How To Make Money As A Kid Online: 20+ Best Ways

Khyati Hooda
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Wondering how to make money as a kid online? I’ve got you. Kids are natural entrepreneurs. They want to explore and are willing to take risks, making them ideal candidates for e-commerce ventures. 

With their sense of curiosity coupled with their digital tools and apps skills, there’s no shortage of opportunities for kids to start up their businesses. 

Many kids are faced with the lightbulb moment of, ‘instead of spending two hours watching this movie, what else could I be doing?’ 

This question leads to an entrepreneurial mindset and thinking about using those 2 hours to earn money. 

Those in high school or college who find themselves unable to have a physical internship at their workplace should take the internet route. 

There are some ways for them to earn money while gaining valuable experience. This blog will discuss how to make money as a kid online.

Here are 20+ ways to earn money as a kid online

Make money as a kid
How To Make Money As A Kid Online: 20+ Best Ways 11

Here are a few ways to earn some income and gain practical experience by learning how to make money as a kid online.

1. Freelance Work

Freelancing is one of the most popular ways to make money. It’s an excellent way for teens to get their foot in the door and start earning. Many websites offer this opportunity, including Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr to name a few! 

Signing up for these sites is easy- you can create your account either by registering with your name and email or verifying through Facebook Connect or LinkedIn

You will then have time frames of approval before you’re able to accept freelance work clients’ requests from you on any site-either directly interacting with them or going through listings found on whichever site they asked for it from online first. 

Once approved (usually within 24 hours), freelancers are paid hourly depending on their type of work (for example, video editing pays higher than copywriting) and their skill level.

2. Make Youtube Videos

Kids are pretty savvy in technology, so they don’t need much investment to set themselves up as a YouTube creator. Many other kids and teens out there have done this before. 

Ryan’s World has an impressive 28 million subscribers and started when the 9-year old began unboxing toys in his videos on YouTube at first. You can make a video about any subject you’re passionate about, whether a makeup tutorial or anything else that can help promote your business or channel (i.e. Minecraft). 

How to make money as a kid online? Kids may also gain income through ads or sponsorship if their parents are involved with setting up their accounts correctly from the outset. 

3. Take Online Surveys

Taking online surveys usually doesn’t require experience or skills, which is a right fit for kids with much free time. Some sites, including MyPoints and Swagbucks, are open to teens as young as 13. 

Here’s how online surveys work: Users earn gift cards, cash, or other rewards for answering the questions and sharing opinions on different topics.

 However, this work has drawbacks:

  • It can be mind-numbing.
  • It pays little.
  • It often requires survey takers to share their demographics or personal information (to do things like winning a prize).

Kids and their parents should consider these things before proceeding – you’ll need to apply for a bunch of surveys to make decent money, but it’s all about the amount of effort you put in.

4. Instagram Influencer

An influencer has a lot of followers on the internet, including famous people. An Instagram post or video can help them earn a lot through sponsored posts, product reviews, brand promotion, and selling photos.

Before you do anything else, make sure you select the niche field something that’s important to you and create an engaging profile picture as it will determine how other people see your account. 

Once that’s done, sign up for a professional or business account in Settings options and analyze audience engagement opportunities so they know what kind of content to expect from you in future posts. 

How to make money as a kid online? Keep posting consistently with something interesting, so the audience never feels bored. An Instagram influencer earns a modest amount of money.

How To Make Money As A Kid Online: 20+ Best Ways 12

5. Sell Crafts or Jewelry Online

If your child is naturally crafty, making jewelry or crafts and selling them online can be a great small business idea. An Etsy site is one popular way to sell your wares. 

Zandra Cunningham did just this when she created her lip balm at age 9! 

Fast forward some years later, she’s now giving lectures about beauty and entrepreneurship and owning and managing one of the leading brands in that industry – thanks to how much success she had when starting so young. 

Parents should also be aware of the signup rules for sites like Etsy-kids must have permission to use it.

6. Custom Enamel Pins Seller

Starting an online store to do business is without a doubt one of the quickest ways to
make money. An online custom pins shop is one of the most popular stores these days.

The teens can open their shop on Etsy, Amazon, etc, or can take advantage of the social
media channel to do pins business.

Bring your inspiration from your hobbies, favorite cartoon shows, movies, the things that drive you crazy into pins, and then sell the pins to make a profit. Partnering with an enamel pin manufacturer to create those pins in an affordable budget and super quantity will be a necessary step.

custom pins 1
How To Make Money As A Kid Online: 20+ Best Ways 13

7. Sell Vintage

Your days of being ashamed to wear hand-me-downs are long gone. Vintage clothing is back in style. If your kid has a passion for fashion and can spot a retro pair of Adidas trainers or ’80s Levis, they could make money selling vintage clothes online. 

