Top 6 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch for Inspiration

Elena Hudgens
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Some people think that entrepreneurship is an easy job. But in reality, it requires the right inspiration and endless motivation to thrive and achieve profits. While most inspiration and motivation are self-taught, there are other techniques available through external sources. 

For instance, setting the right environment that promotes growth is necessary if you’re an entrepreneur. Another trick is taking a break from the hectic schedule and watching inspirational movies that condition you to progress towards your goal. 

Therefore, we’ve listed six inspiring startup movies for entrepreneurs. So if you’re feeling the blues, watch these movies to learn why your chosen path is unique.

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How Do Entrepreneurs Get Inspired?

Every entrepreneur enters the field with the motivation to achieve their goal and move further forward. Even though they are self-motivated, sometimes they need external support to push them in the right direction. 

Entrepreneurs decorate their environment and surroundings with positive aspects that motivate their internal spirits and allow them to keep their thoughts in the right headspace. 

One such idea is to watch content that might inspire their thoughts and how to tackle their difficulties with a detailed assessment. 

Watching movies of well-achieved entrepreneurs and other documentaries related to success will help you understand one thing: success is 99% failure.

Top 6 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

1. The Social Network

This movie is all about the life and achievements of Mark Zuckerberg. You might have naturally heard about the famous social media application called Facebook. This movie explains Facebook and how it came into the limelight. 

The story narrates his journey with the app he developed while studying at Harvard. The plot comes along with an exciting script and the perfect direction that explains the difficulties he faced while popularizing this application and how his friend became the enemy in the future. 

It can be a perfect motivation for entrepreneurs in terms of betrayal, hard work, and trust. 

2. Pirates of Silicon Valley 

This movie is about the rivalry between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates until 1997, based on the Silicon Valley book. 

It provides a detailed storyline about how both these celebrities started small and traveled towards becoming the most prominent technology giants in the world. They changed the lifestyles of people with the help of technology. 

Moreover, this movie is one of the best entrepreneur movies and was a tremendous success at the box office. However, this movie might be restricted in your region if you’re watching it from certain parts of the world. Nonetheless, you can use a VPN for Firefox free to access this movie and much more geo-restricted content online. We recommend the VeePN extension on your browser as it is a high speed VPN which helps to unblock content you like.

3. The Wolf of Wall Street

This movie is about the real-life story of Jordan Belfort. It explains ‌his life as an entrepreneur and the difficulties he faced while handling his firm, Stratton Oakmont. It focuses on the penny stock security scam the organization faced in 1996. 

Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from this movie since Jordan Belfort is the perfect example of things one must not do while becoming an entrepreneur. 

He placed his entire focus on money, and he worked without empathy, which is a big no-no for any entrepreneur. His causes and lifestyle made him a failure in the future, which the director has described beautifully in this movie.

4. The Aviator

This movie is a biopic of Howard Hughes, a billionaire who became a famous businessman and director with poor health conditions. Portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio, this movie was a tremendous success at the box office and got nominated for the Oscars. 

This movie explains the life of Howard Hughes and how he succeeded with his worsening OCD condition. It also portrays his character and how they compete with multiple travel companies and succeed in life. His passion for aviation and business tactics can be a better lesson for current entrepreneurs

The movie helps you to stay focused on your goal regardless of the personal and corporate issues you might face.

5. Moneyball

The movie Moneyball is about Billy Beane and how he found his favorite Oakland, a favorite team that achieved perfect results in the Major Baseball League. It explains how he survived with a team that barely compared to the big groups in terms of power and practice. 

Even though the baseball details are much less in this movie, it explains how to succeed in your life with unique tactics despite the odds stacked against you. It explains the risks and decisions he took to achieve the perfect against the big teams in the league.

6. Steve Jobs

This movie will inspire you if you are a fan of Steve Jobs. This movie is a biopic of Steve Jobs and how he created an entire empire called ‘Apple’ at a very young age. But despite the success of this movie, Steve Jobs felt that certain aspects are not perfect in the film. 

This movie can create an inspiring environment for entrepreneurs and emphasizes how working smart is essential rather than hard work. With the perfect direction and screenplay, this movie can be a motivational factor for young entrepreneurs these days. 


All the startup movies mentioned above can create inspiration for young entrepreneurs. So whenever you feel down or disoriented, you can watch these movies to improve your spirit and work hard toward your goal. If you have any blocked content, you can always check VPN reviews and use it to unlock and watch movies with interest. 

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