is finance consumer services a good career path

Is Finance Consumer Services A Good Career Path? 15 Best

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Small businesses and consumers are the primary clients of financial services; banking for large businesses is not included, though. Well, if you are thinking, is finance consumer services a good career path? Then we can assure you that this is a great career path; there will always be a demand for your services; you may enjoy working with people as much as you like, and it’s a fascinating field.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a job where you can explore your interests and help others simultaneously, consider becoming a financial services advisor or a virtual assistant in consumer services, read on to learn more about these two opportunities and is finance consumer services a good career path or not.

What Is Consumer Services?

Consumer services is a subsector of the services industry, which includes businesses that sell intangible goods and services directly to end consumers. A subsector of the consumer services industry is sometimes called “friendly services” due to the nature of the goods and services it offers.


DATA USA reveals that over 6.31 million workers in this subsector. While many consumers know the role that service industries play in their day-to-day lives, most may not be aware that these industries include everything from hotels and restaurants to beauty salons, accountants, real estate agents, and so much more.

Consumer products such as food, herbs, drinks, vitamins, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, hair products, household cleaners, paints, plastics, metals, waxes, coatings, minerals, ceramics, construction materials, water quality testing, non-medical forensics, and failure analysis and failure analysis may be formulated, reformulated, technical consulting, and tested.

The 15 Best Jobs In Finance Consumer Services

The finance industry is a broad field that covers many different types of jobs. From auditors to market analysts, there are hundreds of career opportunities within the financial services sector. 

As you are here to learn, is finance consumer services a good career path? Therefore, here are 15 of the best jobs in finance and consumer services:

1. Auditor


An auditor reviews financial records to ensure that accounting rules and laws are followed. Also, they examine expenses, taxes, and regulatory compliance to ensure everything adds up.

Some of the most in-demand roles in accounting, such as accounting technician, are entry-level positions that don’t require a degree. There’s room for growth; with a degree, you could earn up to $40,000.

What you need: A high school diploma; some entry-level positions might not require a degree. 

What it takes: At the entry level, most companies require basic math, bookkeeping, and accounting skills. 

Where to start: Getting into this career starts with finding the right educational program and school.

2. Economist

An economist is a perfect position for finance-minded individuals who want to help others improve their financial situation.

To become an economist, you’ll need to earn a Ph.D. in economics, which takes about 5 – 7 years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, economists earn an average salary of $60,000 – $77,250. The exact wage will depend on education level and expertise. 

A Ph.D. in economics is a long journey, but the job comes with various benefits, such as health insurance, paid vacation, and a flexible schedule. An economist is an excellent option for individuals who are curious about how the economy works and those who are interested in helping others.

3. Loan Officer


A loan officer is a trained professional who works with clients as they apply for and close on various types of loans. Loan officers are responsible for reviewing loan applications, collecting and verifying necessary documentation, and advising borrowers on the loan terms, conditions, and costs.

Loan officers advise clients on how to create their loan application more attractive, assist with completing forms, or guide clients through the process of financing an investment property.

The majority of loan officer jobs are in the financial services industry. In addition to serving as a lender, this company may provide clients with financial advice and employ loan officers.

Loan officers work in various settings, such as banks, mortgage companies, and brokerage firms.

4. Financial Analyst

When you choose the career of financial analyst, you can expect to work in various industries, from financial services to health care. 

Financial analysts also come from a variety of educational backgrounds. Some have a bachelor’s degree in business, a preferred degree for this career, but others have master’s degrees in engineering or health care. 

is finance consumer services a good career path

What you can expect from this career is that it will change and grow as the economy changes and grows. Financial analysts must stay current with the markets to provide advice and guidance to clients.

In the current economy, you can expect various job duties and responsibilities. You can also expect to see this career path as a long-term option with a good salary and benefits.

5. Financial Manager

Financial Managers are responsible for tracking and forecasting a company’s economic performance. They are also responsible for monitoring risk, maintaining budgets, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

You will usually need a bachelor’s degree in finance or a related field to pursue a career as a financial manager. After earning your degree, you may need certification to demonstrate that you have the skills and knowledge to work as a financial manager.

Nowadays, having a solid financial foundation is more critical than ever, and an excellent financial manager can be the key to that foundation. Anybody with access to a computer or phone can get financial planning and counseling thanks to technical developments and the emergence of the information age.

6. Tax Examiner

If you enjoy working with numbers and are interested in pursuing a career in public service, then working as a tax examiner might be the right path for you.

 As a tax examiner, you will determine if individuals and businesses have correctly reported their taxable earnings. You will need to collect and review documentation before issuing a final assessment. 

