11 Best Online Inventory Software To Streamline Your Management

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Online inventory software is a web-based solution designed to aid businesses in effectively managing and monitoring their inventory.

Its purpose is to streamline inventory-related processes, granting businesses immediate insight into their stock levels, purchases, sales, and other activities associated with inventory management. In today’s article, you’ll explore the best online inventory software.

Utilizing online inventory software yields many advantages, including enhanced accuracy, heightened efficiency, and cost reduction in inventory management.

This software furnishes a centralized platform for businesses to oversee and regulate their inventory, regardless of whether it is spread across multiple locations, warehouses, or online stores. In this article, you will learn everything about online inventory software.

Online Inventory Software: Overview

Online inventory software serves as a digital tool specifically crafted to aid businesses in efficiently managing their inventory operations.

Functioning as a web-based solution, it establishes a centralized platform dedicated to inventory management, empowering businesses to effectively monitor, track, and exercise control over their inventory levels, movements, and associated activities.

Equipped with various features and functionalities, this software optimizes inventory processes, streamlining business operations.

It empowers businesses to uphold precise and current inventory records, encompassing vital details such as stock quantities, item descriptions, Stock Keeping Units, and pricing information.

By capturing real-time data, businesses can enhance the accuracy of their inventory management, mitigating the potential for stock-outs or overstocking.

Additionally, online inventory software simplifies the tracking of inventory movements across the supply chain. It allows businesses to document and monitor incoming and outgoing shipments, transfers between locations or warehouses, and sales transactions.

By leveraging this enhanced visibility, businesses can optimize their inventory levels, strengthen the efficiency of order fulfillment processes, and employ data-driven decision-making regarding procurement and restocking.

Online Inventory Software: How Does It Work?

The inventory management software autonomously monitors the quantity of inventory available in stock, tracks sales records, and provides real-time information on the location of each item.

Advanced software solutions can predict stock levels by analyzing past sales data, providing valuable insights on when and how much inventory should be ordered. This proactive approach ensures that businesses have an adequate supply of their most sought-after products readily available when needed.

online inventory software

Inventory management software safeguards businesses from excessive purchasing. It helps prevent the accumulation of inventory items that remain stagnant on shelves for prolonged periods, thus freeing up valuable space that could be allocated to new and highly sought-after products.

Subsequently, such idle inventory may undergo depreciation or reach its expiration date. Consequently, businesses might need to sell these items at discounted rates or dispose of them entirely, resulting in potential financial losses on their initial investment.

Top Online Inventory Software In The Market

Here is the best online inventory software in the market:

1. Ordoro

online inventory software

+ Manage sales and monitoring of customized, bundled, and assembled products
+ Synchronize inventory, orders, and shipping across various e-commerce platforms and online marketplaces
+ Streamline dropshipping and the management of multiple warehouses through automation
– Costly inventory plans

Ordoro is a feature-rich and robust inventory management system developed to enhance and automate eCommerce order fulfillment procedures. It acts as a centralized platform for efficiently managing inventory, shipping, and tracking across various sales channels, providing businesses with a streamlined and unified solution.

One of the notable aspects of Ordoro is its inventory management capability. It offers businesses a comprehensive view of their inventory levels across multiple channels, empowering them to manage and maintain control over their stock efficiently.

By incorporating inventory syncing capabilities, Ordoro is crucial in mitigating issues such as overselling and stockouts. It achieves this by automatically updating stock quantities in real-time as orders are received and fulfilled, ensuring accurate inventory management and reducing the risk of inventory discrepancies.

What distinguishes Ordoro from its competitors is its remarkable purchasing automation feature. It seamlessly sends orders to multiple warehouses and dropship vendors for efficient fulfillment. 

Additionally, it generates one-click purchase orders based on sales forecasting or reorder quantities, streamlining the procurement process. Furthermore, Ordoro excels in handling manufactured goods and order bundling, making it a powerful solution in these areas.

Aside from its impressive inventory and shipping management functionalities, Ordoro delivers extensive analytics and reporting features. It gives businesses valuable insights into sales performance, order volume, and inventory turnover.

Ordoro enables businesses to make well-informed decisions and optimize their operations for enhanced efficiency and profitability by providing these metrics.

