How To Sell Feet Pics In 2024 – My Tried & Tested Approach

Khyati Hooda
By Khyati Hooda 47 Min Read

Some folks might raise an eyebrow when they hear about the idea of selling feet pictures, but let me tell you, it’s a legitimate and legal side hustle that can bring in some decent cash. 

Believe it or not, there’s a whole community of people making money from selling feet pics. In fact, research suggests that you can pull in up to $500 a week doing just this. 

But you might be wondering how to sell feet pics quickly and, more importantly, is selling feet pics safe?

Well, some platforms like FeetFinder and FunwithFeet make it easy to sell your foot pics, but it’s not just about the platforms. 

It’s about understanding the whole process – from taking those feet pics to navigating the marketplace, offering real value, and making sure you stand out from the competition. 

I’ve been through it all, and now I’m here to share my journey on how I turned this into a money-making gig.

So, in this guide, I’ll help you learn how to sell feet pics. I’ll cover the best platforms to use, tips for marketing yourself effectively, and even provide expert advice on how to shine in the crowd.

How to sell feet pics online?

If you’re in a hurry and can’t wait to dive into the nitty-gritty of how to sell feet pics, here’s a quick rundown of the key steps to get started:

  1. Choose a platform (or a few) to sell your pics and set up your accounts.
  2. Master the art of taking professional-quality photos (and don’t forget how to spice them up with editing).
  3. Pick a niche for your feet pics.
  4. Share your photos regularly on your chosen platforms.
  5. Set your prices for those fabulous feet pics.
  6. Market your foot-tastic images using hashtags and promotional tools.
  7. Keep an eye out for scammers, and stay safe.
  8. Rinse and repeat

Now, I’ll break down each of these steps in detail below so you’ll have all the guidance you need on how to sell feet pics like a pro.

Step 1: Find the best platform to sell your feet pics

Picking the right platform when learning how to sell feet pics is a crucial step, and you definitely want to stay safe while doing it. 

how to sell feet pics

When I began this journey, I went with the most buzz platform. Honestly, it initially felt like a maze, and I had trouble navigating it. 

But once I got the hang of it and made a few sales, things took a turn for the worse. 

They froze my earnings, ignored my messages, and didn’t let me withdraw my hard-earned cash. It was a total nightmare, to put it mildly.

So, when I decided to give selling feet pics another shot, I decided to do my homework. 

I wanted to find a safe place to avoid any more scams, so I scoured user reviews on how to sell feet pics and finally discovered some reliable platforms to sell feet pictures.

These platforms I’ve listed below are purpose-built to facilitate transactions and connect serious sellers with genuine buyers. 

Many of them have a verification process to confirm the identities of both buyers and sellers, making it harder for scammers to pull any tricks and ensuring a secure experience for everyone involved.

An added bonus is that these websites often handle the marketing for you. 

The more well-known the platform, the more traffic it attracts, increasing your chances of making multiple sales. 

So, when learning how to sell feet pics, explore these top places to kickstart your feet pic side gig:

1. FunwithFeet (Recommended)

how to sell feet pics

Now, there are plenty of foot pic marketplaces out there, and you might find one that suits you better. 

But personally, FunwithFeet has been my top pick, offering a sweet deal, great exposure, and top-notch security.

As of 2023, this website has become a hotspot for foot content marketing, boasting 100,000 feet of content creators. 

This vast community has cultivated a dedicated fan base, with over three million active users monthly. 

These folks are primarily foot fetish enthusiasts who can browse various categories that cater to their interests, including BDSM, boots, dancing, high heels, sandals, and tattoos.

What’s really cool about this platform is that the people who love feet pics are big supporters of creators like you. 

They happily pay monthly subscriptions and offer tips to motivate you to keep the fetish content coming. 

Alright, now let me break down why FunwithFeet is my go-to recommendation for you:

  1. Newbies Get the Spotlight: FunwithFeet has this cool “Recently Joined” section highlighting new seller profiles on their homepage. It’s like a red carpet for newcomers, and it really boosted my early sales.
  2. Keep Your Cash: FunwithFeet is a champ when it comes to your earnings. You get to pocket the whole shebang – 100%. Sure, there’s a little something you pay to use the site, but compared to other platforms, it’s a steal.
  3. No Withdrawal Drama: Remember that one time I got scammed? Yeah, not my finest moment. But with FunwithFeet, you can request a transfer once you hit the $30 mark. They give it the green light within 3 to 5 days, and bam, it lands in your bank account automatically. There is no drama, just easy money in your pocket.