Sites like ThredUP and Depop make it easier to find their customer base.

8. Streaming

Many kids love watching streamlined live content, so they should consider creating their own. Twitch brings gamers and content creators together by providing a platform for streaming games. 

For example, Canadian streamer Shroud (Mike Grzesiek) started playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive when he was first introduced to it on twitch and is now one of the world’s most-watched (and lucrative) streamers. 

How to make money as a kid online? 

When it comes down to making money as an under 18 person who wants a job as an internet star, you make your income through broadcasting via ad revenue, sponsorships with brands, viewer donations & subscriptions.

How To Make Money As A Kid Online: 20+ Best Ways 14

9. Become a Tutor

If you are skilled in one or more school subjects and have enough time to help others, why not offer your services as a tutor? 

Presenting yourself to classmates or asking family members is a great way to start. You can also post leaflets around schools, libraries, and coffee shops- be sure that it’s approved first.

How to make money as a kid online?

Another option could be working with kids who need extra cash on a fundamental level by helping them with homework, preparing for tests/exams, or studying foreign languages. 

10. Become a Gamer

Video games have always been seen as a leisure activity from the outside. On the inside, gamers know that video games can be lucrative in many ways. 

One way is through competitive gaming like Esports: if you are good enough at gaming, then you can turn it into a business and make money off of your skills while playing with others online or in tournaments. 

Another way to generate income from playing video games is through YouTube streaming where people get paid for uploading videos of them playing different kinds of game genres. 

Finally, you could also teach other players how to become better gamers-all by teaching via Skype sessions.

How To Make Money As A Kid Online: 20+ Best Ways 15

11. Develop an App

Whenever we think about this topic, the first thing that comes to mind is all of those young app developers out there who rode the wave and published their apps for sale within the App Store when “there’s an app for that” really took off. 

Then you have people like Andrew, who published multiple apps which accumulated tens of thousands of downloads, and Cameron, who created a sketching app where he donated money from his proceeds – $20k- to a children’s hospital in Los Angeles. 

Though these stories occurred years ago, it is still happening today. Maybe it’s not such big news because more young programmers are finding success? 

And if so, then hopefully, they’re setting good examples for anyone looking to get started themselves!

12. Start a Website

We all have the opportunity to make money online by creating a website. Once the traffic builds up and you begin getting advertisers interested in your work, you can monetize these visits. 

You can do it through advertisements and sponsorships. You can also design and sell your website to others or offer gig-based work on Fiverr

The minimum age requirement when selling services on Fiverr is 13 years old, so don’t let that stop you from posting if you’re both over 18!

13. Create and Sell 3D designs, prints

3D printing is a versatile method of making money and one that kids don’t need to have access to for it to work. 

How to make money as a kid online?

There are multiple ways they can earn without any form of 3D printing, like selling designs through marketplaces like Shapeways or Etsy. Then there’s the more traditional way: Selling prints.

14. Blogging/Vlogging

Blogging is a great way to make money these days. You can start a blog by writing about your interests and pulling in readers or traffic, translating into cash. 

You can earn through blogging via Google AdSense, affiliate marketing (promoting others’ products on your blog), doing product reviews, guest posts in others’ blogs, or even with product sales on your site. 

The design doesn’t matter much, so don’t worry about that – publish every day and keep improving as you go along.

Once you work out what niche area(s) interest you most and what type of content is up for grabs there, income can come fast. So pick a place, then start a blog – you should learn everything else en route. Use tools like Writesonic and Rytr to write blogs easily.

How To Make Money As A Kid Online: 20+ Best Ways 16

15. Design and Sell T-shirts Online

It seems like for every influencer; there is a clothing brand that they promote alongside what they do on social media.

(Have you been badgered to buy an expensive t-shirt from some YouTuber you’ve never heard of?)

It all starts with creating your custom design and selling them online. Selling t-shirts online is the easiest way to do this process because it doesn’t require any significant investments upfront. 

There are more ways than one to sell your shirts: either getting them printed each time someone purchases one which will be drop-shipped right away or buying in bulk, holding the stock, and shipping yourself where necessary.

16. Rent and Sell Old Books

If you want to make extra cash, getting a book rental service might be the best option. When it starts to get closer to back-to-school time and school fees aren’t the only thing on your plate, buying books for class becomes an expensive expense. 

Many of us don’t know that there are websites with a vast library of used books to rent our textbooks or sell old ones. 

There are lots of platforms such as olx and amazon where you can sell your old textbook and earn a good income from it. 

