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The Ultimate Guide to Business Process Management Tools

Elena Hudgens
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Business process management tools are essential for any business. They help you manage the complexities of your business, from budgeting and forecasting to scheduling and communication. But choosing the right tool can be difficult. That’s why we put together this definitive guide to business process management tools. We’ll tell you about the different types of devices, how they work, and what benefits they offer. We hope this guide will help you find the perfect tool for your business.

What are business process management tools?

Business process management tools are process management tools. That allows you to map out your everyday processes, identify and eliminate bottlenecks, and control your company’s costs. It helps ensure the effectiveness of people involved in these processes by providing efficiency. Your daily tasks are made easy with this software! Ultimus Adaptive BPM Software Suite is based on four primary methodologies:

  • Modeling – Create a process map and calculate the time and cost it takes to complete it.
  • Automating – Automate your manual process by incorporating web forms that collect data and permit easy transfer to/from your existing third-party applications.
  • Managing – Learn about your processes, the business data involved in those processes, and the participants’ effectiveness in your operations.
  • Optimization – How to control data entry and application errors and improve your day-to-day business processes’ efficiency, cost-savings, and accuracy.

Top 21 BPM Tools You’ll Need in 2022


Kissflow is BPM software that allows businesses to automate process flows (and make changes without coding) to optimize digital. Kissflows’ no-code development nature makes it easier for business users of all levels, from ordinary users to IT staff members.

Let’s take a look at what Kissflow is capable of. It supports all types of work, and its intuitive process stream allows collaboration between stakeholders to be efficient and secure. Find Out More About What Is StartEngine? 

Kissflow is a web-based software that simplifies your work with suppliers, partners, and employees. It has easy-to-use dashboards for managing daily tasks and templates so you can easily create reports. Plus, it integrates smoothly with various other tools like standard productivity apps to make the whole experience easier on yourself!

Kissflow offers three different pricing plans: Process, Pro, and Enterprise. Each plan’s features range from support for a low volume of users to high-volume integrations across various systems. KissFlow also has instant chat support, detailed documentation, and informative webinars for each plan type!


ProcessMaker is a BPM and workflow management solution. It offers an open-source option, on-premise option, and cloud option as three different solutions for organizations to choose from. Process design is done with the familiar format of the Business process model notation 2.0 (BPMN), which most process consultants are likely aware of or have at least heard about before.

ProcessMaker is an online software process management tool that helps organizations manage their projects efficiently. You can expect to pay about $1,000 a month with unlimited users for the service.

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is an easy-to-use low-code development platform with a script builder. It’s famous for DIYers of all sorts and known for its cloud-based suite of products, and this BPM tool is straightforward to use. 

Customers can pay $10 – $15 per month depending on the package they choose. However, customer support also comes through emails, phone calls via live chat, or training webinars scheduled online by the developer team. There’s also a ticket escalation feature in case you need it!


Nintex is an automation tool designed to enable easy digital transformation for SMBs and enterprise organizations. Nintex has historically been on-premise software but recently introduced some cloud options as well, with support primarily offered through their online forums, which often bring about sticker shock. Pricing is usually given by quotation.


Bizagi is a powerful enterprise-grade automation solution with three major products: Bizagi Modeler, Bizagi Studio, and the recently introduced cloud version. These are all based on the company’s Business Process Modeling Notations (BPMN) performance. The modeler requires some prior knowledge to use correctly – but it includes training classes so that you can learn. 

Pricing for this product starts at around $25/user/month, with additional fees if upgrades are needed, or support needs to be provided. Cloud pricing will depend on how many employees use them and what their usage looks like every month.


BPMApp, a software designed by 500apps, is an app that can help manage and optimize the workflow process. It has all the features you need to make your business run perfectly in its production.

BPMApp is a customer support tool that helps with customer service, data collection, and workflow. It has over 30K active users who trust the software because of its strategically-placed 6 data centers. The app is always online to help when needed, and their customer support team is top-notch!

BPMApp offers a trial period, not a free plan. It charges $14.99 per user for its service plan, which is the per-user rate available to any new users who sign up now.


Here is a tool to help manage business processes with manual, technological, and third-party regulation that can automate tasks, implement rules and regulations. Creatio’s marketing gives you an edge by orchestrating your customer journeys for speedier lead-to-revenue than ever imagined before. For sales, the creation of leads accelerates the complete process from first contact to repeat purchases made previously. Your service will be improved by automating client engagements using this software to accelerate service delivery!

The Creatio software is a critical market lynchpin with industrial analysts. It accelerates sales, marketing, service, and operations of all range of businesses. Creatio has a worldwide presence by operating in 110 countries worldwide from its offices in USA & China – it also has free trials for each platform!


Start your IT modernization using Bonita BMP software. It is an open-source and extensible automation platform that will improve visibility in the business processes you manage with ease. With a few clicks, create a responsive user interface with the user-friendly UI Designer tool so that users can control your projects!

Bonitasoft BPM software organizes how work is done, automates business processes by engaging people from different domains and analyzes its performance over time. BPM software delivers a great customer experience by ensuring consistency and continuity of service.

Bonita has over 150,000 members and customers from over 75 countries worldwide. Annual Bonita subscriptions are determined by on-premise private or public cloud computing or Bonita Cloud. Monthly subscription prices include $80,000 for private cloud and $140,000 with a subscription to Bonito Cloud.


