16 Best SMS Marketing Software To Boost Engagement And Conversion

Elena Hudgens
By Elena Hudgens 44 Min Read

SMS marketing software is a dedicated tool or platform that aids businesses in conducting effective marketing campaigns through text messages. 

It provides the means to create, manage, and execute targeted SMS campaigns, enabling businesses to reach their audience efficiently. In today’s article, you’ll explore SMS marketing software.

SMS marketing as a potent and direct communication channel has surged in popularity, allowing businesses to engage with customers in a personalized and immediate way. 

Businesses can automate and optimize their messaging processes by leveraging SMS marketing software, saving time and resources. In this article, you will learn everything about the SMS marketing software.

SMS Marketing Software: Overview

SMS marketing software equips businesses with a diverse range of tools and capabilities necessary for the successful execution of SMS marketing campaigns.

Contact management is a crucial feature offered by SMS marketing software, enabling businesses to organize and upkeep their contact lists efficiently. The software allows businesses to segment their contacts based on different criteria like demographics, preferences, or purchase history.

This segmentation capability empowers businesses to send highly personalized and relevant messages to specific customer groups, maximizing the impact and effectiveness of their SMS campaigns.

SMS marketing software encompasses vital features for message creation and customization. It offers user-friendly interfaces or text editors that empower businesses to craft captivating and persuasive SMS messages.

Within SMS marketing software, businesses have a range of customization options at their disposal. These options encompass the ability to incorporate personalization tokens, embed promotional links, and integrate multimedia elements like images or videos.

Another crucial aspect of SMS marketing software is the scheduling feature, which empowers businesses to designate precise dates and times for sending their SMS campaigns.

The automation capabilities of SMS marketing software offer a notable advantage to businesses. Automating specific processes allows them to streamline their messaging efforts and operate more efficiently.

SMS marketing software commonly includes analytics and reporting features, which furnish businesses with valuable insights and metrics regarding the performance of their SMS campaigns.

SMS Marketing Software: Features

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Here are the features of SMS marketing software:

  • Two-way messaging facilitates private and personalized one-to-one communication between businesses and their customers. Salespeople and customer service teams frequently utilize these features to converse directly with customers.
  • Most SMS marketing solutions offer MMS support, enabling marketers to incorporate photos or other multimedia elements into their campaigns. MMS messages have a higher character limit than SMS but are generally more costly.
  • SMS marketing software includes integrated reporting features that provide users valuable insights into campaign metrics such as delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. These features assist marketers in demonstrating a positive return on investment to stakeholders and optimizing future campaigns.
  • Short codes are unique telephone numbers of five to six digits, specifically designed for high-throughput and two-way messaging. Opting for short codes instead of standard 10-digit telephone numbers is preferable to avoid the risk of SMS messages being flagged as spam.
  • Bulk SMS or mass text messaging enables marketers to efficiently send promotional text messages to large groups of subscribers simultaneously. These messages often contain promotions, coupons, or details about flash sales. In addition to marketing, companies may utilize bulk text messages to deliver crucial business information or emergency alerts.
  • Within SMS platforms, there is a potential for a third category of business texting known as transactional SMS. These messages are triggered in response to specific actions performed by customers.
  • The inclusion of text scheduling capabilities empowers users to automate their SMS marketing campaigns. This functionality lets marketers plan their campaigns, ensuring that SMS messages are delivered to customers at predetermined dates and times.
  • Crafting customized messages establishes productive communication and delivers the essential information your target audiences require. This, in turn, fosters heightened trust and builds brand loyalty.
  • White labeling is a completely customizable SMS marketing service enabling businesses to rebrand and resell the platform under their names and identities.

SMS Marketing Software: Types

Here are the types of SMS marketing software:

Text Marketing

For companies that can or do not require integrating SMS into their existing technology, text marketing platforms are a cost-effective solution for automating their marketing campaigns.

These platforms allow businesses to secure their phone number or short code, which subscribers can use to opt-in for receiving messages.

