Success is not final and failure is not fatal

Winston Churchill

What if we told you that failure is a huge part of the creative process. In fact, it’s probably the most important part.

If you’re not failing every now and then, you’re not taking enough risks to build a successful business.

Some people don’t want to be associated with failure, but this is a mistaken idea.

The Hustle Story team has taken an initiative in bringing forward the failure of successful entrepreneurs.

They did not become what they are today overnight, there’s always a story behind, a story of failure that no one knows. Our team will bring forward this story to help young and new entrepreneurs realise that it’s okay to fail.

If you think you have seen failures in your life and business that would inspire others, then submit your failure story below. We will make your story into a failure resume that you can share within your circle.

“Failure is not a single event, it’s a process. It’s about the journey you take. When you fall in love with the process of failing, then it stops being scary. You realise it’s not a place you want to stay and it forces you to take action.”

How does a Failure resume look like?

Well, we have made a cool sample for you to see how your failure resume would look like.

Failure Resume
Failure Resume 2

Please note that failure resume’s can differ depending on the type of experiences and failures. This is just a sample of what it can look like.