Ordoro is a perfect solution for multichannel e-commerce enterprises seeking to synchronize inventory across all sales channels, efficiently track raw materials, and seamlessly manage dropship and supplier purchase orders.

2. Katana

online inventory software

+ Comes with a 14-day free trial period
+ Offers competitively priced plans starting from $99 per month
+ Seamlessly integrates with the majority of leading e-commerce platforms and shipping applications
– Doesn’t have live phone support

Katana is a cutting-edge cloud-based manufacturing software explicitly developed for small and medium-sized businesses to oversee their production and inventory processes efficiently.

Katana empowers businesses to streamline manufacturing operations, optimize workflows, and attain remarkable efficiency in their operations.

Katana also provides dynamic inventory management functionalities, ensuring automatic updates of inventory levels in response to production and sales activities. This real-time visibility feature enables businesses to track raw materials, work-in-progress (WIP), and finished goods. 

As a result, it helps prevent stockouts, optimize inventory levels, and reduce carrying costs for enhanced inventory control and efficiency.

Katana’s comprehensive inventory management software effortlessly fulfills various businesses’ order management, inventory tracking, and shipping requirements, including e-commerce, multichannel, and B2B enterprises.

Katana provides manufacturers with extensive inventory management features catering to their needs.

These include barcode-enabled parts tracking, production planning, assembly tracking, storage and shop floor management, supplier logistics, and numerous other functionalities essential for efficient manufacturing operations.

Katana’s inventory management system is well-suited for B2B and B2C manufacturers of various scales, ranging from small to large. It offers excellent value for e-commerce and multichannel resellers, making it an ideal solution for businesses in these sectors.

In addition, Katana presents reporting and analytics functionalities that equip businesses with valuable insights regarding their manufacturing and inventory performance. These insights serve as a foundation for data-driven decision-making, facilitating the identification of bottlenecks and fostering a continuous improvement approach to manufacturing processes.

3. ShipBob Merchant Plus

online inventory software

+ Efficient and automated order picking and packing processes with high accuracy
+ Cutting-edge supply chain tools that lead the industry
+ Conveniently incorporate outsourced fulfillment to meet increased sales demand
– Doesn’t provide clear & transparent pricing information

ShipBob’s Merchant Plus offering is tailored to cater to the requirements of larger omnichannel, wholesale, and B2B businesses seeking a comprehensive supply chain, order, and inventory management software solution for a hybrid approach to order fulfillment encompassing both in-house and outsourced operations.

Shippers can manage and ship their inventory from their facilities using ShipBob’s advanced supply chain, inventory, and shipping tools. Furthermore, they can take advantage of ShipBob’s extensive network of nationwide carriers, benefit from their expertise in fulfillment, and receive personalized support throughout their shipping processes.

ShipBob Merchant Plus offers robust support for kitted orders and parts assemblies, allowing businesses to manage complex packaging processes efficiently. It enables granular pick-and-pack operations, ensuring precise handling of individual items.

Additionally, the software facilitates seamless EDI connections with vendors, dropshippers, and retail clients, promoting smooth communication and order fulfillment.

Moreover, ShipBob Merchant Plus seamlessly integrates with a wide range of e-commerce platforms and online marketplaces, enabling streamlined order and returns management across various sales channels.

ShipBob’s Merchant Plus encompasses all the essential features required for the success of e-commerce, B2B, and multichannel sellers. It provides a comprehensive range of capabilities, including automated purchase orders, multi-warehouse inventory tracking, and efficient shipping management, ensuring businesses have the necessary tools to thrive in their operations.

4. Skubana by Extensiv

online inventory software

+ Synchronize inventory worldwide
+ Automate all dropshipping operations
+ Efficiently optimize inventory in FBA and WFS
– Doesn’t have line phone support

Formerly known as Skubana, Extensiv is purpose-built to cater to high-volume sellers operating on leading online marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, as well as a wide range of other e-commerce platforms.

With its comprehensive functionality, Extensiv offers robust support for sellers across various channels, empowering them to manage their operations at scale efficiently.

Extensiv provides an all-inclusive suite of features for managing multi-channel orders, inventory, warehousing, reporting, and supplier management. With its comprehensive capabilities, businesses can streamline operations and achieve efficient management across multiple channels.