Using the platform, marketers, salespeople, and customer service agents can send and receive SMS messages directly, streamlining communication processes.

SMS Gateway

An SMS gateway facilitates the transmission and reception of messages between a computer and a compatible device through a telecommunications network.

Certain SMS marketing solutions provide businesses with an API that allows integration of their existing applications with an SMS gateway.

This integration option empowers developers to enable texting capabilities within the organization’s current communication applications, eliminating the need to invest in a separate solution.

Marketing Automation

Certain marketing automation platforms and email marketing tools incorporate SMS as one of the communication channels they offer. These products are well-suited for businesses that aim to implement or upgrade to a multi-channel solution rather than relying solely on an SMS-focused product.

Marketing automation and integration platforms often encompass various channels and provide pre-designed marketing templates, facilitating the automation of workflows with greater ease.

What To Look For In SMS Marketing Software

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Here are the factors to consider while choosing SMS marketing software:

  • Evaluate the software’s functionalities, including contact management, message customization, scheduling, automation, analytics, and integration options. Confirm that it offers the essential features to achieve your specific marketing objectives.
  • Seek a user-friendly interface that exhibits an intuitive workflow, streamlining, creating, and managing SMS campaigns. The software must be easily accessible to users with varying technical expertise levels.
  • Consider the software’s capacity to handle the volume of SMS messages you require and its scalability to accommodate potential business growth. Verify whether it supports high-throughput messaging and can handle the size of your target audience effectively.
  • Ensure that the software adheres to applicable SMS marketing regulations and provides functionalities to obtain consent, manage opt-ins and opt-outs, and uphold compliance with data privacy laws.
  • Verify if the software offers comprehensive analytics and reporting features that allow you to assess the impact and success of your SMS campaigns. Look for metrics like delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates, conversions, and insights on campaign performance.
  • Evaluate the software’s compatibility with your current systems, such as CRM platforms, email marketing software, or e-commerce platforms, to ensure smooth integration. Seamless integration facilitates data synchronization and enables consistent multi-channel marketing efforts.
  • Conduct a comparison of pricing structures among various SMS marketing software solutions. Consider factors such as the allotted number of messages or contacts in each plan, potential additional fees for specific features, and whether the pricing aligns with your budget and anticipated return on investment.
  • Assess the customer support quality offered by the software vendor. Look for the availability of resources such as documentation, tutorials, and responsive customer service that can promptly assist you with any inquiries or issues.
  • Conduct thorough research on the software provider’s reputation and customer reviews. Seek feedback about the software’s performance, reliability, ease of use, and customer support to gain valuable insights into the experiences of other users.

Top SMS Marketing Software In The Market

Here is the best SMS marketing software:

1. Omnisend

SMS marketing software

+ An excellent choice for eCommerce businesses seeking centralized management

+ User-friendly email builder and automation editor

+ Unparalleled ease of setup for seamless integration
– Limited selection of templates available for emails & forms

Omnisend is a robust marketing automation platform that empowers businesses to develop personalized and focused marketing campaigns encompassing email, SMS, and other channels. It offers extensive tools and features to simplify customer outreach and enhance engagement.

With its user-friendly interface, Omnisend enables marketers to effortlessly create visually appealing email templates and design captivating landing pages, all without requiring coding expertise.

Additionally, the platform offers a convenient drag-and-drop editor, allowing for easy customization of email campaigns to align with specific branding needs.

A prominent aspect of Omnisend is its automation capabilities, which empower businesses to establish automated email workflows tailored to customer behavior and preferences.

Omnisend excels in its features, including running multi-channel campaigns and leveraging email marketing, combining various channels like SMS and email within a unified platform. Additionally, they offer a complimentary plan and a free trial option for all their plans.

2. TextMagic

SMS marketing software

+ The user interface is both straightforward and adaptable, requiring minimal time to learn

+ The extensive range of API tools and integrations enables seamless integration of TextMagic with various applications

+ Utilizing subaccounts, you and your team can collaborate on automated SMS campaigns
– When you’re sending a significant number of texts & receiving customer responses, the cost can become relatively high

TextMagic is a flexible platform for sending SMS messages, empowering businesses to communicate efficiently with customers and contacts. It offers extensive features and tools specifically crafted to enhance communication through text messages.

