneur’s aspect. 

So, this difference is the most crucial one between entrepreneur vs businessman. 

How to become an Entrepreneur?

There is nothing like a graduation or degree to become an entrepreneur.

All you need is to have a unique vision and an effective strategy to launch a startup.

You have to work on your own capabilities to reallocate the resources required for the production.

So, as an entrepreneur, you need to think like a one-man army that deals with all the problems using effective solutions and strategies.

But, to become a successful entrepreneur, you need to take care of each factor of production using your intellect and abilities.

Following are the steps to become an entrepreneur:

  • Create a vision
  • Identify the problems in the society
  • Develop an idea to solve it
  • Secure all the required resources
  • Become financially secure
  • Believe in yourself
  • Be confident
  • Look for raising investments

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How do you become a businessman?

For becoming a businessman, you do not need to have any vision or an idea to solve any problem related to anything. 

But, the main concern is to make a profit out of the resources available.

Following are the ways to become a businessman:

  • Conduct a market research
  • Create a business plan
  • Look for investments
  • Pick a location for the production purposes
  • Form an effective business structure
  • Hire professional individuals
  • Business registrations and paperwork at the right time
  • Tax documents
  • Apply for other permits and licenses

There are slight but crucial differences between entrepreneurs vs businessmen.

So, to become any of these, you need to follow the above-mentioned tips and information.

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