Extensiv offers state-of-the-art order routing automation designed explicitly for high-volume dropshippers. While many inventory management systems support dropshipping, Extensiv sets itself apart with its unique automated workflows, placing it in a league of its own. 

Businesses can benefit from advanced and efficient dropshipping processes that help streamline operations and enhance productivity.

Extensiv goes beyond providing real-time stock synchronization across all sales platforms and enabling seamless order routing to unlimited global warehouses and fulfillment centers, including outstanding services like Fulfillment by Amazon and Walmart Fulfillment Services.

While Extensiv is not designed as an entry-level system, it emerges as a strong competitor for businesses where dropshipping generates sales and automation is a top priority.

With its robust features and capabilities, Extensiv offers a compelling solution for those seeking advanced automation in their operations.

5. ABC Inventory

online inventory software

+ Supports various languages and currencies
+ Incorporates repair services, leasing options, and asset management
+ Includes manufacturing capabilities such as machine assembly orders and parts usage tracking
– You can use only forums for customer support

ABC Inventory, developed by Almyta Systems, presents an exceptional option for manufacturers or repair shops with specific requirements and a focus on cost-effectiveness.

This software provides various features, including unlimited custom fields, creating 10 custom drop-down lists for additional properties, and support for up to 20 levels in the bill of materials.

These features make ABC Inventory a valuable choice for businesses looking for a budget-friendly solution that meets their needs.

ABC Inventory boasts an extensive range of manufacturing inventory features, including work orders, approvals, repair and maintenance orders, and specialized serials explicitly designed for manufacturing or engineering purposes.

With its diverse feature set, ABC Inventory provides businesses with a comprehensive solution tailored to address the unique requirements of manufacturing inventory management.

The software is exclusively compatible with PC installations and lacks automatic integration capabilities with other programs.

6. monday.com

online inventory software

+ Can be expanded with an effort to master the monday.com system
+ Offers both free and affordable monthly subscription options
+ Enables order import from numerous e-commerce platforms through Zapier integration
– Provides minimalistic tracking capabilities

monday.com‘s inventory template and customization features are highly suitable for small businesses seeking free or affordable inventory management software.

monday.com is a flexible cloud-based system that empowers businesses with customizable workforce, project, and operations management functionalities. It also offers a versatile range of inventory management capabilities, allowing businesses to tailor the system to their specific inventory needs and effectively manage their inventory operations.

monday.com operates on a vast collection of functional templates, among which is an inventory template readily accessible in the free plan. This means businesses can quickly leverage the pre-built inventory template to manage their inventory without additional costs.

The inventory template provided by monday.com enables efficient tracking of stock levels, vendors, and warehouse locations for all inventory items.

Businesses can seamlessly connect this data with other monday.com sheets or templates, automating various functions such as order-based stock updates, reorder notifications, and the creation of resupply or dropship purchase orders.

This integration streamlines inventory management processes and enhances overall operational efficiency.

Additionally, you can directly import orders from various e-commerce and marketplace platforms through direct integrations or connections with Zapier.

This feature simplifies the order import process, allowing for seamless synchronization of orders from different platforms into monday.com for centralized management.

7. Cin7

online inventory software

+ Seamlessly integrates with leading e-commerce and shipping platforms
+ Includes built-in point-of-sale systems across all subscription plans
+ Automates multi-warehouse order management, including integration with Amazon FBA
– Doesn’t provide a free trial

Cin7 is an inventory management software that equips businesses with many tools to streamline and optimize their inventory and order management processes. With its comprehensive feature set, Cin7 empowers businesses to efficiently manage their inventory, enhance order fulfillment, and maximize operational efficiency.

Cin7 is purposefully designed to meet the specific requirements of retailers, wholesalers, and e-commerce businesses, enabling them to efficiently manage their inventory, sales channels, and supply chain.

By providing comprehensive functionalities tailored to these industries, Cin7 empowers businesses to effectively navigate the complexities of inventory management and achieve seamless integration across their operations.

Cin7 delivers powerful inventory control capabilities, empowering businesses to track and manage inventory levels across various sales channels, warehouses, and locations. 