TextMagic allows businesses to effortlessly send bulk SMS messages to many recipients simultaneously, making it an optimal choice for marketing campaigns, notifications, and fostering customer engagement.

TextMagic facilitates interactive communication by supporting two-way messaging, enabling recipients to respond to messages, and fostering engagement between businesses and their audiences.

Moreover, TextMagic offers various features such as virtual mobile numbers, scheduled text messages, SMS attachments, MMS, mail merge templates, SMS opt-out management, and numerous other capabilities.

With its intuitive web interface and mobile apps, TextMagic simplifies composing and sending messages from any internet-connected device. The platform integrates with popular CRM systems, email marketing tools, and other software, facilitating smooth communication across multiple channels.

TextMagic stands out for its competitive pricing and can send SMS messages in bulk. It offers a free trial and charges a nominal fee of $0.04 per SMS or MMS for bulk messaging and utilizing its available features.

3. UltraSMSScript

SMS marketing software

+ After setting up the software, you have full ownership & the option to offer it as a service

+ The API simplifies integration with other software, streamlining the overall process

+ The dashboard is user-friendly & intuitive to navigate
– Doesn’t have a free plan

UltraSMSScript is a robust SMS marketing software that empowers businesses to create and manage their SMS marketing platforms. It offers a comprehensive toolkit for seamlessly creating and executing SMS marketing campaigns.

Through UltraSMSScript, businesses can engage with their customers efficiently using SMS by sending messages in bulk, scheduling campaigns, and implementing automated workflows.

The platform facilitates two-way messaging, allowing recipients to respond and interact with businesses, thus fostering interactive communication.

UltraSMSScript allows businesses to choose their preferred SMS service provider by seamlessly integrating with various SMS gateway providers. This key feature will enable businesses to select the service provider that best suits their needs.

Moreover, UltraSMSScript supports multimedia messaging, enabling businesses to transmit multimedia content like images, videos, and audio files via SMS. This capability enhances the richness and versatility of their SMS marketing campaigns.

My top choice for cost-effective SMS marketing software is UltraSMSScript, which provides downloadable white-label software for a one-time fee. This feature makes it an ideal option for businesses seeking affordable SMS marketing solutions.

4. Heymarket

SMS marketing software

+ Integrations facilitate seamless contact imports and enable connectivity with various business applications

+ The campaign manager is intuitive, accompanied by robust reporting and analytics tools

+ The user-friendly interface simplifies the creation and execution of SMS strategies effortlessly
– Certain features such as integrations and APIs are available in higher-priced plans

Heymarket is a robust platform for business messaging that aims to enhance team communication and collaboration. It offers various tools and features that empower businesses to manage their messaging workflows across multiple channels, ensuring streamlined operations.

Heymarket enables businesses to engage in real-time, convenient, personalized interactions with customers, clients, and team members through text messaging.

The platform supports various communication channels, including SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, allowing businesses to connect with their audience through their preferred channels. This flexibility ensures effective engagement and enhances the overall customer experience.

Heymarket offers a shared inbox feature crucial in enhancing team collaboration and managing conversations collectively. This functionality ensures prompt and efficient handling of messages.

Additionally, the platform comes with advanced features such as tagging, assignment, and conversation notes, enabling effective organization and tracking of conversations for better productivity and streamlined communication.

The capability to assign specific contacts simplifies workflow coordination among multiple users, while the private chat feature is an invaluable collaborative tool in remote work environments.

However, Heymarket needs more extensive guides or tools to assist with account setup and navigating the user interface, potentially impacting the onboarding experience.

5. EZ Texting

SMS marketing software

+ Gain complimentary access to premium Shutterstock images

+ Enable two-way texting functionality for your existing phone number

+ Monitor the volume of sent or received texts, spikes in engagement, & click-through rates
– Limited customization options

EZ Texting is a flexible platform offering comprehensive features and tools for seamless SMS communication with customers and contacts.

