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The Best Clean Energy Startups That Could Change The World

Elena Hudgens
By Elena Hudgens 20 Min Read

Clean energy has become an important topic these days. Climate change is wreaking havoc on the planet and we need to do something about it. Luckily, many startups are working hard to change the world and create a clean energy future for us all. 

This article will introduce you to some of the most exciting startups shaking up the renewable energy sector by transforming our reliance on fossil fuels. You’ll find out about some of the coolest projects they’ve been working on as well as what innovations they have planned. Whether you’re looking for a career in clean energy or just want to know where things are headed, read on! Learn More.

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Section 1: What Is Clean Energy?

Clean energy is a type of energy that does not release any pollutants into the air. It is a very important distinction from green energy, which is a natural form of power. They are often spoken about as being the same, but there is a subtle difference between the two.

You can do your part to help clean the air by switching to clean energy! It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for natural sources or not, you’ll be getting cleaner air and a cleaner conscience.

Clean energy is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly power source. Renewable resources will never run out, unlike fossil fuels and gas, and include wind and solar power.

When most people think of “green energy,” they think of renewable resources like wind and solar power. But what about renewable resources like hydropower? It’s a renewable resource, but some would argue that it’s not green, since the deforestation and industrialization related to the building of hydro dams can damage the environment.

When it comes to clean energy, you should never settle for anything less than the best. Luckily, at Green Energy Partners, we’ve got an impeccable mix of renewable energy sources that work seamlessly with one another.

Section 2: How Does The Clean Energy Work?

Clean energy is a powerful tool in the fight against climate change through clean energy startups. The only emission from clean energy is water vapor, which contributes to the reduction and precipitation that brings fertilizing rain to plants (which we all need). 

Section 3: Why The Clean Energy Is Most Important?

Clean energy and clean energy startups preserve the world’s natural resources and reduce the risk of environmental disasters. It also ensures a safe future for our planet, as well as our future generations. Fuel diversification is a great way to ensure that we have reliable sources of power. With different energy sources and various forms of power, we can be sure that we’ll meet our demands.

Solar Panels

The Benefits

Clean energy provides several environmental and economic benefits. Not only does it reduce air pollution, but it also reduces dependence on imported fuels, which can have financial and environmental costs.

Renewable clean energy offers inherent cost savings, as there is no need to extract and transport fuels. With renewables, the resources replenish themselves naturally, creating a sustainable future that’s better for you and the environment.

A clean energy mix will create jobs and bring cleaner air to communities, as well as provide a stable energy source for the future.

Section 4: What Is The Use Of Clean Energy?

Clean energy is a lot more versatile than you might think. You can use it to power your home, cook your food, and even produce clean water for drinking.

Solar energy is a clean, sustainable form of power that can be used for heating and lighting buildings, generating electricity, heating water directly, cooling, and more. And solar panels allow for energy from the sun to be collected and turned into electricity. 

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Solar panels have been used for small tasks for a while now, but they’re starting to be put to use in a bigger way. Many people are starting to use solar energy for their smaller yard lights. However, clean energy has its drawbacks. Though this same technology can be scaled up to larger panels that are used to provide power for homes or other buildings, it’s not without pitfalls.

Did you know that water has some surprising uses? It’s a clean resource that is often used in hydroelectric power plants to create electricity. In addition, water is often used in municipal pipes to provide potable water for towns and cities.

Water running through pipes in nearly every household, the idea of harnessing this energy is a lot more realistic. Smaller and cheaper generators are coming out each day, allowing us to make this idea a reality.

Wind power has been used for centuries to do many different things, but now it’s being used much more often to produce electricity. It’s a fast-growing industry with a lot of potential for the future! You can now harness the power of the wind and use it to create electricity. If you’re looking for a new and reliable source of energy, then wind power is just what you need! Learn More.

Wind power is a renewable energy source that is becoming increasingly prevalent. Though the term usually refers to wind farms with large rotors, you can also harness wind power on a much smaller scale with turbines to produce electricity, and even use it for recharging mobile phones.