With real-time visibility into stock quantities, movements, and availability, Cin7 enables businesses to proactively prevent stockouts and optimize inventory levels for enhanced operational efficiency.

The software facilitates streamlined order management for businesses, covering the entire process from order creation to fulfillment. It supports multiple sales channels, including e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and point-of-sale systems.

Cin7 automates order processing, tracks order status, manages backorders, and ensures the synchronization of order data across different channels. This comprehensive approach to order management enables businesses to handle their orders and maintain consistency across sales channels efficiently.

Cin7 offers various integrations, stock tracking, automated purchasing, and warehouse management tools, all packaged in plans catering to different business budgets.

8. inFlow

online inventory software

+ Enables sales representatives to route and tag orders
+ Offers a virtual showroom portal for wholesale & B2B sales
+ Provides the option for monthly or annual billing
– The virtual showroom feature is exclusively accessible on the higher plan tiers

inFlow inventory management is highly recommended for startup and growing businesses primarily focusing on B2B and wholesale markets. Moreover, it is equally suitable for both B2B & B2C e-commerce sellers.

With its comprehensive features and functionalities, inFlow caters to the specific needs of these businesses, providing effective inventory management solutions to support their growth and success.

inFlow offers comprehensive features that include stock tracking, purchasing, and fulfillment capabilities, aligning with advanced inventory management software expectations.

Additionally, it provides specific perks tailored to the requirements of B2B and wholesale businesses. inFlow’s stock management system effectively caters to the end-to-end needs of retailers and manufacturers, making it a versatile solution for various types of businesses.

With inFlow, you can create virtual showrooms utilizing specific inventory items and customize the data visible to different clients, including pricing, minimum quantities, and shipping times.

Additionally, inFlow supports B2B quotes and invoicing, facilitates sales rep order routing, enables production workflows for manufacturing, allows kitting for made-to-order goods, and provides location mapping for efficient pick-and-pack processes.

inFlow offers robust support for tracking parts, assemblies, and finished units, whether or not they are equipped with barcodes. It also facilitates efficient multi-warehouse management, dropshipping, and automated purchasing.

Furthermore, inFlow integrates with leading e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, shipping applications, and third-party logistics (3PL) providers. This integration capability ensures smooth and synchronized operations across multiple systems, enhancing overall inventory management efficiency and enabling businesses to navigate the complexities of modern commerce effectively.

9. Zoho Inventory

online inventory software

+ Efficient autofill functionality for suppliers & dropshippers on creating purchase orders
+ Offers both free & affordable plans, with prices starting at $59 per month
+ Seamlessly integrates with CRM, Zoho Books, Analytics, & Sign applications
– Restricted availability of e-commerce & marketplace integrations

Zoho Inventory is an ideal solution for e-commerce startups and small businesses, particularly those utilizing platforms such as Shopify, Zoho Commerce, and supported marketplaces. 

Businesses in this category will find immense value in the extensive range of features and functionalities offered by Zoho Inventory for advanced inventory management, supplier management, and order management.

The comprehensive capabilities of Zoho Inventory are specifically designed to cater to the needs of such businesses, empowering them to manage their operations and drive growth efficiently.

Zoho provides inventory management software loaded with features and offers highly competitive pricing for startups and growing businesses. Zoho’s comprehensive suite of tools for order management, inventory tracking, and shipping caters to all types of businesses that rely on shipping operations.

Additionally, Zoho even includes advanced functions like product bundling and kitting, referred to as composite items, in the free version of their software. This combination of robust features and affordable pricing makes Zoho attractive for businesses seeking efficient, cost-effective inventory management solutions.

Zoho’s integration capabilities are limited to Shopify and Zoho Commerce for e-commerce platforms and Amazon, Etsy, and eBay for marketplaces. If these platforms align with your preferred sales channels, Zoho becomes a compelling option worth considering.

Notably, Zoho offers time-saving features such as autofill purchase orders, streamlined dropship management with just one click, and efficient multi-warehouse management.

10. Fishbowl Inventory

online inventory software

+ Select modules tailored for manufacturing or warehousing purposes
+ Comes with a 14-day free trial
+ Effortlessly integrate with QuickBooks
– Somewhat costly for some people

Fishbowl Inventory is a robust inventory management software solution that caters specifically to the inventory requirements of small and medium-sized businesses.