By utilizing EZ Texting, businesses can effortlessly send bulk SMS messages to many recipients simultaneously, making it an excellent choice for marketing campaigns, promotions, alerts, and customer engagement.

Moreover, the platform supports two-way messaging, allowing recipients to respond to messages and fostering interactive communication and engagement.

EZ Texting offers a robust contact management system as one of its standout features. It enables businesses to efficiently organize and segment their contacts using various criteria, facilitating targeted messaging and personalized communication.

This capability empowers businesses to deliver relevant messages to specific groups or individuals, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of their SMS campaigns.

EZTexting provides a seamless solution to connect, communicate, and persuade your mobile prospects. With features like contact list segmentation and personalized text and picture messages, EZTexting enables you to engage with the audience & create meaningful connections effortlessly.

With a budget-friendly starting price of $19 per month and the flexibility to add more messages as your business expands, EZ Texting is an excellent choice for newer or smaller businesses with limited technical expertise.

6. TextSanity

SMS marketing software

+ The dashboard is streamlined, offering a straightforward navigation experience without unnecessary clutter

+ The unlimited keyword feature is an invaluable asset in marketing campaigns, offering ease of use & effectiveness

+ Audience segmentation is effortless, enabling simple & effective personalization
– Lack analytics

TextSanity is a robust text messaging platform crafted to streamline and elevate business communication. Equipped with various features and tools, it empowers businesses to efficiently send and manage text messages for many purposes.

Through TextSanity, businesses can effortlessly send bulk SMS messages to their contacts, making it an optimal solution for marketing campaigns, promotions, notifications, and customer engagement.

TextSanity facilitates two-way messaging, enabling recipients to respond and interact with businesses, fostering interactive communication actively.

TextSanity offers businesses a user-friendly interface that simplifies composing and sending messages.

It provides customizable templates, scheduling options, and automation capabilities, empowering businesses to streamline their messaging workflows and increase efficiency, ultimately saving valuable time.

Textedly is a highly recommended choice due to its straightforward and cost-effective plans. With Textedly, you can select a plan that aligns with your specific needs without unnecessarily requiring you to subscribe to a larger plan.

Notably, Textedly excels in its ability to send large text messages that exceed the standard limit set by other companies or software, making it an ideal option for businesses with extensive messaging requirements.

7. Attentive Mobile

SMS marketing software

+ Create sign-up forms with appealing designs and strategically promote them on the website to maximize conversion rates

+ Benefit from integrations with well-known eCommerce platforms for seamless compatibility

+ Access a comprehensive set of tools designed for the targeted personalization of your audience
– The pricing structure of Attentive Mobile may pose challenges for smaller businesses operating with limited marketing budgets

Attentive Mobile stands out as a major mobile messaging platform dedicated to assisting businesses in creating impactful connections with their customers through personalized SMS marketing campaigns.

It provides various features and tools that enable targeted messaging, customer segmentation, and automation, empowering businesses to deliver timely messages to their audience easily.

Attentive Mobile empowers businesses to craft and send exceptionally personalized SMS messages to their subscriber base.

Attentive Mobile offers dynamic content insertion, allowing businesses to include personalized details like the recipient’s name or purchase history in their messages. This high degree of customization significantly enhances customer engagement and boosts conversion rates.

Additionally, Attentive Mobile provides powerful segmentation capabilities, enabling businesses to categorize their subscribers based on diverse criteria such as demographics, purchase behavior, or engagement level. This segmentation functionality empowers businesses to deliver targeted messages to specific customer segments, amplifying the effectiveness of their SMS campaigns.

Through segmentation, businesses can customize their messages according to specific customer segments, amplifying the relevance and effectiveness of their SMS campaigns.

Attentive Mobile adopts a custom pricing approach and does not provide clear pricing information on its website. If you want to obtain pricing details tailored to your specific requirements, it is necessary to request a demo with them first.