The best part for me is that they don’t take a cut of your earnings, unlike other platforms that might snatch 20-30% of your hard-earned cash.

2. Feet Finder

how to sell feet pics

Here’s the scoop on another top-notch platform I came across for your feet-pic-selling adventure – FeetFinder

It’s a user-friendly and rock-solid website that’s scam-proof (yes, I did the homework for you).

So, how to sell feet pics on this platform?

FeetFinder provides a secure haven where you can effortlessly set up your profile, showcase your foot pics, and call the shots on your prices. 

No worries about security here – they’ve got everything verified and locked down. 

If you’re a beginner in foot pic sales and you’re wondering how to sell feet pics, the platform comes to the rescue with a comprehensive guide for newbies. 

I followed the instructions when creating my FeetFinder profile, and trust me, it was a piece of cake.

Now, let me break down why FeetFinder takes the crown as the go-to platform for making money through feet pics:

  1. A Breeze to Create an Account: The registration process is straightforward, and their helpful guide makes setting up your account a piece of cake.
  2. ID Verification: They take safety and credibility seriously. You’ll need to submit a verifiable ID, a reassuring safety net while navigating the platform.
  3. Linking to Your Social Media: If you’ve got a decent following on social media, you’ll love that FeetFinder lets you link your social handles.
  4. Quality Trumps Quantity: FeetFinder encourages you to upload high-quality foot pics, boosting your chances of attracting serious buyers who appreciate the finer details.

So, with my blessings, you’re good to go if you want to set up a profile on this platform. 

3. Feetify

how to sell feet pics

Feetify is one of my top choices for selling feet pics online. It’s where feet pic sellers like me connect with folks who have a thing for those fancy foot photos. 

How to sell feet pics on this platform? On Feetify, you can create your profile, showcase your foot pics, and have great conversations with potential buyers. 

With thousands of active users, it’s a goldmine for people like us who want to turn our feet into cash.

Now, let me tell you why I’m really recommending Feetify:

  1. Specialized Marketplace: Feetify focuses solely on the feet pic niche, meaning you get laser-targeted exposure to potential buyers who share our interests.
  2. Safety First: When it comes to financial transactions, you can rest easy. Feetify provides a secure and trustworthy environment, so there is no need to worry about your hard-earned cash.
  3. Seller Assistance: If you’re new to the feet pic game and wondering how to get started, Feetify has your back. They offer valuable assistance and guidance to sellers, ensuring your selling experience is as smooth as possible.

Now, one thing I didn’t like about Feetify is their smaller user base. As compared to other platforms (think FeetFinder), Feetify has a limited number of buyers. 

But hey, it can still be a decent place to start.

4. Dollar Feet

how to sell feet pics

I decided to switch things up and explore a platform that breaks the mold compared to the usual suspects. 

That’s when I stumbled upon Dollar Feet

What makes it stand out? And how to sell feet pics on this platform? Well, let me fill you in on the details.

First, before you can start posting your content for sale, Dollar Feet has a unique requirement. 

You must submit a sample video for evaluation. Once they give your application the green light, you can start uploading your content.

Here’s another quirk: You’re not selling your photos and videos to individuals but directly to Dollar Feet. 

It’s a plus if you prefer to keep things on the safe side in the feet pic-selling business.

Dollar Feet pays you around $5 to $10 per video, which is a decent deal, but there’s a twist. 

They require you to show your face in your videos, and that’s a major drawback.

So, what’s on the bright side with Dollar Feet? 

  1. Privacy and Peace of Mind: Dollar Feet takes privacy and security seriously, creating a safe space for all transactions.
  2. Niche Focused: Dollar Feet is all about feet-related content, ensuring you reach an audience that’s as into feet as you are.

But keep in mind, you’ve got to get the green light from them before you can dive into selling, which is a tad different from other feet pic-selling sites.

5. Feetpics

how to sell feet pics

Let’s talk about Feetpics, another fantastic platform that has your back when searching how to sell feet pics. 

With the right strategy (which I’ll spill the beans on in a bit), you can rake in up to $5 per photo on this platform.

The key to making it big in the feet pic selling game here, as well as on other platforms, is to keep your page consistently active and up to date. 

