30+ Fun And Easy Jobs For 11 Year Olds

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Does your child want to earn some additional money during the summer break? If so, looking for jobs for 11 year olds is a good solution. It will give them money to spend and teach them the value of money. 

For many states, your child must be 14 years old to work for a company. But they still have options. 

There are a lot of ways for 11-year-olds to earn money, but they still need to be capable of working part-time. Kids at this age are beginning to assert their independence and are ready for more responsibility. 

It’s also an excellent opportunity to let them know how much those trinkets at the mall or that iPhone cost in terms of work hours, so they have a better understanding of finance. 

Here are the top 36 jobs for 11 year olds, which are both enjoyable and straightforward. These jobs will make your kids earn money immediately and gain excellent experience.

Child labor laws in the United States

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The United State’s primary law governing child labor is the Fair Labor Standards Act

Children of fourteen and fifteen years of age may only work a limited number of hours each week, and individuals sixteen and seventeen years of age may take any job as long as it does not endanger them. In contrast, those under fourteen cannot work at all. 

There are many exceptions to these rules, including when parents employ their children in the family business, children who earn side money, and children who play roles in films and television shows. 

Farm work, in contrast, has less strict rules. Every state has rules about when and how long a child may work. The United States Department of Labor has this information available online.

Online jobs for 11 year olds

Online jobs for 11 years old
30+ Fun And Easy Jobs For 11 Year Olds 7

Several online jobs are ideal for people of all ages. Online surveys, writing, and other jobs can be conducted online and are suitable for preteens. 

Working on the internet is an excellent option for earning extra money if you’re looking for jobs for 11 year olds. Working online teaches kids how to use the internet safely and responsibly. 

However, you must be careful if you’re working online as a kid because there are a lot of scams.  


Writing your book can be an excellent undertaking for your child if they like to write. Developing a book is a perfect way to unleash their creativity and have fun with words. 

You may publish the book in electronic format once it is finished and list it for sale on Amazon. Your child will undoubtedly be delighted when they sell their first book, and you may begin a lucrative career. 

Publishing online offers the advantage of editing or revising their book any time.


Writing a blog post is another excellent way for your children to practice their writing skills. A blog post is a perfect option for children because they are short and straightforward to write. 

They may also take photos to accompany their blog entries. There are many blog topics that kids love. 

You can assist them in setting up their blog and producing posts. After the blog is put up, your kid can accept sponsorships, display ads, and generate income

You must monitor it for your protection. To ensure that the content is appropriate, you should examine sponsorships and advertisements.


Becoming a YouTuber is one of the great jobs for 11 year olds. Your child can start a YouTube channel if they enjoy being in front of the camera. YouTubers can earn a lot of money by talking about what they like. 

You can also turn your child’s hobby into lucrative instructional YouTube videos. They can talk about anything from baking to crafting and giving fashion advice to video games. 

Many toy companies also pay YouTube channels for toy unboxing. They send toys to kids, who then unbox the toy on camera and record their reactions. 

Fashion blogger

Children can explore the fashion industry through this type of blog. Your child can share anything about fashion that interests them. 

It’s an excellent way for children to turn their love of fashion into a profitable enterprise. If their blog gains popularity, they may receive sponsorship from fashion and jewelry designers. 

Some companies pay individuals to advertise their products to a young audience. To do this properly, they must be good writers and have no problem taking pictures of themselves in the products.


Your child can make money by taking family, child, and pet photos in your community. You can also support your child by setting up a photography exhibition to boost their confidence. 

If they have a vision for photography, they can sell it online. All they require is a good internet connection and a decent camera. 

Big companies frequently purchase photos to put on their websites and use in presentations. You can assist your child in selling these photos online, which makes it one of the best jobs for 11 year olds.

T-shirt designer

Finance in a vinyl cutting machine and a box of t-shirts to start a business if your child is interested in fashion and style. 

You can encourage your kid to make original and cool t-shirts to sell to their friends. You may assist them in taking their company to the next level if things go well. 

You may sell their t-shirts at a local farmer’s market or craft fair, or you may assist them in establishing an internet store to sell their unique t-shirt designs.

Survey taker

Most large organizations depend on customer input to learn how to improve items and services. They turn to particular organizations to connect with the general population to obtain quality feedback. 