8. Klaviyo

SMS marketing software

+ Abundance of high-quality templates

+ Built-in email software streamlines marketing and communication processes by eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications

+ Boasts an extensive selection of hundreds of integrations
– Doesn’t have a mobile app

Klaviyo is a robust platform built for email marketing and automation, aiming to empower businesses to engage effectively with their customers and fuel growth.

Klaviyo enables businesses to create precise and personalized email campaigns, automate workflows, and gain insights into campaign performance, all contributing to enhanced customer engagement and business expansion.

Through its intuitive drag-and-drop editor, Klaviyo empowers businesses to design visually stunning and polished email templates. This user-friendly feature enables businesses to create and customize their emails without requiring any coding knowledge or technical expertise.

Additionally, Klaviyo offers a collection of pre-built email templates that businesses can leverage to accelerate the email creation process.

Klaviyo stands out with its advanced segmentation and targeting functionalities, allowing businesses to divide their audience into segments based on demographics, purchase behavior, or engagement level.

Businesses can send exceptionally targeted emails to specific customer segments through the segmentation feature, increasing campaign relevance and effectiveness.

Klaviyo provides an attractive option for companies with no budget by offering a 100% free SMS marketing resource. With this offer, businesses can benefit from free SMS services for 250 contacts, 150 monthly free SMS/MMS sends, and 500 monthly email sends.

9. SimpleTexting

SMS marketing software

+ Building your campaign in under 20 minutes is a breeze

+ The free incoming messages feature is a fantastic way to save money

+ You can create multiple keywords for your phone number without incurring any additional costs
– The platform’s simplicity may be perceived as limiting for programmers with more experience

SimpleTexting is a flexible text messaging platform designed to enhance communication between businesses and customers.

By utilizing SimpleTexting, businesses can effortlessly transmit bulk SMS messages to their customers, making it a suitable solution for marketing campaigns, notifications, reminders, and customer engagement.

The platform supports interactive communication through two-way messaging, enabling recipients to respond to messages and establish a dialogue.

SimpleTexting offers automation features that empower businesses to establish automated messaging workflows based on triggers or customer behavior. This functionality streamlines communication processes and saves valuable time for businesses by automating routine messaging tasks.

SimpleTexting provides a 14-day free trial that includes 50 outgoing text messages. Their paid plans vary based on the number of text messages you can send. Regardless of the plan, you can access Zapier integration and SMS gateway API. Custom integrations are available in the plan, priced at $145/month and above.

10. Mobile Text Alerts

SMS marketing software

+ Has been in the industry for more than a decade

+ User-friendly dashboard

+ Easy to setup
– MMS messages are counted as three messages instead of one towards your monthly message limit

Mobile Text Alerts is a platform that enhances communication and notification services for businesses and organizations through text messaging.

It provides extensive features and tools that empower users to send mass text messages to their subscribers, ensuring the efficient distribution of vital information, updates, and promotional messages.

Mobile Text Alerts simplify businesses’ process of sending bulk SMS messages to their audience, making them suitable for diverse purposes, including emergency alerts, event reminders, marketing campaigns, and customer engagement.

The platform facilitates two-way messaging, allowing recipients to respond to messages and fostering interactive communication and engagement.

Mobile Text Alerts provides seamless management of your texting campaigns, accommodating teams of any size as there are no limitations on the number of administrators per account.

Furthermore, the link tracking feature allows you to monitor click-through rates effortlessly. Customers can conveniently join the SMS list by texting into short codes and toll-free numbers, ensuring effortless campaign monitoring for you.

Mobile Text Alerts offers seamless integrations with popular platforms such as WordPress, MailChimp, Zapier, Slack, ClickFunnels, and more, empowering you to enhance efficiency. The platform also provides API access, allowing you to set up custom integrations.

You can go for a free 14-day trial that provides full access to all core features without needing a credit card, allowing you to easily explore and experience how Mobile Text Alerts can benefit your business.

