How To Make Money On Pinterest: 15 Realistic Ideas

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Have you ever found yourself endlessly scrolling through Pinterest, getting lost in the world of beautifully curated boards and inspiring pins? 

It’s easy to get hooked on this platform, but what if I told you that you could do more than collect creative ideas and mouthwatering recipes on Pinterest?

What if you could turn your Pinterest passion into a way to make some extra cash? Well, my friend, you’re in for a treat! Did you know that Pinterest has about 465 million active users, an increase of 7.3% from the previous year?

We’re going to unveil the secrets of how to make money on Pinterest. That’s right; you can take your love for pinning and turn it into a side hustle or even a full-fledged income stream. 

So, if you’re ready to explore the possibilities and discover how to transform your pins and boards into a source of income, you’re in the right place. Grab your favorite cup of coffee and dive into how to make money on Pinterest.  

Key Takeaways

  • Pinterest Users – 45% of adults in the United States with a household income over $100K per year are active on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest Audience – More than 76% of Pinterest’s global audience is women.
  • Impact – The size of your followers & the engagement level on your pins can impact your earnings.
  • Making Money On Pinterest – You can make money on Pinterest in several ways, including partnering with brands, including affiliate links in your pins, creating sponsored content, using Pinterest ads, selling Pinterest templates, joining Pinterest Creator Fund, and earning Creator rewards.
  • Offering Services – You can also make money by becoming a Virtual Assistant, managing others’ accounts, providing consultancy services, and teaching Pinterest marketing.
  • Drive Traffic – If you are a blogger or ecommerce store owner, you can drive Pinterest traffic to your blog or ecommerce store, sell products or services, and earn money.
  • Earnings – You can make around $20-$100 or more than $200 daily on Pinterest.

Is It Possible To Make Money On Pinterest?

Making money from Pinterest is not just a dream; it’s a reality for many folks out there. 

You’d be surprised to see how many people are actually earning their livelihood through Pinterest cash. It’s like they’ve cracked the code to turn those pins into real dollars! 

And guess what? You can do it too! It’s not some kind of secret society; it’s an opportunity waiting for you to grab hold of it. 

Data shows that 45% of adults in the United States with a household income over $100K/year are active on Pinterest, and 83% of Pinterest users buy on the basis of what they see on the platform.

Pinterest can be a money-making machine for bloggers, content creators, and ecommerce business owners.

If you haven’t jumped on the Pinterest money train yet, now’s the perfect time to hop aboard!

And when you’re diving into a platform like this, it’s essential to get to know its crowd. So, let’s talk a bit about who uses Pinterest the most, shall we?

Who Is Pinterest For?

how to make money on pinterest

More than 76% of Pinterest’s global audience is women. It means that 3 out of 4 users are women.

Pinterest is very popular among youngsters in the United States. According to data, about 45% of users have a household income of more than $100,000.

Pinterest has said that about 80% of weekly pinners discover new brands or products during their time spent on the platform.

Now, it’s time to disclose the top ways on how to make money on Pinterest.

Learn How To Make Money On Pinterest

How To Make Money On Pinterest: 15 Realistic Ideas 32

There are many ways how to make money on Pinterest. Let us dive and look at them one by one:

1. Partner With Different Brands

Partnering with different brands is one of the best ways how to make money on Pinterest.

If you have a massive following on Pinterest and you get huge traffic on your pins, then you can make partnerships with different brands. You only need to promote their products or services for shoppable idea pins.

Pinterest offers a paid collaboration tool that simplifies partnerships between influencers and brands by enhancing transparency in their collaborations.

You just need to create an Idea pin within the app & incorporate the paid partnership label by tagging the respective brand. Once the brand approves the tag, your pin will start displaying its name at the bottom.

how to make money on pinterest

Remember that brands are always willing to compensate for producing and sharing this kind of content with your followers. They might even choose to include your pin in their ad campaign.

Make sure to fix the rates that you’ll charge from brands. You can charge for single pins and other content.

