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The 20 Best Kickstarter Products You’ll Find On The Platform

Elena Hudgens
By Elena Hudgens 19 Min Read

Have you ever had an idea that would change the world or even go as far as to start something from scratch? It might be starting your own game company, publishing a book, creating a board game – anything. The bottom line is that it costs some serious dough, and not everyone can do it without help. This past decade has seen many Kickstarter-funded projects take off, with some exceeding their wildest dreams of making millions of dollars in support on Kickstarter alone! 

In 2009, Kickstarter was the largest crowdfunding platform for creative funding projects. It’s made it possible for entrepreneurs to get off the ground and make their dreams come true – without being limited by severe dough. Today, more than 122,878 projects are completed on Kickstarter, which attracted over 12 million backers who raised $3 billion! Anyone can pitch an idea they think will be exciting or valuable to others – if people like what they see and support them, then so much great! Factors such as having fantastic products with appealing goals that are realistic about how many supporters a project has garnered play into whether or not someone gets funded through this website.

Here’s an overview of the 20 best Kickstarter products of all time:

1. Pebble Time Smartwatch

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With a record high of 78,471 backers and mounting interest for the Pebble Time campaign, this Kickstarter project was truly cutting-edge and has since gone down in history as the highest funded project on Kickstarter. The team created exciting product descriptions with strategic use of visual storytelling to entice potential customers from all over the world. The features of this watch included color display, voice control, water resistance, and seven-day battery life, which was quite a jackpot back then. 

Pebble was one of the first consumer smartwatches. It quickly broke all its funding goals and was eventually purchased by Fitbit.. They continue to garner a dedicated fan base due to their sleek design and ease of use.

The Pebble 2 and original Pebble are on the list of most funded Kickstarter campaigns and other best Kickstarter products. In 2016, however, it was announced that the company is no longer producing any products. With a crowded marketplace like this one from Apple and Samsung in which they have to compete for dominance within their field of competition- smartwatches -it seems as though there were impossible odds against them being able to succeed.

2. Coolest Cooler

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There are many ways to improve your old-fashioned container for keeping cold drinks cool this summer. That’s what the Coolest Cooler is designed to do: it will make you more incredible than ever and also blend smoothies or cocktail ingredients in under two minutes. It aims to be one of the most successful Kickstarter projects, with over $13 million raised from contributors worldwide who want a portable beach companion that can keep up with them even when they’re on vacation!

The so-called 21st-century cooler features built-in blenders, Bluetooth speakers, USB chargers (for smartphones), and runs off rechargeable batteries. It was the first-ever high-tech cooler among other best Kickstarter products.  

3. Exploding Kittens

You probably think that the game is about card games. You may also be wondering what a Kickstarter campaign is and how this has anything to do with exploding kittens. Exploding Kittens‘ creators created it to fund their project: they had no money whatsoever when they started! Their project took place on Kickstarter in 2015; at that time, it was the fastest-funded crowdfunding campaign of all time. The original edition is suitable for ages seven and up, but if you would like a more adult version, there’s one available too!

Today, the game’s creators, “exploding kittens,” are running a thriving company. The Kickstarter campaign that launched was one of the most successful in history and one of the fastest-funded products compared to other best Kickstarter products. It was all because social media helped spread its message, and clear descriptions made this project more appealing than others on crowdfunding sites.

4. Baubax Travel Jacket

The 2015 Kickstarter campaign for Baubax’s travel jacket was the most funded project in its history, raising 9 million dollars. The success of this well-thought-out and executed campaign relied on solid social media strategy, good videos, and images, as well as enticing discounts. Not only is this jacket beautiful and stylish, but it has several unique features, such as a phone charging pocket that can hold your cell phone or tablet! This innovative design allows you to carry any digital device easily anywhere you go quickly! It was created by Baubax, which also offers other excellent plans for all kinds of travelers like hikers.

5. OUYA-Video Game Console

The OUYA console was an ambitious project. It offered developers a chance to work on their game without being confined by the mobile market, and it also strived for freedom in its programming. The community seemed to be interested in this product – so much that they raised 8 million dollars, far surpassing their goal of 950 thousand dollars set out early on during development. However, after some success with the hardware and software sales of OUYA consoles became questionable over time when one prominent entrepreneur came along who had more money than anyone else could imagine: Razer Inc. 