There are so many different types of clean energy sources, but these three are some of the most common. For instance, geothermal energy comes from hot water and steam beneath the Earth’s surface and biomass is an organic material that can be converted into heat and electricity.

Section 5: The Best Clean Energy Startups

The state of the world’s energy infrastructure is in a bit of a bind. The western world has been relying heavily on carbon-emitting fuel sources like oil and coal, but it’s caught up to us. Fortunately, there are renewable energy sources that can help us solve this problem!

Do you want to save the planet? Do you want to live in a world free from pollution? Of course, you do! The problem is that we need to stop polluting the earth and causing it to heat up. Luckily, we can with this great new invention. Learn More.

This list of 10 clean energy startups is here to show you the newest and brightest innovations in energy technology. Whether they’re making it more efficient, sustainable, or developing a new source, these innovators are deeply driven and smart.


Solstice is a company that provides clean, affordable energy to Americans by connecting solar panel owners to small communities. With this program, Solstice works to close the gap between what could be and what happens!

Solstice is the first solar company to create and develop solar infrastructures that will provide communities with healthy, renewable energy. We do this by building these infrastructures on a larger scale so that not only one single house has access but many households can too!

Solstice is a bold company that is looking to change the way Americans get the energy to establish a new energy source in interested communities. An integral part of their organization is advocacy and policy to help with the process.


The world of wind turbines is a little dicey – but it’s a necessary piece of the puzzle. Construction and manufacturing can be a significant energy investment, but it’s worth it because these turbines have so many benefits to offer!

KPS is a revolutionary new technology that is harnessing kites to generate energy like never before. With KPS, you can enjoy energy at a lower cost than wind turbine energy, and with 85% less material! Learn More.


Elfruson is making home solar panels more affordable and accessible for individual households. With India’s entirely different climate makeup, it’s only natural that their homes are fitted with panels. They’re paving their own way to a better future by taking control of their country’s climate conditions.


LanzaTech is committed to lowering carbon emissions and creating a new fuel source. By converting CO2 emissions into reusable energy, they’re helping to not only reduce CO2 levels but also create a more circular energy model.


They call their technology “brewing” which is a great analogy because brewing requires care, patience, and precision.

LanzaTech has developed a revolutionary way to recycle carbon emissions into fuels and chemicals. It’s like retrofitting a brewery onto an emission source, but instead of beer, the bacteria converts the pollution into clean-burning fuels and chemicals! The future is brighter than ever. With LanzaTech technology, we can power planes with recycled emissions and turn old pollution into new yoga pants.


Meet AeroShield, a MassChallenge finalist that’s looking to better optimize something seemingly very simple: windows. Windows play a crucial role in maintaining interior temperatures and AeroShield is looking to make them more efficient than ever before. Learn More.


The AeroShield material made by MIT is so lightweight and easy to handle that it’s even easier to use than glass. It’s also superior in all categories, so you don’t have to worry about your safety.


GMP is a certified B-corp, a certification for positive social and environmental performance. They are a Vermont-based company that is working hard to create a radically different energy system based on locally produced wind and solar power.


It’s clear to see that GMP is working towards creating more sustainable and efficient energy sources for communities. Whether it be by wind or solar, they’re working with interested communities to create an infrastructure where resources from the region power their energy.


Freight Farms is a company that makes a new “generation of container farming.” This means that food can be grown in any climate. They’re going to change the way we grow food, and you can help!

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Freight Farms is a MassChallenge graduate who is doing incredible things in the food industry. The company strives to cut down significantly on shipping costs and energy use, while also boosting the cultivation of fresh, local produce all year long.

Their Main Mission:

Plant-based is the future of food, and it’s already here. Buying local produce is better for your health, better for our environment, and can be more affordable than you think!

Freight Farms is a technology company that is helping to bring people closer to their food sources. The result is local, year-round production featuring fresh, sustainably grown, and flavorful greens.



