Investing In Cryptocurrencies

The Positives, Negatives, And Risks Of Investing In Cryptocurrencies

Khyati Hooda
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Technology has added efficiency and the latest conveniences to every life. Such conveniences are the modern digital traits that computer experts have applied, online coins commonly known as cryptocurrencies. 

Cryptocurrencies’ digital nature includes advantages that attract consumers and increase their popularity. It is digital money separately operating from a bank, and one can use it similar to cash worldwide.

In 2017, Japan declared Bitcoin the most famous cryptocurrency legal tender. Online services such as PayPal and Microsoft accept this currency payment.

It is very easy to be caught up in this crypto excitement and highly lucrative nature; it is vital to become familiar with how cryptocurrencies work and their pros, cons, and the risk of investing in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Prime App will help you.

Positives of Investing In Cryptocurrencies

1. No scam or fraud in crypto

  • No scam or fraud can take place in the investment of cryptocurrency
  • Compared to other payment methods such as credit cards, online banking, or payments through gift cards, crypto payments can never get declined.
  • Payments will reach the receiver within 1-2 seconds.
  • No manipulation will happen with this digital currency as it is safe, secured, and above all, digital.

2. Decentralized

  • One of the main positives of it is that cryptocurrencies are decentralized.
  • Many of them are controlled by developers and corporations for development before it is launched on the market.
  • Due to the decentralization, the monopoly of currency is free and in control.
  • Thus, no organization will determine its flow and the coin’s worth, which will keep it well secure and stable, unlike all fiat currencies under government control.

3. Inflation protection

  • Many currencies have been urged to decline in their value over time because of inflation.
  • During its launch, mostly each crypto got released with a quick and tough amount.
  • The ASCII computer files specify any coin’s quantity.
  • About 21 million Bitcoin was released, and because there is an increase in demand, its value will increase, which might be maintained with the market and stop inflation in the long run.

Negatives and risks of investing in cryptocurrencies

1. Illicit crypto transactions:

  • As the crypto transactions’ security and privacy are quite high, it is challenging for the government to track down users using their crypto wallet address or monitor their data.
  • Bitcoin has always been used as a payment mode during various illegal deals, such as buying drugs online.
  • Some people have also used it to convert their illegally acquired money to hide its source via some clean intermediary.

2. High loss risk:

  • No such ownership or authority on crypto is the self-risk.
  • No one can protect their digital asset from loss due to a technical error in their crypto wallet.
  • During a mishap, an investor cannot claim it to anyone. They cannot claim anything as no company controls it.
  • Unfortunately, if an investor faces any issue, he cannot report it to anyone.
  • When selecting a wallet, they need to ensure it has great reviews and can be trusted.
  • Also, investors need to be sure that they are well aware of the present crypto policies of the country before using them.

3. No cancellation or refund:

  • A sender cannot retrieve a coin in case of any dispute among concerned parties or if funds are sent mistakenly to some wrong crypto wallet address.
  • As there is no refund, one can get easily created for a crypto transaction whose service or product they have never received. Many people can use it to cheat others out of money.

4. Vulnerable to hacks:

  • Crypto is very secure, but exchanges are not.
  • Many cryptocurrency exchanges store all wallet data of their users for correctly figuring their user ID.
  • Often hackers steal such data and give access to many accounts.
  • After they get access, the hackers can transfer funds efficiently from the hacked accounts.
  • Few crypto exchanges such as Bitfinex have been hacked in the past years stealing Bitcoin in innumerable US dollars.
  • Nowadays, most crypto exchanges come with high security. However, the chance of a further hack is always there.


So cryptocurrency includes both positives and negatives. Be careful while investing in or trading with this digital currency. Before investing in crypto, remember all its positives, negatives, and risks. Do not ignore them as they are critical and major

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