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Detailed Review of Jasper AI in 2022 (Jarvis AI)




Jasper AI (previously known as Jarvis AI) is a strong, cutting-edge GPT-3 program for creating content that can be used in various ways and at scale. It’s a new solid and revolutionary GPT-3 software that can write SEO-focused blog articles, listicles, school papers, YouTube video scripts, and novels.

While it isn’t the cheapest AI writer on the market, its competitive features, clean user interface, and high-quality output potential keep it an excellent bargain for anyone who needs to perform a lot of writing and copywriting without engaging expensive outside help.

What exactly is Jasper AI?

According to Linkedin, Jasper AI (Jarvis AI) was started in 2020 and currently employs 8 people, most of whom are based in Austin, Texas.

Traction is looking promising for a company that has only been around for more than a year. The team stealthily raised a $6 million initial fund from various investors, including Foundation Capital and Hack. VC.

How to apply Jasper AI (Jarvis AI)?

It is pretty simple to get started with Jasper AI (Jarvis AI). The platform is also capable of scaling for organizations. Not only that, but their pricing is reasonable at $29 per month or $24 per month when paid annually.

They also feature a plethora of well-produced tutorials that will walk you through the process of writing each form of copy that you require.

After using Jasper to create copy and defeat writer’s block, these features helped me the most.

Here’s an inside peek at the Jasper AI (Jarvis AI) tool and how to use some of its features.


Benefits of Jasper AI

In Austin, Texas, Jasper (Jarvis AI) was founded by Dave Rogenmoser, who quickly brought on CTO John Morgan to help build the software.

Jasper was constructed by Rogenmoser and Morgan in collaboration with venture capital and a profound grasp of software development. Its mission is to assist all of its users to create compelling and engaging copy that converts prospects to buyers.

Since assisting over 25,000 businesses in increasing conversions, it’s reasonable to say they’ve met this problematic aim.

Jasper isn’t a gadget that will take the role of copywriters and content creators. Instead, it collaborates with writers to get the most outstanding results possible.

  1. The AIDA template maker
  2. Blog introduction maker
  3. The Jarvis Facebook page

AIDA is one of the most well-known and efficient copywriting formulae. It is an acronym that stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Fortunately, when you join up with Jasper (Jarvis AI), you will gain access to an AI that will develop a text-based on this template, and the message will sound as if a professional copywriter wrote it.

Provide your company name, product description, and preferred tone of voice, and you’re ready to go.

The blog introduction generator was another feature that piqued my interest. Again, you need to provide your company name, product description, and tone of voice, and Jasper will develop an engaging opening for your article.

It employs the PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solution) formula to create appealing content. It raises your readers’ awareness of the problem, educates them on the repercussions of ignoring it, and then presents your content as the answer. Using this hook can improve your SEO score by increasing reading time.

The Facebook group was the third element that drew my attention. With over 30,000 specialists available to assist you on your writing journey, you can be confident that they will answer any queries you may have.

The following persons can benefit from utilizing Jasper (Jarvis AI):

  • Copywriters and content providers 
  • Digital marketers 
  • Video producers

Spelling and Grammar

Much work has been put into enhancing machine learning algorithms to generate more natural-looking content. It’s not perfect now, but it’s come a long way in recent years.

Grammarly is excellent for detecting grammatical errors in your writing and flagging them for additional review.

I wrote roughly 300 words to run through Grammarly to be consistent with some of our other AI tests. The content received an 87, which is average compared to our other tests.

Grammarly isn’t the best judge of content quality, but if you’re familiar with the tool, you’ll know that this generally indicates that the text is acceptable.

It might only take a few tweaks to put it in your voice or adapt it to your chosen writing style.


Grammarly discovered 20 percent plagiarism in the AI copy written by Jasper AI (Jarvis AI).

This appears to be a bit excessive, especially if you’re used to evaluating longer blog entries for plagiarism. I’ve found that these usually have a 1% or 2% plagiarism rate (which is generally from totally unrelated content).


Accuracy and integrity can be significant difficulties with AI-generated text.

For example, if you write a blog about survival knives but the content is about kitchen knives, the reader will be perplexed. One of the most common concerns I hear about AI-generated material is its lack of accuracy.

Review of Jasper AI (Jarvis AI)

Overall, my early impressions and experience with Jasper AI (Jarvis AI) indicate that it has the potential to be a valuable and helpful tool for the right person.

As previously said, the technology is simple to use yet can expand for companies.

If I were creating material full-time, this tool could help me put pen to paper and get started. However, because accuracy isn’t all that excellent, it doesn’t eliminate the necessity for any research to generate an accurate blog post.

Specific issues, particularly those relating to people’s and animals’ health and well-being, will require verification of integrity and correctness. However, for the most part, everything is OK.

Overall, I like where Jasper is going. It is not “automated,” as with any AI tool, but it can significantly speed up content writers’ everyday responsibilities.

I wouldn’t rule it out if used with content optimization tools like Grammarly. To put it to the test, try the Starter Package.

