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Find A Scrap Yard Near Me: Locator, Prices and Guide [2023]

Eshita Pathak
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If you’re wondering, “how do I find a scrap yard near me” read our scrap yard near me locator guide to learn everything about selling metals.

Have you received the best sweat equity price by loading a truck with scrap metal and driving to the closest scrapyard? You might cross your fingers and hope they pay you a fair rate, but how do you know for sure?  

You should first use our scrap yard near me locator, learn about current metal varieties and prices, gather as much high-value scrap metal as possible and go to your local scrap yard. Our guide will assist you in finding everything you need, so let’s get started.

Highest Paying Scrap Yard Near Me 

Google must have access to your location to provide the most accurate results. You may need to enable pop-ups to see the maps.

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What is scrap metal?

When finding a scrap yard near me, you should know what scrap metals are. 

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Scrap metals are products made up of waste metal, metallic materials, and any previously used or produced product. Most picture car dumps or aluminum cans when thinking of scrap metal. However, not all scrap metals are the same in terms of value. 

Ferrous metal, non-ferrous metals, and eScrap are the three main types of scrap metal. 

Non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, brass, zinc, magnesium, lead, tin, and nickel are the most precious scrap metals for recycling. 

Cars are the most common items to be scrapped. Industrial scrap metals are also an important source of metal scrap. These metals come from manufacturing facilities and other businesses that produce a plethora of scrap metal they must recycle. 

Screws, bolts, and even massive machinery parts are all potential materials to collect and sell when looking for a scrap yard near me.

Scrap metal prices 

The following table lists common metal categories and their current scrap metal price per pound and ton. The price for scrap metal is constantly changing, but for reference, the national average scrap metal prices for 2022 are listed below.

Brass Pipe$1.90/lb
Brass Shells$1.78/lb
#1 Bare Bright Copper Wire$3.56/lb
Insulated Copper Wire$0.80/lb
#2 Copper Tubing$2.40/lb
Stainless Steel Breakage$0.70/lb
Light Iron$160.00/ton
Aluminum Cans$0.71/lb
Cast Iron$232.00/ton
PC Tower$0.20/lb
Complete Car$212.00/ton


Which kind of scrap metal is the most valuable?

When searching for a scrap yard near me, you should know the types of valuable metals.

There are three main classes of scrap metal: ferrous, non-ferrous, and eScrap (electronics scrap). The category of each valuable metal is below:

Ferrous Metals

When in contact with a magnet, ferrous metals are easily identifiable because they will stick to it. Cast iron and steel are two common examples of ferrous metals. Ferrous metals will typically fetch lower market prices as compared to non-ferocious metals.

Non-Ferrous Metals

These metals will provide a higher return than ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metals are non-magnetic and include brass, bronze, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. They are ideal to sell when looking for a scrap yard near me.

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Here are the top three non-ferrous metals you should keep an eye out for the next time you clean up or renovate:

1. Aluminum

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Aluminum has a high resale price, particularly aluminum soda cans you can flatten into bundles. 

While you might not think that all the effort required to recycle is worth your time, remember that recycling six aluminum cans will get you enough money to purchase a glass of soda. It’s well worth it. 

You can find aluminum in the following items: siding, cans, vehicle parts, household gadgets, aluminum foil/trays, bicycles, and more.

2. Brass

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When it comes to finding a scrap yard near me to sell metals, brass is one of the most popular. It is an excellent bronze substitute because it consists of copper and zinc. Remember to check your recycling bin the next time you want extra cash

Brass items are also available in a variety of forms. Plumbing fixtures, radiators, ammunition casings, door handles and railings, handles and railings, bed frames, lamps, and lamps are all brass items.

3. Copper pipe and fittings

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Copper has become more costly lately, and copper pipes and items are becoming more popular. Recycling copper is an excellent method to cut down on waste. 

It is one of the most popular metal items to recycle because it is easy to collect and transport. It is also easy to slice into pieces, making it ideal for reselling. 