OUYA’s short-lived success followed by retirement from the gaming market due to disappointing sales is not surprising considering how quickly a lot can change around here! 

6. Travel Tripod By Peak Design

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The Travel Tripod, another top Kickstarter project, was launched in July 2019 and raised $12.1 million from 27,168 backers. This portable full-featured tripod is half the size of other tripods. It features a sleek design made of lightweight carbon fiber – unlike most bulky tripods, heavy feature designs are meant for people to carry around with them everywhere they go. These features made this Tripod a successful product like many other best Kickstarter products. The campaign killed it with creative product descriptions, visual storytelling through videos and images, and promises to their backers that led up to a discounted price.

The forward-thinking design proved successful on Kickstarter and beyond.

7. Fidget Cube: A Vinyl Desk Toy

Fidget spinners were created before they took off. It is a handy little device with many buttons for clicking and help with focus. Their original goal was $15,000, and they ended up with a whopping 155,000 backers and $6 million in funds – no wonder this campaign became one of the top Kickstarter projects ever! Creative videos incorporating animated GIFs or images are marketing gold-you may even consider creating one yourself if you want your campaign to succeed as theirs did!

8. The Wyrmwood Modular Gaming Table 

One of the most recent entries in this list is a modular table explicitly made for tabletop gamers. It not only managed to raise $7.808136 times more than its original $1 million goals ($777,813) but also managed to get a majority of backers around the world to contribute their support and make it happen! It can transform from a traditional four-person coffee table into full dining-room furniture. In addition to being removable to find an ideal gaming surface (even without any accessories) – with many people contributing because they think it’s too cool – it is clear that this exciting product captured enough attention at an affordable price point. The young company began shipping units out earlier this year; early indications show how things will shake out for them now that so many have backed their project.

9. The 3Doodler: A Creative 3D Printer

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3D printing has been an exciting innovation for the last few years. The technology can be pretty expensive, which is why 3Doodler was such a terrific product. With this pen-shaped device, people could experience 3D printing in their own homes at affordable prices and with ease! It has easy-to-use features that allowed thousands of supporters to back its campaign on Kickstarter, raising over 2 million dollars – reaching more than 26 thousand backers and coming into the list of best Kickstarter products! You can even download stencils, so you’ll have a more fantastic design selection as well.

10. Kingdom Death Monster 1.5

Launched in November 2016, this Kickstarter project raised $12.4 million from 19,264 backers and is expected to sell out soon on their website. The game involves players creating characters, crafting weapons/gear, building civilizations, and fighting monsters. After going live on Kickstarter, the company raised $1 million in the first 19 minutes!

Kingdom Death has since surpassed it in comparison with a board game based on “Dark Souls,” which had initially held the title for the most funded board game of all time compared to other best Kickstarter products. Monster 1.5’s recent success raised over 1 million dollars in just 19 minutes from when it went live on Kickstarter.

11. Critical Role: The Legend Of Vox Machina Animated Special

Critical Role raised $11.4 million, which is impressive! After going live on Kickstarter, the campaign was completed in just 24 hours, with a total of 4.7 million raised by revealing their fully animated show and its stunning visuals to be picked up by Amazon for Season 2! A lot went into this project, from great visual appeal, exciting product descriptions, and good backer rewards critical to success.

12. Pono Music Player

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Pono Music, a project that aims to provide the best possible digital music listening experience, was created with renowned musician Neil Young. It had an ambitious start-with a mere $800k funding goal-but ended up earning over 6 million dollars like the other best Kickstarter products. Pono became proof that crowdfunding can yield tangible results and be successful even for innovative products at relatively humble beginnings like theirs! It shows us how we should all consider starting our campaigns now if we have something unique to offer people in need or want a product development company working on our ideas so they can bring them to fruition for profit -whether this is your idea or not!

