30 Frugal Living Tips To Save Money And Get Frugally Fit

Khyati Hooda
By Khyati Hooda 25 Min Read

Need some frugal living tips to help you get by on your budget? Whether you need essential or extremely frugal living tips, this is the place to find them.  

Do you loathe the notion of brown-bagging it as the rest of the office goes out for lunch? Do you dread parking your old-fashioned Camry in a lot full of BMWs? Do you dread being seen with coupons in the supermarket? A lot of individuals feel the same way. 

It’s easy to keep up appearances without going broke if maintaining appearances is essential to you. You can save time and money on things you don’t need. Maintaining a good balance of both is crucial to maintaining your frugal nature and helping to keep frugality as a part of your life. 

This article provides frugal living tips that will be both mild and extreme. Frugality can be a lifelong habit if you strike the right balance between frugality and enjoyment. 

Here are some gratifying frugal living tips.

1. Eliminate monthly subscriptions

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Before purchasing all the items you think will impress your friends and neighbors, you must make room in your budget. Avoiding monthly subscriptions is one of the easiest frugal living tips. 

While it may be convenient to avoid missed payments by setting subscriptions to auto-pay, it will cost you more if forgotten, so you must remember to cancel them yourself. 

To cancel your subscriptions, you can either automatically find and cancel subscriptions using a service like Rocket Money or Trim or scan your bank and credit card statements for recurring charges. 

It is essential to review your finances every few months to ensure you aren’t paying for services you don’t need or use and how often you use each one. 

You should delete subscriptions to news websites, beauty subscription boxes, and other streaming services you are no longer using.

2. Shop for new insurance 

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When seeking to save money on insurance to finance essential purchases, it is important to compare free quotes online. Make sure your insurance coverage is adequate, and compare quotes from several providers to seek the best protection for less. 

Depending on your age or situation, your premiums may drop, or an insurer may enter the market and offer more competitive rates. 

Using an insurance specialist who works with several firms may be an effective method to obtain and compare quotes from several businesses. It is one of the finest frugal living tips. 

3. Reduce prescription costs

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The expense of prescriptions can add up if you have severe or chronic health issues. Save money and stay healthy by seeking out generic drugs and discounts. This is one of the finest frugal living tips. 

Work with your physician to identify generic drug options if you can. They are just as good as brand medications and cost a fraction of the price. 

Rather than purchasing prescriptions for only 30 days, a 90-day prescription may also save money and improve patient compliance. It may also reduce healthcare expenditures in general. 

Using a discount service like SingleCare, you can save up to 80% off a drug’s cash price. Some companies also have patient assistance programs and coupons to lower expenses.

4. Freeze the credit cards

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Keeping all of your credit cards frozen in a chunk of ice in the freezer is the most helpful way to stop yourself from using them. You can keep them on hand but will need help to use them efficiently. 

We know it’s alluring to use a credit card when we have it in our wallet, even though we know that almost all of our money is gone. 

It is your choice whether you wish to eliminate all of your credit cards, but at least you won’t be able to use them as quickly if you freeze them. It is one of the soundest frugal living tips. 

5. Turn your water heater down

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By lowering your water heater by 10F, you can save up to 5% on energy costs and prevent mineral deposits from accumulating in your pipes and heater. 

Slowing down mineral buildup will extend the lifespan of your water heater, saving you money in the long run by avoiding the need to buy a new water heater. 

You can find out how to reduce the temperature by checking your water heater’s instructions or searching online.

6. Run the dishwasher on short cycle

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You will save electricity and water when you run the dishwasher on a short cycle. It will also save you money since you won’t have to heat as much water in your water heater. 

You won’t notice the difference, and your dishes will be cleaned faster, allowing you to keep your kitchen organized. 

Extreme Frugal tip: Don’t run your dishwasher at all. Keep up with hand washing. 

7. Use rags instead of paper towels

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One of the finest frugal living tips is to get free rags from Menards all the time with rebates or cut-up old clothes or sheets to create fancy Unpaper Towels. You may keep them right under the sink to prevent paper towel temptation. 

We are avoiding $52 a year in paper towel costs if we switch from paper towels to rags. Not only are we saving money, but we’re also recycling here. What else might we do with $52 a year?

8. Make one freezer meal per week



If you’re wiped out after work one night, you can pull a ready-made meal from the freezer rather than ordering takeout. This strategy is one of the soundest frugal living tips and can save you money. Here’s how: 

There are occasions when we’re dying to bring something to eat on the way home from work, yet we’re just too drained to prepare a meal. On those occasions, it’s tempting to grab something from the grocery store. 

Fortunately, by freezing a meal, you can have a lazy night and maintain your diet and budget. It’s as easy as making a double batch for dinner that night and putting the part in the freezer for later use.

9. Turn off appliances and electronics at night

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Turning off appliances at night is one of the finest frugal living tips.

Even if an appliance or electronic device appears to be off, it still consumes electricity if plugged in. Do a visual check around your house before you go to sleep to make sure everything is off. Is there anything with light or clock on? Even if an appliance or electronic device appears to be off, it still consumes electricity if plugged in. 