Plumbing pipes and fittings are one of the most frequently recycled household items. Copper is used in refrigerators, stoves, toasters, water heaters, and Christmas lights (wiring).

E-Scrap Metals

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You will find platinum, gold, and silver metals within your scrap electronics; these metals are often present on central processing units and hard drives.

How do scrap yards work?

Before finding a scrap yard near me, you must know how it works.

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A scrap yard could be the perfect location to discard unwanted junk. Scrap Yards accept all kinds of broken-down equipment or recyclable waste. 

They are an excellent option for individuals who want to eliminate broken electronics, old appliances, car parts, scrap metal, wires, and even Christmas lights. 

The purchase price will depend on the market price, which is usually determined by supply and demand. For example, a PC tower sells only for $0.20 per pound. Currently, #1 Bare Bright Copper Wires are selling for $3.56 per pound. 

Scrap yards also pay different amounts for scrap metals, depending on their purchasing type. For example, scrap yards usually pay more for scrap copper and aluminum wires, which are in limited supply. 

Now you know how a scrap yard works, use the scrap yard near me locator to sell the items.

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Scrap items you can sell at a scrap yard

There are many scrap metal items that you can sell at a scrap yard near me that you may have yet to think of yet. Whether you are clearing the house or checking your favorite dumpster-diving spots, keep an eye out for these.

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  • Aluminum (non-ferrous): Scrap aluminum is one of the most accessible scrap metals to locate. Aluminum cans are the most popular item to find. Other varieties include rims, sheets, gutters, siding, pots, pans, and utensils.
  • Brass (non-ferrous): Finding brass (a non-ferrous metal) can be intricate if you don’t know where to look. Specific musical instruments, such as trumpets and horns, are made of brass. Shells, faucets, bells, radiator elements, and brass bed frames, among other things, are examples of brass.
  • Copper (non-ferrous): Copper is another precious metal you can find in a range of products, including coins, cookware, lighting fixtures, pipes, and wiring.
  • Tin (non-ferrous): Because of the substitution of its application by a cheaper metal (aluminum), tin is not as frequently employed. Welding, coating cans, and other metal applications are utilisations for tin. 
  • Cast Iron (ferrous): Cast iron is present in various items, including cast iron skillets, dutch ovens, and pots. Automotive parts, boat anchors, and specific pipes, among other things, frequently contain cast iron.
  • Cell phones (ferrous): Around 50 million are discarded yearly, and about 95% are ferrous. It is easy to find a buyer for your used ferrous scrap. 
  • CPU Chips (eScrap): Computers are one of the places you can locate Central Processing Units (CPUs). However, when hunting for scrapped CPUs, remember to look at tablets, thermostats, smartwatches, and televisions, as you can make a lot from them.

You can also find a scrap yard near me that sell wrought iron, steel, and hard drives, among the above items.

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How to sell scrap metal for money?

Before visiting the nearest scrap metal recycling facility, there are a few simple steps to ensure you make the most of your scrap metal.

1. Learn about the different types of metals

It’s essential to know the different types of scrap metal when searching for a scrap yard near me and starting as a scrap metal collector. You should know what you’re working with to determine whether a piece of metal is ferrous or nonferrous. 

The sub-types of metals may only be easy to distinguish if you have some specialized knowledge. It is especially true for identifying #1 copper tubing instead of #2. 

However, if you collect a bunch of goods, you may ask a local scrap yard for assistance. 

2. Separate your metals

It is essential to sort your scrap metals into separate boxes or containers by type before visiting a scrap yard by finding it through the scrap yard near me locator.

To ensure that time is well-spent, scrap yards only allow sorting on-site. It will help if you label your containers accordingly before you arrive. You can expect a lump price for the lowest metal if you bring mixed scrap metals. 

It is best to divide your items by category (ferrous, nonferrous, eScrap) and then by groups of metals (copper, aluminum, silver, lead, steel, CPU chips).

3. Contact scrap yards near you

Only contact local scrap yards when ready to visit, as metal prices constantly change. 