You can also buy books from the market at wholesale and sell them online on your website or through a social media channel.

Sell old books
How To Make Money As A Kid Online: 20+ Best Ways 17

17. Sell Digital Products

Maybe your kid or teen loves to write and would like to create an E-book or publish their books. Storyjumper lets kids design and sell original stories and read published work from other children. 

For those who love the arts, you could also get into creating artwork on sites such as Etsy that are free or cheap with the help of illustrator tools such as Photoshop. 

Toronto-based Leeloo started drawing pictures at the age of 7 when she was in elementary school only because she wanted to wear them on t-shirts; now, her designs can be found online and through Drake General Store.

18. Become a Reviewer with Slice the Pie

Slice the Pie is an easy way to make money by giving feedback on music and clothing before they are released. Helping artists, record labels, and brands with your opinion will allow you to earn even more. 

If you have friends who don’t know much about Slice the Pie yet, show them a few reviews (make sure they mention how great it was). 

Make sure when signing up that they use your link or code so that you can get a commission from their earnings as well. This action is a perfect example of Affiliate Marketing.

19. Become a Roblox Entrepreneur 

Roblox is becoming more and more popular each day, which leads to why not? It’s one of the fastest-growing game creation platforms in history. As a result, there are multiple reasons why you should be playing Roblox right now. 

One reason is that it’s fun with friends and others in the community to create your own game. But besides that—did you know kids can also implement monetization strategies so they can earn Robux (digital currency) and even cash it out for real money!? Young developers made over $30M on Roblox last year alone.

So what should kids do to start earning Robux? How to make money as a kid online?

They need to create a system that allows other players to give them Robux in exchange for an item in their game or just by pressing the donate button at the end of each obstacle course.

20. Sell Photos Online

Today you don’t need an expensive camera to take professional-looking photos. All you need is a smartphone. 

In reality, once you have picked out some good images, you can post them and sell their rights. You would get paid royalties for every photo that gets downloaded, which could potentially result in quick money if it’s used right. 

Adobe Stock and Shutterstock are popular options when looking for stock image sites where kids should license original work soon enough. 

How to make money as a kid online? EyeEm, 123rf, or Foap are great opportunities to make money from today’s talents.

21. Storytelling via Podcasts

Podcasts are a sequence of digital audio or video files that users can download to listen to, and there is no shortage in demand for podcast hosts. 

With nearly 200 million monthly active users and 40 podcast companies, it’s evident that this industry has been steadily growing over the years. If you have good oratory skills but lack the money to get started on your own- don’t worry. 

You can begin recording podcasts using your mobile phone with some DIY equipment like pop filters, microphones, laptops/computers for editing software (here) before uploading them on various platforms such as iTunes Podcasts, where downloads reach up to 800 per second. 

That said, though, signing up at these sites costs money that may not be worth investing if you’re starting, so first look into how much recording equipment will cost before investing more cash into this venture.

Podcast 1
How To Make Money As A Kid Online: 20+ Best Ways 18

22. Sell Handmade Items 

Do you love crafting skills? And you know what others will like too? 

Make something and sell it on Etsy, an online marketplace that sells handmade, craft, and vintage items. 

If your parents give permission, you can sell your creations with the help of this site Etsy

One way for kids to make money is through making bead jewelry, friendship bracelets, or small sculptures; a crafty hobby can be knitting blankets or clothing greeting cards printables – there are endless options. 

Like eBay, you pay listing fees and the transaction fee for sales, so work out how much materials cost vs. how much they will earn back- suitable for math skills.

Handmade items
How To Make Money As A Kid Online: 20+ Best Ways 19

23. Amazon Associates Online

If you are looking for a way to earn money from blogging, Amazon has an affiliate marketing program. 

It’s called the Amazon Associates Program, and you can create links on your website or blog and make charges when customers click on those links and buy products from there. It’s free to join and comfortable to use. 

To begin, go to and then you need to log in to your Amazon account, then provide a list of any sites or apps where you display banners, widgets, links, or other ads for Amazon products. 

You can add up to 50 websites at most, but be sure the work meets the terms listed here, so it continues smoothly without interruption in service. 

Hopefully, now you know about – How to make money as a kid online?


Earning money at a young age can be an excellent opportunity for those willing to take responsibility for any job or business. 

Families need to set priorities and ground rules if they want their children to learn about finances and how work ethic is crucial in any career path. 

Talk with parents, teachers, counselors, and other trusted adults so you have guidance on what jobs you should or shouldn’t do when you have started working from such a young age. 

How to make money as a kid online? Some of the opportunities above – successful or not – can introduce kids to things like coding, game development, and creative arts. It will help them develop their skills and figure out what they want in the future.

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