13. The Everyday Backpack


This versatile and sleek backpack was designed by photographers who felt that they could not keep all their types of equipment in the ordinary bag. The campaign’s original goal is $500,000, but they ended up with 26,000 backers and 66572 before packing up and going home. To do this, they used several zippered pockets and waterproof pouches so you can put anything you need inside. They also have versatile handles and anti-theft straps. The campaign’s visuals are excellent, with compelling storytelling that includes engaging videos and creative product descriptions! 

14. Zungle: Wear The Beats

ZUNGLE sunglasses are stylish and also have bone conduction speakers built-in. The glasses transfer vibrations to the wearer’s skull, translating as sound waves in their ear. They’re Bluetooth-enabled for music or phone calls. They raised $1.9 million on Kickstarter because of the innovative design! The unique features of this product made it land on the list of best Kickstarter products. A team developed ZUNGLE at MIT Media Lab to solve problems associated with wearing headphones. At the same time, you run, bike ride, etc., but also wanted something that looked cool and didn’t look like it would fall off during your outdoor activities.

15. The Back to Roots Water Garden

The Back to Roots Water Garden is a self-sustaining ecosystem. It’s perfect for owners of pets who don’t like cleaning up after their animals – the fishbowl at the bottom contains the betta fish, while on top grows edible plants that clean up and feed themselves. All you have to do is look after your pet, and they will give you flourishing food sources that are ready for consumption whenever you need them! The project raised $200,000 in 2012 when it was called “Home Aquaponics Kit.”.

16. Good and Cheap Cookbook

When it comes to mealtime, you always have to choose between eating healthy or cheaply. But what if there was a way to make the most of your grocery trip while still having delicious food? That is precisely what Leanne Brown did! Her helpful book The Good and Cheap shares recipes that only cost about $4-and beyond to make. You’ll never have to settle for BurgerKing again! This campaign has been wildly successful on Kickstarter, with its goal of $10,000 reached in just 36 hours. For every purchase, the company donates money towards someone in need through their free PDF version, or else they are bestowed upon purchase of each hard copy.

17. Amabrush: World’s First Automatic Toothbrush

Amabrush was the first toothbrush to claim it cleans teeth in 10 seconds, but it’s unusual design and mouthpiece- a bristled handle that attaches onto the brush’s head – received a lot of attention. Like other best Kickstarter products, Amabrush successfully raised more than $3 million and became one of their most favorite projects ever. The project has been so successful because they could provide an innovative product at such a low cost while maintaining quality standards.

18. PyroPet Candles

Carved candles are a cute decoration, but they don’t last long. When you use them for their actual purpose of burning, the candle often melts into a melted mess that no longer looks like anything at all. People shy away from using essential candles because they fear being left with an ugly melted blob that was initially beautifully shaped by your favorite animal or pet design. PyroPet encourages people to use PyroPet candles as part of this project after the candle burns down. An exciting metal skeleton (a creepy but cool one) is left behind instead! The campaign doubled its $40,000 goal in 2013, thanks mainly to Kickstarter contributions.


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We’re all familiar with the “look, feel, and satisfaction” from an original typewriter. But it’s a different experience when you have access to your tablet. Qwerkywriter is like a typewriter that connects wirelessly to your computer, tablet, or laptop without requiring wires, giving you one of the most delightful typing experiences ever imagined! With nearly $130,000 raised in 2014 on Kickstarter alone for this project – talk about success!

Because it is super helpful and multifunctional, this typewriter lands on the list of best Kickstarter products.

20. EufyCam: The Wirefree Security Cam

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We want peace of mind when we invest in home security. The EverCam eufyCam offers a year-long battery charge, wireless technology, and facial recognition for your safety. It raised $3 million in its Kickstarter campaign, making it one of the most popular products to be launched on Kickstarter. With this new device, you can monitor what’s happening around your house while taking care of other things at the same time – no need for an extra person or camera! 


With the success stories of so many Kickstarter projects, it’s clear that this platform has leveled the playing field for entrepreneurs from all walks of life. The Hustle Story provides details about launching a successful project on Kickstarter and what products are available within its ecosystem. With over $2 billion raised by people just like you in 2018 alone, there is no better time than now to get your idea off the ground and onto your customers’ screens!

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