how many jobs are available in basic industries

How Many Jobs Are Available In Basic Industries? (2022)

Sukanya Mukherjee
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The foundation of any economy is its basic industries, which also impact the entire labor market by directly and indirectly employing all types of people. Today, we are looking into how many jobs are available in basic industries. 

The five fundamental economic sectors in the United States are agriculture, mining, engineering and construction, manufacturing, and utilities. 

We’ll examine these markets in addition to how many jobs are available in basic industries.

What Are Basic Industries?

The term “basic” is used informally to describe sectors of the economy that support modern society. How many jobs are available in basic industries, with agriculture, mining, transportation, and utilities as examples, as well as manufacturing, wholesale and retail commerce, and information services.

how many jobs are available in basic industries

These industries are categorized by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) as responsible for almost 30% of jobs in the country. These industries are essential to our economy, even if some people might not be aware of them.

Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path?

Making a career decision is a significant one that will have long-term effects on your life. The sector of basic industries is one choice you might not have considered. The need for workers in basic industries, essential for our daily existence, never seems to disappear.

Manufacturers receive their raw supplies from basic industries. Workers in this industry extract natural resources like coal, oil, and gas. 

After that, raw resources are transformed into new goods or used to produce energy. Science, engineering, and math are subjects of study that can be helpful for people who are interested in basic industries.

The economy cannot function without the basic industries. Working in a basic industry has several advantages. You’ll have employment security, which is one of the key advantages.

You will obtain benefits like health insurance and a retirement plan, and basic industries often compensate their employees well. Working in a basic industry also allows you to pick up new skills. You can learn about the most recent technology and procedures through the training programs many basic industries provide for their personnel.

You will have the opportunity to work on significant projects and find solutions to crucial issues for the business. Working in a basic industry is a fantastic alternative if you’re searching for a stable career with solid pay and perks.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Basic Industries?

There are a few basic industries that are always going to exist. These include agriculture, building, repair, cleaning, and food service. These industries always seem stable, even when the economy is struggling, since people still need to feed.

Thanks to technological advancements, we are no longer restricted to finding work in our hometown or nearby city. There is a market for everyone seeking work, so it’s crucial to investigate various careers and speak with individuals who already hold them before selecting which one is ideal for you.

While some occupations demand more schooling than others, all of them can open doors to opportunities in your area of interest.


Here are a few examples of the numerous jobs that are available in these sectors:

Manufacturing: These positions involve turning raw materials into finished goods. Workers operate machinery, weld metal, and put products together in this sector.

Mining: These positions entail digging up minerals and other materials from the earth. Workers in this fielding drill for resources operate large machinery and move materials.

Construction: Building structures like homes, roads, and bridges is the focus of construction work. Workers use tools in this field to erect and repair structures.

Farm: These occupations entail cultivating and harvesting crops. Workers in this sector run machinery, sow seeds and care for livestock.

There are numerous chances available if you’re interested in working in the basic industry. Each of these industries has many additional jobs accessible, with its mix of difficulties and benefits.

Salary & Education: The Basic Industries

Money is the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about a career and how many jobs are available in basic industries. A career in the basic industry pays an average salary of $30,000. 

However, factors such as experience, degree, and salaries might range from $20,000 to $40,000. Salaries might rise to $50,000 or more with training and education. Managerial and executive professions might pay much more. 

  • Logger: $68,000
  • Metal fabricator: $32,00
  • Ironworker: $39,000
  • Machinist: $45,000
  • Forensic Scientist: $60,216
  • Miner jobs: $44,000
  • Textile designer: $64,000
  • Electrician: $59,190
  • Health and Safety Officer: $54,000
  • Chemical Engineer: $108,540

The number of expanding basic industries includes the petroleum sector. Almost every skill level can find employment possibilities in various industries, including wastewater treatment, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, and construction.

The upcoming years will probably be the best time for people wishing to work in basic sectors. It’s the perfect time to start because there are many industries where high-paying employment is available with little education requirement.

What Companies Are In The Basic Industries Field?

When wondering how many jobs are available in basic industries, you are bound to research the companies in this sector. We have already compiled a list of 10 popular companies in the basic industries, but here is a brief rundown of them. 

1. Chevron Corporation

2. PPG Industries

3. Procter & Gamble Company

4. Cargill

5. International Paper

6. Rudolph and Sletten

7. DuPont de Nemours

8. Masco Corporation

9. Sealed Air Corporation

10. Newmont Mining Corporation

Our article provides a more thorough analysis of these corporations.

Wrapping Up: How Many Jobs Are Available In Basic Industries?

So, how many jobs are available in basic industries? 

Manufacturing, wholesaling, and retailing are all examples of basic businesses that offer various job options. Basic industries are now more in demand as a means of employment due to increased demand for trained people.

Although this industry is growing steadily and predictably, it is not anticipating a surge in growth. It’s an excellent career choice for those who want to work with the materials and goods that form the foundation of our daily life. The best aspect is that interested individuals have a boatload of choices.

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