Feetpics offers a focused audience and user-friendly features, making navigating easy.

Here’s what you stand to gain with Feetpics:

  1. A Variety of Selling Features: Feetpics goes the extra mile by offering cool extras like auctions and private galleries. It’s a smart move to draw in more buyers and keep things interesting.
  2. Pricing Freedom: Sellers get to call the shots by setting their prices and even haggling directly with potential buyers for those feet pics they’re itching to get their hands on.
  3. A Buzzing Community: Feetpics isn’t just a place to buy and sell – it’s got a real community vibe. Sellers and buyers can chat, share experiences, and connect in a way that keeps things lively and engaging.

Now, I was pretty keen that they throw in some extra features, but here’s the kicker – they come with a hefty price tag.

6. Instafeet

how to sell feet pics

Most buyers on feet pic websites are folks with foot fetishes. 

What’s fun about these folks is that they’re all about custom requests, and let me tell you, some of them can be pretty weird. 

But here’s the kicker – they’re willing to pay top dollar for things as simple as a pic of your feet dipped in water or a video of you giving your feet a little massage with oil. 

So, if you’re in the business of selling feet pics to foot fetish enthusiasts, Instafeet might be your golden ticket.

Now, how to sell feet pics on Instafeet? 

It offers a discreet and interactive space for individuals to connect and dive into the world of foot fetish for selling feet pictures. 

I’ve had some success selling my pics on this platform, and here’s why I think it beats the others:

  1. Safe Exploration: Instafeet creates a secure environment for folks to explore their foot fetish interests. They prioritize respect and consent, ensuring everyone is comfortable.
  2. Community Connection: It’s not just a selling platform – Instafeet fosters a community of like-minded individuals. It’s a place to connect, share experiences, and build relationships with fellow foot fetish enthusiasts.

But, here’s the downside: I did encounter some rather inappropriate requests. I mean, one guy wanted me to go nude with my feet in the frame. 

I denied his request as I was uncomfortable showing any part other than my feet. 

7. Foap

how to sell feet pics

Foap differs from your typical feet-focused website like the ones I’ve discussed earlier. It is more of a general photography platform.

Foap keeps things straightforward for sellers, allowing you to upload your pics and putting them in the spotlight for potential buyers. 

You can even jump into these “photo missions” and compete for cash prizes that can go up to a sweet $500 for each image.

But here’s the catch: when someone decides to buy one of your pics, it will set them back $10, and you’ll get $5. 

That’s right, Foap snags 50% of your hard-earned cash from all your sales. 

However, they give your images good exposure, and you’ll have several opportunities to get noticed.

So, how to sell feet pics and why should you give Foap a whirl? Here’s the scoop:

  1. Beyond Feet Pics: Foap isn’t just about selling your feet pics; it’s a platform where you can make money from any stunning photos. There is no need to limit yourself to feet.
  2. Foap Missions: Revive your competitive spirit because Foap has these special contests known as “Missions.” Completing these missions, you can pocket anything from a few bucks to a couple hundred dollars.

Now, these are the platforms I’ve personally tried and tested for selling feet pics. While they’re generally safe, I’d still say keep your guard up. 

Scammers are out there hustling just like the rest of us. I learned my lesson the hard way, so I’d advise you to stay cautious when learning how to sell feet pics.

How to sell feet pics on your own website?

how to sell feet pics

Are you still scratching your head about how to sell feet pics? 

Well, here’s a neat idea for you – create your website to peddle your foot photos on the internet safely.

With your website, you’ve got the reins in your hands, and you can take extra steps to keep things secure. 

Platforms like Hostinger and Wix can be your trusty sidekicks in building your website, where you can proudly showcase and sell your feet pics.

Here’s a step-by-step plan on how to sell feet pics on your website:

  1. Begin with a Photography Blog: Start by setting up a blog where you can share handy tips about lighting, backgrounds, and the art of foot care. Get those feet looking their absolute best.
  2. Sell Your Photos: Next, take your foot pics and put them up for sale using a nifty tool like Shopify. It’s your very own online shop for all things feet.
  3. Diversify Your Income: Here’s where the real money-making fun begins:
  • Sell Foot Care and Photography Products: Partner with Amazon Associates to offer a range of foot care and photography products.
  • Snag Sponsorships: Get those feet into business mode by partnering with brands to sell their shoes.
  • Become a Teacher: Craft a course to teach aspiring foot pic sellers how to sell feet pics and make the big bucks.
  • Ad Revenue: Pop some ads on your website and make money even when you’re not actively selling pics.

