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Top 5 Fundraising Sites that Don’t Charge Anything

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The internet has created a world in which we can communicate with friends and relatives worldwide. Various websites can assist us in raising funds for people in need, but there is one significant drawback: they demand a fee. These costs are sometimes too expensive for small-scale fundraisers. Fortunately, many websites do not charge! The following is a list of the top 5 fundraising sites that don’t charge.

What exactly is fundraising?

Fundraising is the practice of collecting voluntary donations of money or other resources by nonprofit organizations – NGOs, foundations, associations, collectives, and so on — to carry out their projects. Depending on the scenario and the organization, many supplies can be gathered, including food and water, medications, toys, clothing, and, most importantly, money. Fundraising might also include the recruiting of volunteers.

Types of Fundraising

Fundraising is a difficult task. If it’s your first time doing anything, it might be time-consuming. We’ve compiled a list of popular fundraising tactics for you to consider before getting started.

There are many different methods of fundraising.

  1. Campaigns for capital
  2. Corporate assistance
  3. Fundraising using the internet
  4. Grants for Earned Income

Capital campaigns

These are time-limited efforts that raise funds for a specific purpose. Because these are time-sensitive, they need careful planning and execution, so many nonprofits do them.

Corporate support

As the name implies, this is a charitable donation to an organization by a corporate firm. NGOs and other nonprofits are among the groups involved. Nonprofit organizations contact corporations and explain their goal. Few companies donate to their causes through their foundations or a predetermined budget. Few businesses may be interested in supporting an NGO’s capital campaigns since it expands the brand’s reach. It’s referred to as cause branding. 

Online Fundraising

This is one of the most basic methods which generate money for a good cause. Because it is online, it can reach a broader audience than would otherwise be physically impossible. The majority of nonprofits in India are not using the power of online fundraising. Milaap, for example, is a crowdfunding tool that may help you raise cash for your project.

Gained Income

Earned income is the money earned by creating things or providing services for a nonprofit. For example, an NGO may build and sell handcrafted items and accessories such as handbags. If you’ve ever purchased any of those handmade products, you’ve helped that NGO make money. This generally necessitates a marketing strategy, and the “Being Human” brand is an excellent example, as each item purchased under the Being Human brand contributes to the Being Human Foundation.


Grants are sums of money provided to organizations or people for specific reasons. Individuals who choose to apply for a grant must maintain track of all data necessary for the future. The government also provides some grants.

5 Best Fundraising Sites that Don’t Charge Anything

1. YouCaring

YouCaring is a free online fundraising platform to raise funds for personal causes. On the platform, over $900 million has been submitted. When a donor “checks out,” YouCaring will inquire whether they’d want to make a suggested payment to help cover the platform’s costs.

Youcaring is one of the fundraising sites that don’t charge, instead of charging you, the fundraiser’s creator, they ask your contributors to make a gift.

2. Causes- The choice for networking

Causes, which has 186 million registered members in 156 countries, serves as both a crowdfunding platform as well as a social network for initiatives that aim to “make the world a better place.” You build a crowdfunding page on Causes that acts as the face of your campaign. You receive money, build awareness, and promote links, videos, and photos that enlighten your visitors about your cause and direct them to further information on that page.

Characteristics that distinguish it:

Provides a companion app, Brigade, to help you develop a network of friends and neighbors who support your concerns and causes.

Causes, in addition to integrating with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, also serves as a social media platform in its own right, connecting people who have comparable interests.

Pricing: Cause is one of the best fundraising sites that don’t charge, and all campaigns are free of cost. Nonprofits wishing to save money and expand their donor networks are advised to use this service.

3. GoFundMe

GoFundMe is another fundraising sites that don’t charge anything. People may utilize their platform to raise individual, corporate, and philanthropic objectives. Discover how it works.

Straightforward Design and Easy Setup

Following a few helpful instructions, you may launch a campaign in minutes. Thanks to our clean and straightforward design, people can efficiently finish donations with a few clicks.

Delivery of Funds Automatically

While you choose the charity option when creating your fundraising page, all funds you generate will be given directly to that organization. GoFundMe is one of the most well-known and trusted personal fundraising platforms in the crowdfunding industry, having raised over $9 billion for a variety of causes large and small.You don’t have to worry about withdrawing or managing your assets.

Organizers Pay No Platform Fee

GoFundMe is one of the fundraising sites that don’t charge to organizers, which means that more of your donations will benefit the charity of your choosing. There are no hidden prices or fees associated with signing up. Go to the price page to learn more about GoFundMe pricing.

Team Fundraising is Easy

Whether your fundraising group is vast or small, the GoFundMe team fundraising tool enables you to increase the size of your fundraising efforts. The team fundraising option enables the campaign organizer to manage team members and create a friendly rivalry through monitored donations.

4. FundRazr

FundRazr, which bills itself as “Canada’s largest crowdfunding website,” has helped raise more than $175 million (US) in its almost decade of operation. FundRazr facilitates crowdsourcing campaigns for individuals, businesses, and, yes, charitable organizations. In addition, the firm has a stellar reputation among both campaigners and funders. FundRazr is one of the few crowdfunding platforms that publicly displays a link to its Trustpilot profile. That should teach you a few things.

On its help page, FundRazr explains who may raise money for a nonprofit organization on its website. If you are not an Authorized Officer of the organization in issue, you must provide a Letter Of Subordination that permits you to fundraise on its behalf.

A typical FundRazr crowdfunding campaign is free, whether for a personal or nonprofit cause, except the 2.9 percent + $0.30 per transaction payment processing costs.

FundRazr, like GoFundMe and other cause-related crowdfunding sites, has dropped its platform charge. FundRazr, like Mightycause, provides a Standard plan and a Pro plan with enhanced professional capabilities if you want a greater level of functionality and assistance.

5. FirstGiving

FirstGiving is a fundraising platform dedicated solely to charitable crowdfunding. There is no “free” fundraising option with FirstGiving; you must subscribe to Panorama Pro or Panorama Premium to generate donations for a nonprofit. More on it in a moment. 


Raising funds may be a complex process that necessitates nonprofit organizations employing a range of tactics and ongoing hard work to be successful, especially when the stakes are high and deadlines are short.

With so many various forms of fundraising accessible, determining the best fundraising approach and financing model becomes even more difficult. Hopefully this article will help you with your fundraising goals.

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