With comprehensive features and functionalities, Fishbowl Inventory empowers businesses to handle inventory effectively, streamline operations, and enhance productivity.

By leveraging its capabilities, businesses can optimize inventory management processes and unlock greater efficiency in their operations.

Fishbowl Inventory is an excellent choice for manufacturers and large-scale shipping businesses seeking advanced inventory software solutions, mainly if they utilize QuickBooks or Xero accounting systems.

With seamless integration capabilities, Fishbowl Inventory connects with QuickBooks or Xero, allowing efficient inventory and financial data synchronization.

While Fishbowl Inventory offers a wide range of manufacturing and warehousing logistics tools that businesses can utilize, it is specifically designed to integrate within the QuickBooks and Xero accounting software environments seamlessly.

By centralizing inventory parts and finished goods tracking supplier purchasing, and warehousing data, Fishbowl enables businesses to access this information from a single, consolidated platform.

11. Sortly

online inventory software

+ QR codes instantly provide item details
+ Offers both a free plan and affordable pricing options
+ Barcodes expedite stock checks
– Lacks native integrations with e-commerce platforms or shipping services

Sortly is ideal for individuals, small retailers, service providers, project-based businesses, offices, and nonprofits seeking an affordable, user-friendly inventory and asset-tracking solution.

Whether you need to keep track of inventory items, manage assets, or organize materials for projects, Sortly provides an economical solution that is easy to use. 

Sortly is a user-friendly and intuitive inventory management software that empowers businesses to organize and track their inventory efficiently. With its comprehensive features and tools, Sortly simplifies inventory management processes, streamlines operations, and enhances overall productivity.

Sortly facilitates effortless tracking and management of inventory items for businesses. Through Sortly, users can create comprehensive item profiles containing detailed information such as descriptions, images, SKUs, and customizable fields. This robust item profiling capability enables businesses to locate and identify specific items within their inventory quickly.

Sortly allows businesses to categorize and group inventory items using custom tags, labels, or folders. This flexible categorization feature will enable businesses to organize their inventory based on specific categories, locations, or other relevant criteria.

By implementing such organizational methods, businesses can quickly locate items and maintain a systematic order within their inventory.

Additionally, Sortly integrates smoothly with other software systems, including popular accounting software and e-commerce platforms. This integration ensures seamless data synchronization, eliminates the need for duplicate data entry, and significantly streamlines overall business operations. 

Sortly excels in efficiently tracking the quantities and locations of various items, ranging from goods for sale to office supplies, project materials, and equipment assets utilized within your business.

With Sortly, businesses can effortlessly generate barcodes, enabling swift scanning and accurate item counting. Additionally, Sortly supports QR codes that, when scanned, display comprehensive item details and other pertinent information.

This barcode and QR code functionality enhances inventory management by simplifying item identification, facilitating quick updates, and providing easy access to relevant data.

Factors To Consider Before Getting The Best Online Inventory Software

Here are the factors to consider while selecting online inventory software:


During the evaluation of inventory systems, prioritize solutions that provide built-in integrations with your existing platforms or offer open APIs for seamless connectivity across various systems. Seek a solution that supports integration with third-party CRM and accounting software to prevent redundant tasks for end users.

To cater to customers nationwide, your business may operate multiple warehouses in different states for inventory storage. Ensuring seamless integration among these locations is vital, enabling users to access and monitor inventory levels across all warehouses swiftly.

Easy-to-navigate Interface

The software should boast a user-friendly interface that facilitates swift adoption within the organization. Training staff on new technology can be costly for small and medium-sized businesses. Hence, the solution should be intuitive, require minimal training, and promote usability among the staff.

Business Processes

Managing inventory efficiently for perishable items presents distinct challenges compared to non-perishable items. Therefore, select software that offers industry-specific functionalities tailored to your business needs and processes to optimize effectiveness.


The process of transitioning data from outdated inventory software to a new system can disrupt business operations.

As your in-house fulfillment operation expands rapidly, necessitating multiple warehouses, 3PL fulfillment partners, and dropship suppliers, it becomes crucial to have software that can scale accordingly.

