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The Best Apps for Entrepreneurs: The Ultimate List

Elena Hudgens
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Business is not subjected to a particular sector or field, it’s universal. No matter what is the occasion or official purpose, there has to some business involved in it.

If we compare the 90’s time with today’s evolved era, we’ll find out the enormous differences in technology and business matters.

With these developments in society, numerous new business ideas, and strategies have been originated. Several new ways of producing goods and services have been designed to make a profit.

With time, all commercial, industrial and professional businesses have evolved to a maybe prime version to provide the best to their customers.

This has created a feeling of competition among the new-emerging entrepreneurs and experiences class of entrepreneurs.

Just like the online teaching platforms, there are wide best apps for entrepreneurs and technology which can make an efficient and successful entrepreneur out of you.

Now you don’t have to worry about your business and its growing fluctuations anymore.

There are numerous apps for entrepreneurs to help them with everything related to their businesses. It can be related to payments, business tricks, business strategies, etc.

As an entrepreneur, it’s very common to think about the possibility of risks hampering your business.

To deter the issues like these, productive and quality best apps for entrepreneurs have been invented to make your life easier. To know about entrepreneurship more, read this.

What do you mean by the term Entrepreneur?

An Entrepreneur is an individual who develops a strategy for creating a new and efficient business, by keeping the risk and profit measure on the self-side.

He/she is an innovator who regularly explores new ideas and strategies to create a successful business. To have a more clear understanding, click here.

There can be some apps with similar functions but most of them offer different services. For securing your business strategies on a success side, it’s necessary to work out your business with the help of these apps.

Whatever business you have, it doesn’t matter. What matters is your consistent efforts to make your business successful.

Here is the list of 6 Best Apps for Entrepreneurs:

1. Audible

Audible is a company owned by Amazon, that provides the world’s largest collection of loved classics, business and professional podcasts, newly released stuff, etc.

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Berlin, Germany – November 04: In this photo illustration the logo of Amazon Audible is displayed on a smartphone on November 04, 2019 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo Illustration by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images)

Audible is one of the best apps for entrepreneurs in 2021. This platform was launched in 1995.

The content available at Audible is very much downloadable only if you own its membership. Now, when we talk about business, we generally relate it to profit-making straight away.

But, there is one mandatory requirement for creating a successful business and this is ideas and strategies.

Do you know? How the start-ups turned out into a massive success business in such a definite and short time.

With ideas and proper strategies, the successful business managed to attract consumers towards their products and services.

Audible is a platform where an entrepreneur can find amazing ideas and knowledge. Reading increases our knowledge, and listening helps us to receive the knowledge at an accurate rate.

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Benefits of Audible:

  • It provides the easiest way of gaining knowledge by listening to any book of your desire.
  • Without having an actual reading, you can know what is written inside of it.
  • When you are out for travel, audible is the best companion.
  • As an Entrepreneur, it’s not always easy to read but with the special features of Audible, you can listen to books without turning the pages.

2. LinkedIn

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The Best Apps for Entrepreneurs: The Ultimate List 12

LinkedIn is a US-based business and employment-oriented online service that handles its operations through websites and mobile applications. This platform was launched on May 5, 2003.

 LinkedIn offers a professional network where people from different job sectors can communicate with each other for the employment and career development aspects.

This platform was developed to ease the employment process for both appliers and recruiters. It provides an opportunity for job seekers to apply for jobs by posting their CVs.

According to a report, till September 2021, 774+ million users from 200 countries have registered on LinkedIn.

So, if you are an entrepreneur then LinkedIn is the most suitable and effective platform for you to proliferate the development of your business.

You can write and post about your business and help people out by answering their queries.

Benefits of LinkedIn:

  • It provides a platform for both workers and employers to connect in an online social network.
  • It helps people in learning the new trends in any sector while staying at home or office.
  • It also offers features like posting photos and videos, writing blogs, publishing a job posting or applying for a job, creating and joining groups, etc.
  • It is widely used by job seekers and employers due to its reliability and quality interface factor.
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The Best Apps for Entrepreneurs: The Ultimate List 13

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google. It offers statistics and basic analytical tools for purposes like SEO and marketing.

