how many jobs are available in consumer non-durables

How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Non-Durables? 2022

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The consumer non-durables industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the global economy. The demand for goods such as clothing, footwear, home furnishings, and accessories continues to grow with rising living standards and increasing personal incomes worldwide. This article will discuss how many jobs are available in consumer non-durables industry.

There are many job opportunities at different levels of consumer non-durables companies, from entry-level to management positions. Here we look at 10 top jobs in the consumer non-durables industry and their average salaries.

What Is The Consumer Non-Durables Industry?

Before we jump in and discuss how many jobs are available in consumer non-durables, we must first understand this industry. 

Non-durable consumer products are manufactured and sold, generally constituting food, clothing, cosmetics, and other household items. They are utilized and then discarded relatively quickly.

Despite the sector being one of the economy’s most important sectors, given its large proportion of overall spending and a large number of employees, it has faced problems in recent years due to changing consumer preferences and foreign manufacturer competition.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Non-Durables? 2022

Read on if you’d like to know how many jobs are available in consumer non-durables. This article will cover everything you need to know about the jobs in the consumer non-durables field and their expected growth in 2022.

1. Human Resources Manager

The first occupation that jumps to mind when considering how many jobs are available in consumer non-durables is an HR manager. 

Human resources managers oversee all aspects of employee recruitment, development, and management. They are responsible for creating a work environment that is both efficient and productive. 

how many jobs are available in consumer non-durables

In addition, they ensure that the workforce is well-trained, meaning that the business has access to the best possible people who can produce the best possible results. Human resources managers also advise business owners on all aspects of employment law and help to shape the company culture about diversity and inclusion. 

2. Marketing Manager

The marketing manager is the second most important career considering is how many jobs are available in consumer non-durables. 

A marketing manager is responsible for all aspects of a company’s marketing. This includes everything from brand development and identity to product design and distribution. Marketing managers must understand customers’ needs and what they want to buy. They do this through market research and data analytics. 

Marketing managers must also have in-depth knowledge of the chosen industry and the range of products available on the market. They must know what is likely to be a commercial success and what will be a flop.

3. Computer Programmer


The task of computer programmers is to create applications that solve specific problems by writing and testing code. They are often responsible for a particular area of an application. If someone has a CSE degree or good programming knowledge and wants to learn how many jobs are available in consumer non-durables, this suits them best.

Some programmers manage teams of other programmers. For example, they might be responsible for the program’s user interface or write code that connects the application to databases or networks. They test the application for bugs, then write code to fix any problems they find. 

4. Data Analyst

Data analysts work closely with data scientists to understand data insights and turn them into business insights. They use data visualization techniques to make data accessible and easy to understand. They can also use programming tools to clean data, integrate data from different sources, and create data models. 

Data analysts are critical to the decision-making process in most organizations. They use data to help businesses make smart decisions. This can include identifying areas of weakness and risk, as well as coming up with strategies to improve performance.

5. Data Security Analyst


It’s important to remember that a data analyst and a data security analyst are separate things. There are many differences between the two, as you are here for how many jobs are available in consumer non-durables. We are not misleading you in any way. 

A data security analyst is responsible for protecting an organization’s sensitive data and information assets against cyber-attacks and other unauthorized access. They are responsible for implementing and managing an organization’s security systems, policies, and procedures. 

Data security analysts also need excellent communication skills, often reporting their findings to senior management.

6. eCommerce Manager

An eCommerce manager is responsible for managing the online sales activities at an organization. This includes product design, marketing, sales activities, shipping and delivery, and customer service. 

An eCommerce manager must be well-versed in the latest digital marketing techniques and understand how to use data analysis to make smart business decisions. They must also have excellent communication skills.

7. Electronic technician

Electronic technicians use various tools and software to test, repair, and build electrical equipment, such as computers, medical devices, and communications systems. The specific duties of an electronic technician will vary depending on the employer. 

As a technician, you may fix faulty computer circuits, install medical equipment, or design and build new computer systems. Whatever the task, you will use various technical skills, including computer programming, engineering, and innovation. You will also use multiple electrical tools, such as oscilloscopes, multimeters, and soldering irons.

8. Fashion Designer/Stylist

Fashion designers and stylists create the clothing that we wear. Design and aesthetics are the designer’s responsibility, while the stylist is responsible for how it looks on an individual model. 

Fashion designers and stylists must be able to translate the design ideas of their clients into attractive and marketable clothing. They must also possess an artistic eye for color and texture and excellent communication and organizational skills. 

9. Merchandise manager

A merchandise manager is responsible for managing the inventory and sales activities of the company’s retail store. Their store’s products must be available at the right time based on consumer tastes and buying patterns.


A merchandise manager must also know how to use data analytics to make business decisions, such as what products to stock or when to mark down items to clear. They must also have excellent communication skills and a strong customer service orientation.

10. Supply chain manager

Supply chain management is the last profession we’ll discuss in this article on how many jobs are available in consumer non-durables.

A supply chain manager manages and optimizes the flow of goods and services through a company’s supply chain. This might entail ordering raw materials, shipping finished goods to customers, and arranging for repairs and maintenance services. 

A supply chain manager must understand the company’s strengths and weaknesses and how to use data analytics to make smart business decisions. Also, they should be able to communicate effectively with all levels of staff, including those in other countries.


Now that you are familiar with the consumer non-durables market, you can decide whether this field is for you or not.

However, you should also be aware of your challenges in this job field. You need to have valuable and marketable skills. This article discussed how many jobs are available in consumer non-durables. This information will help you identify the right career path for you.

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