Deep Dream Generator: What Is It And Its Alternatives

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There has been a surge in AI-generated art lately. This surge is most likely because the field of AI has now become more widely known and accepted than ever before. Deep dreaming, or using machine learning algorithms to generate dreams, is an exciting form of AI art created by Google engineers. Deep Dream Generator allows you to create realistic 3D images with deep neural networks (a type of artificial intelligence), which help control fictional characters in your dreamworlds. 

The Deep Dream Generator software creates psychedelic images with the help of an algorithm called pareidolia that enhances patterns in images using a convolutional neural network. Accordingly, DeepDream’s deliberately over-processed images have a dream-like appearance.


What is a Deep Dream Generator?

If people don’t know what Deep Dream Generator is, they might think these artworks come from abstract school painters. Google founded Deep Dream Generator in 2009 as a computer vision program aimed at finding and enhancing image patterns based on the existing image data that is computer-processed.

Over time, some artists have started using it to create surreal and abstract style visuals. Some artists use Deep Dream Generator and its tools to create artwork instead of using traditional painting or drawing methods- making these artworks surreal or abstract style visual content and providing interesting information and insights about dreams.

With Deep Dream Generator, you could explore the idea of deep neural networks. These are machine learning types that allow for deep insights into what people might see in art. After learning the artistic style and pattern turns the image into an abstract artwork with different layers and features specific to this kind of art.

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How does the Deep Dream Generator Work?

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Deep Dream Generator is based on a computer system artificial neural network that Google created in collaboration with Mannheim University. The AI system modeled after the human brain can process nerve impulses through billions of neurons and generate unique rendering style images like abstract artwork.

If you would like to try this yourself, you could upload pictures to Google Deep Dream Generator and see how it produces different style renderings for your photos. When you view a digital image like this, it’s typically a bizarre hybrid that looks like Salvador Dali had a wild all-night painting party with Hieronymus Bosch and Vincent van Gogh.

Everything is colorful and swirling; leaves, rocks, and mountains turn into swirls of color; rectangles and lines become repetitive patterns; This picture usually features strange creatures that don’t seem ordinary at first glance. They’re eerily evocative instead of just plain scary.

A neural network learns patterns by observing the world around it. It then uses this information to create a model of the world that appears in a deep dream. This process lets you see patterns and goals in the same document.

Deep Dream Generator Tools

There are three different ways to turn images into AI art using Deep Dream Generator. 

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1-Deep style: The first way uses a more advanced technique of Deep Dream Generator that uses processing power to generate AI art images with more profound interpretations. 

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AI Image generated with Deep Style tool

2-Thin Style: The second way generates AI art images but can’t process advanced transformations, while the speed is much faster than Deep Style. 

AI Image generated with Thin Style tool

3-Deep dream: Deep dream was created to help scientists and engineers of Google better understand what a deep neural network analyzes when you upload an image. Later deep sleep art tool generates a new form of abstract AI art, which can be explored on the web or used in other ways.

AI Image generated with Deep Dream tool

How to Generate AI Art with Deep Dream Generator?

We will explore how to generate AI art using Deep Dream Generator. This creative image generation method can help you create deep insight and creativity. Follow these steps to develop your own AI art:

#Step 1: Create an account on Deep Dream Generator.

After signing up for this AI image generator, you will receive an email verification message in your inbox. Click the link to verify your deep dream generator account.

#Step 2: Upload the image to generate AI art

Click the ‘Generate’ button. It will take you to another page to upload the image and turn it into AI art with a deep dream generator.

#Step 3: Choose image style

Just below the “Upload image” button, you will find a section that allows you to choose a style from the three different types of tools offered by Deep Dream Generator. You can choose between Thin Style, Deep Style, and Dark Style.

You could use Deep Dream Generator to generate images with various effects, like “Starry Night.” This AI image generator has different options for the default image style. You can choose your desired product or create your class by clicking the upward arrow button within this machine-generated image.

In addition, you can see how the result would be if you use Deep Dream Generator’s “Starry Night” effect on an existing photo.

#Step 4: Generate the AI art

To generate your AI art, you need to click the Generate button. You can choose to make it public or keep it private. The progress bar tells you how long the process is taking, and after that, the image will be generated for you.

#Step 5: Download the Generated Image

By clicking the download button, you can download the AI-generated image. Voila! You own a masterpiece now.