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The Best Apps for Entrepreneurs: The Ultimate List 14

Moreover, Google Analytics is an integral part of the Google Marketing Platform and is free for google account holders.

As an entrepreneur, Google Analytics will help you in tracking website performance and also collecting visitor insights.

The basic meaning of Google Analytics is that it stores the information about user traffic, success rates of business marketing activities, tracking other projects and goals, etc.

It was launched on November 14, 2005.

Following are some special features of Google Analytics:

  • It visualizes the data and monitoring tools.
  • It includes data collection application program.
  • Responsible for displaying custom reports for advertising and other official purposes.
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The Best Apps for Entrepreneurs: The Ultimate List 15

Benefits of Google Analytics:

  • Google Analytics provides data visualization that will help you out as an entrepreneur in your business aspects.
  • It includes goals set up features, which can help you in planning your strategies accordingly.
  • Google Analytics helps in measuring the success level of SEO operations.
  • It also helps in measuring the new visitors on your website or app.

4. Dropbox: Cloud Storage to Backup, Sync, File Share

Dropbox is a file hosting service and is controlled and operated by a US-based company named, Dropbox, Inc., which is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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The Best Apps for Entrepreneurs: The Ultimate List 16

Following are the features offered by Dropbox:

  1. Cloud Storage
  2. File Synchronization
  3. Personal cloud
  4. Client software

It was founded by two MIT students Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi and got its first funding from seed accelerator Y Combinator.

As an entrepreneur, Dropbox offers you many features that are essential for your business to run smoothly and without any alterations.

Dropbox is a go-to cloud-based provider for Business Storage, File Sharing, and other collaborations. It has its concern on all the matters that are related to the business aspects.

Benefits of Dropbox are:

  1. Storage
  2. Regular automatic Backups
  3. Efficient Sharing and Collaboration
  4. Strong security

5. Upwork

Upwork is an American Entrepreneurial platform. Earlier it was known as Elance-oDesk, in 2015 the company was amended and changed its official name to Upwork.

As of 2021, it is officially known as Upwork Global Inc. and has over 12 million freelancers registered with it.

Upwork is classified as one of the best apps for entrepreneurs. It provides many new business opportunities for the entrepreneurs with the additional advantage of generating traffic for their other trading aspects.

It provides clients to interview, recruit and function with entrepreneurs through companies medium.

On Upwork, the clients post the jobs for which they require any freelancer to apply. The contract is established on a pay-per-project contract.

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The Best Apps for Entrepreneurs: The Ultimate List 17

Benefits of Upwork:

  1. Easy interaction between clients and the freelancers
  2. Numerous business opportunities
  3. International job prospects
  4. High-income chances
  5. Employment opportunities

6. Zoom

Zoom Cloud Meetings, also known as Zoom is classified as a video teleconferencing software program. It is developed by Zoom Video Communications.

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The Best Apps for Entrepreneurs: The Ultimate List 18

This Video Conferencing Software allows 100 concurrent participants along with a 40 minute time restriction. It also has an upgrading option that is paid.

The Zoom video conferencing software is one of the reliable and best apps for entrepreneurs due to its ultimate features and promising interface.

It has been the primary choice of top businessmen and entrepreneurs.

The Zoom Video Conferencing platform is one of the best apps for entrepreneurs as it offers comfortability to the users for handling their meetings.

It is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome, etc.

Its highest supportable limit extends up to the inclusion of 1,000 participants for a particular meeting that can last up to 30 hours.

During the COVID-19 pandemic phase, the demand for Zoom increased for work from home and remote education.

To entrepreneurs, Zoom has been brilliant support for its anytime, anywhere credibility and usability.

It was rated as the 5th most downloaded mobile app worldwide in 2020 with 477 million downloads all over the world.

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The Best Apps for Entrepreneurs: The Ultimate List 19

Benefits of Zoom:

  1. Secure platform
  2. Anytime, anywhere usability feature
  3. Quality interface
  4. User-friendly
  5. Quality features

Usually, planning gives us an upper hand but planning with good support makes us win. Above stated apps will definitely help you as an entrepreneur if your vision is clear and practical.

If you are an entrepreneur or want to become an entrepreneur, then you should read this.

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