14 Best Sentence Generator Tools in 2023 [Free & Paid]

Khyati Hooda
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Sentence generator tools can modify a regular write-up into something of a specific genre, legal, scientific, or formal. They are your go-to tool when you lack the vocabulary or the idea. When deciding on a sentence rephrase tool, there are some things to keep in mind.

  • Does that synonym mean to say what your original word meant? Always check the tool’s authenticity by trying it out with different text first. Once you paste your original text and try to paraphrase it with this particular rephrase tool- does what shows up make sense? If so, proceed using this rephrase; if not, then choose another one because obviously, there is no point in wasting time using a faulty app when there are plenty more good ones online.
  • Too many ads upfront will waste your time and disturb you by popping up at every step of the process. So, if a tool shows too many ads on its homepage, leave it.
  • Remembering the genre of your document is a good idea. Some tools allow you to choose the right domain for your text based on literary, scientific, or casual genres. Just make sure you choose one which suits you best.
  • The tool on this page is fast, accurate, and leads to the most appropriate results. Your time will be better spent clicking through the other popular search engines that are inferior and often lead you in the wrong direction.

The best sentence generator for your needs should be easy to use and combine a collection of features that will help you produce high-quality content. 

Some sentence generators might have more advanced features than others and as such require an in-depth understanding of how it works before using them properly. 

14 Best Sentence Generator Tools

When you’re looking for fresh ideas for your next writing project, here are the 14 best sentence-generating tools that will help you develop new ideas for your next blog post.


Specialties – Best Free AI copywriting generator with 90+ marketing tools.

Pricing – Offers a free plan, pro plan at $36/month, and a custom plan for the enterprise.

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A simple yet effective way to create quality content quickly is to use CopyAI. The tool claims to eliminate writer’s block by providing higher-quality, fresher, and faster copies. 

With CopyAI, you can create millions of documents in a few seconds using automatic 90+ creativity tools. There are many tools available on CopyAI’s platform to assist writers in creating content. Everything is covered, from long-form blog posts to tone rephrase tools, sales copy generators, etc.

With more than 60 templates, CopyAI provides a template library for businesses and entrepreneurs of all kinds. With these templates, you can easily and quickly create digital ads, website content, eCommerce copy, social media content, sales copy, blog posts, etc. 

It provides plagiarism-free content that is accurate, error-free, and pleasant in tone, including excellent blog intros and strong titles. Several languages are supported by the tool, which is a great way to create viral material and marketing concepts that include names, startups, e-commerce promotions, and other things. CopyAI is an excellent AI sentence generator tool with various writing tools and a straightforward interface. Learn more about the tool here.


Specialties – Writes content 5x faster with over 50 proven templates.

Pricing – Offers three plans: Creator at $39 per month, Teams at $99 per month, and Custom pricing for Business.  

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Jasper is an AI-based story creator that thousands of writers have endorsed. By feeding Jasper a text input, you can create unique narratives with GPT-4 algorithms. This AI-based sentence generator tool is ideal for creating imaginative records, movie scripts, and novels, especially if you want them. 

With its advanced AI technology, you can create original plot ideas that no other AI sentence generator tool can offer. With its advanced AI capabilities, you’ll always get good results.

If you need additional material on your subject, Jasper can provide some ideas (like titles, headers, etc.). Using Jasper, you may request AI blog material, long-form AI articles or even captions for social media. 

You can edit the text, bold it, add headings, or include pictures and links on-site using Jasper’s Google-Doc-like interface. 

Jasper links with Grammarly, which allows you to activate the Grammarly toolbar. You may choose from 50+ templates like Product Reviews, Blog Posts, Google Ads, Photo Captions, and Cold Emails. Learn more about the Jasper AI tool in this article.


Specialties Creates original content that boosts your website’s SEO and generates more traffic.

Pricing – Offers two plans: Pro plan starting at $12.67 for 1 user per month to $666 for 15 users per month and a custom plan for the enterprise. It also provides a free trial to new users.

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Anyone can use Writesonic to generate original content in a short amount of time. This software has simplified aspects of people’s lives, including marketing copy, social media content, articles, etc. Thousands of people have utilized this service to remove the hassle of writing high-quality content. 

With Writesonic, you can create content in any language and avoid plagiarism as it supports 25 languages. With this AI sentence generator tool, you can create text for search engines more simply than before. 