For example, Kérastase did partnerships with Pinterest beauty creators for brand awareness of purple shampoo.

As a result, it experienced a rise in its brand awareness that is 11% higher than the benchmarks.

how to make money on pinterest

2. Embed Affiliate Links In Your Pins

how to make money on pinterest

Another method to make money from Pinterest is by using affiliate marketing. You can join different affiliate programs, such as Wayfair, Priceline, BH Photo Video, Fine Art America, Amazon Associates, and Embark.

Once you’re approved in any of the above affiliate programs, you can now choose a product or service relevant to your audience and copy its referral link. After that, create a pin on Pinterest and embed that referral link.

When a user clicks the link on your pin, they are redirected to the affiliate website where they can buy a product or service. If they make a purchase, you will earn a commission.

See this pin is linked to Amazon and has an affiliate link –

how to make money on pinterest

3. Send Traffic To Your Blog

If you’re a blogger, you can send the Pinterest audience to your blog and increase your website traffic. This will increase your blogging revenue if you monetize your site with ads, sponsored posts, or affiliate links.

Pinterest marketing has led to remarkable success for bloggers across various niches. If you don’t have a blog, you can create one.

Select a specific niche for your blog, such as food, personal finance, fashion, tech, and more. After that, you need to develop and publish content for your blog. Once you’re ready with a good number of blog posts, you can now design pins for blog posts you wish to promote on Pinterest. Then, share these images or video pins on Pinterest.

When a Pinterest user searches for content related to your blog post, they’ll discover your pin, click on it, & potentially view your advertisements or make purchases from your blog. This is how you can generate income through Pinterest. has designed this image pin and has shared its website link on Pinterest.

how to make money on pinterest

4. Send Traffic To Your Ecommerce Site

If you’re an owner of an ecommerce store, you can direct Pinterest traffic to your store and increase sales. You can create attractive photos and add links to your ecommerce products.

how to make money on pinterest

Your created pins help increase your brand awareness and direct potential buyers to your store. You can convert Pinterest users into customers & increase your overall sales.

For example, see how an ecommerce store named has created a video pin and has shared its ecommerce store link on Pinterest.

5. Be A Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Do you know you can become a virtual assistant for Pinterest? Yes, it’s possible!

Pinterest virtual assistants manage & operate Pinterest accounts for others. You need to create attractive and engaging pins, promote them, and then schedule the content.

If you want to become a Pinterest virtual assistant, you need first to create your Pinterest account, showcase your skills, and then advertise your services on your site.

You can easily work remotely from your home and provide help to bloggers or business owners in optimizing their Pinterest accounts. Most Pinterest virtual assistants work with multiple clients and undertake various Pinterest management tasks according to each client’s needs.

Your desired income can determine your pricing, confidence level in your rates, as well as your skills, expertise, and the type of clients you serve.

A Reddit user shares his experience as a Pinterest virtual assistant –

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6. Shoppable Pins For Products

how to make money on pinterest

One way to earn money is by creating shoppable pins for products. This strategy is perfect for someone who sells products online.

If you want to create shoppable pins, you need to apply for a Pinterest Verified Merchant. To qualify, you should have a Pinterest Business account, a website claimed on Pinterest. You also need important pages like privacy, shipping, and returns policies and contact details on your website.

Once you get approved, you can show a blue “verified” badge on your Pinterest profile.

Shoppable pins or product pins look like standard pins but feature a distinct format according to your product details. This includes a distinctive title, description, price, and stock availability.

The small price tag located in the corner signals the availability of these items for purchase.

Shoppable pins allow you to list your products on Pinterest so that customers can buy the product without leaving the platform.

Sometimes, these product pins have exclusive labels, such as “Best Seller” or “Popular,” that depend on their performance within their respective product category.

7. Sell Pinterest Templates

Selling Pinterest templates is another way how to make money on Pinterest. If you are the one who sells digital products, then Pinterest can be a helpful platform.

You can create attractive and appealing images with catching text. These can then be sold to others as Pinterest templates.