Pricing of Jasper AI (Jarvis AI)

A program that is that accurate and straightforward to use must be expensive; nonetheless, Jasper is less costly than most AI copywriting tools. It also has a 7-day money-back guarantee, giving you peace of mind to cancel your subscription and get your money back if you don’t like the program.


When you join up for Jasper, you’ll have three options:

1. The Starter Plan is $29 per month.

2. The Pro Plan is $109 per month.

3. The monthly fee for Boss Mode is $119.

Although Pro Plan and Boss Mode are pretty expensive, the Starter Plan should be sufficient for most writers since it offers features you’ll find in the more expensive plans.

Jasper (Jarvis AI) can write 20,000 words a month for you with the Starter Plan. It is also compatible with over 25 languages, including Spanish, French, and Japanese.

The Starter Plan is a viable solution if you primarily produce short-form material such as social media posts, headlines, email subject lines, and blog openers.

When you join up for the Pro Plan, you have the option of requesting an infinite number of words. If you’re producing more significant pieces of material, such as blog articles, video scripts, or books, this is a preferable alternative.

The final strategy is Boss Mode. This is primarily for business owners who hire customer service, marketing, and salespeople. In Boss Mode, you can use Jasper Command to tell the AI precisely what you need.


When compared to other comparable solutions, Jasper AI (Jarvis AI) truly stands out. If you’re seeking a solution to automate your content demands, overcome writer’s block, and use a powerful copywriting tool. In that case, Jasper AI is a terrific alternative for novice and expert content marketers.

Jasper AI is light years ahead of everything else on the market. The ease of use, mixed with the almost limitless possibility for content personalization, makes it one of my top tools to suggest to anyone who wants to create long-form content at scale while making more effort than they are.

Mark is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and cryptocurrency expert who has managed to fail many times but still manages to succeed in the long run. He is now an author, speaker and mentor on a mission to help other entrepreneurs.

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Top 7 AI Story Generator in 2022 [Free & Paid]



ai story generator

We all need a way to come up with new and compelling stories, but finding the right AI story generator tool can be really difficult. That’s why we are sharing this article about AI story generator tools that can help you write great stories.

Let us take a closer look at the five best AI story generators  and novel generators that will help you write stories and novels in no time.

To write a well-rounded and engaging story, these tools are perfect for you! They will help you write an interesting and engaging story without any difficulties.

All of these tools are powerful and can help you come up with new stories that you might not have thought of otherwise. You do not have to worry about grammar or plot – these tools do all the work for you!

What is an AI story generator?

An AI story generator is a software or online tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning to create new stories, novels, plotlines, etc. on an automated basis. You can think of them as artificial machines that write novels and stories based on the data you provide them.

These tools are different from the kind of writing you would use on a paper document from a human. They rely on algorithms to create stories, which are really helpful in avoiding writer’s block and lack of ideas. They also help you generate stories that might otherwise never occur to you – and that can be a big advantage for storytellers!

You can use these tools to develop new stories, business plans, horror stories, science fiction stories, romance novels, and even political speeches. The interface is really easy to use and has a clean interface. All you have to do is type your prompt and let the script write itself!

Advantages of using AI Story Generator

With AI story generators, you can easily write stories 10x faster than a normal human writer. With these tools, you can write stories in minutes instead of hours or days.

New & interesting ideas:

AI tools can be very helpful when it comes to finding fresh and interesting ideas. This is because AI enables quick & dirty thinking, which can sometimes lead to great insights!

No writer’s block:

Whether you are writing fiction or other texts, using AI tools can be very useful. You no longer have to worry about a lack of ideas or writer’s block.

Improve your writing skills:

AI story writing tools can help you improve your writing skills. Even an amateur writer can create something extraordinary with the help of these tools.

With these story writing tools, you can easily write stories and novels with the help of AI. These tools will help you write interesting and engaging stories that will keep you captivated for hours.

These tools are really helpful for writers, so do not forget to try them out


Jasper or formerly is an AI story generator recommended by thousands of writers to write various content. With its advanced GPT-3 algorithms, creates unique storylines based on your input text.

It was formerly known as This AI-based story writing tool is perfect for anyone who wants to write high-quality, interesting stories and novels. With its advanced AI capabilities, you’ll be able to come up with unique plot ideas that no other story writing tool can offer.

With a tool like Storyteller you’ll be able to create not only stories and novels but also any other type of content. It understands what you expect from it better than any other tool on the market, so you can be sure that the result will always be of high quality. Pricing

In case you do not know yet: is a premium AI story creation tool that costs $29/month for the “Starter” plan with a limit of 20,000 words and up to $119/month for the “Boss mode for unlimited words”.


ShortlyAI is a great AI story writing tool that can be used for novel writing and story creation. has adopted ShortlyAI to better serve its customers and help them create content. ShortlyAI uses GPT-3, one of OpenAI’s most advanced AI algorithms, to create unique, human-like content.

The user interface is easy to use, especially for long articles. This makes ShortlyAI a good choice for anyone who wants to easily write long content.

If you are just starting out with writing, this is the tool you should use on a daily basis. With this tool, you can easily write high-quality articles that can be used in many different ways. You do not need any creativity or experience to do this, just a computer and some time! You can also use it to write ad copy and storylines, website content such as web pages or emails, etc.