But here’s the scoop – starting a website takes some time and cash. 

If you’re after a simpler route, you can always go for the tried-and-true platforms like FeetFinder and FunWithFeet. They’re a breeze compared to setting up your website from scratch.

How to sell feet pics using social media?

how to sell feet pics

If you want to know how to sell feet pics, social media platforms like OnlyFans, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram can be your golden ticket. 

In fact, I overheard my friend spilling the beans about her OnlyFans page, where she raked in a few hundred bucks just by selling feet pics. 

That’s some easy cash, right?

On Instagram, people are all about sharing and engaging with the concept of flaunting their feet pics to their followers. 

This has given rise to hashtags like #feetpics and #myfeet, which has gained massive popularity among thousands of enthusiasts.

how to sell feet pics

The same foot-loving trend is alive and kicking on Facebook and Reddit too. There are hundreds of groups and Subreddits with names like r/feet, boasting over 271,000 followers. 

So, once again, you’re looking at a broad audience and the potential to tap into some solid sales opportunities.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how to sell feet pics on social media:

#1. Craft an Eye-Catching Profile

Even if your profile doesn’t reveal your face or body, it must be creative and attention-grabbing. With a sea of sellers out there, your profile should stand out. 

This includes your username, profile picture, and the info you share in your bio. 

So, here’s the deal on what I find “attention-grabbing.” Go for unique usernames, like “The Old Lady” or “Girl Next Door.” 

This little trick can reel in more customers and keep them glued to your profile rather than just swiping right past it.

#2. Share Top-Notch Images

Regardless of what your profile picture features (your face or feet), it must be high-quality – sharp, the right size, free of blurriness, and any imperfections. 

When you’re learning how to sell feet pics, you’ve got to show potential buyers that you’re all about high-quality pics

Your profile picture is your first impression, so it better be a knockout.

#3. Secure the Deal

Once potential clients land on your profile, they’ll contact you on your chosen social media platform. 

They’ll have specific requests for feet pics, and that’s when you name your price – like charging a separate fee per feet pic. 

That’s how you start making the moolah.

#4. Delivery Time

After you’ve agreed to the deal with your client, ask them to make the payment upfront. 

This step is crucial because you never know if your client might be a sneaky scammer trying to swipe your pics and disappear into the sunset.

Bonus Tip: Scope Out the Competition and Get Inspired

how to sell feet pics

When learning how to sell feet pics, take a peek at successful profiles on your favorite feet pic platforms for inspiration.

See what these sellers are doing right and where they’re stumbling. 

Note what attracts buyers, brings new followers, and seals the deals. Then, put your twist on these strategies. 

While outright copying isn’t the best practice, drawing inspiration from successful profiles is totally fair game to help improve your own. 

Or, you know, just copy them – who’s keeping score?

Spoiler Alert – Here’s How I Got Scammed On Social Media

how to sell feet pics

So, when I first dipped my toes into the feet pic-selling game, I got hit with recommendations from all the expert guides, urging me to give social media a shot. 

But let me tell you, it turned out to be a massive mistake. 

Not only do most of these platforms make it nearly impossible to sell feet pics, but they also offer zero protection against scammers and stalkers. 

And that’s where my unfortunate story begins.

As I gained a decent following and managed a few foot pic sales via private messages on Instagram, this persistent buyer wouldn’t quit. 

He was the classic stalker type, and he started haunting me on all my social media profiles. 

I admit I share some blame for this scam because I used my real name instead of staying anonymous. 

And since my profile was public, I couldn’t keep blocking him everywhere. After dealing with a barrage of unwanted messages, I eventually threw in the towel, deleted my Instagram handle, and went radio silent.

But, you know what they say – where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

I decided to give it another shot, sticking to feet pic-related websites like FeetFinder. 

Fast forward to today, and I’m raking in nearly $500 a month – and guess what? No more stalking nightmares.

Now, here’s the twist – you can still sell your feet pics safely on social media if you play by the rules and follow safety guidelines. 