Several organizations offer surveys to get the opinions of children. People receive a small fee to complete surveys created by these organizations. These surveys usually include short advertisements and a range of queries about them. 

Surveys are fantastic jobs for 11 year olds to learn how to express opinions on various subjects. PanelPolls and KidsEyez are among the most popular survey sites for kids.

Traditional jobs for 11 year olds

Traditional jobs for 11 year olds
30+ Fun And Easy Jobs For 11 Year Olds 8

You might want to consider more traditional jobs for 11 year olds if you’re looking for extra cash. While online jobs can be fun and exciting, they aren’t always the most dependable source of income. 

Here are some ideas for more traditional jobs for 11 year olds. These will most likely offer a more reliable income due to their normalness.

Working in the family business

Family businesses are often the best option if you want your child to learn a trade. Child labor laws do not generally apply to family businesses, and your kid may play various roles. 

When school is out, you’ll probably find plenty of things for your 11-year-old to do. Children may assist with filing papers, mailing letters, and other administrative work. 

You may both supervise and guide your child while they work if you choose to. Furthermore, you can work around the school schedule with freedom; it’s among the great weekend jobs for 11 year olds.

Plant sitter

Your child can learn about responsibility by watering your neighbors’ plants while they are away. It’s a straightforward job, but you must accomplish it precisely at the right moment. 

It would help to familiarize your child with the different plants’ needs. Ask your neighbor for instructions, and be sure that they comprehend. You may also assist them by creating a plant care schedule.

Pet sitter

Keeping an eye on a neighbor’s pet while they’re away is one of the great jobs for 11 year olds. It’s a good way for your child to learn responsibility. Your child must finish several simple and quick tasks. 

This job may include feeding the animal, spending time with them, and possibly, cleaning their cage. You may use a task timetable to keep them on track. 

Make a colorful timetable of the duties and the times of day they should finish the job. You can occasionally visit to ensure that the jobs are being done.


One of the best jobs for 11 year olds is looking after the children in their neighborhood while their parents are away. If your child is inexperienced, they should come to your house, where you can watch them while they babysit. 

You can babysit other children while keeping an eye on your own while they babysit. This will teach your child responsibility and leadership skills while they have fun. 

Working as a mother’s helper is another form of babysitting. Mother’s helpers look after and play with young children while the mother prepares dinner.

Red Cross babysitting classes for children aged eleven to fifteen are a terrific way to prepare your child for babysitting. You can also teach first aid skills to kids, which could be helpful in an emergency.

Dog walker

An 11-year-old who knows animals well may enjoy dog walking. It’s best if they don’t walk multiple dogs simultaneously because having too many dogs together might be overwhelming. 

Your child should be familiar with the dog he is walking and any allergies. 

You may suggest that your child takes the dog for a walk only in the daylight after school. If your kid loves dog walking, you can start a dog walking business for them.

Lemonade stand

A lemonade stand is one of the oldest and most traditional jobs for 11 year olds. Using a table, cups, and a good lemonade recipe, you can set up a lemonade stall in front of your house. 

Your child will learn the value of money quickly due to this job. Preteens can have fun, learn fundamental math skills, and make eye-catching signs for their lemonade stand if creative.

Lawn mowing

Mowing may be an excellent choice for children who spend a lot of time outdoors and mow their lawns. Mowing jobs might be a perfect way to earn money if the homeowner is on vacation or would rather not mow their lawn. 

Make sure you know whether your child will use your or the homeowner’s mower. It’s a great idea to start a lawn mowing business for children if they enjoy lawn mowing.

Yard work

Yard work can include quick and simple jobs for 11 year olds. After school and on the weekends, your young person can rake leaves, pull weeds, water plants, and prune bushes. Working out will help them earn money as well as stay healthy. 

Your child may start a business if they enjoy gardening and being outdoors. You can assist them in making fliers and distributing them to nearby homes. 

Your child will learn about operating their firm, being responsible, and communicating with clients if you assist them. 

Paper route

This is one of the excellent jobs for 11 year olds who enjoy getting up early in the morning. It involves delivering newspapers before school. They can get fit while making money if they have their own bike. 

Before your child begins this job, ensure they are ready to finish their paper route, no matter the weather. 

Some businesses also require people to deliver flyers and other marketing materials. Kids can deliver these simultaneously if they already have a paper route. 

