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8 Best AI Tools To Generate Short Instagram Captions In Seconds

Eshita Pathak
By Eshita Pathak 18 Min Read

Do you have a wonderful collection of photos but can’t post them because of caption issues? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered; we cover how you can come up with short Instagram captions in this article. 

Captions are the short headlines over a photo or video. Users can add a caption to a photo via Instagram to explain and contextualize what is happening in the picture. Thinking of what to write in captions can be hectic for everyone.

When people feel like they’ve run out of ideas, it doesn’t mean they need to give up posting altogether – there are plenty more captions available here. In this blog, we”ll discuss all those tools that help you write a short and catchy Instagram caption quickly and easily.

What is an Instagram Caption Generator?

It seems Instagram is the way to go for social media. The captions on the internet are an excellent tool for those who don’t want to think of something funny and witty every time they post their photos. 

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With these online caption generators, all you have to do is click one button, and it will provide thousands of words that might fit your photo perfectly! If not Instagram-based captions, we also offer Facebook or Twitter options. 

The captions app can generate all types of captions, including cool captions, sassy and epic ones, savage and badass quotes for sharing with friends. 

The travel caption generator also makes it possible to create excellent content for your social media posts about the trips you’ve taken or vacations planned. And if you’re looking for motivation or inspiration in life, advice is just a click away!

How can Instagram Caption Generators save your time?

Instagram captions are worth a lot when getting people to spend more time on your posts. It can be challenging, though, figuring out what the best caption would be. 

Luckily there are Instagram caption generators that you can use for this! There are many sound reasons why they’re so great – here are just a few:

Require little input: All they need is one sentence about the intent of your post. 

Generate multiple ideas: With one click, you get up to 10 different concepts with some captions generators. 

Include emoji suggestions: There is no need to waste time deciding which emoji should go in it- these generate them automatically.

Vary tone as needed without having any understanding of other languages or cultures? You’re covered.

Top 8 Short Instagram Caption Generators 

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The caption on Instagram allows you to express your character in ways that a picture can not do alone. You can convey your stories, tell jokes, and display yourself by speaking directly to followers. 

Check out this list of tools that will help you generate captions in seconds!

1. Writesonic

Writesonic is a content-writing tool that helps you generate any write-up from blog posts to marketing copy. You can use it to create articles for Google and Facebook ads and other blog posts. It’s like having an AI writer in your pocket!

You can create your captions for Instagram in minutes with Writesonic. How?

There are many ways of creating captions- you can use the software to either rephrase or generate new captions based on what you want. You can also copy a few sentences and summarize them into one sentence using the content shorten feature. 

Give one or two words from your caption’s topic, and it will come up with an original caption using those keywords.

Writesonic also has a tool to create company bios. In addition, it lets you create your memoir. You have to enter your name and personal information and choose the given tone.

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Source: Writesonic

Writesonic is a platform that works with 25 different languages, so if you want to flex a little on social media, you can add a caption in Italian or Korean (for BTS posts, it’s a must). 


Writesonic offers five different plans:

Basic: At $15 per month

Professional: At $45 a month 

Startup: At $95 per month

Agency: At $200 per month

2. Jasper

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Source: Jasper

Jasper is a wonder of artificial intelligence for writing. It comes with over 52 writing templates, one of which is perfect for creating short, relevant, and actionable Instagram content- Photo Post Captions! 

Jasper works in more than 25 languages and generates outputs as many times as needed in less than a minute (with emojis and hashtag suggestions included)! 

Are you stuck on the captions? You can use Jasper’s various templates to create your short Instagram captions. These templates include Photo post caption, Short social posts, Content improver, blog post topics ideas, Personal bio, Company Bio, engaging questions, creative stories, and sentence expander. 

To use the photo post caption tool, follow the steps:

  1. Answer the question “What’s your post about”?
  2. Select the tone for your caption.
  3. Click Generate AI content.

Now you can select from a list of options, and that’s it; you have a super catchy Instagram caption. 


Starter, Pro, and Boss Mode plans cost $29, $109, and $119, respectively.


The best thing about this AI software is its customization options. You can pick from pre-made templates with simple language or write an article independently. With Copy AI, you can make your blog post in the way that best suits you.

Free Instagram caption tool CopyAI helps people create super-engaging captions that will help them get more likes, followers, and comments on Instagram! It enables one to choose what content they want: blogging, article writing, social media posts, audio, or video! 

How to use the tool? Follow these simple steps:

  1. First, answer the question, “What is your post about?” 
  2. Choose what tone should be in your Instagram caption.
  3. Select the option “Create Copy.” 

Your Instagram caption generator will give you a list of short Instagram captions, and you can select the most suitable one for you.

Here is a sample of how you can do it.

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It provides a free seven-day trial. Besides the free plan, it offers a Pro plan at $39/month and a plan for enterprise, which they can customize according to your needs and preferences. 

4. Rytr


Source: Rytr

Rytr is a free AI tool that can generate content for marketing-based networking sites, blog posts, creative pieces, or anything else. Rytr enables you to create short Instagram captions easily with its “Post and caption” feature. It has built-in templates and other tools to help you with your project.  

You can generate cool and trendy captions in four simple steps:

  1. Select a language for output. Rytr provides 10+ language options.
  2. Select a tone of voice for your caption. From casual to convincing, pick one from 20+ styles in the option.
  3. Now open the app and choose Post & Caption Ideas from the dropdown menu. Rytr supports 20+ use cases and content types in 25+ languages.
  4. You need to add keywords, titles, or phrases and click the option “Ryte for me.”

That’s it; you generated a very cool caption online.

