Timestation - A Simple And Effective Time Tracking App For Small Businesses

Timestation: A Simple And Effective Time Tracking App For Small Businesses

Pranav Hooda
By Pranav Hooda 19 Min Read

Tracking your employee’s time is one of the fundamentals of a successful business. Proper time tracking can help you improve worker productivity, save money and reduce payroll errors. If you seek an efficient and cost-effective time and attendance management solution, use TimeStation. 

Apps like this play a significant role in overcoming challenges when managing time and attendance in small businesses but have also proven effective at large companies which employ thousands of people. 

TimeStation is a popular app that allows employees to instantly punch in or out of work on their smartphones or tablets. From getting started to understanding the steps involved in adequately using TimeStation, this blog post will give you everything you must know about the app. 

So if you are looking for a reliable time tracking solution, then look no further!

What is TimeStation?

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Source: TimeStation

TimeStation is an innovative, cloud-based time and attendance app. It comes with many useful features such as quick and efficient management of attendance, Fast-Scan Technology for quickly tracking every employee’s in/out times, advanced reporting tools to give you adequate data. You don’t need software or traditional systems to operate TimeStation – all you need are smartphones running on Android or iOS!.

With TimeStation, you no longer have to manually account for your employee’s hours: you can set up automatic timesheets, track projects, and monitor employee activity.

Small or medium-sized businesses can track their employees’ time and attendance with TimeStation. It allows managers to view and run various reports from anywhere, at any time.

TimeStation currently has a wide range of applications:

Businesses can track employee time and attendance. Schools can use the app to check student attendance, clubs, and groups using their members’ time, and it’s also great for people who need to keep track of many projects or clients.

How does Timestation work? 

TimeStation is an easy-to-use time tracking software that helps you monitor your employee’s time. You can set up TimeStation with one or more of your employees and watch their time. 

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Source: TimeStation

With this app, you can record all of your tasks, deadlines, meetings, etc., with its beautiful design and intuitive interface.

The app has four tabs that are easy to navigate through:

  • My Schedule: You can organize all of your tasks into different categories, whether work tasks, personal tasks, or anything in between.
  • My Tasks: Track any given task with the TimeStation notification system, so you never forget what you need to complete.
  • My Documents: Save any document for quick access right from the app. You can upload any file for reference, from PDFs to Word docs later.
  • My Profile: Change your settings anytime to suit how much time you have each day. You can adjust everything from notifications to reminders so you know when things are due.

TimeStation gives you the tools you need to track how much time is spent on different tasks, what tasks are completed, who did it and more. This function allows for better employee productivity as managers can see where they may cut out some unproductive jobs.

What are the features of TimeStation?

TimeStation is the ultimate time tracking software for freelancers and small teams. It helps you track your time, stay on top of deadlines and communicate more effectively with your team.

But what sets Timestation apart from other time tracking software is its unique features.

Instant set-up

Setting up TimeStation is a breeze. You can set it up within minutes, and all you need to do for the signup process is provide your email address, mobile number, and password. Executives can go to its website to print out employee cards that they will give their staff members at work or home, depending on what’s more convenient for them.

The Fast-Scan Technology

Employees at TimeStation can clock in and out of work using the fast scan technology. Each card contains a QR code scanned when they punch in or out of their workplace. Employees can also use the four-digit ID numbers to keep time if they forget their cards.

Multiple TimeStations

TimeStation is an application installed on various devices. It allows employers to track attendance and time across departments and locations by linking their business’s TimeStations.

Evolved Reportings

TimeStation’s advanced reporting offers businesses an easy way to monitor employee attendance and calculate their pay. TimeStation can generate various reports like Employee Activity, Employee Details, Department Summary, and more to give management a glimpse into staff performance. Reports are also exportable in different formats that can be easily integrated with your organization’s payroll system.

Self-Service Portal for Employees

The Employee Self-Service Portal offers an employee self-service portal to log in with their email addresses and review professional activity. It also allows them to clock in and out of offices, edits or create timestamps, run reports; however, firm owners have the authority to decide which functionalities are available on this tool for certain employees.