11. ClickSend

SMS marketing software

+ Offers significant potential for return on investment

+ Uploading contacts and sending out bulk text messages is a straightforward process

+ The pay-as-you-go system is advantageous for budget management
– The process of reviewing data can be somewhat cumbersome

ClickSend is a flexible communication platform that helps businesses streamline messaging and engagement processes. It offers various tools that support smooth communication across multiple channels.

With ClickSend, businesses can send mass SMS messages to their audience, making it a powerful solution for marketing campaigns, notifications, reminders, and customer engagement.

The platform facilitates two-way messaging, enabling recipients to respond to messages actively and fostering interactive communication.

ClickSend excels in its wide-ranging integration capabilities, allowing seamless connections with popular applications and platforms like WordPress, Zapier, and Google Sheets. This empowers businesses to boost productivity and efficiency by integrating ClickSend into their existing tools and workflows.

The pay-as-you-go pricing model offers flexibility, allowing us to pay based on our SMS usage. This means we can pay more during months with higher message volumes and save money during periods of lower activity.

ClickSend guarantees 100% uptime and ensures reliable delivery of messages to end-users. Their user-friendly dashboard provides a simple and convenient way to access the service and track each record in a centralized location.

12. Salesmsg

SMS marketing software

+ The dashboard offers a user-friendly navigation experience

+ Engaging in two-way conversations is straightforward and yields effective results

+ Setting up an account and sending initial texts is remarkably simple
– There are no discounts available for sending a higher volume of messages

Salesmsg is a versatile text messaging platform created to improve business communication and engagement. It provides diverse features and tools that empower businesses to send and manage text messages efficiently.

Salesmsg enables businesses to effortlessly send SMS messages in bulk to their contacts, making it a perfect solution for marketing campaigns, notifications, and customer engagement.

The platform supports two-way messaging, facilitating recipient responses and interactive communication for seamless engagement.

Salesmsg excels in catering to teams by providing robust collaboration tools. With its collaboration features, team members can seamlessly manage conversations, ensuring timely message responses. This fosters enhanced efficiency and elevates the overall customer service experience.

Salesmsg simplifies its user interface with four intuitive tabs, providing easy access to all the necessary features without navigating through unnecessary clutter.

In addition to facilitating seamless customer collaboration, Salesmsg includes a built-in team feature within the user interface. This allows team members to communicate with each other, promoting effective internal communication alongside customer messaging.

13. Twilio

SMS marketing software

+ The pricing structure is highly scalable for large enterprises without the need for lengthy contracts

+ Responsive customer service team

+ The SMS APIs are versatile, allowing you to create virtually programmed text messaging with flexibility
– The user interface can be somewhat cumbersome to navigate

Twilio, a powerful cloud communications platform, empowers businesses to communicate with their customers through various APIs and services.

With a robust suite of tools and capabilities, Twilio facilitates seamless sending and receiving of SMS messages, placing phone calls, and integrating multiple communication channels into applications and systems.

Twilio enables businesses to effortlessly incorporate and personalize various communication features like SMS alerts, two-factor authentication, voice calls, video calls, and chat functionality. The platform supports multiple programming languages and frameworks, empowering developers to integrate Twilio’s capabilities seamlessly into their applications.

Twilio’s scalable infrastructure guarantees dependable message delivery and top-notch voice and video communication. Additionally, it offers analytics and reporting functionalities that enable businesses to gather valuable insights into their communication activities and optimize their messaging strategies.

Twilio is the top choice for large enterprises and development teams because of its extensive range of advanced features.

14. SlickText

SMS marketing software

+ REST API is both unique and user-friendly, simplifying the process of creating a customized workflow

+ The personalized 1-on-1 account setup is incredibly beneficial

+ The customer support provided is outstanding
– Doesn’t have a mobile app

SlickText is a flexible platform for text messaging created to enhance business communication and engagement.

SlickText also offers automation capabilities that streamline messaging workflows. Businesses can automate drip campaigns, schedule messages in advance, and segment their audience based on specific criteria. This automation feature saves time and ensures timely and personalized communication with customers.

Additionally, SlickText provides integration capabilities with well-known applications and platforms like Zapier, enabling businesses to connect and synchronize their messaging efforts with other tools and workflows.

