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How To Take Feet Pics In 2023: The Ultimate Guide

Eshita Pathak
By Eshita Pathak 20 Min Read

Do you love photography and wondering how to take feet pics? Or you may be interested in becoming a foot model. 

You might be frustrated because your pictures always appear dull and out-of-focus. If you want high-quality feet photos, you must master them as a pro. Don’t worry; with this guide, you’ll learn how to take feet pics like a professional. Before you know it, you’ll be shooting and editing pictures to keep or sell online for additional money. 

Once you have mastered the fundamentals, your photographs can be used for various reasons, including social media, dating websites, making money, and fun.

How to take feet pics?

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You might be a newbie photographer seeking methods to make cash from your passion or a foot model eager to gain a deeper understanding of the profession. You might be a mother obsessed with immortalizing your little one’s tiny toes, or perhaps you want to display your wonderful pedicure. 

If you’re going to sell your foot photographs online or create a fantastic photography portfolio, you need some extra advice and tips on how to take feet pics. Anyone can picture their feet with their phone, mainly for fun. 

However, if you want to be successful in the market, you must follow the steps listed here.

1. Pamper your feet

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Before learning how to take feet pics, taking good care of your feet is critical; you should scrub and moisturize them regularly to ensure they’re in good condition. You can also treat any rough spots or calluses. 

You want your pictures to be protected from unsightly feet issues, so take care of them. If you can, invest in a foot spa treatment kit at home, such as a foot mask, hydrating lotions, a foot file, and high-quality nail polish. 

Here are some pointers to help you look after your feet.

Soak your feet



Before you begin learning about how to take feet pics and treat your foot, you should typically soak it to make the skin softer. Soaking your feet is also a great time to include Epsom salts or oils to increase hydration, soften calluses, and brighten dull skin.

Stay hydrated

It’s always important to hydrate when taking care of your skin. If you want to maintain healthy feet, it is vital to moisturize them daily and consume plenty of water. To ensure they stay healthy, apply a fragrance-free cream or thick lotion before bed. 

You can also try the Korean beauty method of slugging by using a thick layer of Vaseline or Aquaphor therapeutic ointment on your feet before you sleep, which helps lock in the cream for better absorption.

Foot file

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Foot files are ideal for removing tough skin and calluses. Use your foot file in a circular motion on the tough skin and calluses. Make sure your foot is wet before starting.


You must remove all the skin debris from your feet if you want them to look nice. You can finish off the job your foot file started with an exfoliating glove, a pumice stone, or a foot scrub. 

Even if you don’t have thick, calloused areas, gently exfoliate your feet once a week to keep them in good shape.

Maintain your toenails

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Your toes need care as much as your feet do. Maintain your toenails regularly to avoid problems such as ingrown toenails that might keep you out of work for a while. 

Keep your toenails regular size. You can file the corners to round them after you’ve trimmed them.

2. Analyze your competitor’s work

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The second step on how to take feet pics is to analyze your competitor’s work.

Studying your competition and developing a strategy when taking professional-looking feet photos is crucial. By seeing what backgrounds and poses work best for other people, you can use and apply those ideas to your photos and make them look even better. 

These are a few tips on how to do so: 

Search for unusual camera angles and poses to imitate the best aspects of your competitor’s feet photos. Are there any foot poses that you see repeatedly? If so, try to imitate them in your images. 

Do your competitors take their pictures from certain angles? If so, try to use these angles in your photos. Are there specific backgrounds and settings you see in their photos? If so, include these in your pictures as well. 

A plain white wall may not be as attractive as a grassy meadow or sandy beach, but it may help visually. Try taking pictures with different backgrounds and see what works for you when learning how to take feet pics.

3. Select lighting for shooting feet pics

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An excellent foot picture requires good lighting, mainly when you’re shooting. If you want to take many photos, you must have a superb fundamental lighting system. Look for spots with much natural light or invest in good essential lighting when learning how to take feet pics. 

