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13 Best Alternatives to Kik App That You Didn’t Know [2023]

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If you’re a digital native, chances are you’ve downloaded the app by now. The Kik app is a free messaging service that lets you chat with friends and family over Wi-Fi or mobile data. It also has an inbuilt web browser and several other features to make it a great go-to app for all your communication needs. But what do you need to know to get started?

You can find out everything from how the Kik app works to cool ways to use it and the best tips for staying safe in this ultimate guide. Whether you’re new to the app or just looking for ways to spice up your experience, we’ve got you covered.

What is the Kik App?

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Kik was designed by students from the University of Waterloo in Canada and launched in 2010. Within 15 days of its launch, Kik had gained over a million registered users. Initially, it was only available on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch), but later the Kik app started running on Android devices. 

According to Pew Research Center, Kik app is one of the most popular messaging apps for 13-24. According to Comscore, Kik Messenger is also the third-largest social networking service in North America and Europe.

The app lets you chat with friends and family over Wi-Fi or mobile data. It also comes with an inbuilt web browser and many other features to make it a great go-to app for all your communication needs.

Recently, the Kik app was removed from Google Play Store for unknown reasons yet to be disclosed to the public. Despite having millions of active users, Kik cannot be accessed on the Google Play Store and can only run on iOS or Android operating systems using different browsers like Chrome or Safari.

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Kik App Pros and Cons

The quick answer is that it’s easily accessible (most teens already have it on their smartphones), and it’s free to use.

However, Kik isn’t perfect. It has both advantages and disadvantages. Read on to find out!


The Kip app offers several benefits to users, including the following:

  • You can use the app on devices that don’t have SIM cards, such as tablets. 
  • The application’s in-app chat function is visible when in use. 
  • Images are temporary, and you don’t require a phone number to register for an account. 
  • Free messaging service.
  • The app size (iOS Application) is 9.5 MB, smaller than other apps for communication services available today.
  • You can customize your data in private messages or chat rooms by adding smileys. 


The app is free and easy to download, but there are many cons of using the Kik app, such as:

  • There is no method to send voice messages to communicate via video or audio calls. 
  • Restrictions on the size of photos and videos make it hard to share memories with friends and family.
  • There is no option for local synchronization because messenger lacks the “share location” function. 
  • The application will not sync across different devices, so installing it onto your tablet won’t show you recent conversations.

Though the Kik app is said to be unsafe, you can make new friends who are also looking for a safe place to chat without getting into trouble. 

There’s a feature where you can see which users are online right now and start chatting with them right away, making it easy to find new people to talk to. 

So the app is not entirely unsafe if you are an aware and active user; it’s safe for you.

What is Kik App Used For?

Source: Kik

Kik is a chat app that lets you talk to strangers. One of the positives about it, and its most concerning aspect, is that it allows for chatting with people who are unknown or located far away. You can access public chats by using the search function, and there’s no need to imagine what interests you want – use hashtags! 

When you first sign in, you’ll receive a message from Kik Team and then have an opportunity to explore public groups. These tend to work by hashtags-the content doesn’t matter whether it’s for people looking for like-minded individuals or if someone’s bored and wants somebody new to chat with(a stranger). 

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for people who share similar interests as yours or if all this seems like one big waste of time- it’s up to each person which groups they want their profiles added to! 

Kik app gives you the chance to get acquainted with an individual through longer messages before meeting them in person if both parties agree to do so first. Kik app also serves as an alternative way to date – for those looking at alternatives than Tinder, where your judgment relies on pictures and brief bio text. Other apps like Tinder prompt you into judging someone based solely on three photos and some short text.

How Does The Kik App Work?

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The Kik App is a free messenger app that lets you chat with friends and family over Wi-Fi or mobile data. It also boasts an inbuilt web browser and several other features to make it a one-stop-shop for all your communication needs.

You can easily download the Kik app by clicking on the app store on your phone or downloading the desktop version at for PC or Mac. You can log into your account with Facebook or your email address, making the process quick and easy to set up.

Once you download the Kik app from Apple’s App Store, it will ask if you want to sign up or log in. You are required to enter your name, birthday, and username. Of course, a password is also necessary here, but that’s all it needs for now.

You can set a profile picture and background image and share your interests with other users. This feature might make sense since Kik has become one of their major competitors since Facebook acquired WhatsApp! You can add more details about yourself by clicking on the cog at the top left of The Kik Interface.

Tips To Get The Most Out Of Kik App

We’ve included many different tips for the Kik app in this guide. 

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Source: Kik

It can be hard to figure out how to use the app first. That’s why we have compiled all the information in one place so that you can get the most out of your messaging app.

  • Use the web browser: If you want to send someone a link or video that won’t play on Kik, you can use the built-in web browser to get it up and running instantly.
  • Lock your chat: Don’t want your friends seeing what you’re typing? Lock your conversation with a PIN! This feature is also helpful if you share your phone with someone else and don’t want them reading your messages.
  • Stay safe: You should never give out personal information or meet up with anyone while chatting on Kik app unless they are someone you know in real life! As always, follow basic safety rules – like never meeting strangers from the internet in person. Be safe!
  • Use Kik letters: WhatsApp displays ticks next to your messages, while Kik primarily relies on letters. An “S” means Kik has sent that message. An “R” indicates when your contact reads it but doesn’t have time to respond right away, and a red exclamation mark indicates an error. 