With Rytr’s platform, writing high-quality content will take seconds instead of hours – and it costs less than what you would pay for a freelance writer.


There are three pricing plans: The free plan ($0), the Saver Plan ($9), and the Premium plan ($29). Click here to read the complete review of Rytr.

5. LongShot AI

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Source: Longshot AI

Longshot AI can help people learn how to use artificial intelligence for everyday tasks and generate SEO-friendly content. All the features are available in one SaaS tool that is easy to navigate and understand! 

How to create captions using Longshot AI?

To create short Instagram captions using Longshot AI, you can easily rephrase the given paragraph if you feel it should be different or more relevant, or instruct the AI to write something for you. You have to provide keywords, titles, or phrases to this software and create a list of options. 

Select the best caption from the list to use. Other Longshot AI Tools that can help you create captions are- AI Blog Assistance, Content Rephrase, Content extender, Instruct the AI, Unstruck Me, Write more, etc.


Longshot AI offers three plans:

  • Starter – $0/month
  • Pro – $19.90/month
  • Enterprise – $99.90/month

6. Simplified

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Source: Simplified

Simplified is one app for all your marketing needs, from design and copy to video creation. It gives you access to tools that help create engagement-worthy posts on Instagram, like the caption generator and sentence expander. 

Simplified’s AI assistant will be at your beck and call 24/7 so that you can do anything you need in a few clicks. 

To create captions, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the Simplified platform and click on AI Assistant in the Hamburger menu. You can find Instagram tools under the Post and Stories tab.
  • You can choose from three different tools- Convey Your Feelings Tool, Captions Generator Tool, or Quotes Generator/Sentence Expander Tool.
  • After selecting one of the above tools, you will easily add captions for your posts!
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Source: Simplified


It offers a free plan and two other plans:

small Team at $8/month and Business at $24/month.


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Source: is an AI copy generator that generates material for you to write with and helps you along the writing process by developing hooks and outlines for your stories. 

Is creating short Instagram captions taking too much of your time? They’ve got you covered! 

StoryLab’s content and template library, together with our tool, not only help you generate content faster: using them will make you a better storyteller.  

How to use Instagram Generator? 

Select the Instagram caption generator tool from their app. Describe what type of post it is that needs captions, then hit “Inspire me!” on their platform to get some examples from their A.I.-generated generator to pick out ones best suited for the occasion.


The platform offers a free plan and starter plat at $7/month, pro plan at $20, and unlimited plan at $47/month. 


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Copysmith can create category content, product descriptions or headlines, and rewritten content. Copysmith’s AI-powered solution is built to generate high converting ads and emails as quickly as possible so that you can spend less time gazing at a blank page. 

Copysmith provides features such as Captions, Content ideas, or Content rewriter, which allows you to create short Instagram captions in seconds for your business quickly! 

Don’t worry about being creative because their Instagram Caption Generator will help social media teams wear one more miniature hat, ensuring that your communications are always on point.

How does it work?

You need to select the caption tool from Copysmith’s features panel. It will create a list of options, and you can choose your favorite caption from there. Enter details regarding your post, titles, keywords, or phrases. 


The platform offers a free plan and starter plan at $7/month, pro plan at $20, and unlimited plan at $47/month. 

Other options to use

Here are some other options that you can use to create short Instagram captions.

1. Tagwag

Tagwag is a professional tool that analyzes Instagram photos and generates different captions. You can manually caption your image with their categories, such as selfie captions or motivational captions, but you are limited to what they offer. 

If you do not have an iOS or Android device, Tagwag isn’t for you since it does not work on other browsers than these two major operating systems (but if both of those happen to be yours, then go ahead!)


The platform is free to use.

2. Caption AI

Caption AI is an app with up to 15,000 different captions using artificial intelligence available for Android users. It’s pretty straightforward to use – upload the image you want your caption generator app to scan, and Caption AI will generate a list of possible captions.

Although it’s nifty, many of its generated captions are also out of context, and some have reported that the app crashes quite often without reason (therefore not recommended if you’re using Instagram professionally).


The platform is free to use

3. Preview App

Preview is a social media content planner and short Instagram caption generator. It allows you to choose from 3000 pre-written captions, prompts, and CTAs that allow easy customization. As shown below, the preview doesn’t write creative captions for you but instead provides script options. 

You can plan an endless number of Instagram posts on this platform at no cost with features such as planning Reels and Stories- even setting up Swipe links in advance if needed! 

Once you set your content, it will automatically post according to your specifications; there’s nothing left for you to do but enjoy the previews! Preview is available on iOS or Android devices, so get out there!


The preview app offers a free plan with limited features.

Besides the free plan, it offers two other programs: The Pro and Premium plan costs $6.67 and $12.50, respectively. 

4. CaptionPlus

CaptionPlus is an Instagram caption generator and hashtag source functional for your browser and Android app. This tool doesn’t require you to upload a photo. Instead, you can browse captions categories for one that suits the content of your post.

Unfortunately, most of the suggestions provided are quotes by famous poets or public figures who lack any call-to-action or conversational phrases to connect with their followers.


The platform is free to use.


Captions are an essential part of the Instagram experience. They allow users to express their thoughts and emotions about the photo, but they also serve as a call-to-action for brands looking to drive engagement with their followers. 

Short Instagram captions are an excellent way for brands to get their audience to comment with their thoughts and engage with them.

But captions can be challenging to produce on your own, and with so many options, it can be challenging to find the right caption generator that will meet all your needs. 

We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you and found some of the best caption generators. We hope you will use them to create super engaging captions for your business or individual posts.

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