ShortlyAI Pricing

ShortlyAI is a very competitive AI writing tool that offers a single plan that you can purchase on an annual or monthly basis. It is an innovative way to write and manage your AI work. Since it has features that are unique compared to other writing tools on the market, it is also comparatively expensive. is a new AI story generator tool in the market that can help you write stories, testimonials, song lyrics, Q&A, profile bios, and much more. It is a really powerful tool that will give you the most effective result when writing short-form stories using the GPT-3 model (the same model used in some of the AI story generation tools mentioned above) and custom models to increase your output response when writing.

This tool is specifically designed to add robust keywords to your short-form content. This means that the quality of the output will be excellent and you can easily target SEO readers or solve writer’s block. However, unlike other tools I mentioned above, your prompt is limited to 150-250 characters. This limitation can be a bit frustrating because it would allow for a longer text, but still, leave plenty of room for short replies or subheadings. is a really handy tool for people who need to write a lot of short content for blogs, social media or other purposes. With the ready-made templates and frameworks, you can start writing easily and without any hassle! Pricing 

You can sign up for a monthly subscription for $29/month (about $290/year) (2 months free with an annual subscription). This includes unlimited AI generation, 30+ use cases, 30+ languages, and 20+ sounds.

Also Read: A Review of Rytr: The Best Free AI Writing Tool


ClosersCopy is a wonderful AI story generator tool that lets you easily start writing long stories and novels. It has an editor that lets you easily create all kinds of content, such as including stories, short and long articles, storylines, dialogs, songs, eBooks, website content, etc.

The tool’s framework feature is impressive: it has a powerful content writing framework that lets you get the most out of your texts. Also, there is a community framework from which you can install tons of user-created frameworks to increase your productivity.

This tool has an interesting lifetime offer: they offer a lifetime deal with an unlimited number of generated AI words for only $317. That’s an extremely reasonable price, and I’d say it’s a great deal.

ClosersCopy is an AI story writing tool that lets you write long, high-quality content in no time. Plus, there’s a lifetime offer, which is always a plus. This will definitely save you money in the end.

ClosersCopy Pricing

It comes with an exclusive lifetime deal that allows unlimited uses at a really low price. You can get in with the lifetime deal for as low as $187 (with restrictions) and $317 (without restrictions).

Article Forge

If you are looking for a powerful AI-writing tool that can help you create realistic and engaging AI-based stories and novels in no time, then Article Forge is a perfect choice. This software relies on Deep Learning and natural language processing (NLP) to create high-quality texts. It works on the principle of Deep Learning, which allows it to understand complex concepts quickly and accurately. Besides, this tool can also be used for writing blog posts, storylines, scripts, and other types of content!

Article Forge is a tool that helps you write long-form content that reads credibly and engages your readers. It’s an online platform where you can write your own words and sentences without getting stuck at any point in the story. This is perfect for novelists or story writers who want to finish their work without getting stuck in between, but do not want to spend hours writing each sentence by hand.

Article Forge also has unique features like automatic publishing of content to your blog and copyscape checking. It saves you a lot of time and energy when writing articles, and the best part is that it does not require any special knowledge or training. This tool can help you achieve great results with its AI-generated content.

Article Forge Pricing

The pricing structure of Article Forge is $27/month (for annual billing) or $57/month (for monthly billing), and you can create human-quality content.

Choosing the correct AI story generator tool?

Finding the best AI story tool is necessary because if you choose the wrong one for writing stories and novels, you will definitely end up with nothing. It can be difficult to find the right AI story tool for your writing. It is important to note that an AI story generator is not the same as a human writer. So it is a helping tool but not a replacement. I hope the list above helps you find the right AI story generator for you!

Also read: 101 Content Generator AI Tools: The Ultimate List

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42 Best AI Text Generator in 2022 [Free and Paid]



AI Text Generators

AI text generators are steadily revolutionizing content creation, user experience, video workflows, SEO, digital marketing, and several other fields.

The New York Times and the BBC, for example, were among the first to notice this. These companies have already started to use AI to their advantage. They primarily leverage AI to automate numerous, monotonous content creation and publishing processes.So, here in this article, we have mentioned all top-ranking AI Text Generators. We analysed and used hundreds of AI content generator tools to create automated text and made a list of the best ones. Among these AI text generators, we found Copy AI to be an all-rounder.

What is AI Text Generator?

AI text generators use machine learning to assist users in many stages of the writing process, such as research, grammar and tone checking, and localization.

Anyone looking for writing assistance, from content marketers striving to write more interesting content to HR staff optimizing job ads, can benefit from augmented writing. The tools use natural language processing (NLP) to evaluate text and generate recommendations or related content.

These technologies can help users generate content more quickly and confidently, which is usually time-consuming and slow.

The scope and complexity of AI text generators are tremendously diverse. Some of these are full-fledged augmented writing platforms where users create their content. Others are simpler bots that consume content from other sources and make recommendations after that.

Some AI text generators have very particular capabilities, such as constructing specific types of forms or providing precise writing recommendations.