User Levels

In Deep Dream Generator, there are five user levels: Subscriber,  Newbie, Member, Dreamer, and Deep Dreamer.

When you first sign up for Deep Dream Generator, they call you a ‘Newbie’ and give you fifteen energy points to play with. They say that once you’ve made five artworks (‘dreams’) and have your account for longer than a day, they’ll increase your allowance to 20 energy points per hour.

What does this mean? It means that if you make more AI art than the limit set by the company (15 per hour), they will immediately allow an unlimited amount of AI craft each day.

This is excellent news because it means no matter what else is going on in your life, Deep Dream Generator can always track how many AI dreams you make.

Deep Dream Generator Pricing Plans

You can create a free account and make plenty of marvelous art pieces.

But if you want to process more images with higher resolution, there are three paid plans.

Storage20 GB50 GB200 GB
ResolutionFull HD (2.1 MP)Quad HD+ (5 MP)Quad HD+ (5 MP)

How do energy points work?

You’ll get energy points based on the plan you choose. The more resolution an image is, the more points it will require to be processed. And since processing images uses a lot of energy, higher resolution images will need to recharge for a bit more each hour until they’re back up to their initial amount.

When you choose a plan with “50 energy points”, you will process images at medium resolution (i.e., 0.6MP). This means that ten images can be processed using energy points.

If on the “Professional” plan, those used 50 Points will be restored in 3 hours – making it possible for you to use your resources fully.

What is Recharging in a Deep Dream Generator?

Your energy points will recharge with time according to the plan you choose. This means that, just as you charge your phone or laptop by plugging it into a power outlet and then using it again, your energy points will be able to restore with time. 

For example, your points will recharge in 12 hours for the advanced plan. The charging speed is adjustable to match your needs – it can be “12 / hour”, which means that you will get 12 energy points every hour. Recharging will continue until your energy is back to 120 points.

What is Resolution?

Resolution is the size of an image. Deep dream generator use the metric – “Mega Pixels. ” One MegaPixel (1MP) is an image with 1 million pixels resolution. In digital photography and videography, it refers to how many dots per inch are on a screen or print out. It measures width x height x number of pixels/inch or pixel density: 

The higher your resolution, typically meaning more megapixels, means you will have crisper images with less graininess when enlarged to larger sizes.

Deep Dream Generator Alternatives

Here is a list of the top three alternatives that are next best to Deep dream generator.

1. RunwayML

If you’re looking for a creative AI image generation platform that beats Google’s Deep Dream Generator in terms of art and images, look no further than RunawayML. This AI image generator can create photos and portraits to avoid copyright issues and turn pictures into beautiful artwork like a sketch or landscape.

It could also generate faces or landscapes, colorize old black-and-white photos with appropriate colors, recognize faces from reference images, and match them with other reference images.

2. DeepArt

If you’re looking for an AI image generator that could turn your favorite photos into art, DeepArt is the right choice. This AI image generation platform empowers everyone with a novel artistic painting tool to create and share their beautiful artwork.

With this, you no longer have to use Deep Dream Generator- it’s now possible to do it all through departure. As the saying goes, everyone is an artist of their own life. So if you want to express yourself in unique and beautiful ways using AI technology- look no further than DeepArt.

3. Instapainting

Suppose you are a fan of photos and love seeing your daily photos turn into AI-realistic style paintings or abstract renderings. In that case, Instapainting is the 3rd AI image generation platform similar to Google’s Deep Dream Generator.

This powerful AI photo generator can do it all in just seconds – from creating realistic artworks to printing them for use as art objects.

Plus, if you’re a fan of prints and want to add some artistic atmosphere to your home, try this fantastic AI print converter powered by artificial intelligence technology.

Final thoughts

The deep dream generator is great to play around with images, especially for people new to AI editing. It’s a great pastime when you want to relax, and so far, every generated image has been a bit of a surprise. It is a set of tools that make it possible to explore different AI algorithms.

Deep dream generators focus on creative tools for a visual content generation like those for merging image styles and content or such as Deep Dream, which explores the insight of a deep neural network.

Other than that, the only thing about it is the size of the photos. They are too low, so if you’re a perfectionist or want to use the images for other creative work, they won’t be of much use. But for a while, it will suffice.

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