Your templates should have customization features so that your customers can customize the templates according to their needs.

See how is sharing Pinterest editable templates

how to make money on pinterest

8. Use Pinterest Ads

how to make money on pinterest

Pinterest Ads can be another effective strategy to make money from Pinterest. These ads are shown at the places where your audience sees them, such as in the search results or the home feed.

You can run ads on Pinterest to share your offerings with potential buyers. All you need is a Pinterest Business account.

Promoted pins can be used to achieve various objectives, whether it’s boosting website traffic or expanding your Pinterest follower base.

These promoted pins are displayed in your target audience’s home feed, category feeds, and search results.

Furthermore, there are various ad formats to choose from, including shopping ads that draw directly from your product catalog.

You can click on the Pinterest Ads Manager and create a campaign.

how to make money on pinterest

9. Pinterest Account Management

If you think you have all the skills to manage & grow the Pinterest accounts of others, then you can be a Pinterest account manager.

You can oversee and maintain a Pinterest account to achieve specific goals, whether personal or business-related. This involves a range of activities that optimize the account’s performance and engagement.

You can manage personal accounts or businesses looking to use Pinterest for marketing and brand promotion. The specific tasks and strategies involved may vary depending on the goals and the nature of the Pinterest account.

You just need to create a portfolio and outline your experience and the results you have got from Pinterest.

See how Atif is offering Pinterest account management services –

how to make money on pinterest

10. Showcase Products With Videos

how to make money on pinterest

Another way to earn money from Pinterest is by showcasing products with videos. Idea Pins are gaining popularity day by day on Pinterest.

You just need to tag specific products featured in your Idea Pins to make them shoppable. You can tag products by utilizing affiliate links.

As you share idea pins featuring video clips of your products, it will find new buyers to the features of your products.

11. Pinterest Consulting Services

One of the best ways how to make money on Pinterest is by offering your consultancy services to brands and businesses.

Before starting your consultancy services, you need to have a proven record of your work on Pinterest. You can also showcase how you promoted products or services, your blog, or your ecommerce store.

See how Heather Farris is providing Pinterest consultancy services and earning money –

how to make money on pinterest

12. Teach Pinterest Tips

My favorite way to make money is by teaching businesses and brands about Pinterest marketing and monetization strategies. In return, you can charge a fee.

You can create an online course with different modules on Pinterest marketing. Also, share how you achieved success in making money or converting sales.

See how Anastasia is selling her Pinterest course online and making money.

how to make money on pinterest

So, these were the ways on how to make money on Pinterest. Now, let us look at the complete guide to earning money from a Pinterest business account.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Make Money On Pinterest Business Account

how to make money on pinterest

If you’re a beginner and want to make money from Pinterest, then here is a step-by-step guide to help you achieve your goals. You just need to follow all of the steps, and soon, you gonna monetize your Pinterest Business account.

  • First, you need to decide your niche. It is best to make your Pinterest account all around a specific niche. A well-defined Pinterest account attracts a dedicated following. For instance, you can specialize in fashion inspiration, DIY projects, or home decor ideas. Further, you need to conduct keyword research to identify the most relevant terms.
  • When you register for a Pinterest business account, you have the opportunity to craft a distinctive name, description, and include links. You need to ensure that these elements include relevant keywords to draw the right audience.
  • Pinterest users often discover content through Google or Pinterest’s search bar. So, you need to add relevant keywords in your profile and each pin description. You can take inspiration from popular content within your niche in order to generate ideas.
  • Your target audience holds a big role in shaping your marketing approach. You need to analyze your blog’s focus or your current customer demographics to refine your strategy.
  • If you have more followers, your content will have more views and shares. To boost your follower count, you need to engage with other users & promote your profile to attract more visitors.
  • Pinterest also offers group boards where multiple accounts can contribute content. Many of these boards have a substantial following due to the consistent stream of content. You need to join relevant group boards within your niche to expand your reach.
  • If your goal is to generate income on Pinterest through affiliate marketing, you can join different affiliate programs. Use a unique affiliate link and promote the products or services.
  • Once you’ve established your Pinterest account, keep a close eye on the statistics to identify what resonates with your audience. If a particular type of pin outperforms others, you need to create similar content.
  • Pinterest serves as a free tool to drive traffic to your website. You can direct the Pinterest audience to your website and sell your products or services.
  • If you already have a substantial following on other social platforms, you can leverage that audience on Pinterest as well. All you need to do is regularly link to your Pinterest account, specific pins, or boards to boost your follower count and engagement.