Even if it uses a small amount of electricity, something is still consuming it if it is on, increasing your electricity bill. Please turn it off or try to unplug it.

10. Don’t throw away any food

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It is a terrible waste of money and food when we throw away what we can eat. The average family of four throws 122 pounds of food each month. 

We are throwing away money when we throw away food. Having at least one leftover day each week will help you use up all the leftovers from the week. 

You can set up a buffet with everything left over on a designated leftover day (or twice a week). This way, food gets eaten rather than sitting in the back of your fridge until it gets moldy. This strategy is one of the best in this huge list of frugal living tips.

11. Buy used items

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You can purchase high-quality used goods, such as designer clothing and expensive vehicles, at a lower cost. 

If you’re planning to buy a car, remember that new vehicles lose a lot of value in the first year, so getting a good deal on a previously owned one is possible. 

Many vehicle models stay mostly the same year to year, so their age will not be readily apparent to others. 

In addition, barely used, you can find brand-name electronics, jewelry, and furniture at pawn shops and Facebook sale groups. However, if you purchase from a private seller, beware of counterfeit goods and do business in a public location.

12. Rent, don’t own

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It’s often a good idea to rent rather than buy when you are looking for frugal living tips and need to make a good impression for a brief period. 

Rent the Runway provides designer clothes for rent, or Mine for Nine will provide you with fashionable maternity wear. 

You can also rent baby gear, jewelry, and handbags from several rental companies. Via these websites, you may borrow a particular item for a set number of days for a fixed price.

13. Purchase at the right time



Studying purchasing patterns can help you determine when to buy something. Certain goods and services follow predictable pricing schedules, and consumers can use those patterns to predict when prices will be lower. 

For instance, fitness products are frequently discounted in January, home prices peak in the summer, and electronics are usually at their cheapest around Black Friday in November.

During specific periods, states may offer sales tax holidays, where certain items, including school supplies and clothing, are exempt from sales tax. 

14. Buy high-quality products


When purchasing items, be selective about how you spend your money. Instead of buying cheap items that get little use, you may be better off investing in a high-quality thing that you’ll use frequently. 

For instance, you’ll wear clothes that fit correctly and operate well, unlike those that don’t.

15. Enlist your friends

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The majority of your friends may also want to follow frugal living tips. Setting a limit on how much to spend on holiday gifts is one way to accomplish this. 

Everyone will appreciate not having to spend much money on each of their friends anymore. You can trade lawn care, child care, food, transportation, and even photography services for other services or products. 

It’s best to barter with someone you know and trust directly, but BarterQuest can help you find bartering partners worldwide. 

Be cautious of new platforms with few users, which may be scammers in disguise. Make sure to read user reviews and look for indications of authenticity.

16. Unplug two things that you aren’t using

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Some items that are plugged in do not consume energy when they are off. For example, a lamp that has been turned off is not on standby and will not consume electricity when it is not in use. 

When looking for frugal living tips, unplug anything with standby electricity, including your coffee maker, bread maker, and mobile phone charger. 

Use a Kill-A-Watt to identify which appliances are consuming energy, then unplug at least two that don’t need to be plugged in all the time. Unplug more if you can.

17. Turn off lights in unused rooms

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It’s worthwhile to turn off the lights in unoccupied rooms. Your partner and children are not likely to turn off the lights when they exit a room, so make sure you do. 

The lights shouldn’t be on if no one is in the room. When learning about frugal living tips, it’s beneficial to keep an eye on the lights and only turn them on when you’re in the room. 

It seems simple, but how often do we leave the lights on in the kitchen when we’re only in the living room? It happens all the time.

18. Sell three things on Craigslist or Facebook

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Each week, list at least three items for sale on Craigslist, Facebook, and local newspapers. 

If your local newspaper allows free advertising, list your free items there. Craigslist and Facebook are always free; some newspapers will enable you to advertise items at a specific price. 

You should list three things you no longer need to help earn a little extra money each week. One of the best when learning about frugal living tips is to get rid of things you do not need around your house.

19. Use ¼ less laundry detergent

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Another best strategy to follow when learning about frugal living tips is to use less detergent.

Rather than filling up that detergent cap to the fill line, add less. Instead of filling up that detergent cap to the fill line, add less. This means that if your bottle of detergent typically cleans 32 loads of laundry, using less will yield 40 loads. 

For example, if you typically use 32 loads of detergent in your washing machine, you’ll be able to wash 40 loads instead. 

If you usually pay $0.06 per load or $1.99 per 32 loads, you can lower your consumption to 75% of what you typically use, resulting in a cost of $0.05 per load, as per our example above. 

Using this method, you could save about one bottle of detergent every week(if you do five loads per week on average). You can even cut your detergent usage by 60%.

20. Line-dry your clothes

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Electricity costs $0.12 per kilowatt hour (check your local utility bill for the cost per kilowatt hour). A dryer uses $0.40 for every load you run, so if you wash five loads of laundry each week, it will cost you $8.58 in electric bills. 