American Wind is a startup that is looking for smart, sustainable ways for people to get off the largely oil-based grid. Their micro wind turbines are a complete thought change in the wind turbine industry and a power to the people!


CleanChoice Energy is sending out letters to residents in your area. It’s not just junk mail! CleanChoice Energy is a company that works with your current utility provider to offer you, the customer, the option to get your energy from cleaner sources of wind and solar power. There’s no hassle of a home visit or installation.


CleanChoice Energy knows that the transition to renewable energy won’t happen overnight, so they’re working hard to bridge the gap for those interested in it.


Constructis is a startup that will capture the energy from cars and convert it into reusable power. They’re working to give you the best experience on the road, so don’t hesitate to learn more today!


The REX Power Modules are a new invention that can capture the energy created by vehicles to generate power for themselves. It’s like riding on the road and getting paid to do it!

Section 6: The Future Of Clean Energy

This is a new era for our planet, and the future of clean energy looks bright. In recent years, renewable sources have been installed more than new fossil fuel and nuclear capacity combined. And on Wednesday 10 June 2020, the UK was powered purely by clean energy for the first time ever.

As the world population continues to grow, there is an ever-increasing demand for energy and renewable sources are the answer to providing sustainable energy solutions.

The take-up of clean energy is happening at all levels, from states to cities. In the United States, 29 states have set renewable energy portfolios to mandate that a certain percentage of energy consumed should come from clean energy sources. Over 100 cities around the world now use at least 70% clean energy. More cities are driving towards becoming 100% renewable, and corporations are playing a big part in this progress.

All the more reason to make your clean energy startups sustainable today! With the future of energy looking more and more renewable, it makes sense that we’ll see a decrease in the price of our energy as well.

Section 7:How Can This Change Your Life?

The clean energy startups may seem daunting, but it can be a powerful force for change. It provides affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy which can help to mitigate climate change, alleviate poverty, fight hunger, increase access to healthcare and education, and protect land and water.

The positive contributions that renewable energy companies are already making to the SDGs can be found in numerous examples throughout this atlas. For example, in East Africa, manufacturers and developers are partnering to source and install solar arrays locally while stimulating regional economic development and creating jobs.

Section 8:The Need For Affordable Solar

A new study led by Stanford engineers has found that stacking perovskites onto a conventional silicon solar cell dramatically improves the overall efficiency of the cell.

The new solar cell solves two different problems at once. It produces energy efficiently, and it’s made of earth-abundant elements.

With the help of silicon, we’ve been looking for ways to improve solar panel efficiency and lower cost. With power conversion efficiency at 25% for 15 years, photovoltaic cells are dominating the world market.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to improve efficiency in your clean energy startups. One easy way is by building a tandem device that utilizes silicon and another low-cost photovoltaic material.

“Making low-cost solar cells is very desirable,” McGehee said. “You simply put one cell on top of the other, and you get more efficiency than either could do by itself. From a commercial standpoint, it makes a lot of sense to use silicon for the bottom cell. Until recently, we didn’t have good material for the top.

With a 3.8% efficiency rating in 2009, perovskites have changed the way we think about solar cells. They’re inexpensive and easy to produce in the lab, and since then they’ve been able to reach efficiencies that rival commercially available silicon solar cells.

“You don’t need a factory to build a solar cell,” said graduate student Colin Bailie, co-lead author of the study. “With tandem solar cells, you can start with a silicon module and add a layer of perovskite at relatively low cost.”

Section 9: Conclusion

It’s time to take control of your future with clean energy sources. Clean energy startups that develop clean energy, which could reduce CO2 emissions by replacing fossil fuels in the power generation industry and transportation sector.

We’re all aware of the negative and irreversible externalities caused by conventional energy production, which is why it’s necessary to develop and promote renewable energy supply technologies.

If you want a cleaner, greener world, then you need to take a stand and demand renewable energy sources. You can start by using less energy yourself by lowering your consumption, and demanding that the government increase the generation of energy from clean energy sources.

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