SlickText offers a wide range of integrations and a comprehensive REST API that allows businesses to create and customize solutions that best fit their unique needs.

15. Textedly

SMS marketing software

+ The interface is exceptionally user-friendly and straightforward to navigate

+ The detailed analytics provided enable us to assess the success of each campaign and measure overall performance throughout the year

+ The customer service is outstanding, delivering excellent and timely support
– The process of uploading a large contact list from a CSV file can become tedious and time-consuming

Textedly provides businesses with advanced functionalities like link tracking, enabling them to monitor campaign performance and click-through rates.

Additionally, the platform offers seamless integrations with popular applications and platforms, enhancing business flexibility and productivity.

Textedly empowers businesses to reach their audience with impactful SMS messaging, delivering personalized content, and optimizing communication strategies for enhanced engagement and results.

The platform offers intuitive features such as SMS automation, shortcode links, and the ability to send coupons and special promotional discounts.

Textedly also offers services that enable business owners to invite customers to review their services, fostering positive word-of-mouth and customer loyalty.

Additionally, businesses can create customer loyalty programs as a token of appreciation for their customers’ support. The best part is that Textedly offers a 14-day trial with no required credit card, allowing businesses to explore its features and benefits risk-free.

16. Postscript

SMS marketing software

+ Automated and personalized messaging

+ Provides tools for building opt-in lists

+ Seamless Shopify integration
– Businesses that do not utilize Shopify may find Postscript to be less compatible

Postscript is a top-tier text message marketing application explicitly tailored for Shopify stores. It offers seamless integration exclusively with Shopify, ensuring a deep and comprehensive connection with the platform.

Postscript boasts many impressive features, including the ability to generate custom coupons, in-depth analytics based on measurable outcomes, and the capability to segment customers and orders individually. These features enable businesses to deliver personalized and targeted text message campaigns to their Shopify customers.

By leveraging the powerful integration and features of Postscript, Shopify store owners can optimize their marketing efforts, drive customer engagement, and achieve tangible results.

You can bring your existing list into Postscript by manually importing it. Alternatively, you can expand your list by utilizing various methods, such as pop-ups, keywords, opt-in forms, QR codes, or checkout collections.

Postscript provides a generous 30-day free trial, granting unlimited messaging capabilities and two keywords to get started.

Their pricing plans are based on the number of monthly messages you send. As your monthly message volume increases, the cost per message decreases, ensuring cost efficiency. The entry-level plan begins at $25 monthly, allowing for 2500 monthly messages.

SMS Marketing Software: Challenges

Here are the challenges with SMS marketing software:

  • In the realm of SMS marketing tools, businesses must prioritize obtaining customer permission to ensure continued communication via text messages. This safeguards customer data and privacy and demonstrates a commitment to ethical and responsible marketing practices.
  • Businesses should exclusively contact customers who have actively opted to be on their contact list. Typically, subscribers opt-in to receive SMS promotions by filling out a form on the business’s website or texting a specific keyword to the business phone number. It is essential to note that text message marketing campaigns should only be sent to individuals who have voluntarily opted in and not to random recipients.
  • While complying with opt-in regulations is straightforward, companies should also prioritize providing clear instructions on how customers can opt out of SMS updates. It is crucial to ensure that customers have a simple and accessible method to unsubscribe from receiving further SMS communications.
  • The conventional character limit for an SMS message is 160 characters. Nowadays, many phones automatically reconstruct and merge messages exceeding 160 characters, ensuring the delivery of a unified text. However, it’s important to note that the sender may be charged for two messages instead of one when the message extends beyond the 160-character limit.