How does AI Text Generator work?

AI text generator is a text editor that uses artificial intelligence to create beautiful, compelling, and visually appealing text. With an AI text generator, you can easily create professional-looking documents with ease. Plus, it has various features that make it the perfect tool for your online writing needs.

For example, AI Text Generator can automatically generate headings, lists, tables, and bars. You can also use an AI text generator to create titles and subtitles for your document. And can even choose to have the text editor generate images specifically for your document.

AI text generator offers a variety of features that make it the perfect tool for your online writing needs. For example, its easy-to-use interface makes it easy to create professional-looking text documents. 

You can also use its many features to improve the quality of your texts. For example, an AI text generator includes a word processor, a grammar analyzer, and a content editor. Plus, its easy-to-use interface makes it simple to create compelling and beautiful text documents with ease.

Source: is an AI text generator and content writing tool that helps people write better content, billing itself as an “automated creativity tool” for generating marketing copy. Copywriting software gives you new ideas that will allow you to continue writing instead of thinking. 

It aggregates the best of the best copy as inputs to its models, so they always know what will resonate with customers and provides unique features to help create compelling blog openings. 

If a catchy intro catches your attention, delivers suggestions from informative and tone-friendly material which is plagiarism-free too. Read the complete review here.


Source: Jasper

Jasper AI is a content generation tool that uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence to generate content for you automatically. You can use it to create blog posts, social media posts, ads, eBooks, landing page copies, or stories- in short, anything requiring text. 

The #1 reason most people (over 50 000 people) choose Jasper AI over all the other tools on the market is that Jasper generated are better than ALL of those other combined tools! You can read more about Jasper’s review and features in this article.

So if you’re looking for ways to automate your writing process or want more creative input on generating new content quickly, then this might be something worth trying out with their five-day FREE trial offer, which includes 10,000 words credits.



Writesonic is a free online text editor that makes it easy to create, share, and read digital texts. You can use Writesonic to write articles, blog posts, essays, books, or other document types. You don’t need any programming skills or knowledge to use Writesonic; all you need is an internet connection and a computer with an internet browser. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced writer, Writesonic makes it easy to get started. You can use our simple editor interface to start writing right away, or you could spend some time reading through our many tutorials and examples to learn more about how Writesonic works.

Source: is an advanced tool for generating human-like content by using cutting-edge deep learning algorithms and techniques that assist in tackling your writer’s block, writing plagiarism-free articles, blogs, posts, and more. 

With, you can create high-quality press releases or SEO-optimized articles with a few clicks of the mouse button. 

All it takes to use this AI article generator is to provide a heading for your post or essay and include essential keywords in the first two lines of the description box to generate original content instantly without worrying about any grammar mistakes!

Source: StoryLab AI is an AI copy generator that helps you generate copy ideas, hooks, outlines, and ready-made copy for marketing purposes. is a website that creates content for you and then helps with more creative aspects of the writing process, like generating hooks or outlines to your stories. 

The AI part of their product directly links to GPT3: the most powerful Natural Language Processing AI available in the market right now. Their library, combined with our tool, helps make it easier to create content faster and makes you better at storytelling if appropriately used.

Longshot AI

Source: Longshot AI

LongShot AI is a company that brings “AI” to the masters in a way never before. It aims to teach people how to use AI for everyday tasks and contribute SEO-friendly content by offering Research Topics. LongShot offers an easy-to-navigate dashboard featuring multiple projects (blogs, long-form blog posts, FAQs), text extensions (text generator), and more.

Along with these essential features, it also gives you ideas for headlines or outlines on your next blog post. 


Source: Simplified

Simplified is an app to create, collaborate and scale your marketing. The design editor lets you design eye-catching graphics, write engaging copy and make videos. You can also work with team members in the same workspace or sync a brand kit for multiple accounts – all without ever leaving the app. 

It’s free to download on both iOS and Android devices. It has an easy-to-use interface and includes features like AI writer, which are great when writing blog posts or articles.

Textcortex AI

Source: Text Cortex

Text Cortex AI helps you automatically save up to 2/3 of your time by writing optimized, unique text. With Text Cortex, businesses can create landing pages and blog posts that lead to more organic traffic and conversions while still saving a significant amount of their time on the process. 

Artificial intelligence will help authors write product descriptions (including Shopify Integration) for performance marketing advertisements and SEO-optimized blogs – all without any hassle. You can use the platform either from its website or through API integration in any existing workflow. 


Source: Writerly

Writerly provides customers with quality, engaging, and plagiarism-free copywriting for all written content. The app does the heavy lifting by generating organic, SEO-optimized text from prompts you provide in a matter of seconds. Writerly offers over 50+ templates suited explicitly to different marketing strategies, blogs, and newsletters.

It also has an AI that completes 350 years’ worth of reading time! When users write over a certain amount of words on their own accord, Writerly plants trees; this is geo-tagged, so the customer can see its positive environmental impact live through widgets.


Source: Thundercontent

Unique articles at lightning speed are what Thundercontent can provide to you. Spend less money and time, and get better results with AI. The languages they supported: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, German Russian, Chinese, Japanese.