You can create various content, including product descriptions, blog posts, whitepapers, and marketing copy, using Writesonic. You can create articles about any topic if you provide sufficient information. 

Using this sentence generator, you can save time researching, composing, revising, and establishing the tone for your articles. It appears to be straightforward for users of all levels of technical understanding.  If you want to read more about Writesonic’s features and review, then click here.

Trinka AI

SpecialtiesBest free tool for grammar check and academic and technical writing.

Pricing – Offers a free plan that provides access to all Trinka features and a Premium plan available at $6.67/month.



Trinka AI is a language and grammatical accuracy tool for academic and technical writing. Trinka’s AI detected and corrected more than 3,000 grammatical errors, including scientific tone, style, and grammar. 

Using Trinka may enhance your writing abilities by improving your syntax, tone, vocabulary, and grammar. Trinka offers all the writing checks that many writers require. Technical writing and the subtle differences among writing genres are complex and challenging to comprehend. 

With Trinka, you can make global adjustments with a single click. You can either accept or reject suggestions for the entire text. With more than 20 checkpoints, Trinka evaluates your writing. Trinka can help you create an AI story by remembering and storing any words you add to your lexicon. You can automatically edit and correct Microsoft Word documents with Trinka. You may download a file with all the alterations.

Pro Writing Aid

Specialties – In-depth reports

Pricing– ranges from $0 to $89/year.


ProWritingAid is a platform with capabilities such as grammar checking and style editing for those who want to strengthen their writing skills. The features are:

  • Reports for issues
  • Desktop version
  • Plagiarism checks
  • Integrations 

You can set it up on Microsoft Word, Gmail, Windows, or Mac computers. Details in reports help you improve your writing while security & privacy are at the core of this company- that’s why they’re GDPR compliant. 

They also have customer-friendly terms and conditions and 256 bank-level security, which ensures the safety of your data.  


Specialties– Desktop client

Pricing– Ginger offers a free trial and a paid plan which starts at $13.99 per month.

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Ginger is a sentence rephrasing website that offers you many alternative options for your sentences. You can also get your paragraphs paraphrased if you want, but you’ll need to download their desktop app.

Ginger’s online platform provides features such as grammar and punctuation checks, writing trainers, essay checkers, proofreaders, and other similar tools. 

Ginger’s extensions are available for Windows/Mac computers (with an Android app), Chrome browser on iOS devices, or the Safari browser on Macs.


Specialties– You can choose different creative, formal, and advanced genres. You may also expand or shorten the document.

Pricing–  Quillbot has three paid plans: $9.95/month, $6.66/month billed in 6 months, $4.17/month billed yearly. It also offers a free plan.

QuillBot offers a variety of paraphrase modes that gears toward different audiences or documents. In the standard model, you can expect an exchange of synonyms and some sentence paraphrasing. 

The fluency mode is for easy reading, with more minor word changes and focusing on grammar correction, so your paragraph reads more fluently. 

Creative Mode uses synonyms to flip words to give your text a new voice- it’s perfect for those who want to personalize their writing style. One must be a premium member to use these services; they include formal and shortening options and expand, which helps you rephrase sentences accordingly when needed (available only for premium users). 

Some other features Quillbot offers are summarizing paragraphs, checking grammar errors, etc., all available free of charge if you opt not to purchase any membership plans.


Specialties– Offers various writing styles like legal, scientific, business, etc.

Pricing– Simplish offers three plans: Pro at $5/month, Premium at $10/month, and Platinum at $25/month.

Simplish is a sentence generator that can paraphrase your material according to your standards. You can choose whether you want the style for scientific, legal, international, or creative purposes and modes of writing. 

The free version does not let you upload documents, but it does allow pasting texts in boxes provided. Apart from paraphrasing text into different styles, Simplish also has a summary service that condenses any long form of content into a one-page summary of genre-specific information (chemical reactions; Legal – contract law). 

In addition to this is a grammar checker with features such as passive voice detection and misuse of punctuations and an easy-to-use live editing function where users can edit their work without having to copy-paste sentences over again.

Pre Post SEO

Specialties– Choose from several genres like fluency, creative, formal, etc.

Pricing– It offers three plans: Basic at $10/month, Standard at $20/month, and Company at $45/month.