SMS Marketing Software: Alternatives

Here are the alternatives to SMS marketing software:

  • Push notification software offers an alternative approach to delivering messages directly to customers’ devices. This software aids businesses in sending alerts, updates, and promotional messages through mobile applications or web browsers. Push notifications often include a specific call-to-action, but it’s important to note that they do not support two-way communication between the business and the customer.
  • Certain SMS marketing solutions function as cloud communication platforms, which developers utilize to link a business’ applications to the phone’s SMS, voice, and verification features through APIs. This allows developers to customize the interaction between the application and SMS and communication features. Businesses may adopt cloud communication platforms to integrate SMS functionalities into their products.
  • Certain email marketing software solutions encompass features for SMS marketing as well. Both email and SMS are popular marketing channels for engaging with customers and delivering promotional messages. While email marketing is ideal for conveying longer messages, SMS campaigns facilitate concise and rapid communication, often exhibiting higher open and success rates than email.
  • Proactive notification software assists organizations in disseminating important messages and alerts to customers through various channels, including email, SMS, and voice. These tools communicate pertinent information regarding upcoming activities or actions, such as appointment reminders, payment deadlines, personalized promotions, or emergency broadcasts.

Who Uses SMS Marketing Software

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People that use SMS marketing software:

  • SMS communication has become a potent resource for salespeople to connect with their prospects and actively cultivate leads.
  • Marketing teams employ text message campaigns for many objectives, including providing discounts, gathering feedback, and fostering the development of leads.
  • SMS marketing is progressively becoming a prevalent solution for customer support teams. Business texting features are supported by customer service products like conversational support software and help desk software, providing enhanced capabilities for customer service interactions.

SMS Marketing Software: Benefits

Here are the benefits of SMS marketing software:

  • SMS holds significant value as a communication channel for businesses of all sizes, enabling marketers, sales professionals, and customer service agents to promptly and directly connect with customers through concise and personalized messages.
  • SMS marketing presents a cost-effective and impactful approach to enhance brand visibility. It is a versatile medium to send diverse marketing messages that remind consumers about a brand and motivate them to make repeat purchases.
  • SMS text marketing is frequently affordable and straightforward for businesses to engage with consumers. The costs can be as low as $20 monthly; even free SMS marketing options are available.
  • Text message marketing campaigns demonstrate remarkable success rates due to their exceptionally high open rates compared to email marketing. Additionally, they surpass emails in crucial engagement metrics, including click-through and conversion rates.
  • One of the significant advantages of SMS marketing is its ability to enable private, two-way messaging between a brand and its customers. This feature simplifies the process for customers to reach out to the business with inquiries or feedback, fostering seamless communication.
  • Customers have a straightforward process to opt in and out of SMS marketing messages compared to email marketing. The opt-out feature provides an effortless way for customers to promptly unsubscribe if they no longer wish to receive communications from the business.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On SMS Marketing Software

1. What is SMS marketing software?

SMS marketing software empowers businesses to engage with customers through mobile text messaging. This specialized tool enables users to effortlessly create and manage mobile SMS message campaigns, monitor customer responses, and evaluate the efficacy of various marketing strategies.

2. How do I create an SMS marketing?

To establish an SMS marketing campaign, assemble a list of opt-in subscribers. Craft a comprehensive strategy encompassing the entire customer journey. Tailor your content to deliver personalized messages. Optimize your campaigns for optimal performance. Finally, measure and report on the effectiveness of your program.

3. Is SMS marketing legal in the USA?

SMS marketing is lawful when you adhere to and abide by the applicable text marketing laws. It’s crucial to recognize that specific laws regulate marketing to consumers in the United States. Failing to comply with these regulations can result in penalties or legal actions that may detrimentally impact your brand.


SMS marketing software is a specialized tool designed to facilitate and enhance the process of conducting marketing campaigns through text messages. It encompasses essential functionalities like contact management, message customization, scheduling, automation, analytics, and integration options. By leveraging these features, businesses can effectively engage their audience in a personalized and prompt manner, optimizing time and resources.

By harnessing the power of automation, SMS marketing software empowers businesses to streamline their marketing campaigns and achieve enhanced outcomes.

Additionally, the software’s analytics and reporting features offer valuable insights and metrics, enabling businesses to gauge the performance of their SMS campaigns effectively.

I hope today’s article on SMS marketing software sounds helpful!

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