You should shoot foot photos taken in natural light in areas with lots of shade. This will help prevent your pictures from being overly contrasted and ensure they appear well-lit and gorgeous. 

If you’re shooting indoors, look for rooms with large windows or artificial light sources such as lamps or overhead lights. It will create even lighting across your shots and no severe shadows.

We recommend opting for one of the following lighting options:

Natural light

When learning how to take feet pics, choose an environment with plenty of natural light for the best results. Morning or late afternoon light is ideal, as it provides a gentle, flattering illumination.

Artificial light

If there is insufficient natural light to take pictures, you can utilize artificial light sources such as lamps, overhead lights, or a decent photography light kit. 

This will create a more consistent level of light across your pictures and prevent harsh shadows, which will be difficult to remove later.

Portable photography lights

It’s only sometimes possible to plan your photoshoots around the times of day when natural light floods your home and using natural light is only an option if you live in a location where it is available. 

Portable, dimmable lights offer much flexibility when you need to photograph at any time of day.

Ring light

Taking pictures with a ring light can be more fun if you opt for one with color options. Ring lights are also a good option for making short videos. You can choose a ring light with a cellphone mount, a tripod, and a wireless remote to make picture-taking simple.

4. Choose a background for your feet photoshoot

Another important step when learning how to take feet pics is to select a background for your photo.



There are two categories of feet pics: those that are simple and high-quality and those that are more stylized. 

You can shoot elegant feet pics by lying your freshly pedicured feet on a clean white linen towel with some flowers scattered around or squishing your toes in the sand. Take a few candid photos when you’re outside enjoying a drink on the porch. 

As you gain experience and learn how to take feet pics, you can use more sophisticated photography backgrounds like marble and wooden floors. 

Here are a few tricks for choosing the right setting:

Avoid busy backgrounds

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A cluttered background can ruin a picture, so look for an area with a simple pattern or a blank background. Using props in your foot pictures is a good idea, but you should pick a place that works well with them. 

For example, if you want to take feet photos with a lot of flowers (as shown above), it will help if you look for a park or garden to shoot.

Consider the surroundings

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Having beautiful settings can be both beautiful and distracting. For example, if you’re taking photos on a busy city street, avoid capturing the buildings and people around you.

Look for good locations

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It’s always a great idea to keep your eyes open for good photo locations. Sometimes the best photos happen when you least expect them. If you see an attractive setting while you are out, take a few spur-of-the-moment foot photos before continuing your journey.

5. Select props for professional-looking feet pictures

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Using photo props is essential to learning how to take feet pics. Props can add interest to your photos and make them look more professional. When creating a portfolio of foot photos, you may use any picture props you desire.

You can test some of these popular items:

  • Candles
  • Clean linens
  • Foot jewelry
  • Flowers or petals
  • Fishnet stocking
  • High heels
  • Leaves
  • Regular stocking
  • Rocks
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Water
  • And even dirt or mud can be used as a prop

It is also crucial to consider your target audience. For example, if your client is a day spa seeking callused foot pictures, you may include foot files in your photo shoot.

6. Choose the best feet picture poses 

People’s most frequent problem when photographing their feet is capturing the shots in the proper position. When taking fantastic feet pictures, experimenting with various poses is crucial. This will enable you to find the best angles for your photos. 

When taking pictures of your feet, you should get down on the ground rather than taking them from your shoulders or head level. Even though this may be unpleasant for some, it is critical to get the right angle. 

Even though it is great to have a diverse portfolio, it is always essential to determine which poses and angles are most effective for your foot structure and size. Poses are an indispensable step when learning how to take feet pics.

Customers may be seeking one of the typical poses or something less styled or even more elaborate. We’ll look at some favorite foot poses.

Bottom of feet facing the camera

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This is a great position to showcase your foot’s lovely arches. Your feet are also the focal point of the picture in this shot.

Cover shot (top)

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In this shot, we want to capture your entire toes in the photograph, focusing on the top of your foot. It’s a simple yet beautiful pose.