In fact, after lots of research, I’ve put together my guide on how to sell feet pics without falling prey to scams

This guide spills the beans on navigating platforms like OnlyFans, Instagram, Reddit, and more, all while keeping your feet pic hustle safe and sound.

Step 2: Take high-quality feet pictures

Alright, now that we’ve locked in the best platforms for selling those precious feet pics, it’s time to dive into the art of snapping some top-notch, high-quality foot photos. 

After all, your pics are the real OG of your foot pic-selling business. 

So, how do you capture those feet in all their glory?

Select the perfect lighting. 

how to sell feet pics

First things first, you want your photos to be visually stunning and showcase your feet from all the right angles. 

You’ll need to experiment with your lighting and camera settings to achieve this. 

I prefer snapping my shots in the early morning or late afternoon – it’s what they call the “Golden hour.” It gives your photos that magical glow. 

But hey, if you can’t catch that natural light, no worries – artificial light to the rescue. 

Think ring lights (my fave), portable lamps, or even twinkling fairy lights.

Use props and choose a background.

how to sell feet pics

Now, if you really want to know how to sell feet pics, consider throwing in some props and backdrops. 

These little extras can elevate the overall look and add a splash of creativity to your pics.

As a newbie, start with simple props you already have, like heels, a chair, flowers, candles, or some flashy foot jewelry.  

The best part? You probably already have these lying around, so they won’t cost you a dime.

For backgrounds, beginners can go for clean, white bedding, snap pics in their garden, or even hit the beach and use the sand as a backdrop. 

And when you’re ready to level up, you can explore backgrounds like wood or marble, which are super trendy in the feet pic biz.

Invest in the right equipment.

how to sell feet pics

Now, let’s talk gear. 

Depending on your preferences and resources, you can rock your trusty smartphone or go all-in with a DSLR camera. 

While DSLR cameras offer some advanced features, it’s worth noting that many modern smartphones pack some pretty awesome cameras these days. 

You can even crank up their performance with nifty anamorphic lenses to give your shots that extra oomph.

Give your best pose.

how to sell feet pics

When you’re aiming for that extra oomph and plain or run-of-the-mill feet pics just won’t cut it, it’s time to bust out your best feet poses. 

You see, there are foot photo buyers out there who crave those candid, random shots, but then there are the ones with specific tastes. 

They’ll come at you with requests like, “Show your feet dangling from a chair,” “Get those tootsies up in the air,” or, “Let’s see that perfect foot arch.”

Now, to help you understand how to sell feet pics like a pro, I’ve compiled a guide titled “How to Take Feet Pics.” 

In there, you’ll dive into different poses, explore accessories and backgrounds, master the art of lighting, and even get the lowdown on editing your feet pics to perfection. 

Oh, and I’ve spilled all the beans on my secret sauce for taking feet pics that sell like hotcakes. 

Step 3: Choose a niche

how to sell feet pics

When you first step into the world of feet pics, it can be a real maze. 

I mean, there are dozens of sites out there, and thousands of sellers seem to be hustling for the same piece of the pie. 

But here’s a neat trick to help you find your way in this sea of feet pics: pick a niche or a specific angle to focus on. 

Once you’ve settled on a category, like high heels, tattoos, or footwear, put all your energy and creativity into crafting the best content within that niche. 

It’s all about diving deep into one area so you don’t feel swamped or spread yourself too thin.

See, when it comes to how to sell feet pics, it’s better to be a master of one trade than to churn out mediocre stuff that leaves your buyers unimpressed and unsatisfied. 

Once you’ve conquered your niche, you can gradually branch into other related categories. 

It’s all about taking it one step at a time.

Step 4: Upload your feet pics

how to sell feet pics

Once you’ve got your feet pics and picked your niche, it’s time to share your photos on your profile. 

Make sure you upload pictures regularly and get creative with your stories. 

You can create a separate profile for different kinds of foot pics, like foot worship or dirty feet, and build a unique persona for each. 

This approach helps you establish yourself in multiple dedicated areas and boosts your chances of getting noticed.

Don’t feel limited to just one niche when learning how to sell feet pics. You have the flexibility to explore different fetishes and niches in your work. 

However, if you aim to stand out in the foot pic industry and establish yourself as a respected and skilled content creator, specializing in one area is a good idea.

Step 5: Set rates for your feet pics

Setting the correct rates for your feet pic business can be daunting, especially if you’re new to your niche. 