And don’t worry if your idea doesn’t come right away-ThunderContent AI assistant will offer unique suggestions for it! And all their content is 100% original, so there’s no risk that someone else has plagiarized or copied any part of it.

Talk to Walle

Source: Talk to Walle

Talk to Walle is a text generator with captivating and unexpected continued narratives to help you streamline the writing process. Just what can Talk to Walle do?

  • Write product descriptions or articles for magazines
  • Show you an unexpected end of story 
  • Communicate one thing in many ways 
  •  And finally, start earning money as a copywriter! 

We know that now all business activities have been transferred on the internet and we see huge potential. We are aware exceptionally well that when it comes time to write, describe your service or sell something online, inspiration needs just around the corner – Talk to Walle is a fantastic brainstorming partner.

Shortly AI

Source: Shortly AI

The AI will generate original, creative text in no time and format it for various platforms. It’s easy to use and creates incredible outputs. The price is $79/month or $65/month if paid annually, and you get everything unlimited. 

Shortly AI is a writing assistant that can be programmed with keywords to produce the desired text based on style specifications you inputted beforehand. You can also input your own words, which may trigger more ideas from the program.


Source: ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy is a copywriting and content creation tool with templates available for use by novice and expert writers. This AI text generator can help you write compelling content with or without the high expense of hiring a professional writer. 

You will also speed up your writing process while reducing your time spent on ClosersCopy, by using the available tools and templates found within this platform. 

Additionally, Closer’s Copy assists companies in creating persuasive copy that increases customer conversion rates while working towards their audience, especially those who have an online business.


Source: INK

INK is a software that employs AI to create articles generated from templates. When it first started, INK was just an SEO assistant, but the company has added GPT-3 into its primary product. So this is a different approach to adding AI composition into an already existing tool, which was primarily designed for SEO purposes. 

Now, you’ve got the AI writing assistant built right in – you can download the standalone INK app onto your computer. You can try out their service free forever, where you’ll get up to 10 articles per month with their optimizations tools.

Article Forge


You can easily create quality papers and essays in no time with Article Forge, a powerful online text generator. With Article Forge, you can quickly generate high-quality content for your website or blog without prior experience or design knowledge. Just enter the required information about your topic, and this AI Text Generator will take care of the rest! You’ll be able to produce quality paper quickly and easily with Article Forge’s easy-to-use interface.


Source: Scalenut

Scalenut is a revolutionary AI-powered content research and text generator platform that enables users to create high-ranking content. Scalenut assists marketing professionals worldwide in leveraging technological developments such as artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to create excellent, quality content. 

Content will be king in the future, which is why Scalenut’s cutting-edge platform for producing top-notch creative material was designed with this idea in mind from inception.



WordAI is the perfect tool for creating high-quality, automated text content. With their easy-to-use platform, you can create both effective and engaging texts. They offer a wide range of features to help you get started, including automatic grammar correction and word replacement, so your content is always ready to go. Plus, they offer free trial periods so you can see how WordAI works before making any decisions!

Source: is software that generates articles for your website, blog, SEO, and social media in a matter of seconds. Texta provides unique content just as fast as users can type with Al Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

With this software, you can automatically generate content from a short description, whether it’s for your brand or not! This software supports multiple languages, including English, German and French. 

It understands how to create material that will connect well with your target demographic while tackling writer’s block. Texta makes life easier when we are speaking about writing!


Source: Writecream

Writecream is a new AI text generator and marketing tool that uses advanced machine learning to write copy for you. You can use it to generate personalized introductions, email campaigns, and more. 

The list of features includes: personalized openings for outbound marketing campaigns, cold emails, LinkedIn outreach, pitch an angel (i.e., pitching your idea/product), digital ads & website copy- Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), articles & blogs with blog ideas developed by artificial intelligence, ecommerce & social media with products descriptions generated by neural networks.



KafKai is a software application that allows users to create and manage text documents of any complexity. It features an intuitive user interface, support for various document formats, and numerous customization options. KafKai makes it easy for users to generate high-quality texts by providing multiple templates, including articles, reports, speeches, case studies, etc.


With AI-Writer, you can easily create high-quality text that looks and feels like actual writing. You don’t have to be a writer or know how to write to use AI-Write; it’s designed for anyone who wants to produce great-looking, professional-sounding text without any prior experience. Whether you’re creating articles, blog posts, or even white papers—any document—AI-Write is the perfect tool for getting your ideas out there and making sure they look fantastic!



Genei is a powerful AI text generator that can create any document you could dream up. It can generate HTML, TXT, DOCX, and PDF documents. You can use different templates to get started with Genei, such as business cards or resume samples. You can also change the font and color of the document if you want. Genei is free to download and use for personal or professional purposes.

Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach is a software application that allows you to create and manage your text generators. It features an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to generate any type of text imaginable, from articles to blog posts to eBooks. You can also use Atomic Reach as a content management system for your website or blog, helping you keep track of all the different types of texts generated by your site or blog and manage them all in one place.


You can easily create high-quality text for your website or blog with Fluently. Fluently  provide a wide range of templates and options to choose from, so you can make any content that needs to be formatted well. 