If you wash eight loads of laundry each week, you’re paying $13.75 on your electric bill. You can save $100-$200 annually by line-drying your clothes. 

Line-drying is an excellent option if you need more room in the backyard to set up a large clothesline. These clothesline trees are available in the camping section of Walmart, or you can purchase a single clothesline if you need more space. 

You can also use an indoor drying rack if it’s winter, or line drying is not an option because of allergies or other limitations in your area.

21. Choose low-cost experiences

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You don’t have to pay much cash to create Instagram-worthy moments that you will enjoy. When looking for frugal living tips, spending the day at a park with your boyfriend for a picnic might be just as fun as going to a fancy restaurant for dinner. 

In addition, outdoor spaces provide excellent photo opportunities for social media sharing. Museums and attractions in major cities are often inexpensive. 

For example, the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., is free to enter alongside other Smithsonian museums. Museums, parks, and zoos across the country often offer free admission days or resident discounts.

22. Travel in the off-season

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When you’re ready for a getaway, traveling during the off-season can save money and avoid crowds. European destinations such as France, Poland, and the United Kingdom, among others, are popular destinations. 

These countries are popular destinations because they are easily accessible during the off-season, and the weather is still welcoming. It’s also intelligent to travel during the shoulder seasons when the weather is still lovely, but the prices are lower. 

After Labor Day, beach and lake destinations see a 30% reduction in rental fees, according to VRBO, a vacation rental website.

23. Use loyalty programs

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Choosing coupons may make you appear like a penny pincher, but you can use store loyalty programs to dispel your fears. It is one of the best options when learning about frugal living tips.

To save money on groceries, chains like Kroger and Target allow you to digitally clip coupons and enter your phone number or scan a device at checkout. 

Drugstore Walgreens rewards customers with discounts using its loyalty card, which can accumulate points. Loyalty programs operated by Starbucks, Panera Bread, and other chains award customers free meals as a loyalty reward.

24. Maximize travel rewards

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Using loyalty rewards programs to gain points toward award flights, free hotel stays, and upgrades to stay within your budget is possible. 

Consider using a travel credit card to earn rewards and points, but ensure you can meet the minimum spending point on your credit card to get the most benefits and advantages. 

Some credit cards have a partnership with retailers and travel companies that can save you money on your flight, hotel, and rental car and keep you out of trouble. 

Only charge as much as you can quickly pay off each month with a credit card, or you might pay more in interest than you gain in travel benefits.

25. Embrace DIY projects

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To maintain appearances, you don’t need to spend much money. No one will notice if you wash your automobile or utilize the luxurious car wash in town. 

Working out at home rather than paying for a costly health club membership can help you look healthy and fit. When learning about frugal living tips, you can iron your own shirts rather than send them to the dry cleaner or do essential yard work yourself.

26. Skip spending more to boost your status

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Some things are no longer as impressive as they once were. The status of a Rolex watch being worn is declining rapidly as fewer people wear traditional watches. 

Expensive pens and cufflinks are other status symbols that have become primarily ignored since they are no longer as relevant. 

When learning about frugal living tips, rather than spending money on things that matter to your friends, consider buying what you need.

27. Make a bills checklist

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Although you may be great at remembering dates, you can occasionally forget to pay a bill. Credit card late fees average $39. That’s a lot. If you’re late on your payments three times in one year, it amounts to more than $100. 

If you want to maintain track of your monthly bills, arrange them for when they are due. If the date of one payment changes from month to month, leave it blank, and fill it in as soon as you know. 

Cross off the list every time you pay a bill. Make sure you place it somewhere you can easily find and see it.

28. Start a change jar

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Start a jar for saving spare change around the house, in your pockets, or from shopping. You may keep the money in the change drawer for something special or put it away and deposit it in the bank once it is complete.

29. Stick to the food basics

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Bread, meat, and produce are the staples of the supermarket. While attempting to save money on groceries, avoid the middle aisles packed with nicely packaged items and marketed to consumers. 

You may get what you require by purchasing fruit, vegetables, protein, and healthy fats. 

Make sure you only purchase what you require the next time you go shopping. Do you need that $2 sugary cereal, or can it be substituted with a $1/lb container of oats? 

It’s a good idea to think about this when you’re shopping and looking for frugal living tips.

30. Be strategic about presentation

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Despite saving money, sometimes people can create the appearance of luxury. Instead of serving guests a sheet cake from the kitchen, couples may serve a less expensive yet equally delicious professionally decorated cake at their wedding. 

Similarly, they may opt for an attention-grabbing bridal bouquet while using less costly cut flowers for the bridesmaids and centerpieces. 

Since you can accomplish birthdays, graduation celebrations, and other events similarly, you should consider this strategy.


Wrapping Up

Are you at a stage where you have empty cupboards and no money to fill them? Or are you a frugality enthusiast? You don’t need to use your hard-earned cash on stuff you don’t require to keep up appearances. 

If you wish to maintain appearances without digging into your wallet, numerous ways exist. Following the above-mentioned frugal living tips, you can save money and live an incredibly frugal life.

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