Top-Notch Disk Space Analyzers for your macOS System

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Have you encountered the dreaded message where your system says there isn’t enough space? When your disk is gasping for air, your system’s performance may become sluggish. Your system might get frozen, and your frustration levels will go through the roof. Luckily, you can use a disk space analyzer to find how you can free up space on your Mac. 

However, before you go through the list of disk space analyzers, here’s how to check disk space on your Mac. First, you can use the iStat Menus app to get a general overview of GPU and CPU use in real-time, memory use and network connections. If you do not have access to this app, you can manually check storage by going to the Apple logo in the menu bar, selecting About This Mac and selecting Storage. From the Storage tab, you can click on Manage to see how much space Applications, Photos or Documents are taking up on your system. To know more, click

Let’s quickly look at the top disk space analyzers for macOS. 


GrandPerspective is an inexpensive macOS disk analyzer that graphically displays disk usage with the file system. The solution is highly configurable and employs a new method of displaying the disk’s file structure. 

Some of the notable features of this tool are:

  • Disk usage is shown as treemaps, and each file is represented as a rectangle proportional to its size on the system. So, you can see how much space each file takes up on your device. 
  • Folders and files can be deleted from within the tool. 
  • Extensive personalization options enable colors to be used when disks are mapped to identify specific file characteristics. Users have a choice of color palettes available to them to make the display more appealing. 
  • Users can duplicate the view to compare different displays of the same data. 

Users can get this tool from the App Store, starting at $2.99. For this tool to work, you need macOS 10.9.0 or later. 

Disk Drill

If you want a free disk space analyzer for Mac, look no further than Disk Drill. The application shows users a visual representation of their hard drive usage. It also checks disk space on Macs and helps in identifying which items can be transferred onto another drive or removed. 

The app provides users with a storage visualizer, disk analyzer, and several other tools that allow users to protect and manage their valuable data resources effectively. Besides the app’s great functionality in assessing storage space, the app keeps data safe and allows users to recover from any data loss. 

The Notable Features of the App are:

  • The app has a Clean Up function that lets users choose a volume and scan it to create a disk usage map. The app displays a hierarchical listing of items that take up too much space and allows users to sort them by size, file type or keywords. 
  • You can directly delete items from the interface to free space. You can remove them to the Trash or permanently delete the files. 
  • The items can be previewed in Finder or the Disk Drill interface. 

The data management and protection tools of Disk Drill are free, and you can access them by downloading the app’s trial version. However, to unlock the extensive data recovery capabilities of the tool, you need to purchase the pro version. 

Disk Drill supports all versions of the Mac operating system. Also, the developers come up with software updates so that the tool is compatible with new OS versions. 


DaisyDisk is a macOS disk space visualizer that offers a user-friendly and easily understandable circular graphical display of disk usage. It is an excellent application that lets you control how your disk space is being misused or used. Some of the features of this tool are:

  • The circular graphical display makes it easier to identify the areas of concern. Compared to traditional file lists, users prefer this type of display. 
  • The app is a reliable disk space analyzer that does not try to overstep. 
  • Users can use a free limited trial version to understand how the app works. For the full version, you will be set back at $9.99. 
  • The app protects files from accidental removal, and you can preview them before they’re deleted. 

The Bottom Line 

These are some top disk space analyzers for macOS. You can install these on your device to always have one leg up when managing disk space. Knowing what files to remove and how to manage space on your system will ensure the optimum performance of your device. 

You can use the trial version of these tools to understand which one perfectly suits your specific requirements. Once you are happy with the trial version, you can purchase the premium to unlock their additional features.

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