Their team is available 24/7 to help with every step of your creation process, so there’s no need to worry about getting the content right the first time. Plus, their easy-to-use platform makes it easy for you to get started – enter what you want to be written, and we’ll take care of everything else.

Source: Mieux 

Mieux is a platform that automatically generates long-form content for you. With their grading feature, you grade your content and optimize SEO as AI writes plagiarism-free new blogs, articles, and Ads for you. It’s perfect for B2B clients or marketers who need high volumes of quality content generated efficiently. Mieux is different from other tools because it:

  1. Support long-form blog generation – Be it 100 words or 1,000+, write in freestyle mode, and keep writing your piece of info until you want to stop.
  2. Free grading! You don’t have to purchase an additional tool to grade your work.
  3. Pay by exhaustion – Something revolutionary in SaaS models they dare do differently than others is a charge per word, unlike monthly subscriptions.

Source: Craftly AI

Craftly.AI is the high-quality and affordable virtual copywriting assistant software powered by artificial intelligence that will give you all the benefits of having a full-time copywriter without costing an arm or a leg. Never get stuck again on what to write about! Craftly offers endless content in seconds, not weeks. 

It features the best AI on the market, with bold claims backed up by results. It generates individualized content in your unique voice while optimizing SEO and conversion rates; finally, crafty’s original work is entirely plagiarism-free.


Source: Ellipsis AI

Ellipsis-AI is a copywriting tool that generates high-quality marketing content in seconds. It does this by analyzing and understanding how to craft exciting and engaging texts for your business. 

You can create the text you want, key in details about your product or brand, audience information, benefits of products, etc., and Ellipsis-AI will create the outputs.

 As part of its services, it does not own any copyrights on the content created with its tools because all ownership belongs to you!



GrowthBar AI and SEO is the all-in-one tool that helps you write high-quality content in a flash. It takes care of everything for you, including creating your article content, optimizing it for search engine visibility, and managing your social media accounts. So don’t wait any longer – start writing quality articles today with GrowthBar SEO!


Rytr is a text editor that can produce well-written content instantly. With 15 languages supported, Rytr can deliver high-quality writing quickly and easily. To achieve a unique writing style, you can choose from various tones and emotions. Plus, you don’t have to pay anything! Just use the free version for this purpose. Read the complete review here.



If you’re looking to generate marketing copy for your brand, Copysmith is the quick fix. A powerful AI text generator can handle any online advertisement, product descriptions, blog ideas, and more! You can even use it to create a high-quality copy in minutes – without having to spend hours on end editing text. Plus, the easy-to-use interface makes creating effective marketing content a breeze. So what are you waiting for? Get started today by signing up for a free trial!



With Anyword, you can create high-quality, engaging content that will resonate with your target audience and help you achieve your marketing goals. This AI text generator is designed to make it easy for you to produce quality message content that will engage and convert potential customers. The powerful prediction system can provide a detailed forecast of how the content will perform to ensure maximum impact.


Articoolo is a powerful tool that can help you get the work done quickly and efficiently. You can use it to write articles, research topics, or even create entire books. With Articoolo’s help, you’ll be able to produce high-quality content that will help your business stand out from the rest.


Source: Frase

Frase is an AI text generator platform that offers two main products: Content and Answers.Frase Solutions (content) identifies the questions your target audience is asking. 

It automatically forms in-depth content briefs and offers suggestions to optimize your post further, raising your odds of ranking on Page One of the SERP. 

It answers web visitors’ questions 24/7, improving user experience and leaving you more time to focus on running your business. 

You can optimize knowledge assistants by analyzing user intent data for each question asked, which will offer essential data such as a person’s geolocation or click-through rates when looking at their ratings.

Asking Franklin

Source: Asking Franklin

Are you a content marketer who is struggling to find inspiration? Asking Franklin does everything for the user! Discover what people are looking for on Google and get tons of great ideas. 

The AI assistant supports users in each step of publishing an article: generating an introduction, writing body copy, finding titles, and SEO optimization! Download it today to experience complete marketing automation no matter your skill level.

Contentbot AI

Source: ContentBot AI

ContentBot is an AI-based content writing service. It generates unique and new content by clicking a button while entering the data keys to begin. With many templates available, this tech offers social media templates, article templates, listicle templates, and more! 

It comes with an auto-complete button that will finish any sentence you started typing into the editor if you can’t guess correctly what word or phrase would be next. GTP-3 OpenAI’s own Tiny Seed AI generation runs on their alternative platform that’s very new but interesting to see!


Source: Sassbook

The Sassbook software offers various writing styles and tools to help you channel your thoughts. The AI text generator helps create great content even with the fastest writing speed available. 

It’s also ensured to be authentic because it utilizes summarizing capabilities. For writers who want one-line summaries or work done in real-time, we offer traditional extractive mode and deep-AI modes as well. Three different size targets depend on what you’re looking for; select whichever is most convenient for your needs.

