What Is Hypotenuse AI, And How Can It Benefit You? (2023))

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Not everyone enjoys creating new articles from scratch. Topics require extensive investigation and writing. Imagine how amazing it would be if you could create an article in under five minutes. You’ll be astounded by the way that this AI copywriting tool, Hypotenuse AI, works and sounds when you read this review.

I’m here to inform you about AI copywriting software that enables you to create original blog posts swiftly. Read the Hypotenuse AI review to learn how to quickly generate excellent titles and descriptions.

With the help of the Hypotenuse AI writer, you can now put your ideas on the screen more quickly.

What Is Hypotenuse AI?

Hypotenuse AI is a copywriting tool that employs artificial intelligence to help you produce relevant content. If you work in digital marketing, affiliate marketing, copywriting, or blogging, you understand the importance of creating top-notch content.

Hypotenuse AI

However, developing interesting and compelling material could be difficult, particularly if you have a short deadline. That’s where Hypotenuse AI comes in.

Hypotenuse AI generates long-form content that is clear, relevant, fluent, and high quality — This is because the founder, Joshua Wong, was a researcher at Amazon Alexa and has experience leveraging AI for the best results.

You can produce material that sounds natural with the aid of this AI copywriting tool. It’s worth checking out Hypotenuse AI if you’re searching for a tool to assist you in improving your writing.

Hypotenuse AI uses machine learning to generate textual content for eCommerce businesses. Companies invest billions of dollars annually in content, which is expensive and slow. Hypotenuse creates material in a matter of seconds while keeping human-level fluidity consistent with a company’s writing style.

Who Is Hypotenuse AI For?

Hypotenuse AI caters to those who need to develop top-notch content in a short period. Whether you’re writing an article, an engaging social media post, or a catching headline for your website, you can utilize Hypotenuse AI to help you develop content.

Businesses that can employ Hypotenuse AI include:

  • Marketing Agencies
  • Copywriters
  • Authors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Content Creators
  • SEO Professionals

In conclusion, Hypotenuse AI meets the demands of almost all writers.

How Does Hypotenuse AI Work?

Here’s how it works: you provide Hypotenuse AI with some talking points and keywords, and their AI algorithm takes over. It analyzes your input, identifies the meaning and intent of those talking points, and then writes tailored and optimized copy for you. 

It’s like having a personal copywriter who knows your business inside and out.

But here’s the thing: Hypotenuse AI doesn’t just churn out a random copy. It takes your unique data and creates copy that’s genuinely relevant to your audience. As a result, it is a useful tool for digital marketers, affiliate marketers, copywriters, and bloggers.

Hypotenuse AI

Your blog article will be prepared using the Hypotenuse AI writer in three simple stages. Log in to the Hypotenuse dashboard and enter your brand or subject history – the program will automatically provide title recommendations.

When you click the Generate button, a list of potential blog post topics will appear.

The outline format can now be chosen since the title and introduction are finished. Selecting the proper outlines is important because your blog’s structure is key.

You need to give the AI writer details about the target market and the product for them to choose the appropriate outlines. To ensure your results are unique, you can repeatedly produce multiple outlines.

After creating the outlines, it’s time to start writing the first draft. Write engaging paragraphs for your blog and ensure everything has been meticulously proofread.

You can alter the text and create new paragraphs using the editor provided by the AI writer. The AI writer keeps learning from your edits as you make them. Thus, the copywriting for upcoming projects is improved.

Hypotenuse AI: Key Features

Now, let’s discuss the key features and services offered by Hypotenuse AI:

1. Blog Article Writer

Long blog entries are difficult for bloggers to write. You frequently employ writers, which is expensive because you cannot write a lot on your own. Hypotenuse.ai is a lifesaver for saving your time and money. You don’t need to pay somebody because it helps you create extensive blog content.

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The algorithm will produce blog idea titles after you input your topic. Give the system the information so it can create outlines for you to choose from.

You can create content for long-tail keyword niches that previously lacked the resources to pursue. You can rank for significant keywords for you and your company using Hypotenuse AI without spending hours researching and creating content.

Plus, their AI copywriting is so good that it sounds like a human wrote it; we couldn’t tell the difference!

2. AI Bulk Product Description Generator

You may produce countless product descriptions using Hypotenuse AI. Just upload your product photos, and add attributes for each image.

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Using the Hypotenuse AI product description generator, you can import attributes via CSV or an API, which means you can create content for thousands of products in one go. 

Once you import your products, you can generate content for all of them at one go with their Bulk Generate feature. You can also manage your bulk generation jobs and check in on the progress of each of them.