Once you locate a scrap yard with the best rates, ask if they would honor the quoted price if you arrive the same day, provided you request them over the phone. 

Use our scrap yard near me locator for this step.

4. Bring larger loads when possible

Collecting as much scrap metal as possible is advisable before visiting a scrap yard. We suggest waiting. 

A scrap yard will resell the metal they buy from you. The more metal they can sell of any kind, the better price they will receive, which in turn will enable them to pay you a higher price. 

Unless space is minimal or you want cash immediately, save as much scrap metal as possible; doing so will give you an advantage in negotiations.

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Factors affecting the price of scrap metal

You must know the factors affecting the price of metals before searching for a scrap yard near me.

The kind of scrap metal, weight, and demand for metals are three factors that affect the price. 

The need to consider the type of scrap metal is critical because some metals are more difficult to produce and are in shorter supply. 

The scrap yard will pay less for a pound of tin scraps than a pound of copper scraps because of the weight of scrap metal. 

Because scrap metal prices depend on the availability and demand for metals, their price may change anytime. 

Scrap metal scrap yards post a scrap price chart so customers can determine the current price for scrap metal.

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How is a scrap yard different from a dump or recycling center?

Critical differences exist between the scrap yard near me, junk yards, recycling centers, and dumps. In a scrap yard, you must weigh the materials before determining how much they will pay you for them. 

The materials are then considered again and assessed based on the quantity of each type of metal. 

The materials’ price is determined by the current trading price on the stock market. In addition to company-specific and state-specific factors, a few additional variables affect the price of metals. 

In the case of dumps, many dumps charge by the weight of items dropped off, and some have regular pick-up schedules. When an auto salvage shop can’t resell used components from a vehicle, they turn what’s left to a scrap metal dealer for money. 

A scrap metal facility will pick up your junk if you’re selling it, although it won’t be as much metal as a junkyard would produce. 

Recycling facilities recycle metal, but they produce less than scrap metal facilities. In reality, many recycling facilities send their scrap metal to a specialized metal recycling facility.

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Wrapping up

There are a variety of scrap metal recycling programs in operation. You can sell scrap metals to them for a set price per pound. Copper, aluminum, and zinc are the most lucrative (and in-demand) metals. 

Copper is the most valuable and coveted scrap metal. Before you throw away your scrap metals, check to see how much money you might make selling them at a scrap yard near me.

Scrap yards don’t pay the same for scrap metal. You may discover that you get a more excellent price for your scrap at a smaller scrap yard than at a larger one. 

Check scrap yard prices before you sell your scrap metal. Our scrap yard near me locator helps you to find the best scrap yard.


Are magnets worth the money?

Scrap yards usually do not buy magnets, except for rare earth magnets, which are not worth anything unless removed from a whole appliance. 

If you live near a scrap yard, you may ask if they would be willing to purchase scrap metal with magnets attached.

Is steel worth the money?

It will help if you are wary of scrapping regular steel, as it is one of the least-profitable scrap metals and, therefore, not worth the effort. 

Scrap yards typically pay around $5-$5 for scrap steel per pound, which is low compared to other scrap metals such as copper and aluminum.

What to remove from appliances before scraping them?

In most yards (but not all), you must remove compressors from refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners, as well as anything with a refrigeration system. 

It is essential to remove the compressors at least and drain off the freon to maximize your profits

You can recover copper windings by cutting the compressors open. Cut off the power cords (which contain copper wiring) and scrap them separately to minimize expenses.

Do I need to pay taxes when selling scrap?

In addition to reporting the scrap metal sales as income on your income tax return, you must also pay taxes on the amount. 

You may find more information on reporting income from scrap metal sales here. You can also find information on producing and filing your business taxes on the IRS’s website.

Should I sell to a scrap yard or salvage yard?

Although salvage and scrap yards are synonyms in some instances, those two businesses are not the same. 

Scrap yards only collect scrap metal, whereas salvage yards strive to make the most profit possible by collecting car parts and antifreeze, oil, and gasoline. 

It would help if you went to your local salvage yard to get the most value for your car.

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