The ability to accommodate growth seamlessly through plan upgrades or feature add-ons is essential for uninterrupted business expansion.


The software should empower administrators to handle user access and permissions effectively while recording their activities in real-time.

Additionally, it should possess robust security measures to safeguard the inventory database against unauthorized access, recognizing the criticality of this information for the business.

Online Inventory Software: Benefits

Here are the benefits of online inventory software:

  • Online inventory software mitigates errors typically associated with manual tracking by offering real-time visibility into inventory levels. This heightened accuracy effectively prevents stockouts, overstocking, and discrepancies in inventory records.
  • Through automating and streamlining inventory processes, online inventory software significantly reduces the time and effort required. This allows businesses to track and manage inventory movements effortlessly, monitor stock levels, and generate reports. Consequently, operational efficiency is greatly enhanced.
  • By implementing effective inventory management, businesses can minimize costs by avoiding excess inventory and reducing holding costs. Online software is crucial in optimizing stock levels, identifying slow-moving items, and streamlining procurement processes. These efforts result in cost savings and enhanced financial control for the business.
  • By automating inventory-related tasks, businesses can allocate more time for employees to concentrate on other crucial activities. The software simplifies order fulfillment, replenishment, and stock-taking processes, enhancing overall productivity.
  • With its ability to offer real-time updates on inventory levels, sales, and stock movements across multiple locations or channels, online inventory software empowers businesses to make informed decisions. This enhanced visibility enables prompt responses to changes in demand and ultimately contributes to improved customer satisfaction.
  • Integration with various business systems like POS systems, e-commerce platforms, and accounting software is a common feature of online inventory software. This integration facilitates streamlined operations, eliminates the need for manual data entry, and enhances overall workflow efficiency.
  • Online inventory software possesses the capability to scale in tandem with business growth. Companies can effortlessly upgrade plans, incorporate new features, and accommodate additional users and locations as they expand. This adaptability guarantees that the software remains aligned with evolving needs and requirements.
  • Many online inventory software solutions provide forecasting functionalities that leverage historical data. This empowers businesses to anticipate demand, strategically plan inventory levels, and make precise purchasing decisions.

Online Inventory Software: Why Small Businesses Need Them?

online inventory software

Inventory management software effectively automates numerous labor-intensive manual tasks associated with inventory management.

By freeing up the valuable time of small business owners to concentrate on more critical priorities, inventory management software simultaneously enhances data accuracy by minimizing the potential for human error.

Considering the typically limited budgets of small businesses, opting for free inventory management software proves to be an excellent choice. These tools deliver extensive functionality without imposing financial strain, making them a cost-effective solution.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On Online Inventory Software

1. How do I make an online inventory?

You can make an online inventory by following these steps:

  • Define your online business objectives and requirements.
  • Choose a suitable technology-based inventory solution.
  • Identify and organize your products for the online inventory.
  • Publish your inventory online.
  • Conduct thorough testing of your online inventory system.
  • Regularly update your inventory to ensure accuracy and relevancy.

2. Is Zoho inventory completely free?

With Zoho’s complimentary inventory tracking software, you can monitor your complete sales activity effortlessly. This includes capturing lead and prospect contact information, generating orders and invoices, and managing sales across various online marketplaces.

3. What software does Amazon use for inventory?

Amazon offers free Veeqo software specifically designed for sellers operating on multiple channels and websites. For efficient inventory management, Veeqo seamlessly synchronizes and tracks inventory across various channels, locations, and even Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Conclusion: Online Inventory Software

Online inventory software is a valuable tool for businesses, aiding them in efficiently managing their inventory operations. It offers a centralized platform that facilitates the tracking and controlling of inventory levels, movements, and associated activities.

Automating inventory processes allows businesses to attain heightened accuracy, cost reduction, and increased efficiency. The software offers real-time visibility into inventory levels, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and promptly respond to fluctuations in demand.

Online inventory software frequently integrates with various business systems, leading to streamlined operations and enhanced workflow efficiency. Furthermore, it empowers businesses with forecasting, planning, and scalability capabilities, enabling support for business growth.

In summary, online inventory software boosts productivity, saves time, and enhances inventory management for businesses of any scale.

I hope today’s article on online inventory software sounds helpful!

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