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The Importance of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs in Our Society

Elena Hudgens
By Elena Hudgens 5 Min Read

Social entrepreneurs are people who start businesses with a purpose beyond profit. Their objectives are to solve social or environmental problems that would otherwise be ignored. Social entrepreneurship is about creating an organization that not only has a positive impact on society, but also makes money.


What is a social entrepreneur?

When we talk about social entrepreneurs, we’re talking about people who run organizations with the social or environmental benefit as the primary goal. For example, some of the world’s largest technology companies, such as Facebook and Google, were created by social entrepreneurs. “Although this includes companies as diverse as Google, Facebook and Apple, social entrepreneurship is more complex than the traditional concept of a for-profit business,” says Toby Hockenbury, Director of Social Enterprise at The Prince’s Trust. “A social enterprise has a clear and demonstrated impact on society, while also creating sustainable economic growth.

Why do social entrepreneurs make a difference?

Social entrepreneurship can be defined as an organization or person with a positive purpose who initiates a positive change in their communities. Social entrepreneurs share the power of creativity and innovation to bring about positive change to a social, economic, political, environmental, cultural, or physical condition, and their innovative ideas can bring about a radical change in an industry, a society, a government, or even society itself. The concept of a social entrepreneur is a relatively new one, and the career of one is not as widely known. In my experience working with organizations around the globe, I have realized that there are three main types of social entrepreneurs: those who focus on profit, those who focus on impact, and those who focus on both.

The benefits of being a social entrepreneur

Social entrepreneurship can help create a positive impact on communities. People and companies can look beyond making a profit in their business and start to become involved in something larger. The important thing is that your mission is well-aligned to your business and vision. Social entrepreneurship is an excellent way for a company to take on a global scope. There are a variety of businesses out there that are working to solve global problems. If your business has a global focus, you have the chance to help millions of people in the world. People may come across a business that says it’s a social enterprise but may not fully understand what this means. Generally speaking, a social enterprise is an enterprise that makes money.

The challenges of being a social entrepreneur

Social entrepreneurship is highly competitive. There are many social enterprises out there who are committed to advancing social and environmental causes. The problem is that most social entrepreneurs find it extremely challenging to find funding for their projects. And because social entrepreneurs often lack the necessary skills, the money is often hard to find. It’s important to remember that the best social enterprises are able to make a difference on a large scale, and to create wealth for their investors as well. The top social entrepreneurs can attract investor interest that might not otherwise be available for companies focused on providing such services.


Social entrepreneurship is vital to the success of a community. With the cost of living constantly on the rise, those who can pay the price, should. If not, then society will face increased crime, health and medical care issues, as well as a lack of adequate educational systems, investments in renewable energy, and an overall decrease in quality of life. Social entrepreneurship doesn’t only help the individuals who start businesses, it is also crucial for the environment. With environmental issues being overlooked, more harm will be caused than good. 

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