Determining your rates early on is essential to avoid potential issues with clients down the road.

For instance, if you decide to lower your prices, some clients might think your work is not up to par or that you’ll keep offering discounts in the future. 

So, setting the tone from the get-go is a good idea when you’re learning how to sell feet pics.

To begin, consider pricing your feet pics and albums for $5 to $10. While $5 might not sound like a lot, those sales can increase over time. 

If you’ve built a substantial social media following, you can even aim for $20 to $30 per feet picture.

When I started selling feet pics, I initially aimed to make around $200 to $300 per month. 

I have to admit, that was a pretty high target for a beginner. 

While I did reach that goal a few times, there were other months where I fell short. 

However, after about six months of selling, I can proudly say that I’ve consistently made around $500 monthly for almost a year!

So, the key is to price your foot content competitively but reasonably, be patient, and maintain consistency in your efforts.

Step 6: Market your feet pics

how to sell feet pics

Once you’ve got your prices set for your feet pics, the next step on how to sell feet pics is to get the word out and market your pictures. 

Here’s how you can go about it:

#1. Promote on Social Media with the Power of Hashtags

how to sell feet pics

Boost your chances of potential customers discovering your foot pics by promoting them on social media with the help of hashtags. Here are some useful ones to consider:

  • #feetpic
  • #buyfeetpics
  • #instafeet
  • #feetfeetfeet
  • #foottok
  • #feetlove
  • #solesandtoes
  • #feetpicsbuyerwanted
  • #feetworship

Before you start using these hashtags, it’s a smart move to check out the trending content and see what your competitors are up to. 

Try to ride the same wave, but make sure your posts stand out to grab more attention from potential buyers.

#2. Optimize Your Listings on Various Platforms

how to sell feet pics

On every platform where you’re selling your foot pictures, you’ll have an account and product listings that you can tweak to your advantage. 

Describe your photos accurately, categorize them within the right niches, and use relevant keywords to make them easier to discover for potential buyers.

#3. Drive Traffic to Your Website using Social Media Apps

how to sell feet pics

An excellent strategy for getting more visitors to your website or your feet pic business page is to leverage social media platforms like OnlyFans, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. 

Start by creating an impressive social media profile and work on growing your followers.

A clever tactic is to pique the interest of potential buyers by sharing a few tempting pictures for free on your profile. 

Remember, foot fetishists are often seeking an experience or a foot pic that fulfills a specific fantasy, so a bit of flirtatious content can go a long way.

In your profile bio, include a link to your website, allowing foot fetish enthusiasts to visit it from there easily. 

Many people have found success with this approach. 

Rather than directly selling on social media, they use it to drive traffic to their website or feet pic business page. 

It’s a savvy way to connect with your target audience and draw them into your business.

Step 7: Keep yourself safe from scammers

Selling feet pictures can be a real moneymaker, but let’s face it, some risks can creep in and mess with your safety and privacy. 

So, here’s the lowdown on how to sell feet pics safely:

  1. Start by staying incognito – create a separate email and ensure you don’t spill the beans about your real name or show your face in those pics.
  2. Keep your info on lockdown – never dish out your address or contact details to clients. If you absolutely must, use an anonymous email address.
  3. Wrap yourself up in a VPN – it’s like your virtual invisibility cloak, hiding your IP address and keeping those pesky hackers at bay.
  4. Never reach into your pockets – a legit seller should never have to pay a dime.
  5. Protect your pics with watermarks or a little blur action – that way, they’re less likely to sprout legs and disappear.
  6. Cash in before you dish out – always get paid before sending out those images. Stick to secure payment platforms like Wise, Patreon, Cash App, Venmo, or PayPal, and set up a separate account for those discreet transactions.

I’ve been making some easy and safe cash by following these golden rules. 

But if you’re itching for more safety tips, check out my guide on “How to Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed?” 

It’s got all the inside info you need.

What to expect when selling feet pics?

Selling foot pics online is a unique journey for everyone, and many factors can influence your experience. 

It ranges from how often you post, the type of foot content you create, and whether you stay anonymous. 

Based on my own experience, here’s what you can expect when you step into foot pic sales.

Dealing with Time Wasters

About one of every five messages I receive about my feet, pictures are a waste of time. 

It could be someone with less-than-honorable intentions looking for some explicit chat or even someone trying to haggle over the price. 