It may require a little extra planning. However, it’s a terrific way to earn some extra cash.

Office Assistant

Next in the list of best jobs for 11 year olds is office assistant.

Your child can assist with various tasks if you or a friend have a home office. You can employ an eleven-year-old to file, sort, and organize documents. Your eleven-year-old will have a blast with this excellent office tool if you have a shredder. 

If you have a willing preteen, encourage them to take up this task, and they can earn up to $12 per hour. 

Dusting and decluttering

Dusting and decluttering is another excellent choice for jobs for 11 year olds as it requires no particular skill. Many households neglect certain chores. 

Checking canned goods for expiry dates, dusting bookshelves, and washing baseboards and cabinets may always be at the bottom of your to-do list. 

You may hire your 11-year-old to finish these time-consuming yet easy tasks for a set price if this is the case. 

Seasonal jobs for 11 year olds

Seasonal jobs for 11 year old
30+ Fun And Easy Jobs For 11 Year Olds 9

Consider offering your preteen a little seasonal side hustle if they want to purchase a new video game. Even if these seasonal jobs are temporary, they are often the best to earn money as a preteen. 

During the holiday season, store owners need extra help, and family and friends are more generous. These simple jobs for 11 year olds can be a great way to earn some additional cash.

Gift wrapping

During the holidays, it’s a great idea to make some extra cash by helping friends and neighbors wrap presents. Kids with an artistic nature and a good eye for detail are particularly well suited for this job. 

You must pick up materials like wrapping paper, ribbons, and tape. Kids can earn $2 per wrap, which may take up to 5 minutes. 

Shoveling snow

It’s a great way to make money with this task, especially when it comes to kids enjoying the snow. Senior citizens are particularly interested in this arrangement. 

Your kid needs a shovel and some extra energy to make money. Make sure you clear your driveway and pavement of snow first. 

Please make sure to photograph their efforts to advertise the service. Soon everyone in the neighborhood will want to hire them.

Car washing

During hot weather, car washing is among the fantastic jobs for 11 year olds to earn money. Kids must clean all vehicles regularly, and the neighbors will appreciate this service. 

Kids may provide this service by purchasing a car washing kit, which includes a bucket, sponge, and glass cleaner. You can advertise your child’s service by putting up a sign in your yard or making fliers. You can also start a car washing business for your kid.

Fence painting

A child aged 11 can complete this elementary job with minimal difficulty. Make sure your child wears old garments to keep paint off of them. The client typically provides the color, brushes, and other items required. 

Fence painting can be an excellent way to teach patience and attention to detail. They can easily accomplish fence painting even if they are not the best artists. It may take several hours to complete.

Spring cleaning

Your kid can assist a buddy or neighbor with home repairs during spring cleaning. Even if they dislike doing chores at home, they might be eager to profit a little. 

Spring cleaning is easy to start. Duties include dusting, vacuuming, doing the dishes, and cleaning windows. 

Kids should be able to complete these tasks without being supervised. If they’re successful, they’ll have a lot of regular customers.


Next in the list of jobs for 11 year olds is recycling.

There is nothing better than recycling to help protect the environment while also making some extra money. Give your child a little trolley so they can collect cans and bottles and recycle the waste to make money. 

Please ensure they wear heavy gloves and don’t cut themselves on broken glass or sharp objects.

Pool cleaner

Swimming pools must be drained and disinfected regularly. Regular clients will likely hire your child if they do a good job. You can earn some extra money if you live near many pools. 

Kids can use a net to scoop out the leaves or a unique vacuum to clean the sides and bottom of the pool.

Holiday decorator

Many individuals don’t have the time or ability to decorate their houses for the holidays. Your kid can decorate a lawn and Christmas trees for the holidays. A child with an eye for design might enjoy this job. 

Kids can do this job after school, and no tools or other equipment are required. Make sure your child does not climb a ladder to string Christmas lights.

Hot chocolate salesman

Next on the list of jobs for 11 year olds is becoming a hot chocolate salesman.

Your kid can earn money during the cold months with a hot chocolate salesperson job. You must create a terrific hot chocolate recipe and figure out how to keep it hot. 

Have your child set up a booth at a location where lots of people congregate outdoors. This way, preteens may meet new people and learn about running a business.

Soup salesman

Many outdoor events in the winter and fall are great opportunities for soup sales. Your child can make money and learn organization skills by participating in this activity. 