Foot Arch

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This pose focuses on the foot’s delicate arch. It highlights your foot’s beautiful curve and is excellent for showing off shoes. Usually, both the foot are pictured sweet in this pose.

Lying down with feet up

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This pose is ideal for showing off your feet’s beauty in all its glory. It also creates a relaxed, casual ambiance.

Feet in the air

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A typical pose focuses on the model’s feet being raised in the air. You can achieve this look by lying on the ground or having your feet dangling as you sit on a tall chair.

Candid shot

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Foot shots should be captured in a natural setting (sitting on a railing, lying in the grass, poking through the sand). Even though you should take these photos candidly, you should apply adequate lighting to maintain their quality.

Style with heels

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High heels are a favorite in the market. These pictures include your feet inside the shoes, partially or dangling from the toes. 

When talking about how to take feet pics, remember that foot fetish is a big moneymaker. Make sure you try different poses and click many feet pictures to earn that extra money and stand out from the competition. 

7. Edit your feet pictures

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No matter how great a feet photo is, it can always benefit from editing. Using these tips, you can make your feet photos look more professional and polished. 

Use a good photo editor

There are many excellent photo editors online, and most of them are free. Using one will help you improve your photos by giving you access to a wide range of tools and filters. Canva is our favorite (straightforward) program for photo editing.

Some other free photo editing software options include:

These software sites offer paid versions as well for more editing options. Use these softwares when learning how to take feet pics like an expert.

Crop and resize

It’s essential to crop and resize your pictures to look their best. Focus on your feet and remove any distracting elements from the photo to help your photographs stand out from the crowd if you choose to sell them.

Use filters

Filters can assist you in giving your photos a more shiny look. Try using a filter that improves the colors in your image or gives it a vintage feel.

Edit other imperfections

Your photos can look more balanced and polished with contrast and color correction. Use these tools to adjust the colors until they are precisely what you want. 

Use a photo editor to eliminate any harsh shadows or irregularities. You can make your pictures look their best by removing these distractions.

Another crucial step on how to take feet pics is to stay updated on feet photography trends.

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The other half of your business will rely on advertising fresh content. You’ll provide custom orders and hopefully repeat clients, but the focus will be marketing. 

It is essential to ensure that your content is up-to-date and relevant to your market and your competitors. 

In addition to looking at your competitors’ content for new trends, you should research what is being discussed in forums and the foot community. By doing so, you can be the first to put out the following big poses.

9. List your feet pictures online

Listing your feet pictures online is an essential step of how to take feet pics. 

Once you’re ready to start posting your most excellent feet pictures online, you’ll find plenty of options available. Here are our favorite places to publish feet pictures online.


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FeetFinder is a feet-focused platform that provides a wide range of foot-related content. There are thirty categories to choose from if you’re looking for the right client.


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If you want a little extra money to spend on marketing, you can sign up for paid promotions on the platform. You can free sell your feet pics on Feetpics, provided the site is feet-focused. You don’t need to pay anything to sign up; you must pay a one-time $5 registration fee.


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Instafeet is an excellent website for selling feet pics to the masses. This site has a large user base and allows you to sell photos for cash.


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If you want to sell your foot photos to a specialized audience, Etsy is the ideal place. This site sells handmade and vintage products, so your foot pictures will be right at home. 


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The foot niche sees much activity on Instagram. Many of our daily interactions occur via social media. If you want to sell foot photos through a social media network, Instagram is where you will find all the foot enthusiasts. 

Our comprehensive guide on selling foot photos includes all the popular Instagram hashtags to help you get started. It will assist you in knowing how to take feet pics and sell them like a pro.

Wrapping Up

Foot pictures have become popular in recent years as thousands seek advice on taking feet pics. To become a foot model, you must put together a portfolio of photographs. You may create a wide range of feet pictures by experimenting with various lighting, backgrounds, and props. 

You can use our helpful tips to find the most significant websites, apps, and social media networks to advertise your feet pictures if you decide to turn your photography into a side job. 

Hopefully, this guide answers your question about how to take feet pics.

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