Smart Copy

Source: Smart Copy

If you’re looking for an efficient content creation process, Smart Copy is the way to go! It has various tools that make it useful for anyone to create landing pages, Facebook ads, and google ads. Plus, they have their Content Expander tool, which can turn one sentence into multiple paragraphs (or more). 

And if all this wasn’t enough- the best part about Smart Copy? They have a free plan with unlimited access to all templates and tools. Smart Copy was earlier known as Snazzy AI.

Hypotenuse AI

Source: Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI is a software tool to help you generate content for your website or blog. You provide it with a context-like product feature, and the AI writer will take that input to create unique articles, descriptions, and marketing copy for the site. 

The machine has an extensive range of vocabulary and understanding sentence structures, so any text created from it will always be one-of-a-kind! 


Source: Copymatic

CopyMatic is an AI-Powered software that writes unlimited copies in 109 international languages for sales, emails, and more. It’s the ultimate copywriting software that lets you generate high converting written content across all niches!

CopyMatic creates these conversions to your pages, such as lead capture page and upsells page and emails like cart abandonment email or affiliate promotion email. Copymatic makes it easy to create exciting & relatable copies with everyone hooked on them.

Source: is a platform used to create content as per user requirements. It offers tools like selecting any text and generating better content with ideas from that selection, which are helpful for professionals who write or want to develop their readers- especially when they’re out of ideas. 

BetterWriter can be considered an alternative version of Grammarly, but it provides excellent relevant content generated through GPT-3.


Source: HyperWrite

HyperWrite is a writing AI developed by the same investors who helped Amazon become what it is today. The technology uses GPT-3 AI and can create whole sentences or paragraphs. This content appears original, not scraped from the internet, and mostly factually correct. 

HyperWrite has a free version that offers up to 1000 sentence generations per month. It also has a Premium version at $9.99/mo., which includes more sentence generation and paragraph generation.


Source: GoCopy

GoCopy is a platform that makes the writing process easy using AI. It assists in copywriting, ideating, and getting your thoughts onto paper. GoCopy’s AI tech helps find ideas when there aren’t any, rewrite content that doesn’t look fruitful, create ads to increase sales rate exponentially, and summarize text too long to read usually. 

We get inspiring and productive ideas from this app which can also help reduce the writer’s block problem we have at times if you are desperate enough to use them as an extension of your brain capacity. 

There are extensive keyboard shortcuts provided on the app to ensure we get work done faster without much effort put forth in achieving those results. 


It’s evident that AI text generators offer a plethora of advantages and opportunities. Artificial intelligence can be highly beneficial to businesses, as human-written content can be expensive and time-consuming. AI provides many opportunities for editorial teams to work more efficiently.

Publishers are frequently overwhelmed by the topic’s intricacy and the dread that comes with new technologies, and they tend to ride it out.

It’s critical to get started using AI, at the very least in a limited way. You can then determine whether and how to use AI-driven technologies based on your newfound knowledge. 

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The Hustle

8 Best AI Art Generator in 2022 [Free and Paid]



AI-Art generators

AI art generator produces original images based on parameters or rules set by the programmer. To create new works of art, we looked at over a dozen AI art generators and found that Fotor’s AI art generator creates the best artwork that you can also share across social media and get 45% commission for the same.

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8 Best AI Tools To Generate Short Instagram Captions In Seconds

42 Best AI Text Generator in 2022 [Free and Paid]

101 Content Generator AI Tools: The Ultimate List

Why Create Art With AI?

Artificial intelligence is often used to create art that mimics the styles of human artists, but AI art generator takes this method one step further. These programs can create original visual imagery rather than just replicating existing work. This allows the program to produce new artwork that humans would never have imagined. 

AI art generator could have a significant impact on the world of fine art. Imagine if artificial intelligence made something you had never seen before. It has the potential to create new styles and genres of art and challenge what it means to be human-made.

What Can AI Art Generators Produce?

Some AI generators are more limited than others, but most let you choose the type of artwork you want to create and the theme or subject matter. For instance, Fotor let’s you upload an image and it turns it into art immediately.

If you’re going to make a 3D model, some AI art programs let you select from various preset shapes and then add details to the model. Other programs allow you to begin with a blank canvas and add details manually. You can also choose the image size from tiny thumbnails to large posters. 

Most AI art programs let you adjust the colors to get a different look and feel. To make your image more personalized, you can add text.

Best AI Art Generator in 2022



Fotor is an AI art generator that has been used by more than 200 million people in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Fotor’s mission is to make premium photo editing accessible to everyone. 

With a team of engineers and designers who have experience at Google, Microsoft, Adobe, and other large technology companies, Fotor has developed patented artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning technology that enables its users to create stunning images with ease.

You can sign up for Fotor using this link. After the sign-up, you will access the dashboard to see various tools and options to create stunning images with AI. Once you click on the “create your own AI art” option, you will get all the necessary steps to create stunning images. 

You can also try these steps:

  1. Upload a photo from your computer or select it from your phone.
  2. Select an image style from the options.
  3. Click on the “create AI art” button.

After a few seconds, you will get your AI art image. You can now share your AI art image on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or any social media platform. After each share, you will get a 45% commission.