Similar to importing them, you may export the products to CSV or API back into your CMS. You’ll also be able to customize the description after it’s generated with the in-built editor.

3. Image Generator

With the help of Hypotenuse AI, you can use a few descriptive phrases to generate unique images from scratch.

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Millions of photos and texts on the internet have taught Hypotenuse AI how to comprehend and produce unique images. When you press the Generate button, it doesn’t replicate or extract photos; instead, it takes into account the concepts it is familiar with and produces fresh images each time.

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  1. Enter a brief description
  2. Choose the appearance and feel you need for your image 
  3. Once you click “Generate,” AI will begin to operate

You can choose from various image aesthetics and tones and change moods to find the exact image you’re looking for. 

4. Instagram Caption Generator

With Hypotenuse AI-generated Instagram captions, you can dazzle your Instagram followers. You must provide the AI with information about your business and target market. 


The generated caption will be more accurate with more details you provide. The caption will be produced for you after you click Generate. Select the appropriate caption from the alternatives provided by the AI caption generator.

5. Marketing Copy

With Hypotenuse AI’s Marketing Copy generator, you can create winning copy to drive engagement and conversions towards your business.

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Apart from social media and blog content, Hypotenuse AI can help you create content for landing pages, email newsletters, category page descriptions, and persuasive Google Ads that will help drive traffic to your website and boost conversions. 

Hypotenuse AI: Pros & Cons

Hypotenuse AI offers the following benefits:

  • Create articles in under five minutes that reads among the best of the AI generators we’ve tried
  • Generate unique, customized images in less than 2 minutes
  • Shopify integration for eCommerce businesses
  • Simple product descriptions that only require key attributes
  • API-based direct integration

Some minor disadvantages:

  • You are only given a certain number of credits on a free trial.

Below we compare Hypotenuse AI with some of the other well-known AI generators in the market. 

Hypotenuse AI: A Comparison With Other AI Generators

While we discuss Hypotenuse AI, we must also compare the software with its competitors to see how it holds up in the field.

Jarvis AI

One of Hypotenuse AI’s biggest competitors in the market right now is Jarvis AI. 

Japer can produce material for any publication, including blogs, social media posts, ads, profile bios, product descriptions, feature lists for online stores, Google ads, SEO meta descriptions, and website copy for sales and landing pages.

However, compared to Hypotenuse AI, it has a few setbacks. 

When creating long-form text, for instance, Jarvis AI frequently repeats itself, producing paragraphs that are nearly identical to one another. It contains practical information overall, with the occasional irrelevant or nonsensical paragraph.

Additionally, it generates extremely exact figures and numbers without citation or reference, making it impossible to verify whether they are accurate.


Another AI for creating content, Writesonic, when compared to Hypotenuse AI, yields irregular results, some of which are wholly pointless. The blog outline tool is a little difficult and doesn’t allow for enough customization at each process stage.

The only social media templates available were for LinkedIn articles and YouTube ideas, outlines, intros, and descriptions.


Another excellent free AI copywriting tool is Rytr. It generates content for more than 25 distinct use cases, including remarkably imaginative ones like song lyrics and stories, using GPT-3 and proprietary AI.

On the negative side, we discovered that Rytr contained uncited statistics and data in the article without any method to confirm them. The blog summaries didn’t demonstrate a logical flow from the introduction to the conclusion.

It was irregular and frequently contained passages that seemed to have no business being there.

Copy AI

Another AI available on the market is Copy.ai, although compared to Hypotenuse AI, the quality of the content produced was highly variable.

Some of it—particularly the brief sentences used in product details and social media captions—could only be used directly without much modification, but others were essentially gibberish or irrelevant.

Because there were few possibilities for input, it wasn’t always possible to supply sufficient details to make the results more pertinent.

Hypotenuse AI: Pricing

Hypotenuse AI offers three simple pricing plans to choose from:

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Starter: $29 per month

This method is excellent for independent contractors. You are granted 75 credits per month, one user account, the ability to create limitless ad copy and blogs, bulk product descriptions, and email support.

Growth: $59 per month

This plan is best suited for organizations and groups. Receive one user account, 250 credits per month, and all the features of the Growth plan. Support options for this plan include email and chat.


You can choose the Enterprise plan if you require a customized plan with specific criteria. With this package, you will always have access to a personal account manager.

Wrapping Up

Even though AI copywriting is still new, it is obvious that it can help content creators in producing more efficient copy faster.

It can help with your idea generation, text SEO optimization, and even developing a more conversational writing style. You can use Hypotenuse AI writing software for all your brainstorming and writing needs, whether you’re a blogger, agency, or eCommerce business. 

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