If you follow this guide, you can definitely monetize your Pinterest account.

Wait a second, do you know how much money you can make on Pinterest?

How Much Can You Earn From Pinterest?

how to make money on pinterest

Time is precious for everyone, so it’s important to know whether investing your time in learning monetization strategies for Pinterest is worth it or not.

Well, let me tell you, Pinterest is a home of opportunities, and you can make around $20-100 or more than $200 on a daily basis.

One of the things that I like about Pinterest is that you don’t need any experience to make money through Pinterest.

The income potential on Pinterest might just exceed your expectations! No matter where your creative thoughts take you, I’m here to assure you that turning Pinterest into a source of income is not only feasible but also exciting!

Followers You Need To Earn On Pinterest

how to make money on pinterest

If you’re thinking that you require a huge number of followers to make money on Pinterest, then you’re wrong!

Even if you don’t have millions of followers, you can just embed affiliate links into your pins or sell products through your website and monetize your Pinterest account.

However, you need to remember that the size of your follower base & the engagement level on your pins can impact your earnings.

If you have a solid follower base of at least a few thousand followers, then you generally have a higher chance of earning. You can make money from affiliate income or establish partnerships with brands that can boost your social credibility.

Do you know how long it takes to monetize your Pinterest account? Let us look at the duration in the next section.

How Much Time It Takes To Make Money On Pinterest?

Well, there’s no fixed timeline. The time it takes to make money on Pinterest varies from person to person.

I have seen people taking 3 months to grow their Pinterest account. On the other hand, many of them take 8 to 9 months to get substantial results.

Always remember that success on Pinterest is not a cup of overnight success. Instead, Pinterest needs your patience, hard work, consistency, and a long-term perspective.

So, while it may take time, it’s essential not to become disheartened too quickly, as the results can ultimately prove to be very rewarding.

Now, it’s time to share some strategies to make money on Pinterest.

Proven Strategies On How To Make Money On Pinterest

Food Truck Tips 34
How To Make Money On Pinterest: 15 Realistic Ideas 33

There are many tips that can help you make money quickly. Let us look at them one by one:

Develop A Strategy

You need to develop a solid Pinterest monetization plan. A strategic approach is the key to realizing the results you’re aiming for.

If your aim is to increase blog traffic & generate income through it, then you need to produce more blog posts with a buying intent and use an increased number of standard pins.

On the other hand, if your goal is to collaborate with brands, then you need to focus on creating additional idea pins to boost your impressions & grow your follower count.

Focus On A Niche

how to make money on pinterest

You should work on a specific niche. It could enhance your chances of securing brand partnerships with particular companies.

Once you develop a devoted audience within a specific niche, it will prove more effortless to generate affiliate sales.

Know About Your Target Audience

You need to identify your target audience. It is necessary to know about your audience to tailor your content & strategy with the aim of connecting with them.

Your Pinterest marketing strategy should be according to your target audience’s preferences and characteristics.

Have A Business Account

how to make money on pinterest

If your goal is to discover how to earn money on Pinterest, you need a Pinterest business account. A business account allows you to collaborate with brands, establish affiliate links, and more. Fortunately, business accounts are free and grant you access to valuable features like analytics.

Keyword Research Process

how to make money on pinterest

You need to conduct keyword research. It not only sparks content ideas but also enables you to optimize your pins effectively for Pinterest SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

You can also use various tools to assist you with Pinterest keywords and trend exploration. One of my favorite tools is Pin Inspector. It is a software solution that simplifies the discovery of exceptional keywords.