Pricing: Basic- Free, Fotor Pro- $8.99/Month, Fotor Pro+ -19.99/Month.



NightCafe is a San Francisco-based AI art generator that creates visual art based on specific parameters set by the user. The program, which has been in development since June of 2017, can generate original visual imagery using its own rules and based on input from the user. NightCafe is one of the unique AI art generators available at the moment.

NightCafe Creator is a new app that can take your photo and turn it into an AI masterpiece. Using neural style transfer, you can use any image to generate artwork. You also can use text-to-image AI, which will create original art based on what you input as content.

Your creations belong to you, and no one can take them away. Your work can do whatever it wants with any input photos as long as the copyright owner authorizes it—as long as it doesn’t break any restrictions in your nation. 

The NightCafe Creator AI Art Generator app (available online and on Android or iOS) protects copyright by making sure only people who own a copy of the original image will be able to use it. All others would have to purchase or borrow an authorized copy. 

Also, by using The NightCafe Creator, you can earn up to 10% commission and give your followers a 5% discount.


40 Credits

$7.99 USD ($0.20/credit),

100 Credits 

$14.99 USD ($0.15/credit),

200 Credits 

$19.99 USD ($0.10/credit),

500 Credits 

$39.99 USD ($0.08/credit)



Starryai is very easy to use, and it has a clean and straightforward interface. All you have to do is select the parameters you want to use, and the program will generate a piece of art for you. 

You can also change the settings and experiment to see what you get. You can choose from several locations, such as the number of people in the piece, the type of background, the pose, etc. 

Starryai works very fast, and the generated art looks very realistic. You can save the art you have generated or share it on social media.

Pricing: Starryai is available for free on iOS and Android.

DeepDream Generator


DeepDream Generator is one of the most popular AI art generators. It uses a neural network initially built to recognize faces to turn images into otherworldly landscapes that closely resemble LSD trips. DeepDream Generator was created by Google software engineer Alexander Mordvintsev, who has continued improving his algorithm.

Paste a picture into DeepDream Generator and click Generate button. The app will process your image and generate a new one that transforms it into LSD-inspired fantasy. 

The results are more realistic than ever before and allow users to turn their photos into trippy art. You can also use sliders to adjust the algorithm and fine-tune the details.

Pricing: Advance- $19/Month, Professional- $39/Month, Ultra-$99/Month.



With Hotpot, you can create stunning visuals for social media, websites, blogs, and other content marketing campaigns. Hotpot’s templates are mobile-friendly, responsive, and delivered in high-resolution formats, allowing you to share your graphics with the world. 

You can download the source files, allowing you to edit and tweak graphics to suit your needs.  

The app has template categories like Photography, Business, Design, Marketing, and more. You can also search for graphics by keyword. Once you’ve found the right graphic, you can click on it to start editing. 

You can adjust the image or graphic by choosing a different template or creating a graphic from scratch. You can add text or emojis. Once you’re done, you can download the graphic in the format you need.

Dream by WOMBO


WOMBO Dream will help you bring your ideas to life and create a stunning masterpiece. With its AI-powered software and easy-to-use interface, you can create stunning artwork from your computer, phone, or tablet. 

You can choose from various backgrounds, paintbrushes, and colors to make your artwork unique. Even if you have no artistic talent, you can create stunning artwork with WOMBO Dream. 

You can share your artwork with friends and family on social media or save it to your computer. Now anyone can create incredible art with WOMRDS Dream.

Pricing: Starting at $20 for a matte poster or $45 for a framed print

Art Breeder


Art Breeder is an AI art generator that specializes in creating digital art. The technology behind Art Breeder is complex, but the program itself is simple to use. Type in an abstract or create your image and then choose colors and shapes that will dictate the final work of art. Art Breeder also offers three levels of customization. 

Art Breeder provides a great example of what AI art generators can produce. It’s easy enough for anyone to use and offers unique artwork that would be difficult to replicate without artificial intelligence. 

You can choose from one of 12 pre-built palettes, create custom colors with a built-in color picker, and adjust the rules by adding or removing specific colors or shapes.

Pricing:  $8.99 per month

1Second Painting

One of the most popular AI art generators is called 1Second Painting. Created by 26-year-old programmer Robbie Barrat, 1Second Painting has garnered more than six million visitors since it launched in 2010. It makes a new work of art every time someone visits its website.  

The website works based on an algorithm that generates an image based on input. You can input a keyword or upload an image to develop a new piece of artwork. 1Second Painting is an example of computer algorithms that can produce original visual imagery based on set parameters or rules created by the programmer.

Pricing: Starts at $38.0


Artificial intelligence is already changing the world in many ways. AI is being applied to the world of art thanks to new software that can create art independently. The basic concept behind AI art generators are simple: you select a setting, the program creates a unique piece of art based on that setting, and you can save it to your computer. This means you can use the program to create customized artwork that is truly one of a kind. 

So our team has used the best AI tools; we have checked all the options for you and the pricing and usage to provide a better understanding. Although all the options mentioned in the list will create high quality artwork but we highly recommend using Fotor’s AI art generator if you want to create an image into a piece of art.

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