Before the event, please have your child practice pouring hot soup into cups, taking care of the money, and delivering their sales pitch.

Fun jobs for 11 year olds

fun jobs for 11 year olds
30+ Fun And Easy Jobs For 11 Year Olds 10

Are you looking for a fun job for an imaginative preteen? These fun jobs for 11 year olds are excellent for children with an inclination for creativity. They can earn additional cash while having a good time and gaining knowledge. You can help them turn their creativity into a profitable profession.


You can assist your children in developing their artistic abilities by helping them become experts. They only require art supplies and a small amount of talent to start. 

You may post pictures of their creations online to advertise their services to prospective clients. There are many ways your child can earn money as a professional artist. 

You may get commissions to create family members, pets, and other designs for clients. If a local art fair is coming up, book a booth to sell their artwork.


If your child loves to bake and make treats, this is one of the excellent jobs for 11 year olds to earn money. This is the best method for them to express their creativity and make money simultaneously. 

There are many things you can cook to keep them interested. If your kid is artistic, they can have fun decorating their cookies uniquely. 

If you live in a rural district, you can approach your neighbors and ask if they would like to purchase your homemade bread or cakes. You can also start a bakery business for your kid.

Gift basket creator

Putting together gift baskets for special occasions is a beautiful way to make a lasting impression. 

Your child can make gift baskets for picnics or birthdays, among other things. For example, you can create gift baskets for family and friends. 

Make sure you capture photos of your child’s work to show what they can do. You can expect a lot of orders if you post the pictures online.


Next in the list of jobs for 11 year olds is modeling.

Many youngsters love posing and showing off, and modeling allows them to earn extra money. Many modeling agencies employ children for particular campaigns. 

Although securing the first modeling job may be challenging, those with the talent it takes can earn substantial amounts. Photoshoots, advertising campaigns, and even fashion shows may hire your child as a model. 

You should accompany them to ensure their safety and enjoyment, especially if you establish yourself as their agent and receive a commission for each job you book.


Allow your child to participate in movies, television shows, and other related activities if they are an aspiring actor. Kids can make up to $3,575 weekly. Therefore, acting is an excellent option for jobs for 11 year olds.

Voiceover Specialist

Children can record scripts at home using essential software for many companies. Having fun and experimenting with different voices are two advantages of working as a voiceover specialist. 

Recording audiobooks, voicing cartoon characters in films, and voicing video game characters are just a few potential jobs for 11 year olds. 

Even though it takes a lot of time and effort, talented voiceover specialists can make substantial money.

Clothes creator

Next on the list of fun jobs for 11 year olds, children who love fashion can create their garments. Having the ability to create clothes from scratch is valuable and profitable. 

Supply your child with a sewing machine and some basic materials, and let them create their clothes. Make clothes using various techniques, including knitting, crocheting, weaving, and felting. 

It’s a great way to discover hidden skills when they have a collection. They can sell their creations at craft fairs, to friends and family, or online when they’ve accumulated enough. You can also start a clothing business for your kid.


Your child might be able to earn money as a preteen singer if they’re interested in music. A music band can be a fun hobby for kids and another great choice for jobs for 11 year olds. Children can earn $1,030 per hour as child performers. 

It can be fun to watch them perform. Your child may be able to perform at children’s birthday parties, compete at events for their age group, or even start a music band with their friends.

Wrapping Up

Finding the right job for 11-year-olds is dependent on discovering their interests. You should ensure that the job feels like play rather than hard work. Otherwise, your child will quickly grow bored and want to give up. 

Your child may make money, so set up a particular savings account. You may encourage them to save by allowing them to spend some while they keep the rest. 

A theme park excursion is an excellent example of a reward you might provide once they’ve saved enough.

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  • Hi Khyati, great post full of tons of ideas!

    While there are many conventional, offline ways for 11 year olds to make some spare cash, there are so many other ways to make money from home these days as well.

    I like your idea about blogging. There’s a lot of upfront work, but once you start getting enough views for advertising (passive income!) it’s one of the best ways to make money. Selling products on Canva, Etsy or your own website is another fantastic way to generate passive income.

    11 year olds can also participate in online surveys. This is a great way to fit in some extra work in between classes and homework.

    What’s your number one favorite job 11 year olds should consider doing and why?

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