You can achieve the most impressive outcomes by targeting long-tail keywords.

Create Attractive Pins

how to make money on pinterest

Pinterest relies heavily on visuals, so it’s crucial for your pins to grab attention. If your goal is to generate income on Pinterest, you need to have professional-looking pins.

Add Effective Descriptions To Your Pins

how to make money on pinterest

You need to look at the pins that appear prominently in your feed. You can also initiate simple keyword research by entering relevant terms into the search bar. Further, you can add relevant hashtags to your pins.

Pinterest SEO

You need to use effective strategies for Pinterest SEO. It will increase the visibility of your pins. 

Pinterest SEO involves the strategic use of relevant keywords to optimize your pins, boards, and profile.

Use Pinterest Analytics

how to make money on pinterest

Pinterest Analytics is a valuable tool that crafts a successful Pinterest strategy.

If you evaluate Pinterest Analytics, you can gain insights into your top-performing content, including saves, engagement levels, impressions, outbound clicks, & more.

You can leverage it to develop additional content that aligns with your audience based on what has proven to be the most popular.

Use Tailwind

how to make money on pinterest

Tailwind helps you generate stunning pins more efficiently than before. It allows you to plan posts at optimal moments, promote pins, expand your audience reach, and generate detailed 


Have Press Kit

Press or media kits inform you about your Pinterest following, blog, and business. It indicates what you can provide to their business.

Stay Transparent About Partnerships

how to make money on pinterest

If you’re utilizing affiliate links or making partnerships with brands, then let your audience know. Just use #affiliate or #affiliatelink in the text of your pin.

Follow Pinterest Guidelines & Stay Updated

how to make money on pinterest

You need to follow all the Pinterest guidelines. Always be updated with the latest trends and features on Pinterest.

Stay Consistent

You need to maintain consistency on Pinterest. The frequency of your pinning directly correlates with your opportunities to drive traffic, increase impressions, expand your follower base, secure sales, and more.

You should aim for a minimum of one new pin per day. After a while, you can increase the pins.

Does Pinterest Directly Pay You Money?

You receive payments from Pinterest by being part of the Pinterest Creator Fund. However, if you generate income through affiliate sales, your earnings will derive from the affiliate program.

And if you collaborate with brands, your earnings will be provided by those brands. Also, if you sell products, your earnings will come from your customers, and so forth.

Now, let us have a look at some FAQs on how to make money on Pinterest.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On How To Make Money On Pinterest

1. Is Pinterest a good side hustle?

Yes, Pinterest can be a good side hustle. If you want to make money on Pinterest, you need to invest your time and hard work. It can evolve into a rewarding side gig. While it does require effort, over time, it has the potential to yield good earnings. You might even explore opportunities for generating passive income through the sale of templates, custom pin designs, and products featuring affiliate links.

2. How do you become a Pinterest creator?

You can become a Pinterest creator by following some steps. First, you need to create & set up a Pinterest business account. Then, craft an idea pin. Further, sign the Creator Code.

3. How to make money on social media?

You can make money on social media by following these steps:

  • Review affiliate products and earn by including affiliate links
  • Make commissions with the help of sponsored posts
  • Earn by selling your products and services
  • Teach Pinterest marketing to others.

Final Thoughts On How To Make Money On Pinterest

Making money on Pinterest can be a promising venture if you approach it strategically and creatively. It’s all about leveraging your interests and creativity to engage with your audience.

You can start by creating captivating pins and optimizing your profile. Building a loyal following takes time, so be patient and consistent. The key is to stay authentic and provide value to your audience.

Once you have a decent following, explore different monetization methods. Affiliate marketing, sponsored pins, and selling your products or services are all viable options.

Remember that success on Pinterest, like any other platform, requires effort and dedication. Keep experimenting, learning, and adapting your strategy to see what works best for your unique niche. With persistence and a pinch of creativity, you can turn your Pinterest passion into a profitable venture.

Hope you find value in how to make money on Pinterest. Share your feedback in the comments section!

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