But, on the brighter side, you’ll also encounter buyers willing to pay the price and do so generously.

My advice? Keep an eye out for signs of time wasters and potential scammers. 

These could include excessive, repetitive messages, an interrogative style of questioning, or conversations that seem to be going nowhere. 

I suggest a few minutes of polite chat before steering the conversation toward your foot content and the sale.

Custom Requests and Orders

This is where you can really cash in. Some of my highest earnings came from custom requests and orders from fans of my work. 

You can consider and accept custom orders once you’ve filtered out the time wasters. 

Just be prepared for some rather unusual requests. I once had a stranger ask me for a video of myself walking barefoot in Walmart, and they gave me $150 for it. 

It felt like the easiest money I’d ever made! 

However, everyone has their boundaries, and sometimes, no amount of money can make you go against your limits or instincts.

A Million Dollars

Just kidding. 

If you go into this thinking you’ll become a millionaire or retire on your earnings, you’re likely to be disappointed. 

Instead, approach it as a fun and potentially profitable new hobby that brings in some extra cash

Selling feet pics isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, but with the right approach and a positive mindset, making some money on the side can be rewarding.

But wait….who buys my feet pics?

When learning how to sell feet pics, it’s crucial to understand who’s interested in buying your feet pics. 

You might think that selling feet pics is not a viable option, but let me assure you that selling feet pics is a real and legitimate market. 

how to sell feet pics
How To Sell Feet Pics In 2024 - My Tried & Tested Approach 26

A diverse range of individuals and businesses are willing to pay for your feet pics.

Here are the types of people and companies who could be interested in purchasing your feet pics:

1. People with a Foot Fetish: There’s a whole community of people who are into feet or have a foot fetish. They appreciate professionally taken feet pictures, and they’re willing to pay for them.

2. Bloggers and Authors: Some bloggers and authors who write about feet-related topics might be interested in featuring your feet pictures on their websites. This is why they purchase the images – to have the copyright and use them in their blog posts.

3. Companies: Surprisingly, some companies may buy feet pics because they need them for various projects, and they’re more than willing to compensate the creators for their work. So, there’s a demand beyond what you initially think.

So, whether it’s foot fetish enthusiasts, content creators, or even businesses, there’s a market for selling your feet pics that you can tap into.


As we step into 2024, the idea of selling feet pics presents a fascinating opportunity to earn through a unique venture. 

Whether you’re a student seeking extra income or someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, selling feet pics can be a practical choice. 

So, how to sell feet pics? From taking great photos to navigating the online marketplace securely, every step in this guide is tailored to assist you in making money by selling your feet pics.

Keep in mind that your success in this venture isn’t just about making sales, but it’s also about embarking on a creative, safe, and persistent journey. 

Now, go ahead and start your journey, carve out your niche in the world of selling feet pics. 

I hope this guide on how to sell feet pics helps you achieve a successful selling experience!


Is selling feet pics legal?

Selling feet pics is perfectly legal, as long as everyone involved is of legal age and the content doesn’t breach explicit content regulations. 

However, it’s crucial to research the laws in your area and the policies of the platform where you intend to sell your feet pics to ensure you’re following the rules.

What are the best places to sell feet pics?

If you want to sell feet pictures, you’ll find great options on popular platforms like FunwithFeet, FeetFinder, OnlyFans, Instafeet, and Feetify. These are some of the top sites to get started.

How much can you make selling feet pics?

Sellers of feet pics can pocket anywhere from $5 to $100 per image, and the amount often depends on factors like the picture’s quality, uniqueness, and what the buyer is looking for. 

In fact, some sellers have even raked in more than $1000 in a single month.

Where to sell feet pics for free?

If you want to kickstart your feet pics business without spending a dime, you can get going on social media platforms like OnlyFans, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. 

The best part is that these sites have no upfront costs, so you get to keep 100% of your sales.

Is selling feet pics dangerous?

In the world of selling feet pics, you’ve got a lot of control, which makes it generally safe. As long as you’re careful and follow safety guidelines, the chances of falling for scams are pretty low. 

How to sell feet pics online?

There are several steps to follow when learning how to sell feet pics online. 

You must discover the right platform, capture high-quality images, consistently share your work, connect with your customers, and, most importantly, promote your photos. 

The more you put into promoting your images, the broader your customer base will become, leading to increased sales in return.

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