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Everything you Need to Know About UnPack Shark Tank

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The reality TV show, Shark Tank is a hit with entrepreneurs and viewers alike. The show showcases entrepreneurs pitching their products to five successful venture capitalists in hopes of securing funding for their business. The show is very popular with entrepreneurs and consumers due to the quality and relatability of the products and applications pitched on the show. In the 8th season of the show, Andrew Zahornacky and Aaron Liskov came up with the concept of UnPack. 

What is UnPack?

Unpack was created to save travelers from lugging their suitcase through airports and shuttles, worrying about missing connecting flights, or waiting in line at baggage claim. If you have ever flown with just a carry-on, you know how easier it is when you use Unpack. Your Unpack suitcase will be waiting for you when you check into your hotel. Traveling with a lot of luggage is a hassle. UnPack was a brilliant idea to help reduce this problem. You would travel without baggage if you used Unpack. To know more about the products on shark tank click here

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UnPack (shark tank) rents clothes and other toiletries to where you are staying for a fee, so you do not have to lug your suitcase through airports and shuttle busses anymore. If you have ever flown with just a carry-on, you know how much easier it is: all your belongings are ready for you at check-in. 

Unpack is a convenient and enjoyable service for those who travel regularly and do not have the time or resources to wash and pack their clothes between trips or for those who want to streamline their travel experience. Unpack delivers fitted clothing from high-end designer brands such as Columbia, Victorinox, Ministry, Ursa Major, and Nike. This includes jackets, scarves, gloves for cold places (including rain), sunglasses/sunglass cases/accessories (if needed), umbrellas in case of rain – whatever you need. Click here to know more. 

Who is the founder of UnPack?

Andrew Zahornacky and Aaron Liskov founded the UnPack brand. Before founding unPack, the team worked as salespeople. Aaron Liskov and Andrew Zahornacky introduce UnPack, their packing service that delivers a suitcase full of clothes to your destination, in Shark Tank episode 805.

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UnPack Shark Tank – Background 

Aaron and Andrew Liskow, the inventors of UnPack, traveled a lot for business. That was the inspiration they needed to start their clothing delivery service. They realized that you do not have time to go to the store for hygiene products or do laundry when you travel. They imagined arriving at the hotel with fresh, clean clothes and toiletries that were already there. Then they created unPack, which allows customers to pick out clothes for their trip and drop them off at the hotel front desk when they are done. But like any business, UnPack requires a lot of capital to buy new clothes and maintain what’s there. 

UnPack at Shark Tank

Aaron and Andrew took to the stage and into Shark Tank. As they introduce themselves, they attract exciting looks from the sharks. Aaron was wearing something that almost made him look like Gandolfo. There was something robotic about him. Aaron said they were the co-founders of unPack. He asked for a $500,000 investment in exchange for a 40% stake in their company. Erin began the presentation by telling the Sharks that he and Andrew had flown from New York and she had spent $50 to check a bag.

This sounds like something Andrew would have to pack himself to avoid feeling uncomfortable. He stated that he used unPack by signing up on the website and indicating where he would be traveling and when, and once he arrived at his hotel, everything was there waiting for him. Aaron used unPack to take care of all his needs at his hotel without packing anything himself. He brought almost his entire closet and still felt like he had the wrong clothes with him. Andrew said he did not have that problem. He called UnPack, his concierge. 

Aaron asked if he could unpack, and Andrew told him it was not but that he would make an exception. Aaron exaggeratedly took off the coat, revealing a regular outfit underneath. The Sharks rolled their eyes in the face of this theatrics. 

Aaron informed the Sharks that unPack was ready to depart. Andrew asked them who wanted to join. Mark Cuban smirked, called them Abbott and Costello, and asked how much the service would cost. Daymond said they would ship anything the customer wanted, from clothing sets to underwear and socks. However, they would not send shoes.

For Robert, they must find the problem he solved because they stated that they would save the baggage check fee at the beginning of their presentation. Aaron pointed out that UnPack would also make the customer’s trip better. Robert said that the moment he stays longer than two days on his trip, he would not save money. Aaron tried to explain that the customer would benefit from the moment they put on their clothes, but the Sharks did not get involved. 

Daymond said that if Kevin O’Leary used the service, he would still have to pack toiletries and his teeth, which would require a bag. Aaron said that it was an experiment and that people believed (because of due diligence) in the potential. He pointed out that people would never have called bottled water ridiculous 30 years ago. Click here.

UnPack Shark Tank – Pitching details 

Aaron and Andrew wanted $500,000 for 40% of their business. Their pitch was a rehearsed back and forth with Aaron complaining about the difficulty of packing for business trips and Andrew touting the value of Unpack. They told the Sharks that they ship everything needed for a trip, including underwear and socks, but no shoes. The cost is $20 per day. The Sharks are unimpressed with their turnover: 37 users in six months.

Mark is the first to say the guys need a Shark to help them reinvent the business. Robert does not think people want to rent used clothing; he’s out. Kevin says they need to be clear about their business model; he’s out. Lori says it’s a ” Complete nightmare” for an investor, and she gets out too.

UnPack after Shark Tank

It does not look like UnPack shark tank plans to update its business site. The site is live now, but when you click “Book Your Trip,” the page redirects to a request for your email address to be added to a notification list when they start shipping. None of their other social media profiles were updated in 2016 either. Without better evidence, it is impossible to say that these men have not succeeded and are moving on without the Sharks’ help.’

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