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If you want to make your article easier to read, PREPOSTSEO’s paraphrasing tool can help. Our simple feature is excellent for synonyms, and our advanced features are perfect if you need sentence structure changes. 

Fluency fixes grammatical errors, while creativity offers abstract synonyms in complete sentences. Besides these features, we also provide plagiarism checking, domain authority checkers, and a guest post service to get you content marketing exposure.

Small SEO Tools

Specialties Best for informal documents

Pricing– The platform is free to use for all users. It also offers a premium plan which starts at $22/month.


SmallSEOTools is a website that provides SEO services. It’s simple to use: paste or upload your content into the box given and click the ‘Republish Article’ button. 

The good thing about this sentence generator, as opposed to others, is that it has no limit of up to 2000 words–the highest for any free service offered by SmallSEOTools. 

The quality isn’t excellent; it doesn’t change the tone or structure of sentences or add punctuation marks like commas and full stops between words.

Complex Sentence Generator

Specialties– creates unlimited complex paragraphs with a single for seven different languages.

Pricing– Free

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Our free content rewriter, the Complex Sentence Generator, can potentially rewrite sentences and paragraphs by adding synonyms to words or paraphrasing them. It includes many unusual phrases that it chooses from to create different ways of saying the same thing.

Aside from this web-based software being used to spin text for different purposes like headlines etc., it also serves as a vocabulary improvement tool; understanding synonyms will make you sound more intelligent at work. 

Moreover, AI technology allows the program to understand the context and any word’s meaning in various languages. 

It’s essential to use this paraphrasing software with content that has good grammar and spelling because it can only replace words, phrases, or sentences in a sentence if they are grammatically correct.

Suppose the article being rephrased is all capitalized, or the first letters of each word are uppercase. In that case, this system will still be able to rewrite the text by recognizing English and using replacement words for what makes sense. Otherwise, as long as you have sensible sentences with recognizable grammar, you should be able to find suitable synonyms without too much difficulty.

Rewriter Tools

Specialties– Emails, newsletters, and informal write-ups.

Pricing– Free

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You can rephrase your content using either Article Rewriter, Article Spinner, or Paraphrasing Tool. These tools are relatively easy to use and will provide instant results. At Rewriter Tools, we offer three different solutions for rewriting sentences. 

By clicking on the word you want to be synonymized, you can change it with another synonym in seconds.

You also have a free word counter and grammar checker that is always available at our site should they serve as any help during the process of writing an article or essay.

Paraphrasing Tool

Specialties– Best for rewrites by experts.

Pricing– depends on the length and type of text, but a 275 words college assignment will be paraphrased for $8.09 within seven days.

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This paraphrasing tool can help you rephrase paragraphs and sentences. When we checked some content on this tool, it did not work. Anyway, this platform offers a service for rewriting text that is more than five words long to avoid plagiarism through an expert process instead of AI.

 The prices depend on the length of the content being rewritten; there are no set fees for shorter texts or quotes. One might only need minor changes after checking with the original author’s permission first, which will be free (for example, grammatical corrections). 

They offer more services than just that, including a refund policy and 30-day revisions. They’ll change it if possible, even if you want something done like editing or summarizing.


Specialties– Best for research papers, assignments, experiments

Pricing– It offers a 15 day free trial and full version at $37.32


Ref-N-write is an academic phrase bank. It provides different phrases usually used in the typical academic document. As seen in the figure above, you can fill in your results on a particular topic by using the blank space provided for that section of text. 

Ref-N-Write also has other categories for more general assignments like reasons and explanations or explaining figures and plots with tables to help make things easier.

 In all fairness, it’s one heck of an academic package that can save some time while writing a thesis or experiment.


A sentence generator is a valuable tool for writers who like to brainstorm but don’t know where to start. They are also helpful for writers who are stuck with a word count and need to fill in the rest.

When you need to write a report, a thesis, an essay, or any other piece of text that needs to have a clear and concise structure, the English language can be a considerable obstacle. And just when you think you have it down, you run into a word or phrase that you don’t know how to incorporate.

Use them to build better sentences faster. That’s where sentence generators come in handy. 

They let you build words and phrases from the ground up using different seed phrases; this means you can use them for reports, essays, anything that would benefit from proper sentence structure. In this article, we have outlined the top 14 best sentence generators for the English language.

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