This position requires a bachelor’s degree in accounting. You may also have to complete licensing requirements at the state level.

7. Accountant


An accountant’s responsibility is to keep track of all financial transactions made by a company or organization. They also analyze financial data to advise clients on managing their cash best and planning for future expenses. 

Accounting is a great career option for detail-oriented people with excellent math skills who want to help others. 

What education do I need? Accounting jobs usually require a bachelor’s degree. Many schools offer a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. 

What skills are required? Communication skills, attention to detail, and computer skills are all essential in this line of work. 

What other advice does this career path advice have? Accounting is a very competitive field. Because of the high demand for accountants, most employers require accounting degrees.

8. Stockbroker

A stockbroker is a profession that helps clients to invest in the market. For those who intend to know is finance consumer services a good career path or not, it is a good career path for them because they’re interested in finance and want to help others with their financial issues. 

Stockbrokers make their money by buying and selling stocks and other securities on behalf of clients. They make their money on the difference between the buying and selling price. Stockbrokers can specialize in a particular area (for example, a certain type of security or a specific industry), or they can be generalists, offering a wide range of investment advice.

Most importantly, Stockbrokers need a license to sell stocks and other financial products. They also need a degree in finance or a related area, like business administration.

9. Personal Financial Advisor


If you are interested in helping others through financial advice or making a career out of financial advising, this could be the right path. Financial advisors can focus on various topics, from retirement planning to investing in stocks to insurance. 

Depending on your desired path, you may need to obtain a degree in a relevant field, such as financial advising or business administration.

10. Investment Manager

Is finance consumer services a good career path? People avoid this job because they are not aware of this job. They do not know that being an Investment Manager is a good career path and a great way to make money. 

Investment managers help individuals and companies with their investments by buying and selling stocks, bonds, and other securities. 

Investment managers usually have a degree in finance or a related field, like economics. They also have several years of experience in the financial industry, such as working as a financial analyst. They must have excellent communication and analytical skills to do their job.

11. Private Equity Associate


Private equity firms have become an important asset class in the overall landscape of the global financial markets. It is estimated that the total value of assets under management in the private equity sector is now close to a trillion dollars, which is quite significant compared to the trillion dollars under control in the public equity markets.

In this role, you’ll be sourcing and analyzing potential investments. You might also be expected to assist in the due diligence process. To succeed in this position, you’ll need a keen interest in the private equity industry and a desire to help transform companies.

12. Complain Officer

The role of the Complain Officer is to facilitate the complaints resolution process. The officer listens to the issues raised by the consumer, tries to understand the problems faced, and then provides the best possible solutions according to the facts of the case. 

The officer has to maintain detailed records of all consumer interactions, and all communication must be documented, especially if the officer has to defend the decisions made in a particular case.

This job requires a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail since any error in the documentation can be used as evidence against the company in court. Communication skills are fundamental, as the officer will be talking to consumers daily, and these interactions must be friendly and helpful at all times.

13. Complain Analyst

Complain analyst is a good career path if you’re searching for, is finance consumer services a good career path or not?

Complain analysts like solving problems, researching, and working in a team environment. It may be a good fit for you if you are detail-oriented, enjoy solving problems for customers, and like working in a team environment. 

To become a complain analyst, you need a bachelor’s degree in business, social sciences, computer science, or engineering. While in school, you should take classes focusing on communication and critical thinking skills. You’ll also need to be dedicated and detail-oriented.

14. Fund Manager


If you are interested in investing and making money in the stock market, you can become a fund manager. This job requires a lot of education and experience, but it can be a very lucrative career path. 

A fund manager is responsible for investing the money entrusted to a company or group of individuals. That might sound scary, but it is an essential part of the business of investing. You might not consider it a desirable job, but it is important.

15. Financial Software Engginier


Financial engineers are in high demand in financial services and government agencies regulating the financial industry. Financial engineers work in asset management, risk management, investment analysis, quantitative research, and financial software engineering.

Are you interested in a hands-on career related to the ever-changing financial markets? Do you enjoy solving problems and researching data to find fact-based solutions? If so, a career in financial engineering may be the right fit for you.

Final Words: Is Finance Consumer Services A Good Career Path?

The topic “Is Finance Consumer Services a Good Career Path?” Yes, it is. You can find many roles in the finance industry that use your skills and expertise. You could earn millions from your favorite job. 

That being said, if your job doesn’t interest you, there are lots of other options, including becoming a consultant, which is also a great option. The finance industry is a great place to start if you’re interested in a career change. 

Pursuing any career path, regardless of industry, is about learning new skills and getting exposure to new ideas. You can always find something you like, and you might even land a career you didn’t even know existed.

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