GPS Location Tracking

TimeStation provides GPS tagging and security for employers who want to monitor their staff’s geographical location, as well as end-to-end encryption that ensures the safety of your data. TimeStation has its mobile application and website available with industry-standard SSL encryption.

Offline mode

TimeStation offers an offline manner to operate in low bandwidth or zero internet connectivity areas. Thanks to its synchronization feature, employers can monitor their time and attendance remotely while still being connected online.

Cloud-based solution

TimeStation’s cloud-based platform minimizes the need for any software or hardware installations, allowing you to manage your data easily.


MyTimeStation.com and the TimeStation Mobile App both provide you with industry-standard SSL encryption to ensure your data is safe from end-to-end.

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Source: TimeStation

TimeStation is an excellent option for those who frequently work remotely, as it allows them to be more productive when they are at home or out of the office. All the features mentioned above help users to operate the software efficiently.

You can use Timestation to create a weekly schedule, send reminders to team members, visualize your workload and track your hours.

Benefits of using TimeStation

There are many advantages to using time tracking software. TimeStation is an excellent tool for individuals who work remotely or on the go. You can access it from anywhere through an internet link, so it’s easy to use no matter where you are. It also helps you log time spent on creating proposals, responding to customer inquiries, and more. 

Here is a list of benefits that TimeStation offers to its users: 

  • Boosts Productivity: TimeStation has the power to boost productivity. It does this by allowing company owners to manage their day-to-day operations more efficiently, with less wasted time and increased output due to its elimination of manual methods. These methods will free up employees’ time to focus on doing the core work and decrease overhead expenses.
  • Reduces Errors: TimeStation automates an organization’s attendance and time systems to reduce human errors significantly. It automatically calculates how many hours your employees have worked, eliminating manual data entry and work-hour computation errors.
  • Secure Workplace: The TimeStation app allows businesses to control their staff’s access and track them when they enter or exit a building. The controlled access makes it easier for business owners to handle issues, which enhances security at the workplace.
  • Versatile Platform: TimeStation is versatile and can manage time for multiple customer types, including educational institutions, schools, clubs, and more. It tracks the hours spent on projects within an organization.
  • Saves Your Money: Businesses using TimeStation to manage employee attendance and working hours can save money through reduced labor costs. When employees submit their timesheets, the system automatically calculates the number of hours worked by all staff members without you having to handle it manually. This software is also available on a cloud server – so there are no more servers for you to take care of.

If you don’t mind logging in every day, this software is perfect for you! You can use TimeStation on mobile browsers (you won’t be able to see all of your reports). It would be much easier if there were an app version as well.

Limitations of using TimeStation

There are three limitations to TimeStation:

  • It doesn’t blend with the institution’s existing applications.
  • It doesn’t let business owners clock multiple people simultaneously using a single function.
  • It is prone to disconnect and backlogs in and out stamps for a time.
  • It does not integrate with accounting software.

The main downside of this app is that there aren’t any mobile apps for this software yet. 

How to get started with Timestation? 

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Source: TimeStation

After installing Timestation on your computer, you will create a company to track your employees’ time.

It is essential to note that when creating a company, you must select which type of company or organization you are representing to set up the project properly. From there, create an account with your desired username and password. You can add all your employees to TimeStation and print their Employee cards. Employees can Sign In & Out using their employee cards or assigned PINs.

Managers can download TimeStation on their smartphone and track attendance, run reports and manage employees.

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Source: TimeStation

For each employee using Timestation, you will need to create what we refer to as “projects.” You can do this by clicking on the “Projects” button in the top right corner of the screen. You can then input information about each new project, including what kind of work an employee does for your company and how many hours they are expected to work weekly. 

Once this is all set up, you can go ahead and assign projects for each of your employees.

TimeStation Pricing Plans

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Source: TimeStation

TimeStation provides app download and signup options, free for businesses with up to ten employees. Monthly plans vary depending on your company’s staff size; however, they give you a discount if you choose the yearly payment alternative. 