ProWorkflow is a popular business software tool used by managers and staff to plan, track, and collaborate on project delivery. ProWorkflow has constantly been improving in its 8th iteration with research and development. The app allows for collaborative work that anyone can do at any time; additionally, it will enable teams to chat or send messages using its many features- allowing everyone to have their say without feeling like they’re being left out! Here are 11 Kickstarter alternatives you should check out!

ProWorkflow offers you a range of features that will allow you to spend less time managing your business process. The manual work is taken care of by ProWorkflow, including task management and timesheet entry with reporting capabilities, contacts management, workflow automation, and much more. If needed, you can also integrate it with other workplace tools like calendars or email systems.

ProWorkflow offers two pricing plans; the professional and the advanced. There are also monthly or annual payment options to choose from.


iGrafx is a business process management software that can easily connect and synchronize information between customer experience and business processes. It helps your brand identify and implement the most desirable practices to grow your profitability. With iGrafx, you have the power needed to accomplish this goal.

IGrafx BPM is an intuitive, easy-to-use tool for designing and implementing graphical information environments. It provides businesses with a complete solution infrastructure for deploying in their cloud, managing risks, and meeting formal requirements.

The iGrafx BPM tool is a platform for access control, calendar management, collaboration tools, and compliance tracking. It also has a dashboard that can help businesses with a design analysis of their business process and many more features that cost money to use.

In contrast to this text’s other content, the recommended tone may be seen as aggressive or forceful. is the Best BPM for customization, offering a wide range of options and features that allow customers to create their perfect website without any technical knowledge or design skills. Whether you’re looking for an online store template, a blog layout with custom colors and images, or anything in between – has it all!

Process Bliss

Many business process management tools are available, but Process Bliss is the best. It’s easy to use and has various features that make it suitable for any company’s needs. Process Bliss doesn’t only help you centralize your tasks but also manages workflows at an all-inclusive level. Find out how to raise funds at 12 of the best sites.

Forecast App

The best business process management tool for artificial intelligence and automation among several business process management tools is the Forecast app. It allows you to forecast when specific events or changes are likely and monitor this information along with cost-saving features like predictive monitoring, customizable workflows, and powerful reporting tools that allow you to see analytics in real-time.


It is a business process management software that facilitates communication and collaboration between many business process management tools available on the market. It can help small businesses grow, start-ups increase productivity, or large companies improve efficiency by streamlining workflows through best practices automated integration with Microsoft Outlook for email and other external systems like


The Quixy platform is an innovative, no-code business process management tool positioned among many other business process management tools. It bridges the gap between IT and the customer service team with unique features like end-to-end traceability, automatic data collection, automated personalization of content, and increased productivity. If you want to use a tool that’s flexible enough for small businesses or large enterprises as well as easier to learn than coding, consider Quixy today!


Orchestly is a tool that helps small and medium-sized businesses streamline their business processes and enterprise companies. Businesses use Orchestly’s features such as user management, role management, and monitoring end-to-end process efficiency to ensure all procedures are being done efficiently in real-time. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Raising Money Fast: 10 Ways to Raise Money Fast.

Process Street

Process Street is an excellent tool for managing scheduled tasks and automating them. This software makes it easy to get more done by setting up recurring work in batches with our simple yet powerful drag-and-drop interface. With this automation, your staff will focus on the significant parts of their jobs that require creativity and thoughtfulness rather than tedium like these mundane scheduling processes!


Trisotech is the best business process management tool you can use for modeling and diagramming. The company offers different plans with varying price points to ensure it meets your needs, not just in terms of pricing but also ease of use.

IBM Blueworks Live

Our IBM Blueworks Live tool is available for the best and most versatile business process management software solution. It allows users to create, manage, document, and automate every stage of their workflow using a simple graphical interface that can be accessed anywhere with any device. 

Our platform has been developed by skilled IT experts who have years of experience managing small businesses or large corporations. Several industry leaders such as Oracle have chosen our product for its ease-of-use and complete functionality to help them deliver innovative solutions faster than ever before.

K2 Platform

Business process management tool K2 Platform provides security and governance regarding your organization’s processes, among other business process management tools. It helps you manage, monitor, and secure all of the events flowing through your company’s applications. The best part? You can view this success on mobile devices too!


Novacura is a low-code platform business process management tool! Novacura has been designed and built to be simple, fast, and efficient. We have an easy installation process, intuitive user interface that can be customized with ease in your chosen language, powerful integrations across cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Interested in learning more about Gofundme’s monetization method? Click Here!

OnBase by Hyland

OnBase by Hyland is the best business process management tool for creating drag and drop processes. It provides a more efficient way of managing your business than any other similar tool on the market. It allows you to manage all aspects from workflow, document capture to approvals with ease using an intuitive interface that makes sense even if you have never used computers before.


Business Process Management Tools enable the company to execute, model, monitor, implement and optimize its processes. The software will make the flow of work smoother unless the system fails. Software development is the best solution to problems due to BPM since they are fast and reliable. The topic concludes that optimization of the BPM helps improve the company’s corporate management. The lesson learned from BPM optimization is that optimizing a company’s business process improves its performance. The following offers the most suitable solution.

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