There are also other symbols for different things like ellipses, which means Kik is still trying to connect depending on internet access, so you’ll need patience.

  • Kik Codes: Kik Codes let you connect easily and quickly with the world around you. When somebody scans your unique code, a chat opens up so they can start chatting to you right away! Also, look for Kik Codes in your community when out and about
  • Group Chats: For your convenience, you can start a group chat by tapping the plus icon in the bottom left and selecting Start a Group. Play around, adding up to 49 participants and making private or public chats. Public groups are searchable via #hashtags and contain up to 49 members. Private groups are not searchable through the app, but if someone joins them, they will be added by one of their contacts – so make sure you know who is on it! If you want privacy, there’s also an option: disable direct messaging within this group chat, which means others won’t be able to input messages into it. 
  • Young Chat Challenges: Kik is a popular chat app that’s been generating a lot of heat because of the way it affords privacy and anonymity, as well as fears about predatory criminal behavior by adults. Kik recommends safety measures and general tips for keeping kids safe from predators or other abusive situations. Still, you can’t automatically view chats remotely — you’ll need your child’s password to access them (and they will also have to be viewing it on the same device). There is no technical system in place which enforces the age requirement. Unfortunately, there’s no remote surveillance feature either; we cannot guarantee they won’t register with incorrect birth dates (although this provides us with additional information regarding those accounts).

As you can see, there are various features available on the Kik app that make it popular among people of all ages. However, this popularity comes at a price.

How Do Kik Bots Work?

The Kik app has a built-in-browser, but it’s not as easy as clicking on Google Chrome and typing in a URL. Instead, the app works through bots to encourage conversations with users. To see your Web History within the Kik app, click on the grid icon at the bottom right of an individual conversation screen.

Source: Kik

You’ve probably heard about Kik’s chatbots; what exactly are they? Bots work like automated apps already built-in for you- all you need to do is go into + then Discover Bots and search for whatever information interests you most! 

The soundest way to tell if someone is using these bots instead of regular old text messages (or “chats”) is by looking at their profile picture; it will always have purple bolts underneath them, indicating that they’re not human beings.

Bots can be practical. The Weather Channel will make your weather app pointless by sending you forecasts each morning. 

They can be educational, like astronomy and showing you images from space and telling you more about the universe, or decision making with bots “Swelly,” which means friends voting on where to go on a night out or what to eat or wear. 

However, they also have commercial value because big brands are buying into instant messaging services such as Kik Messenger with millions of users, so it’s no surprise that celebrities like Kim Kardashian have an account there too!

Is Kik App Safe?

The Kik app isn’t the only social media platform where you can chat with strangers. Reddit, Twitter, and Tumblr are all used similarly. This is not to say that Kik app is any more dangerous than the other platforms because there are ways to block contacts. If you have one username across multiple platforms, then publicly displaying your contact information online could be seen as bad advice by some people. 

The only thing you need to know about the Kik app is how you can block someone, or else public groups have been known to gravitate towards adult content which would be concerning for parents who have children using this app.

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Source: Kik Blog

Should you let your children go on Kik? It’s a tricky question to answer because, while it may worry you, they also need an understanding of trust.

You can protect them at home for the most part- but who says that they won’t use Kik regardless of what instructions you give them?

The soundest thing to do is to teach your kids about staying safe online and be clear that if anything happens or something seems off, they can always talk with their parents. For its part, Apple has given the app a 17+ rating, and Google advises “parental guidance.” Children under 13 are not allowed on this app, which is why it asks for one’s date of birth when signing up.

At Kik, parents can request account deactivation for their underage children. This function is a safeguard against inappropriate communications. For example, if your child receives a wrong message on the platform, you should report and block the user before following up with local law enforcement. 

In addition to publishing guidelines about minors’ safety concerns on Kik’s platform, we urge parents to read through these before allowing their children onto it.

Kik App Alternatives

The Kik app is one of the most popular messaging apps, but it has developed a bad reputation due to spam accounts. Even if you use them for team communication purposes, that issue can make you uncomfortable. Many alternatives with great security features might be right for your needs!


Tox is free software that can easily connect you to your team, friends, or family. It includes instant messaging, voice and video communication, screen sharing, and file sharing. Tox is secure with no advertising and privacy guaranteed by encryption.


Viber is more than an easy messaging tool. It offers various communication features that allow you to make free and secure video or voice calls, send recorded clips, chat in groups – all while being protected by Viber’s privacy measures. You can also quickly erase messages if you didn’t mean to send them in the first place.

KaKao Talk

KaKao Talk is a free app that allows you to send messages and make voice or video calls with as many users as you want. To download, it requires your phone number and a verification code when registering on the app. 

The best part about this is that KaKao Talk can be used for mobile devices and desktops! You can share files with others, create live talk sessions of up to four participants in one room- even schedule meetings via voice command on your calendar! 


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Source: Kik

The Kik app is a free cross-platform instant messenger which will help you connect with friends and other people. Unlike WhatsApp, Kik does not share content in real-time – it’s more about connecting with new friends to chat together. Many messaging apps work across different platforms, but Kik is the only app that focuses exclusively on providing messaging services. 

We hope this comprehensive guide has helped you understand whether Kik is right for you.

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