If you happen to discontinue your annual subscription before the year ends by some stroke of luck (or bad luck!), then TimeStation will refund any unused months against that decision.

Here is an entire list of TimeStation pricing:

Number of EmployeesTimeStation Pricing
Employees Up to 10$0.00 per month
Employees Up to 20$19.95 /month
Employees Up to 50$29.95 /month
Employees Up to 100$39.95 /month
Employees Up to 200$59.95 /month
Employees Up to 500$79.95 /month
Employees Up to 1000$89.95 /month
Employees Up to 2000$99.95 /month

TimeStation offers a free version of their software, including all features (like file sharing) except for full reporting capabilities. It means that you will still benefit from the benefits of time tracking without any cost!

Is it worth using Timestation Time Tracking Software? 

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Source: TimeStation

If you want to start managing your company’s time more efficiently and effectively, Timestation is the solution for you. Their easy-to-use time tracking software is there to help you keep track of your employee’s hours and increase productivity rates. It’s essential that employees are on task and doing their best work.

Here’s why you should use Timestation:

1) You can set up an alert system that will send notifications when new activity has been submitted. This system will notify you about any activities that would usually go unnoticed and ensure that no time goes unaccounted for(totally worth it!).

2) Easily view reports and graphs of weekly, monthly, and yearly employee data so that you can see how your team spends their days at work.

3) Track vacation days taken by employees so that you don’t lose any productivity from those who might be out sick or taking a break from work!

4) You can also customize what activities show up on the timesheet, as well as customize how it looks, making it your very own!

5) There are options for multiple users to access the same account from different computers if need be.

What’s also cool about this software is that it syncs with many popular platforms like Google Analytics, QuickBooks, Basecamp, and more. It means that there are plenty of integrations for all of the tools you use every day. And if there is one that isn’t compatible? The team at TimeStation will make it happen by creating an integration for it too!

TimeStation Alternatives 

TimeStation is a time and attendance management software solution. If you are looking for other solutions, here is an extensive list of them.


Timesheet Mobile is a mobile app for managing your entire business. It is intuitive and offers multiple functionalities related to workforce management, including project checklists, team messaging to attach images or documents, push notifications. When scheduling is changed or updated on employee profiles- all these functions are possible over our mobile phones.


Paycor is a stunning platform that makes it easy to manage all of your human resource management needs via one app. Employees can sign in with their existing Paycor passcode and username to stay connected, whether they are on the move or not. 

This app gives employees instant access to any W-2s or stubs they need and payroll information, benefits, timesheeting data, company directory listings, and more!


DingTalk is a beautifully designed free collaboration platform used by more than 7 million organizations from all over the globe! DingTalk: Make Work and Study Easy, an app provided by Taobao Inc., showcases team collaborations, task management, unified communication, attendance- with location-, rule-, management- and time-. 

You can intuitively get the best solution for enterprise communications—track online approvals through multiple templates to monitor employee profiles with organization structure information.


With Humanity’s employee scheduling platform, you can create schedules up to 80% faster while also understanding your operations. The insight provided by our cloud-based service helps you optimize staffing based on historical sales and the forecasted future of the company, as well as an employee’s skillset or availability.


ClockShark is a cloud-based software for construction and field service companies that simplifies time tracking, schedules shifts, tracks which are working at all times, and helps manage jobs from start to finish. More than 7,000 companies rely on ClockShark because it makes using time more manageable.


Time is money. We say it all the time. But the question is, how many of us live by that motto? 

Chances are you’re hustling to get everything done, with barely any time left for yourself. TimeStation is an app that is changing the game on how we manage our time and track employees of our organization.

TimeStation takes care of everything for you by organizing tasks into categories and providing helpful tools, as mentioned above, to help you stay on top of your schedule. With TimeStation, you will finally have the balance that you need to keep up with everything in this hectic world. 

If you seek a cost-effective and efficient time and attendance management solution for your business, switch to TimeStation. You will never have to fear forgetting a meeting or deadline again! 

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